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Episode 120: You can't keep Jimmy Carbone down

Jimmy Carbone is known to just about everyone in the NY food and beverage scene. For more than 12 years he ran Jimmy's No.43 at 43 East 7th st in the East Village. He hosts Pig Island, Ciderfeast, The Cassoulet cookoff, Brisket King and more. He's the host of Beer Sessions Radio here on HRN and he's spent the last 3 months in the hospital dealing with a serious infection which resulted in his having to learn to walk again. Through it all he's always had a great attitude, time for others and...


Episode 119: Koji: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Alien?

Rich Shih and Sean Doherty join Harry to talk about their work on an upcoming Beard House dinner called "The Quest for Koji" In the last 5 years Koji has gone from a staple part of many traditional Eastern ferments (Soy Sauce, Miso, Rice Vinegar, Sake) to an ingredient that is pushing the boundaries of what we can get microbes to do for us.


Episode 118: Happy Meat: The Economy of Healthy People and Animals

Dan Honig is the owner of the Happy Valley Meat Company. Dan i son a mission to forge a direct connection between chefs and farmers to improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us. It's a great mission and Harry and Dan cover a lot of ground about how and why Dan started the company, where you can find their meat and how you can do your part to make sure we're all happy. Check out their new mushroom burger that uses mushrooms from farms near their meat farms, to improve the...


Episode 117: Hello from LA LA LAND

Richard Parks III is an author, journalist and man about town in LA. He's lived there his whole life (so far) and doesn't expect to be leaving anytime soon. He used to have a cool truck (see episode photo) and has been working on a few new cookbooks as well as some podcasts including an episode of "Lost Notes" on KCRW about the $1million McDonald's Flexi-disc.


Episode 116: Mead Day 2018

Raphael Lyon of Enlightenment Wines has been making mead in NY since 2009 and this year on August 5th will be hosting the first ever Mead Day. A celebration of the world's oldest fermented beverage it brings together NY meaderies for industry discussions, #meaduniversity, free tastings and more. Tune in to hear about how Enlightenment got started, why you should get over to Honey's for some Kvass, and learn more about this delicious tipple.


Episode 115: AI Weirdness

Janelle Shane is a research scientist who works in optics, in her spare time she trains neural networks to do things like write recipes, and name Ice Cream. While most of the things the neural network spits out can seem incomprehensible, the way it uses language and links idea together can be mind bending and expanding. Tune in to hear Harry and Janelle talk about making some of the recipes and what else we can do with AI.


Episode 114: Homarus Americanus

Lobsters were once the food of the poor and incarerated, but now they've moved into the realm of the decadent and represent a delicious and prixed delicacy, yet they also exist in a realm of eating with your hands, and picnic fare in the form of the seemingly omnipresent lobster roll. How did this bottom dwelling crustacen manage to make it from from the bottom to the top and to hold a place in the gustatory canon? Tune in to hear Harry talk with Chef Jimmy Papadoupolous, and lobsterman...


Episode 113: Happy Family Night Market

Phoebe Tran is the co-founder of the Happy Family Night Market which debuts Saturday July 14th at 99 Scott in Bushwick. Bringing together food, music, panels, films and more to celebrate and explore Asian American heritage through the lens of food. Tune in to hear more and get a sneak preview of what you'll find at the Market!


Episode 112: BurgerTime!

It's BurgerTime! Not the Nintendo game. Harry's talking with Chris Kronner today about Kronnerburger and his new book A Burger to Believe In. It's July, grills are going, and that means burgers. It's a quintessentially American food, and it's served all over the place from fast food to slow food, and now there are even vegetarian versions that bleed and look like real meat. Tune in to hear about Kronnerburger and the rise and world domination of the burger.


Episode 111: Why Wagyu?

Dave Yasuda of Snake River Farms joins Harry to talk about Wagyu, Japanese Internment, and the Ramen scene in Idaho. They cover everything from getting engaged to cooking ribs!


Episode 110: Soul is a Four-Letter Word

Chef Todd Richards has made food his way of communicating both with his customers and the future, as well as with the past. His new book SOUL is a compendium of great dishes that blur the lines between old standards and new takes including things like Collard Green Ramen. Harry and Todd talk about soul, Todd's journey and where soul food will take us as we move well into the 21st century.


Episode 109: DIY or Die

Fred Hua ran the much beloved Nha Toi on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg until a construction issue next door forced him to close it in 2013. He moved on to open Nha Minh which serves some of the best most comforting rice bowls in an age of Instagram obsession over modest food. The DIY aesthetic with art on the walls and a self reliant attitude come through the food as well as the chef. Tune to hear more and to learn about the Freak Flag Fest coming up at The Brooklyn Kitchen June 15-17.


Episode 108: On Fish and Volkswagens

Nelly Hand spends a lot of time catching amazing Salmon and getting them to you at Drifter's fish. She and her husband Michael split time between Cordova Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. With a Volkswagen Doka and a Fishing Vessel they're the hard working epitome of what some would look at as an internet sensation. Vanlife meets deadliest catch, or something. tune in to hear how hard work and living the life you choose makes Nelly tick.


Episode 107: Is it Extra Virgin?

Nicholas Coleman is one half of the company Grove and Vine who seek out, taste, and import the very best olive oil and then send it on to their subscribers. They send out 4 bottles a year, 2 from the Northern and 2 from the Southern hemisphere. Tune in to hear Harry and Nicholas wax poetic about Oil, what to do with it, and why there's so much mislabeled oil on the market.


Episode 106: Input Versus Output, CSAs

At Hearty Roots farm in Clermont NY Benjamin and Lindsey Shute raise vegetables, chickens and pigs. They serve 600 CSA members here in New York City and deliver over 1000 lbs of fresh vegetables to various food pantries as well. Since 2004 Hearty Roots has been growing food and growing a community.


Episode 105: The Life of a Chef in the Internet Age

When he was 9 years old, Jeremy Salamon told his parents that he would be a chef when he grew up. He started a food blog to connect with other teens at 13, and took the reins at The Eddy in New York's East Village at 23. Join Harry as he and Jeremy talk about that trajectory, cooking from family ancestry and taking on the restaurant business in NY.


Episode 104: Gobble Gobble, Turkey in the Spring

Frank Reese and Patrick Martins come into the studio to chat with Harry about how their meeting led Patrick to found Heritage Foods USA. Frank knows more about heritage poultry than anyone, and he talks with Harry about raising birds, eating birds and why we need to eat them to save them. Would you like to see whole turkeys available in about the same size as chickens? Reach out and let us know.


Episode 103: Lamb, Cook It and Eat It

Harry welcomes butcher and meat educator Bryan Mayer back to Feast Yr Ears to talk about how to buy, cook and of course eat lamb. After last week's episode all about the farming side it's time to head into the kitchen. Lamb is a great meat to seek out and bring to that grill out or roast for Sunday supper. Burgers, leg, shoulder chop and rib chops. It sounds so delicious you'll want to head out and get some lamb for dinner!


Episode 102: America's Best Lamb

John and Sukey Jamison have been raising lamb in Latrobe PA since 1976. After 40 years you'd think they tired of it, but to hear them tell it they're just getting started. Theirs has been called the best lamb in America. Tune in to hear what keeps them going and where you can taste their product.


Episode 101: Bring It!

Ali Rosen has made her own way in the world of video production, journalism and food. Her show Potluck with Ali is entering its 10th season, and her new book is called Bring It! Tried and True Recipes for Potlucks and Casual Entertaining. It's all about potlucks and what to bring and includes some awesome recipes like Buttermilk Broccoli salad and chai brownies. Noah Fecks did the photography. Join Harry and Ali as they cover the book, traveling to see food producers and how to take a...