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Episode 110: Soul is a Four-Letter Word

Chef Todd Richards has made food his way of communicating both with his customers and the future, as well as with the past. His new book SOUL is a compendium of great dishes that blur the lines between old standards and new takes including things like Collard Green Ramen. Harry and Todd talk about soul, Todd's journey and where soul food will take us as we move well into the 21st century.


Episode 109: DIY or Die

Fred Hua ran the much beloved Nha Toi on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg until a construction issue next door forced him to close it in 2013. He moved on to open Nha Minh which serves some of the best most comforting rice bowls in an age of Instagram obsession over modest food. The DIY aesthetic with art on the walls and a self reliant attitude come through the food as well as the chef. Tune to hear more and to learn about the Freak Flag Fest coming up at The Brooklyn Kitchen June 15-17.


Episode 108: On Fish and Volkswagens

Nelly Hand spends a lot of time catching amazing Salmon and getting them to you at Drifter's fish. She and her husband Michael split time between Cordova Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. With a Volkswagen Doka and a Fishing Vessel they're the hard working epitome of what some would look at as an internet sensation. Vanlife meets deadliest catch, or something. tune in to hear how hard work and living the life you choose makes Nelly tick.


Episode 107: Is it Extra Virgin?

Nicholas Coleman is one half of the company Grove and Vine who seek out, taste, and import the very best olive oil and then send it on to their subscribers. They send out 4 bottles a year, 2 from the Northern and 2 from the Southern hemisphere. Tune in to hear Harry and Nicholas wax poetic about Oil, what to do with it, and why there's so much mislabeled oil on the market.


Episode 106: Input Versus Output, CSAs

At Hearty Roots farm in Clermont NY Benjamin and Lindsey Shute raise vegetables, chickens and pigs. They serve 600 CSA members here in New York City and deliver over 1000 lbs of fresh vegetables to various food pantries as well. Since 2004 Hearty Roots has been growing food and growing a community.


Episode 105: The Life of a Chef in the Internet Age

When he was 9 years old, Jeremy Salamon told his parents that he would be a chef when he grew up. He started a food blog to connect with other teens at 13, and took the reins at The Eddy in New York's East Village at 23. Join Harry as he and Jeremy talk about that trajectory, cooking from family ancestry and taking on the restaurant business in NY.


Episode 104: Gobble Gobble, Turkey in the Spring

Frank Reese and Patrick Martins come into the studio to chat with Harry about how their meeting led Patrick to found Heritage Foods USA. Frank knows more about heritage poultry than anyone, and he talks with Harry about raising birds, eating birds and why we need to eat them to save them. Would you like to see whole turkeys available in about the same size as chickens? Reach out and let us know.


Episode 103: Lamb, Cook It and Eat It

Harry welcomes butcher and meat educator Bryan Mayer back to Feast Yr Ears to talk about how to buy, cook and of course eat lamb. After last week's episode all about the farming side it's time to head into the kitchen. Lamb is a great meat to seek out and bring to that grill out or roast for Sunday supper. Burgers, leg, shoulder chop and rib chops. It sounds so delicious you'll want to head out and get some lamb for dinner!


Episode 102: America's Best Lamb

John and Sukey Jamison have been raising lamb in Latrobe PA since 1976. After 40 years you'd think they tired of it, but to hear them tell it they're just getting started. Theirs has been called the best lamb in America. Tune in to hear what keeps them going and where you can taste their product.


Episode 101: Bring It!

Ali Rosen has made her own way in the world of video production, journalism and food. Her show Potluck with Ali is entering its 10th season, and her new book is called Bring It! Tried and True Recipes for Potlucks and Casual Entertaining. It's all about potlucks and what to bring and includes some awesome recipes like Buttermilk Broccoli salad and chai brownies. Noah Fecks did the photography. Join Harry and Ali as they cover the book, traveling to see food producers and how to take a...


Episode 100: Harry's Happy Hundredth

From a love of radio and a few fledgling radio shows (pirate) in the 90s, Harry has created Feast Yr Ears as a weekly look into the lives of people inside and out of the food space. From Veterans to Cheesemakers, Cannabis connoisseurs to restauranteurs Harry has done 100 shows on HRN. Today he's invited a number of other hosts to join him to celebrate and reminisce about their own 100+ show careers on the network.


Episode 99: The 420 Gourmet: Cannabis Cuisine

JeffThe420Chef is the man behind the 420 Gourmet and the Wake and Bake podcast. Tune in as Harry and Jeff talk about some of the finer points of cooking and consuming cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Jeff points out everything from why you want to clean your weed before infusion, how to get great results for CBD and THC consumption, and a warning not to buy anything called "Campfire OG" as it's likely smoke damaged and covered in fire retardant chemicals.


Episode 98: Sam Frank and Jumi Cheese: Let's Get Together and Feel Alright

Sam Frank has done a lot in his 28 years. He's travelled the world over to speak about and learn about cheese, he's made chocolate on a cacao farm, aged cheese in Brooklyn, made cheese in Europe and was an Army brat growing up. All of this has led him to helm the North American distribution of Jumi Cheese. A Swiss maker and importer of some of the best cheeses you're likely to come across. Listen in as Sam and Harry discuss everything from the Jumi logo, to whether or not you can make...


Episode 97: Feeding and Eating with Julia Turshen

Julia Turshen is a writer and activist who is supporting feeding yourself and others and creating space for success in the kitchen with her book Small Victories. Her second book, Feed the Resistance took the cookbook world by storm in the wake of one of the most divisive elections in U.S. history. Tune in to hear about why food is so important to the resistance and what Julia is doing for Valentine's day!


Episode 96: The Next Colonel Sanders?

Daniel Delaney started hosting pop-up Brisketown events in the summer of 2012, which led to 5 years of Delaney Barbecue. Some of the best Texas 'cue this far from the Rio Grande. While his first restaurant shuttered in 2017, Delaney Chicken was fast establishing itself as a mainstay at Vanderbilt Market and with plans to continue to expand that brand and perhaps bring back his underground 'cue it seems like Daniel is jsut getting started. Fried chicken, Barbecue and beyond, this NJ native...


Episode 95: Making Knives in Oregon

Michael Moses Lishinsky has been making knives and tools full time since 1980. In an age where the artisanal and handmade has been fetishized to death, he's been doing it longer than some of these newcomers have been alive! Tune in to hear more about how this Brooklyn native ended up heating, hammering, grinding, and polishing for the last four decades in Oregon.


Episode 94: Story Course: Dinner and an Immigrant's Tale

Adam Kantor is on Broadway most days, in shows like Fiddler on the Roof and The Band's Visit. In 2017 with Brian Bordainick he created Story Course. With Story Course, they create uniquely moving and delicious experiences by taking guests on a coursed dinner that pairs with stories. It's storytelling and fine dining mixed to tell the story of an immigrant chef through food and words. Their first event "How Do You Hug A Tiger? with Chef Jae Jung" started in 2017 and continues in February....


Episode 93: What the Cooking Project is Cooking Up in San Francisco

Sasha Bernstein grew up around food, fish to be specific. Her family has been in the wholesale fish business in NY for 4 generations. She now heads The Cooking Project in San Francisco where their mission is "to teach young people fundamental cooking skills" through partnerships with at risk youth services they're giving the youth of the Bay Area some real fundamental life skills that are also delicious!


Episode 92: Fish Tails, and Heads, and Guts, and more in Greenpoint and LIC

Adam Gerringer Dunn grew up in NJ, and spent summers on Cape Cod. In 2014 with his partner Vincent Milburn they opened Greenpoint Fish and Lobster on Nassau Avenue curing the neighborhood of it's lack of decent fish. With the freshest seafood and a restaurant in back they set out to bring to Brooklyn that perfect mix of a place you can grab a bite and a beer or take home fresh fish to cook for dinner. With another location in Long Island City and a thriving wholesale business it's fair to...


Episode 91: The King of the Bronx Hot Sauce

King Phojanakong started the Kuma Inn more than a decade ago and has since helped put Filipino food on the map and into the bellies of New Yorkers. The Bronx Hot Sauce is not only incredibly delicious, it's the best hot sauce company in the world (IMHO) for the great work it does supporting GrowNYC and the community gardens and gardeners of the Bronx. Tune in to hear Harry and King discuss everything from Filipino ingredients to getting spicy in the city's northernmost borough.