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Brews Clues Part 1: It's Not Just About Beer | Episode 7

The beer industry is riddled with bigotry and the same oppressive structures of big-player gastronomy. Our two part series "Brews Clues’’ explore how, why and how it really is. In our first episode, we ask the question: When it comes beer, where is the line between harmful and empowering? We interview journalist Lena Rutkowski about her campaign for accountability in the aftermath of Mikkeller and Girls Are Awesome collaborating on "Female" a "beer for women". Follow Lena Rutkowski on...


Challenge Poverty Week: Food Insecurity and Poverty in Scotland with A Menu For Change | Episode 6

Welcome to a very special episode of Fermentations podcast. This episode is in support of #ChallengePoverty Week which runs from October 1 to 7, 2018 in Scotland. In this episode we talk to Mary Anne MacLeod, Scotland’s leading expert on food insecurity and food bank use. She also works with A Menu for Change, an organisation which aims to tackle food insecurity by evolving the emergency response to make sure those facing an income crisis can afford to buy their own food. Special thank...


Tell The Tea: Digital Media, Gastro-Scenes & Community with Mary Scherpe | Episode 5

In this episode we talk with Mary Scherpe (@stilinberlin on all platforms) about digital media, community, food, and you guessed it, feminism. If you've been to Berlin in the last 12+ years and typed in 'where to eat' chances are you have landed with Mary's blog Stil in Berlin. Mary is also the co-founder of the Feminist Food Club - a community and network dedicated to aligning women and non-binary people in the industry. We also give you all the goss on hot button Fermentations topics...


Bonus W(h)ine Time: Gabrielle Hamilton, The Spotted Pig and their Free-For-All for Failure | Episode 4.1

What has four thumbs, two mics and a burning disappointment towards Gabrielle Hamilton? This bonus episode of W(h)ine Time. Amanda & Kate analyse and unpack the absurd and confusing actions of Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman to stand by Ken Friedman (and, by default, Mario Batali). This podcast is hosted and produced by Amanda Stanley and Kate Bailey. All our jingles and visuals were created by artist and musician, Sarah J Stanley (HQFU). Follow us on @fermentationspodcast on...


Perfectly Bent with Gabrielle Hamilton: Kitchens, Food, Feminism and Knowing Yourself | Episode 4

Our fourth episode features acclaimed chef, author and Emmy Award winner, Gabrielle Hamilton. Gabrielle is currently working on the follow up to her New York Times bestselling memoir, 'Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef' and joined Fermentations on the phone for a conversation about her new book, her future plans for her NY restaurant PRUNE, the gastronomy industry, feminism in the kitchen and of course, the art of knowing yourself. This podcast is...


Bonus Episode: #NSFW(h)ine Time - Tears For Beers

Consider this bonus episode a Corporate Cop meets W(h)ine Time special, whereby Amanda and KB take the time to reflect on the live podcast event with Ruby Tandoh, the beauty of International Women’s Day, and the joys of large corporations jumping on such days to make a quick buck (Read: Brewdog’s Pink IPA). Follow us on @fermentationspodcast on Instagram and Facebook, or @fermentationsp on Twitter. | www.fermentationspodcast.com |


Eat Up! Ruby Tandoh & Laura Waddell live at Glasgow Women's Library | Episode 3

Our third episode is a live recording of Ruby Tandoh in conversation with Laura Waddell, discussing her new book Eat Up! A book about food, appetite, and eating what you want, alongside some of the challenging discourses society is having about food, and ourselves. Ruby Tandoh is an author and journalist who writes for, among others, the Guardian, Elle and Vice. A finalist on the 2013 Great British Bake Off, she has published two cookery books, Crumb and Flavour. Laura Waddell is a...


Identity, Food Ownership and Cultural Appropriation with Aida Baghernejad | Episode 2

Our second episode features academic and food journalist Aida Baghernejad. Aida has written for publications like Munchies, TIPP, Intro and Mit Vergnügen. Aida is currently completing her PhD on street food markets and small scale-economy at the King’s College London and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Her work explores questions of food, entrepreneurship, social change, alternative economies and urban development. In conversation with Aida we delve into the topic of cultural...


The Taste of Home with Dalad Kambhu | Episode 1

In this first episode we talk to the head chef and co-owner of Kin Dee, Dalad Kambhu. Dalad and her work has been featured in the New York Times, Munchies, Wallpaper* Magazine to name but only a few. In our conversation we discuss flavour, the realities of kitchen life, and the taste of home. KB also talks zero calories in the first instalment of our Corporate Cop feature. This podcast is hosted and produced by Amanda Stanley and Kate Bailey. All our jingles and visuals were created by...


Let's Do This!

This is a podcast exploring the intersections between gender and gastronomy. Fermentations is created between Glasgow and Berlin by Amanda Stanley and Kate Bailey. Find out more about us by heading to our website, and be sure to hit subscribe to keep up to date with episodes as they drop. Music & Imagery by HQFU / Sarah J Stanley. Follow us on Twitter @FermenationsP Follow us on Instagram @fermentationspodcast