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Your one-stop-shop for the latest food news, restaurant recommendations, kitchen talk, interviews with culinary stars, and food-themed comedy and entertainment, all in about 30 minutes

Your one-stop-shop for the latest food news, restaurant recommendations, kitchen talk, interviews with culinary stars, and food-themed comedy and entertainment, all in about 30 minutes


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Your one-stop-shop for the latest food news, restaurant recommendations, kitchen talk, interviews with culinary stars, and food-themed comedy and entertainment, all in about 30 minutes






Food + Comedy Extravaganza!

Hey hey! We kick off w/ a convo w/ FR Editor Tiffany Do (3:52) who sourced all of FRT's comedy bits! Then it's a cavalcade of comedy w/ stories from Ben Bailey (8:15), Aparna Nancherla (11:26), Mary Sohn (14:29), Ian Abramson (16:58), Samantha Ruddy (20:48), Ethan Fixell (22:42), Justin Herman (30:45), Brian Park (34:58), Kevin Yee (37:51), Jenny Yang (39:58), Karl Hess (44:00), Keri Lumm (48:19), & Dan Lee (51:28). Also featuring bad Yelp reviews throughout & the most EPIC Yelp review of...


Dan Jacobs & Dan Van Rite

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Q's for Milwaukee chefs Dan Jacobs & Dan Van Rite (3:54) of DanDan & EsterEv about how they decided to open a Chinese restaurant w/ a pop-up inside (8:24), Dan J's diagnosis with Kennedy's Disease (12:16), Dan V's stint in Portland (16:02), Dan J lying his way into a top kitchen & using cats for free books (18:26), Peking duck & Schmaltz fried rice (21:04), Milwaukee dining & purveyors (24:48), & Dan V's summer job at Lambeau Field (29:41). To close, bad Yelp...


Steve McHugh

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Steve McHugh about the meanings behind the name of his restaurant, Cured (3:20), the San Antonio dining community (5:34), being an ambassador for San Antonio (7:24), special ingredients native to Texas (8:16), the frugality of farm upbringing informing his menu (11:20), John Besh (16:39), giving back to the community (18:18) his amazing mother (20:02), & what to do on your trip to San Antonio (22:47). To close, comedian Nonye Brown-West talks about...


Gaby Dalkin

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Gaby Dalkin of the popular blog/Instagram What's Gaby Cooking (and new cookbook of the same name!) about California life & food (3:22, 18:16), social media strategy (6:40), cheese and eating simply (9:39), recycling recipes (11:54), entertaining at home (14:05), interacting with readers -both good AND bad (16:24), exercise & biking around LA (17:47) ,& her product line (18:58). To close, comedian Taylor Ortega talks about adventures in baking garlic...


Andrew Friedman

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Andrew Friedman about his new book, "Chefs, Drugs and Rock & Roll" (0:24), #MeToo (4:28, 10:17), Mario Batali (7:19), life experience influencing a chef's work (13:17), the food world's crossover to mainstream (20:45), LA's comeback & Wolfgang Puck (25:00), & why there are so many cookbooks when print is dying (27:50), & what James Beard would think of the culinary scene today (31:59). To close, comedian Jes Tom talks about their first experience...


Gerard Craft

Hey hey! First up: 10 Q's for St. Louis chef Gerard Craft (0:23) on the challenges of fast casual (3:46), transforming a restaurant concept (7:15), family-friendly dining (9:40), expanding to Nashville (11:13), stints as a snowboarding photographer (13:03) & at the Chateau Marmont (14:44), being an ambassador for St. Louis (15:49), appreciating other chefs' pasta (20:41), & the restaurant he wishes his wife would open (22:09). To close, comedian Cara Weinberger talks about food at Oscar...


Simon Ford

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We've got 10 Questions for Simon Ford, of The 86 Co. & Ford's Gin, about launching 4 different spirits brands at the same time (3:59), crowdsourcing ideas from bartenders (10:32), creatively expanding the industry (13:44), LA & Nashville (18:21), the international cocktail community & cities where the scene is thriving (19:37), emerging trends (22:51), & gin, glorious gin (24:31). To close, actor/comedian Mary Sohn talks about downing Sugar Babies while ice...


Julie Piatt & Rich Roll

Hey hey! Today we've got 10 Questions for Julie Piatt & Rich Roll, the couple behind The Plant Power Way, on creating plant-based cheese & veganism in Italy (4:00), athletes ditching animal protein with great results (12:26), the magic of mushrooms (15:30), plant-based "meat" like Beyond Meat & Impossible Foods (17:44), environmental effects (21:34), ethical vegetarians (26:01), & raising kids in a plant-based lifestyle (27:29). To close, writer/actor Eliot Glazer explains how he got his...


Ruth Rogers

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! Up first, a recap of the James Beard Awards (0:43). Then we've got 10 Q's for Ruth Rogers on chefs being part of the community (6:23), the cookbook released for the 30th anniversary of her London institution, The River Cafe (13:11), artist friends (14:59), the collaborative process & TV (17:54), Jamie Oliver (21:36), London ditching its rep as a "bad food town" (22:52) & overcoming tragedy (28:18). To close, comedian Justin Herman recalls a recent trip to...


David Kinch

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! We've got 10 Questions for David Kinch about the experience of dining at his acclaimed restaurant Manresa (4:56, 29:37), why fine dining is a terrible business model (10:01), CA Central Coast wine & local ingredients (13:45), his turns on The Mind of a Chef & Top Chef (18:46), Manresa Bread (21:12), what's the deal with sourdough (24:08), & the current golden age of restaurants & wine (25:22). To close, comedian Nonye Brown-West recalls learning to bake...


Mitchell Davis

Hey hey! First the news: Disney/Tastemade launch digital channel (0:25), France's take on plant-based protein (1:59), frozen food in decline except @ Trader Joe's (5:05) & artichokes aren't kosher? (8:09). Next, 10 Q's for Mitchell Davis, EVP of James Beard Fdn, on his background (13:31), this year's awards ceremony in Chicago (17:35, 32:40), steps JBF has taken post #MeToo (20:07), causes important to JBF & the cost of dining (25:13), & new voices (38:53). To close, comic Fareeha Khan on...


Stephanie Danler & Caitlin FitzGerald

Hey hey! First the news: JBF media winners (0:28), Bob Dylan's whiskey line (2:08), WH Correspondents Dinner (3:45), SF Chronicle's top 100 list (5:26), & McDonalds' stock is up (9:45). Next, 10 Q's for Stephanie Danler & actress Caitlin FitzGerald on "Sweetbitter," the new Starz series based on Danler's bestselling novel (11:58), their hospitality backgrounds (17:42, 27:18, 34:30), wine (19:13), season 2 (28:34) & filming in NYC (31:21). To close, comedian Ian Abramson on the best day of...


Alan Geaam

Hey hey! First the news: Beyoncé & Jay-Z launch online vegan meal planner (0:29), FDA vs. Impossible Burger (2:21), UK coffee chain ditches disposable cups (5:19), & craft distillers win w/ the tax bill (8:09). Next, 10 Q's for chef Alan Geaam about his Cinderella story - youth in war torn Liberia & Lebanon (10:43), life as a homeless dishwasher (16:08), the buildup to receiving a Michelin star (19:46), & his 3 restaurants in Paris (24:20, 29:10). To close, comic Taylor Ortega talks eating...


Ethan Brown

Hey hey! First the news: E.coli outbreak in romaine lettuce (0:26), more on Philly Starbucks matter (1:51), still breaking - 2 disturbing incidents at Waffle Hut (3:32), plastic straw ban in the UK (6:46), lobster shortage (8:47), & GQ's top new restaurants (10:26). Next, 10 Q's for Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown (13:07), on what goes into making plant-based proteins (19:30, 35:00), blind taste tests (26:45), Beyond's fans in the NBA (28:55), & the medical community (32:12). To close, bad Yelp...


Enrique Olvera

Hey hey! First the news: Starbucks responds with racial sensitivity training for employees (0:26), Google Maps tests using fast food spots in navigation (5:04), & The New Yorker vs. Chick-Fil-A (7:26). Next, 10 Q's for Enrique Olvera on street food in fine dining (11:52), taco omakase (16:22, 25:03), NYC vs. Mexico City (19:33), tapping staff to expand to other markets (22:30), the effects of the World's 50 Best List (27:04), & mezcal (31:21). To close, comedian Dan Lee was a bad cook in...


Stephanie Izard

Hey hey! First the news: 206M+ eggs recalled (0:26), racism at Starbucks (1:23), Jamie Oliver’s #AdEnough (4:40), booze takes years off our lives (5:59), & NYC dining updates (7:53). Next, 10 Q’s for Stephanie Izard on her cookbook & trio of Chicago restaurants (13:38), creative inspiration (21:04), grilling (23:11), Cubs baseball (24:17), spiced Crispies & Cheez-Its (25:49), beer & burgers (26:57), brands (31:14), & her competitive spirit (33:26). To close, Lily Du talks leftovers at the...


Alon Shaya

Hey hey! First, the news: a 2nd lawsuit among the By Chloe team (0:36), produce's "dirty dozen" (3:08), Necco Wafers flying off shelves (6:31), & Moby weighs in on SNAP (8:11). Next, 10 Q's for Alon Shaya on his upcoming restaurants in New Orleans (11:57) & Denver (20:17), creating a HR-friendly company culture post-Besh breakup/#MeToo (22:19), his new memoir/cookbook (26:55), & complete lack of self-control when eating pita (29:52). To close, comedian Holly Prazoff's killer tiki drink...


Kyle MacLachlan

Hey hey! First, the news: Dunkin's $2 snack menu (0:20), SNAP holds up Farm Bill in Congress (2:00), & OK, not news but we're stoked for today's guest (5:30). Next, a damn fine 10 Q's for Kyle MacLachlan re: his wine label, Pursued by Bear (9:26, 20:54), the WA wine scene (13:52, 18:30), David Lynch/Twin Peaks (16:21, 23:40), juggling wine & acting (22:50, 33:38), NYC life (25:30), home cooking & pairings (27:50), #roseallday (30:47) & Portlandia (35:55). To close, bad restaurant reviews...


Birgit Cameron

Hey hey! First the news: Panera data breach (0:26), Hershey invests in sustainable cocoa (1:38), Thrive Market (3:36), & marijuana edibles coming to minibars (6:40). Next, 10 Questions for Birgit Cameron of Patagonia Provisions about why an apparel company wants to fix food systems (10:52), wild salmon & PP's expert advisory team (15:37), sustainability driving development (20:38), & products they're about to unveil & chef partners (28:19). To close, comedian Turner Sparks talks ice cream in...


Marc Murphy

Hey hey! First, the news: Brooklyn's burgeoning food scene & NYC openings (0:31), the rise of veganism (5:21), & Atla's $12 taco (9:06). Next, 10 Q's for Marc Murphy on sports & his European upbringing (13:28), NYC restaurant ownership issues & the future of dining (21:40), the Farm Bill renegotiation (30:15), traceable fish & supporting small farmers (32:41), restaurateur/TV life (37:13), behind the scenes of Chopped (39:50), & Guy Fieri (44:41). To close, writer Keri Lumm talks farm to...