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Enrique Olvera

Hey hey! First the news: Starbucks responds with racial sensitivity training for employees (0:26), Google Maps tests using fast food spots in navigation (5:04), & The New Yorker vs. Chick-Fil-A (7:26). Next, 10 Q's for Enrique Olvera on street food in fine dining (11:52), taco omakase (16:22, 25:03), NYC vs. Mexico City (19:33), tapping staff to expand to other markets (22:30), the effects of the World's 50 Best List (27:04), & mezcal (31:21). To close, comedian Dan Lee was a bad cook in...


Stephanie Izard

Hey hey! First the news: 206M+ eggs recalled (0:26), racism at Starbucks (1:23), Jamie Oliver’s #AdEnough (4:40), booze takes years off our lives (5:59), & NYC dining updates (7:53). Next, 10 Q’s for Stephanie Izard on her cookbook & trio of Chicago restaurants (13:38), creative inspiration (21:04), grilling (23:11), Cubs baseball (24:17), spiced Crispies & Cheez-Its (25:49), beer & burgers (26:57), brands (31:14), & her competitive spirit (33:26). To close, Lily Du talks leftovers at the...


Alon Shaya

Hey hey! First, the news: a 2nd lawsuit among the By Chloe team (0:36), produce's "dirty dozen" (3:08), Necco Wafers flying off shelves (6:31), & Moby weighs in on SNAP (8:11). Next, 10 Q's for Alon Shaya on his upcoming restaurants in New Orleans (11:57) & Denver (20:17), creating a HR-friendly company culture post-Besh breakup/#MeToo (22:19), his new memoir/cookbook (26:55), no self-control when eating pita (29:52), & NOLA's food scene (??:??). To close, comedian Holly Prazoff's killer...


Kyle MacLachlan

Hey hey! First, the news: Dunkin's $2 snack menu (0:20), SNAP holds up Farm Bill in Congress (2:00), & OK, not news but we're stoked for today's guest (5:30). Next, a damn fine 10 Q's for Kyle MacLachlan re: his wine label, Pursued by Bear (9:26, 20:54), the WA wine scene (13:52, 18:30), David Lynch/Twin Peaks (16:21, 23:40), juggling wine & acting (22:50, 33:38), NYC life (25:30), home cooking & pairings (27:50), #roseallday (30:47) & Portlandia (35:55). To close, bad restaurant reviews...


Birgit Cameron

Hey hey! First the news: Panera data breach (0:26), Hershey invests in sustainable cocoa (1:38), Thrive Market (3:36), & marijuana edibles coming to minibars (6:40). Next, 10 Questions for Birgit Cameron of Patagonia Provisions about why an apparel company wants to fix food systems (10:52), wild salmon & PP's expert advisory team (15:37), sustainability driving development (20:38), & products they're about to unveil & chef partners (28:19). To close, comedian Turner Sparks talks ice cream...


Marc Murphy

Hey hey! First, the news: Brooklyn's burgeoning food scene & NYC openings (0:31), the rise of veganism (5:21), & Atla's $12 taco (9:06). Next, 10 Q's for Marc Murphy on sports & his European upbringing (13:28), NYC restaurant ownership issues & the future of dining (21:40), the Farm Bill renegotiation (30:15), traceable fish & supporting small farmers (32:41), restaurateur/TV life (37:13), behind the scenes of Chopped (39:50), & Guy Fieri (44:41). To close, writer Keri Lumm talks farm to...


Gavin Kaysen

Baseball opening day = stadium food roundup! (0:26), Mikeller brewery open at CitiField (4:48), & Hollywood food news: a Pixar short (8:56), Natalie Portman vegan doc (9:18) & Carl's Jr's Spielburgers (9:40). Next, 10 Q's for Gavin Kaysen about his guest chef series (11:27), leaving NY to open his 2 M'polis spots (17:32, 34:49), prohibition tunnels & renovation (21:46), Super Bowl diners (26:18), Paul Bocuse (28:56), & catering for a pro team (37:16). To close, bad Yelp reviews of good...


Nick Wiger & Mike Mitchell (The Doughboys)

Hey hey! First the news: new law bans employers from skimming tips (0:26), US obesity epidemic among adults (3:48), & the food/comedy space (7:53). Next, 10 Q's for Nick Wiger & Mike Mitchell about their popular food podcast The Doughboys (11:46), small chains going nationwide (18:54), Fight for 15 (20:39), Spoon Nation/Burger Brigade (28:36), chains they have yet to review (33:16), fast food burgers (38:10), & death row meals (42:09). To close, comic Lily Du on McDonalds memories with her...


Darina Allen

Hey hey! First, the news: Chef's Table/women in pastry (0:30), allegations against DC's Mike Isabella (5:09), & Stoli to make mezcal (7:18). Next, 10 Q's for Darina Allen, Ireland's First Lady of Food, on her Ballymaloe Cookery School (9:05) & notable alumnae (14:23), gardening (17:47), her new book Grow Cook Nourish (24:36), eating real food (28:49), low fat/trends (31:43), fermentation (36:10, 43:45), & why millennials will save us (41:25). To close, comedian Atsuko Okatsuka talks buffet...


Charleston Wine + Food w/ Katie Button, Linton Hopkins, Maheet Chauhan, & Mashama Bailey

Hey hey! First, the news: Grubhub & Door Dash updates (0:26), CA almond crops rebound (3:57), Frito-Lay shortage (5:51), & particles in plastic water bottles (8:01). Next, chats at Charleston W+F with Katie Button of Asheville's Curate/Nightbell (10:00), Linton Hopkins, Jen Yee, & Damon Wise of ATL's Resurgens Hospitality (21:07), Maheet Chauhan of Nashville's Chauhan Ales & Masala (32:07), & Mashama Bailey & Johno Morisano of Savannah's The Grey (42:13). To close, comedian Brian Park on...


Steve Redzikowski

Hey hey! First, the news: James Beard noms (0:29), top 50 US beer co's (2:46), USDA withdraws animal welfare rules (3:18), General Mills to build 34K acre farm (5:24), NYT #metoo read (6:36), & Irish food notes from Darina Allen (7:52). Next, 10 Q's for chef Steve Redzikowski on his 3 spots in Denver/Boulder (12:04, 17:24, 21:26), his 1st restaurant burning down & CO's dining scene (14:34), NYC's lure (20:16, 34:44), quality of life in CO (24:43, 31:55), & luxury (27:19). To close, bad...


Richard Betts

Hey hey! Today's episode is a beverage industry special. First, we discuss the booming mezcal market & heavy hitters involved (0:22). Next, a convo with Richard Betts (13:20), beverage industry entrepreneur, on mezcal production (16:45), sustainability initiatives he's taken with his mezcal, Sombra (20:22), instituting change as an American (26:37), dining & drinking in Amsterdam (29:43), his wine background (32:01), scratch & sniff books (34:50), distribution (38:23), winemaking vs....


Drake Sutton-Shearer

Hey hey! Today's news: Beyoncé goes vegan again (0:27), new food words in the dictionary (1:31), InstantPot recall (3:27), WalMart meal kits (4:38), & a food media roundup (5:42). Next, 10 Q's for Drake Sutton-Shearer, PROHBTD MEDIA founder, about original programming (10:05), cooking with cannabis (12:45), trends & statutory issues (17:05), scare mongering (23:45), company vision (26:53), & practical tips for consumption (29:19). To close, comedian Alex Hooper on traveling with a food...


Dan Barber

Hey hey! Today's is a special episode for FRT focused on the business of food. We visited Dan Barber at his Greenwich Village restaurant, Blue Hill, to discuss his newest venture, Row 7 Seed Company. He discusses the idea behind the concept (biologically modifying seeds for flavor), his breeding network based in universities, the 60+ world renowned chefs he's brought to the table to provide guidance and feedback to the seed breeders, the heavy hitters who have invested, and the chef's...


Leah Cohen

Hey hey! Today the news is booze: Michelob Ultra's going organic (0:25), rose cider will be everywhere this summer (2:16), and Woodford Reserve's asst. master distiller is a woman (5:30). Next, we've got 10 Questions for NYC chef Leah Cohen about her new Jersey City spot (7:55, 30:48), Filipino food (12:09), her Top Chef days (15:20), public shaming and dealing with staff (20:43), working with her husband (24:47), upcoming travels (27:43), and more. To close, bad Yelp reviews of good...


Alex Stupak

Oh hey! Today Krista's joined by producer Katie Guhl for the news: Alon Shaya's next move (0:33), Applebee's/IHOP closing 100+ locations (1:17), Amy Poehler supports One Fair Wage (4:09), JBF honors Jose Andres (7:19), & it's our 50th ep (7:56)! Next, 10 Q's for NYC's Alex Stupak about his 3 Empellon spots (11:20), a restaurant is like a relationship (15:23), pastry (22:40), tacos (27:33), signature dishes (31:15), David Lynch (34:14), & more. To close, comic Kevin Yee tells a hot cocoa...


Marcus Samuelsson

Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! First, the news: proposed changes to SNAP benefits (0:42), Chipotle's new CEO (2:57), and in honor of today's guest, a discussion about Newark, NJ (4:43). Next, we've got 10 Questions for Marcus Samuelsson (13:51) about Newark, his new spot Marcus B&P, restaurant design, training staff, Dorowat rigatoni, Taylor Ham, immigrant culture, food trends, and his upcoming PBS food/travel show, No Passport Required. To close, comedian Felicia Madison talks about...


Curtis Stone

Hey hey! First, the news: fast food in the Olympic Village (0:26), V-Day chocolate and restaurants (4:57), Mardi Gras (7:18), and the water crisis in Cape Town (8:41). Next, 10 Q's for Aussie chef Curtis Stone about the new concept at his LA restaurant Maude (13:09), his team's adventures in Rioja (18:21, 35:08), his stint with Marco Pierre White (25:00), his most difficult TV boss (29:47), the experience of dining at Maude (33:30), and noms for the next region (40:31). To close, bad Yelp...


Jeff Gordinier



Katie Parla

Hey hey! First, we recap our hosts' Super Bowl menus (0:25) and, of course, the best food commercials during the game (2:22), plus the James Beard Foundation has a new CEO (6:33). Next, 10 Q's for Katie Parla (9:56), a travel writer, cookbook author, sommelier, tour guide, and best friend to anyone who's traveling to Rome, Italy. She chats about expat life, Roman food exports, trends in the culture, "strit fud," pizza, wine, and more. To close, comedian Karl Hess tells a story about...


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