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Food is the New Rock is a free, weekly podcast featuring Zach Brooks (from Midtown Lunch) and Chuck P (from KCRW) talking food with a musician or music with a food person.

Food is the New Rock is a free, weekly podcast featuring Zach Brooks (from Midtown Lunch) and Chuck P (from KCRW) talking food with a musician or music with a food person.
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Food is the New Rock is a free, weekly podcast featuring Zach Brooks (from Midtown Lunch) and Chuck P (from KCRW) talking food with a musician or music with a food person.




Outside Lands w/ Chef Stuart Brioza

Ep. 200 - It's only fitting that our 200th episode is at Outside Lands, one of the best music and food tests in the country. We caught up with Chef Stuart Brioza, who runs the acclaimed SF restaurant State Bird Provisions along with his wife Nicole Krasinksi, to chat about music behind the Gastro Magic stage.


Dan the Automator

Ep. 199 - This week's guest is artist and Hip Hop producer extraordinaire, Dan the Automator (Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School). He's not only worked with a ton of artists over the years, but he's befriended a bunch of chefs- including David Chang, who appears on the latest Deltron 3030 album. We met up with him at a coffee shop in SF just before Outside Lands to talk all about that, plus he tells us about the time he introduced Michael Stipe to Momofuku.


Jimmy Pardo

Ep. 198 - Comedian Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny podcast, is this week's podcast guest... our very first for the Headgum Podcast Network (our new home!) Zach unlocks all of Jimmy's food issues, before they bond over their shared love of Chicago and Styx.


Sara Watkins

Ep. 197 - Singer/Songwriter (and Nickel Creek fiddler!) Sara Watkins is this week's podcast guest. We talk to her about licorice, what the food is like at Prairie Home Companion, and whether or not shrimp belongs in jello- a topic brought up due to the crazy food enhanced video for "Move Me", the first single off her new album.


Ali Spagnola

Ep. 196 - Comedian/musician/internet celebrity Ali Spagnola is this week's podcast guest. We talk about what it's like to eat five dozen oysters in one sitting, buffet strategies, Pittsburgh sandwiches, and how she stays incredibly ripped.


Rich Redmond

Ep. 195 - Country music star Jason Aldean's drummer Rich Redmond is this week's guest. He's not just a drummer, but an actor, author and motivational speaker who does drummer seminars called Crash Courses (which you can learn about at He also likes eating, and we talk to him about what it's like finding food on tour and in Nashville- where he spends most of his time.


David Gelb

Ep. 194 - Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb is this week's podcast guest. We talk to him about how music and food came together in a magical way for his breakout hit documentary about sushi (that was really about so much more than sushi.) He also tells us about growing up in NYC with a dad who was not only a big part of the classical music scene, but ended up Managing the Metropolitan Opera House. He also gives us a sneak preview of Season 2-4 of Chef's Table, the new series he's...


Jensen Karp AKA Hot Karl

Ep. 193 - Comedian Jensen Karp is this week's podcast guest to promote his forthcoming book "Kanye West Owes me $300: And Other True Stories About a White Rapper Who Almost Made it Big". He's known as a comedian, an art gallery owner (Gallery 1988) and author, and in the late 90s he was an up and coming rap star named Hot Karl, with a $1 million dollar record deal w/ Interscope Records. We talk Passover, Hot Karl's rider, eating at Mel's Diner w/ Kanye West and Jensen's favorite spots in...


Coachella 2016 Food + Music Recap

Ep. 192 - We spent this past weekend eating our way through Coachella and figured we'd bring you along for the ride. To recap the weekend food food and music as it happened, Zach was joined by Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA and Josh Scherer, the Associate Food Editor of Los Angeles Magazine who before this weekend HAD NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT. (Yes, you read that right.) So naturally we ask him about that.


Sam Mason

Ep. 191 - Sam Mason


Live @ SxSw w/ Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio

Ep. 190 - Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio is this week's podcast guest, the last of our conversation recorded live at SxSw. We talk about London food, and his obsession with gummy candies, plus ask him whether or not he's gotten to eat Rostam's mom's cooking (she's a world famous cookbook author.) Create a fantastic-looking website using WEEBLY. Join the over thirty million people who are already dreaming big - get started today for FREE at


Live @ SxSw w/ The Infatuation founders Chris Stang + Andrew Steinthal

Ep. 189 - The Infatuation has become an influential food voice over the past few years, thanks in large part to their widely used #EEEEEATS hashtag on Instagram. But what few of their fans realize is, just like Zach, their founders got their start in the music industry. Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang created The Infatuation while working at major record labels in New York. In fact they're responsible for getting us our very first podcast guest- Mike D from the Beastie Boys. We talk to...


Live @ SxSw w/ Jon Gabrus

Ep. 188 - Comedian Jon Gabrus (High & Mighty, Comedy Bang Bang) returns to the show this week for his very own episode recorded LIVE at SxSw. We eat Salt & Straw chocolate tacos and talk about how years ago he lost out on the Man vs. Food hosting gig to Adam Richman. Plus he treats us to an amazing imitation of Guy Fieri.


Live @ SxSw w/ Chef Aaron Sanchez

Ep. 187 - We're giving you two episodes this week!!! How lucky are you? This past weekend we recorded 4 episodes live at SxSw, which we'll be releasing over the next few weeks. But we didn't want you to have to wait an entire week to hear the first one... so here it is, our conversation with Chef Aaron Sanchez (of Chopped fame) live at SxSw. He tells us about how he got to grow up surrounded by musicians eating at his house (his mom is famous chef in her own right) before having a serious...


Sean Brock

Ep. 186 - This week's guest is not just famous for hosting season 2 of PBS' Mind of a Chef, or winning a James Beard Award, or even his Charleston restaurant Husk- which is famous for its effort to preserve heritage southern ingredients and dishes (and now has a second location in Nashville.) He's famous for all of those things! Plus an incredible knowledge of bourbon. We talk about all of that plus his love of folk art, outlaw country music, and late 80s hip hop. Plus he admits to...


Kiernan Shipka

Ep. 185 - Actress Kiernan Shipka is this week's guest, who you likely know as Don Draper's daughter Sally from Mad Men. But what you may not know (unless you're a creepy Instagram stalker like Zach) she's also a LEGIT food fan. We talk donuts, dim sum, Paris, and L.A. restaurants, plus she shares with us her most recent bang bang (which involved donuts and dim sum.) She also starred in the ABC Family movie "Fan Girl" where she played the part of a teenage girl obsessed with the band "All...


Allen Salkin

Ep. 184 -Writer Allen Salkin is this week's podcast guest, and we change things up a bit. Normally we talk to a chef about music or a music about food, but this week Zach goes off script a bit to chat mostly about the food business. Salkin's New York Times article about New York food blogging in 2007 put Midtown Lunch on the map, so the conversation starts there, before veering into the Food Network (he wrote the definitive book on the subject), the Jonathan Gold documentary City of Gold...


Craig Thornton

Ep. 183 - Chef Craig Thornton returns to the podcast to tell us all about his brand new project at MOCA. Titled Wolvesmouth: TAXA, it's a combination restaurant/art gallery featuring works of art created by Craig himself. It runs from March to July and is pretty much the longest regularly scheduled food thing he's done in a really really long time. Get more info and tickets at



Ep. 182 - This week we welcome hip hop sketch comedians Jeff and Eric Rosenthal aka itsthereal to the podcast. They've got their own podcast "A Waste of Time w/ itsthereal" where they have rappers over to their apartment and cook for them- so naturally we talked a lot about that. Plus a lot of other stuff. If you like hip hop, And Jews you'll love this episode. Create a fantastic-looking website using WEEBLY. Join the over thirty million people who are already dreaming big - get started...


Amanda Freitag

Ep. 181 - New York Chef and Food Network personality Amanda Freitag is this week's podcast guest. We talked about how she hopped from extra curricular activity to extra curricular activity in high school before finally settling in on home-ec as her calling. We also talked about Bowie (seems to be a theme these days), Springsteen, her parents 8 track collection, and her love of Portugal the Man. Then, at the end of the episode, she plays the piano for us. Let Selfie Station be the Picture...