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Evan Kleiman's taste of life, culture and the human species.

Evan Kleiman's taste of life, culture and the human species.


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Evan Kleiman's taste of life, culture and the human species.






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Rice: how we grow, cook, and eat it

Whether cooking basmati, jasmine or red, everyone has a way to make rice. Measure up to the first knuckle? Wash until the water runs clear? Stovetop or rice cooker with bells and whistles? This week, Good Food gets granular with rice — how it's grown, how it's cooked, and how it's eaten. Dr. Amber Spry opens her identity politics class each semester by asking students to share how their family cooked rice. Culinarian historian Michael Twitty shares how red rice came to the American South by...


Pasta shapes, tomatoes, turnips, boiling water

Host Evan Kleiman knows her pasta. This week on Good Food, she talks to Dan Pashman, who she has been advising on his quest to engineer a brand new pasta shape. Scott Daigre of Tomatomania! is back with his annual seedling sale just in time for spring. Gillian Ferguson talks turnips at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Professor Alex Susskind discusses how restaurants are embracing operations and learning to shift costs to the consumer. Michelin-starred chef Dave Beran of Pasjoli shares how...


Celebrating Black excellence with a culinarian historian, chef, and pitmaster

Good Food recognizes Black History Month by looking back on conversations with revered voices from the culinary world. Jessica B. Harris recounts her youth in New York City, rubbing elbows and cooking with James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison. Chef Marcus Samuelsson discusses the Black experience and the pillars of Black food in modern American cuisine. Dr. Howard Conyers is a rocket scientist at NASA, as well as a pitmaster. Using his experience in mechanical engineering, Dr....


Chicken wings, takeout, pomelos, GMO pigs

In anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl, Chef Brandon Kida revisits his childhood and love for Pioneer Chicken with his latest venture, Go Go Bird. San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Soleil Ho suggests embracing the chaos of pandemic pop-ups and takeout culture. Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Bill Addison has recommendations from around the world right here in LA. Pomelos are in season at the farmer’s market in time for Chinese New Year. Jessica Wu reports on the FDA’s approval of...


Bollywood cuisine, tea, birria, cauliflower

Sri Rao brings his book about Indian cuisine and film to the stage as he presents “Bollywood Kitchen” at the Geffen Playhouse. Mashama Bailey and John Morisano opened The Grey in Savannah, Georgia, and in their new book, they tackle race, gender, class, and culture while building their business and friendship. Charlene Wang reports on the lingering issues of colonialism in the world of tea. Bill Esparza examines the popularity of birria, from Tijuana to Canada. Cauliflower is in season at...


Wine, foraging, balut, Brazilian food

Lou Amdur recommends which wines to drink with purpose this year. Alexis Nikole Nelson (aka Black Forager) connects to nature by exploring her surroundings, which has made her a TikTok star. After the Bobcat Fire, Gloria Putnam is rebuilding her property with a herd of goats in the San Gabriel Mountains. Margaret Magat explores the traditional and popular cultural contexts of eating balut. Natalia Pereira shares her heritage and Brazilian home cooking for this week’s installment of “In The...


Cheese, bucatini shortage, amatriciana, women chefs

This week’s Good Food is a metaphoric grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup — an hour of comfort and distraction from a headshaking news cycle. Lydia Clarke operates DTLA Cheese with her sister in the historic Grand Central Market and describes how they flipped their business model on its head in this week’s segment of “In the Weeds.” Rachel Handler’s question of “Where has all the bucatini gone?” led her to a Nancy Drew investigation. Sophie Minchilli checks in from Rome with her version...


Gardening, dishwashing, fighting for fridge space

The new year is an opportunity to scale back and reflect. While events at the Capitol stirs a brew of complicated emotions, Good Food takes a deep breath and starts the week with the power of simply planting a seed. Kazi Pitelka guides new gardeners on what to plant now. Peter Miller describes the zen of washing a sink full of dirty dishes. Cook’s Country editor Toni Tipton-Martin discusses her book, “Jubilee,” and her desire to shift philosophies of food stories and family recipes. Dakota...


Seeds, soil science, flavors of wood, untamed food

Good Food looks to a new year full of hope and wonder — from the soil beneath our feet, the trees growing toward the sky, and the marvel of the last wild foods on Earth. Dr. Rattan Lal has devoted his work to the land and describes the connections between soil and terrestrial life. Woodland biologist Artur Cisar-Erlach details his fascination with wood and the flavor it adds to food production. Gina Rae La Cerva traveled the world in search of untamed, wild foods. Plus, a children’s reading...


Best of 2020, meat alternatives, trucking during COVID, bad apples

The Best of 2020 reads like the ultimate oxymoron. In a year that may be the worst for many of us, Good Food looks back on some highlights. Benjamin Wurgaft looks to the future of food and the use of meat alternatives in the lab. Angeleno Pascal Baudar preserves all that is good after a forage with master fermentation techniques. Jay Singh lets Good Food ride shotgun on his long haul journeys delivering produce and groceries to supermarkets across the U.S. Helen Rosner reads from her piece...


The power of giving back by baking, farming, and eating dim sum

A note from Evan Kleiman: I am devoting this show to something that has sustained me this year — the power of giving. No matter how comfortable our circumstances may or may not be, we are all looking for ways to help. For me, the combination of feeling powerless in isolation has made the impulse to give stronger than ever. So for this show, I want to highlight those who are giving their all, whether it’s fighting to save a community of restaurants, or urging city councils to adopt better...


Hanukkah, Filipino desserts, collards, chaat

What happens to a place when restaurants disappear? There’s something deeper than just the exchange of the food that’s lacking. Small interactions in so-called third spaces that add up to give eaters a sense of identity within their own city. The spaces, rooms, great effort and expense that go into the counters, tables, curtains, wallpaper, plateware — it’s all the great and fragile theater of dining. Restaurants provide an incalculable amount of culture, texture and humanity. In this...


Cookbooks, Central Asian cuisine, Ottolenghi, macadamia nuts

As Los Angeles heads into another lockdown, Good Food checks in with Celia Sack of Omnivore Books in San Francisco for ideas on which cookbooks to give your friends/family (or yourself). Two of Sack’s picks are “Flavor” by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage and “Red Sands” by Caroline Eden. Evan Kleiman talks recipes and wanderlust with them. Ken Concepcion of Now Serving and Simon Davies of Somekind Press share their collaboration on the Take Away Los Angeles series of books benefitting LA...


White bread, sandwiches, masa, tacos

Good Food explores the two edible art forms that best feature leftovers — the sandwich and taco. Politics professor Aaron Bobrow-Strain looks at the history of white bread in America and how it became so popular and industrialized. Cheese authority Laura Werlin discusses the origin and variations of grilled cheese. Tyler Kord offers riffs on the traditional sub. Wax Paper in LA pays homage to NPR personalities with their sandwiches, and co-owner Peter Lemos explains what goes into an “Ira...


Thanksgiving, savory pies, turkey alternatives, leftovers

Chef David Chang takes a seat at the table to co-host the Good Food annual Thanksgiving show with Evan Kleiman. Nokx Majozi of London’s celebrated Pie Room shares recipes for traditional savory and individual pies that can transform this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Mark Pasternak of Devil’s Gulch Ranch suggests alternative turkey proteins for the holiday centerpiece. Cheryl Day reveals her twists on classic Thanksgiving desserts. Andrea Ngyuen has a plan for leftovers with an Asian spin....


Native American food sovereignty, farming under Trump, West Indies roti

As the nation heads down a road of recovery, Good Food looks at healing, which is at the center of the new film, “Gather.” Director Sanjay Rawal opens the film with a quote from Crazy Horse of the Oglala Lakota Nation: “The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world, a world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations, a world longing for light again.” Rawal discusses a growing movement of Native Americans working to reconnect with their spiritual...


Fermentation, Black excellence, Pok Pok closes, persimmons

The U.S. has been under a global microscope all week. Time and waiting are very important variables, according to fermenting revivilaist Sandor Katz. He discusses the challenges and delayed gratification of fermentation and how it is a metaphor for daily life. Chef Marcus Samuelsson discusses the Black experience and the pillars of Black food in modern American cuisine. Andy Ricker shares his thoughts on the decision to end the 15-year run of his Pok Pok restaurant group. Bali-style bungkus...


Halloween candy, comfort food, spirit-free drinks, vegetarian meals

Good Food celebrates Halloween and the creature comforts that come with fall. Ben Mims explains how to make two of his favorite commercial candy bars at home. Polina Chesnakova has all the ooey, gooey, melty dishes that incorporate hot cheese. Julia Bainbridge mixes up spirit-free cocktails. Meera Sodha dishes on vegan and vegetarian fare. Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai shares his story for this week’s installment of “In the Weeds.” Finally, a trip to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market for...


Smells and flavors, tortilla winner, pizza at the polls

Harold McGee explores how different varieties of herbs impart a range of aromas, and how heat introduces scents into raw ingredients around the world. Nik Sharma identifies the flavor equation and factors emotion into eating and taste. Gustavo Arellano recaps the finale of this year’s Tortilla Tournament and catches up with this year’s winner. Scott Duncombe explains using pizza to motivate voters in long poll lines. Omayra Dakis co-operates the only Puerto Rican food truck in LA and gives...


Thriving chain restaurants, World Food Programme, Fuerte Four

Independent restaurants employ nearly 11 million nationwide, according to the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Big chain restaurants are those thriving during the pandemic. Heather Haddon discusses why the chain restaurant model is working right now. Jonathan Dumont revels in the Nobel Peace Prize win for the World Food Programme. Gustavo Arellano announces the finalists in this year’s Tortilla Tournament. Bricia Lopez shares her family’s restaurant legacy in this week’s installment of “In...