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The Microgreens Podcast will help you, teach you, and motivate you to grow flavorful and nutritious microgreens in your home. Each podcast is created to be supplement to content published on HomeMicrogreens.com. But in reality each episode is a content-rich source of information on growing microgreens.

The Microgreens Podcast will help you, teach you, and motivate you to grow flavorful and nutritious microgreens in your home. Each podcast is created to be supplement to content published on HomeMicrogreens.com. But in reality each episode is a content-rich source of information on growing microgreens.


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The Microgreens Podcast will help you, teach you, and motivate you to grow flavorful and nutritious microgreens in your home. Each podcast is created to be supplement to content published on HomeMicrogreens.com. But in reality each episode is a content-rich source of information on growing microgreens.






What Are Microgreens And Are They Different Than Sprouts?

Are microgreens the same as sprouts? If not, what are the differences? These are common questions, and we will provide you with our answers. In this podcast, we dive into this question and give our interpretation of what a microgreen is. Click here to visit the show notes and see the bonus we have provided for those that listen soon after this podcast is published. You can visit any of our previous podcast show notes pages by typing the following into your web browser:...


Why Grow Microgreens All Year Round

In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss the reason to grow microgreens all year round, including the summer months when there are so many fresh veggies coming out of the garden. We have four main reasons. and probably one I should have included separately but did discuss is time. You can visit the show notes by clicking here or going to homemicrogreens.com/024. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/HomeMicrogreens)


How to Prevent and Kill Microgreen Pests

In this episode of The Microgreens Podcast, we discuss the common insect pests of microgreens and provide solutions to prevent and eliminate them. There are 3 common pests that bother microgreens grown in the home. These include aphids, whiteflies, and fungus gnats with the last being the most common. In the podcast and show notes, we provide preventative measures and solutions to eliminate these pests. Show notes can be found at homemicrogreens.com/023 Support the show...


Watering Microgreens - When and How Much

Watering microgreens seems like a simple enough task, but I receive 100's of emails with people having issues with their microgreens. Most of the time, it's a watering issue. So in this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we explain our methods and philosophy of when to water and how much water to give microgreens based on the tray size. There is a related article that discusses water with more in-depth information. The article is titled How to Water Microgreens - We Find This To Be The...


Do Microgreens Regrow?

Do microgreens regrow after cutting? The answer is it depends. Some will easily regrow, others are more difficult, and most will not regrow to the point that they are worth harvesting. Take a listen to this podcast and see which microgreens will regrow after cutting. Special care is also required for those microgreens that will regrow. We discuss all of this and more in this episode of the Microgreens Podcast. You can get a copy of the Home Microgreens Quick Guide to Growing Microgreens...


How to Grow Microgreen Beets - Episode 20

In Episode 20 of the Microgreens Podcast, we answer another question from the Answer the Public list. The question is, How to Grow Microgreen Beets. Coincidently this question comes after we published an article on How to Grow Magenta Sunrise Swiss Chard, which grows exactly the same way. The articles referenced in the podcast are listed below with links to the articles. Beet Microgreens - Does Soaking the Seeds Improve Germination? Growing Beet Microgreens - Bull's Blood Beets The...


How to Grow Microgreens Cheap

The topic of this episode is taken from Answer the Public. We randomly chose a topic from the 700+ questions presented by the website and answered it from the top of my head. We discuss how to grow microgreens cheap, or a better choice of words is how to grow microgreens inexpensively. We go through all of the equipment and supplies you need to grow microgreens and the best way to do this on the cheap. Take a listen. Support the show


Are You Throwing Money Away?

I always wondered how much microgreen seed is too much. So my philosophy is that I want to grow the best microgreens for each tray size and not grow just stems. In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss the planting density of micro-lettuce. Usually, in the winter, I grow lettuce indoors as baby leaf. But several people have asked me about the planting density for micro-lettuce. So I planted some trays with the amount of seed that popular websites suggest and others at much...


Growing with Bamboo Grow Mats - Part 2

In Episode 15 of the Microgreens Podcast, we grew microgreens on bamboo and hemp mats as well as on soil. We noticed that the trays affected the growth of the microgreens grown on mats. In this episode, we use different trays to see if we can correct the effects. Bamboo grow matting will grow decent microgreens if enough light is given to the whole plant and liquid fertilizer is applied when watering. The two associated articles can be read by clicking the links below. Article 1...


Episode 16 Lessons Learned Growing Mustard Microgreens

I learned a good lesson this week while growing Wasabina Mustard microgreens. One would think that you can grow all mustards the same way and get good results. But, unfortunately, that was not the case with Wasabina. It got to the point where I was going to blame the seed lot on the poor results. But instead, I decided to go back to the basics and give them another try. That did the trick, as the next tray was beautiful. The lessons learned are not to assume all microgreen cultivars in a...


Episode 15 - Bamboo Microgreen Grow Mats, How Do They Compare?

In this episode, we discuss how well bamboo microgreen grow mats compare to hemp grow mats and Home Microgreens Potting mix. You can visit the related article Microgreen Grow Mats Verse Soil - Which is Better, Hemp, Bamboo, or Soil? The bamboo microgreen grow mats are made by VegBed. The Hemp mats are made by TerraFibre and can be purchased in the Home Microgreens Store. The potting mix is a coconut coir base with some peat and other additives. You can get more information and purchase...


Preventing and Killing Mold on Microgreens

In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss all things mold. This podcast is associated with a full-length article we wrote on the same subject. You can read the article and see all of the images talked about in the podcast by following the link below. 11 Proven Ways to Stop Mold on Microgreens Unless they're Beautiful Root Hairs You can also go to the show notes for this episode at HomeMicrogreens.com/014 to find links to the associated article, where you can see many images...


Espoma Potting Mix for Microgreens, Storing Soil, and Upcoming Microgreen Mat Trials

In Episode 13 of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss how well Espoma Organic Potting Mix did in the most recent soil trial. Espoma potting mix held it's own, not quite as good as Home Microgreens potting mix but we'd use it for sure. This also leads to a discussion on how to best store soil in the home using totes. Get rid of the bags, dump the soil into appropriate sized totes. It's much easier to get the soil out of the totes than the bags. Also, use a high sided tray when filling your...


Removing Swiss Chard & Beet Seed Husks Without Soaking

Swiss chard and beet microgreens are beautiful and tasty! They may take a bit longer to grow than other microgreens, but worth the wait. Except for those nasty, ugly, hard, bark-like seed husks. If you've ever bitten into one of these seed husks, you'll never forget it. Grown conventionally, it's almost impossible to have husk-free microgreens. Worst, when you go to pick them off the microgreens, the husks usually take most of the leaf with it. At first, we tried soaking the seeds...


What is the Blackout Period for Microgreens? - 2 Methods

In this episode, we discuss the purpose of the blackout period for microgreens. As well as the two methods commonly used to blackout microgreens. The methods are the Weighted Blackout Method and the Domed Blackout method. The weighted method makes for better seed to soil contact and usually better germination and more vigorous, sturdier microgreens. The domed method is used for fragile stemmed microgreens like amaranth that don't recover from the weight bearing down on them. The...


LED Lights For Microgreens

What LED lights are best for the home microgreen grower? We discuss the LED light specifications that are needed to grow microgreens in the home. It doesn't take special grow lights to produce good microgreens. Of course, the more intensity, power, and fuller spectrum of light you can give your microgreens, the better the microgreens will grow. But the growth difference between a couple of inexpensive LED shop lights compared to a $130 grow light isn't that much. Maybe for a commercial...


Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil?

We are often asked, almost daily in fact, if you can reuse microgreen soil once the greens have been harvested. My old blanket answer was "No". However, we recently ran a test to see if it is possible to grow a decent tray of microgreens in reused soil. We expected some ugly trays of microgreens. But boy, were we shocked! It turns old that in some cases clipping down the old crop and planting on top of the stubble will work. The question, however, is should you reuse microgreen soil....


How to Grow Lettuce Indoors

It's so easy to grow lettuce indoors and we talk about all of the steps in Episode 008 of the Microgreens Podcast. As with most of the Microgreen Podcast episodes, this podcast has an article associated with it. You'll want to visit this article and at least look at the photos as we discuss growing Outredgeous lettuce. Yes, Outredgeous and not outrageous. It's a play on words and the red color of the Outredgeous baby leaf lettuce is gorgeous! The reddest of the red lettuces. You can see...


My 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Microgreens

In Episode 7 of the Microgreens Podcast, I answer my four most frequently asked questions in comments and in emails. These four questions come up time and time again so why not do a podcast to answer them. You can also visit HomeMicrogreens.com/FAQS to see answers to 20 more frequently asked questions. Many of the question tabs include photos to help you better understand the answer. The questions are: These questions are answered in the podcast and on the FAQ page. Visit Home...


Microgreen Basics - The 3 Microgreen Trays We Recommend

We talk about microgreen growing trays in this episode and give you recommendations of the 3 best microgreen trays. We also talk about the criteria that a container needs to be a good microgreen tray. Cheaper or free is not always better and we understand why home growers sometimes re-use produce clamshells and other re-usable items; but, they still end up in the recyclable container after one or two uses. This podcast has an associated article published on HomeMicrogreens.com. Here's a...