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The Oyster Ninja podcast is exploring the Oyster inside and outside the shell. We hope to educate you and have your mouth watering at the same time. We introduce you to some of the worlds top shuckers, oyster farmers, and anyone else that has something to do with this oyster world.

The Oyster Ninja podcast is exploring the Oyster inside and outside the shell. We hope to educate you and have your mouth watering at the same time. We introduce you to some of the worlds top shuckers, oyster farmers, and anyone else that has something to do with this oyster world.
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The Oyster Ninja podcast is exploring the Oyster inside and outside the shell. We hope to educate you and have your mouth watering at the same time. We introduce you to some of the worlds top shuckers, oyster farmers, and anyone else that has something to do with this oyster world.









Great episode today all about The 2019 Damariscotta Oyster Celebration in Maine held on June 13-15. Sarah-Taylor Wieluns Executive Producer of O'Maine Studios gave us just a taste of what we have to look forward to on the 3 day celebration.


Jameelah Lewis: The WIne Lady

Today we meet Jameelah Lewis of Uncorked Wine Bar In Washington, Dc.


Oyster Festivals

This week we learn about two great upcoming Oyster festivals. One is happening this weekend (September 29 2018) in New Your City. The Grand Central Oyster Bar is having their 16th annual Oyster Frenzy which is only has one option and that is to have a blast. The other upcoming event is the National Oyster Festival of St. Mary's County held in Maryland of course. This is a great episode and i hope you can make it to one if not both.


R. Murphy Knives

This episode we are talking with Ms. Emma Furman the Marketing Director at R. Murphy Knives. R. Murphy has been pumping out knives since the 1850's and is still prospering today. They focus on two types of blades stainless and also carbon steel. This was a really fun interview where we learn about their new initiative with Invision Plastics. Many other topics are touched like: The day to day happenings at R. Murphy Knife Company. How they actually acquired the business in 2009. What to...


Laura Henderson: Oyster Nutrition

This show folks is all about why we should devour the mousels we call our bivalve mullusk OYSTERS Mrs. Henderson is a certified nutritionist out of Baltimore. Today she tells all the Oyster Ninja Listeners why we should be eating more oysters. Oysters are more than just tasty. They are actually good for our body also because they are packed with a lot of vitamin and minerals. I've been telling people for years to "eat a oyster it will make you feel better", now we actually have some facts...


Ryan Ono: Ocean Concervancy

Ryan Ono from Ocean Conservancy sat down with the Oyster Ninja Podcast to discuss the serious topic of Ocean Acidification. He tells us what Ocean Acidification is and what we can do to help. This is a important topic that hits every part of marine life and not just oysters. It affects basically everything in the water from our smallest crustaceans to large coral reefs. He lets us know what Oyster farmers are doing to help protect there oysters, especially the spat during their most...


Chesapeake Bay Mermaid: A Day In The Life

A day in the Life OF Our very own Cheasapeake Bay Mermaid. WE meet Chessy in her natural habitat and she breaks downs the in's and outs of the Chesapeake Bay. We get to know her close and personal. She talks about how the Bay use to be before all the new inhabitants arrived and about her personal 400 year history. We also meet the last bivalvian one of the oysters ancient family members with a few magic tricks up his sleeve. You can find out how to volunteer an numerous events on and...


Jorge Bogantes of Anacostia Watershed Society

This week on the Oyster Ninja Podcast we talk to Mr. Jorge Bogantes. He is the Natural Resources Specialist at Anacostia Watershed Society or AWS. Jorge has been a leading factor in the restoration of Anacostia River in all aspects from the meadows restoration to the mussel project. The mussel restoration project is what sparked my interest but everything else kept me asking questions like how and when can I help. I hope you guys are ready for a big ride full with all types of curves. Maybe...


Daphnee Duret: How Do You WIne?

Daphnee Duret a veteran in the service industry tells us about different wines and what wines pair best with Oysters. Daphnee breaks down for us the different wine categories and what they actually mean. She also explains what goes into pairing a oyster with wine and spoiler alert it starts from the ground. This week I received some great oysters that were shipped in from Onliest Oyster Company. The site is still down but you can join the sign up for latest details and also follow them...


Don Merrit: Listening to Mother Nature

Hey what’s up good people and welcome back to The Oyster Ninja Podcast. This week we sit down and talk to the team behind Horn Point Hatchery which is part of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and located on the banks of Choptank River just outside Cambridge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They gave us an exclusive tour and then we set down with the man himself MR. Don Merritt or Mutt as all the Oysters call him. He really breaks it down why Oysters are so important to the...


Dc Puddin: Toyin Alli

This week we meet Ms. Toyin Alli owner of Dc Puddin in Washington Dc Dc Puddin has two food trucks serving up the delicious southern cajun food and also a shop at Union Market in North East Dc. Ms. Alli breaks down what it takes to run two successful food trucks and a food hub. She also tells the importance of sustainable food, and of course following your dreams.



Today we meet owners of Goshen a Vegan and fresh market Sonia and Nathaniel Adams. Goshen is located in Southern Hyattsville and will be opening soon. I met the owners of Goshen during my time at Union Market and just loved the food and fresh pressed juices even though I am not vegan. I hope you guys enjoy and check them out in SOHY.


Black History Month

Hello and welcome back folks. This week we are traveling down memory lane and we meet Mr. Thomas Downing from the ESVA but became known as a powerful man in New York City. For the month of February I will be interviewing black owned businesses and spotlighting them on the podcast. If you haven't been following us on social media we started a Oyster Meet Up Group in Dc. To tag along for all the fun happenings follow us on our Fb and Instagram pages. Forty North kept our winter seasons warm...


The Holy City Oyster Maven

This week we take a journey down to South Carolina and meet Isalbella Macbeth Cain aka Gator as she is known by her army and shucking community. She dives in telling us about her life story and also how oysters fit into her world.


Who is this Big Shucker?

This week we explore Scotty Bordignon aka The Big Shuckers world. The former shucker at Rappahanock Oyster Bar in Dc is now holding it down at Fanny Bay Oyster in Canada. In this Episode he breaks down what shucking means to him, they different types of oysters, and also pairing oysters to name a few topics.


Jasmine Norton

This week we interviewed Ms. Jasmine Norton of The Urban Oyster in Baltimore. She has a mobile raw bar that serves up delicious char grilled oyster New Orleans style, cod and crab sandwiches, and lets not forget the fried shrimp basket. The love for business and the Chesapeake Bay is written all over her face and i hope you guys can feel it in her words.



What is up good people. This has been a awesome week with the podcast along with the shucking events. We shucked at ol ebbitt grill in dc for their Oyster Riot. We also did a oyster roast with Harris Creek Oyster Co. THis week we are speaking with Scott Budden the Owner of Orchard Point Oyster Co. At the end of this episode I also leave you wih a pondering question. You can give me your answer on our new FB page The Oyster Ninja podcast or our shoot me a email at oysterninjapc@gmail.com


George "Shooter" Hastings Interview

This week I had the opportunity to interview one of the United States top shucker George Hastings aka Shooter. Shooter is known all over the country as one of the top oyster shuckers. I once called him my boss and now I have the pleasure of calling him a fellow shuck buddy. In this episode he goes into what make a good shucker and also what responsibilities a shucker holds when they step to the raw bar. He also reveals his tips for what it will take to win at nationals in St. Mary’s County....


Introduction to Making Oysters Great Again

A brief introduction of your Oyster Ninja Gardner Douglas. Over the years I have met some great people from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. I want to welcome you to my Oyster World. Over the course of this podcast i want to introduce you to the leading rawbars, oyster farmers, bloggers,foodies and shuckers. I also want to help you find the best oyster happy hours, festivals and events. So i hope your ready and thanks for listening.