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Ep. 39 | Corey Smale | Culinary Marketer & Co-Founder of Good Fortune | Live from The Gramophone in St. Louis, MO

The restaurant industry is all about creating an unforgettable experience for the people around you. No one knows this better than Corey Smale, a successful entrepreneur and restaurant marketer out of St. Louis, Missouri. Smale’s latest project – the “Chinese American-ese” restaurant Good Fortune – is his finest work to date, and he’ll be the first to tell you that the dream team he’s assembled deserves all the credit. Corey got his start with the famed St. Louis donut shop Strange...


A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain | A Pubcast Worldwide Special Edition

Is it possible to define the influence and legacy of Anthony Bourdain? He was an inspiration to so many people in the travel and culinary worlds, including many past guests of the Pubcast. In this special edition of Pubcast Worldwide, four former guests return to the show to discuss the impact Bourdain had on their own travels and careers, and the broader legacy he is leaving behind. Broke-Ass Stuart, Ryan Drysdale, Valerie Stimac, and Nathaniel Boyle join me in a conversation reflecting...


Ep. 38 | “Flight School” with Florian Kuplent | Brewmaster at Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. | Live from St. Louis, MO

Florian Kuplent has one of the most diverse backgrounds in brewing you’ll find in today’s craft beer industry. Originally from Germany where he worked in breweries across Bavaria, Belgium, and England, Florian is now Co-Founder and Brewmaster at St. Louis’ Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. Urban Chestnut brews under their unique philosophy of “Beer Divergency,” creating a lineup of beers that pay homage to old-world brewing techniques and styles (their “Reverence Series” of beers), as well as...


Ep. 37 | Valerie Stimac | Travel Writer at Valerie & Valise | Live from Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, CA

Space Tourism? If you don’t know what that is, Valerie Stimac is here to tell you! Valerie is the creator of the successful travel blog Valerie & Valise, which has helped her springboard into a number of other gigs within the travel writing industry; she’s a long-time contributor to Lonely Planet, and the Managing Editor for Go Overseas. Most recently, she launched the Space Tourism Guide, an out-of-this-world resource for astro tourism and the emerging idea of commercial space...


Ep. 36 | Sean Ogle | Founder of Location Rebel | Live from Pope House Bourbon Lounge in Portland, OR

Sean Ogle is a Location Rebel. He’s also a bucket lister, avid golfer, and cocktail connoisseur. He’s traveled the world to pursue his work and passions, making him a perfect guest for Pubcast Worldwide. In 2009, Sean created Location Rebel, a set of resources and online community aimed at helping people build relevant skills for creating an online business that will allow them to adopt a location independent lifestyle. In this episode, we explore what it means to be location independent,...


Ep. 35 | Stubhy Pandav | Lead Singer of Lucky Boys Confusion | Live from Five Star Bar in Chicago, IL

Kaustubh “Stubhy” Pandav has had a lengthy career in music that’s nearly impossible to categorize. While he’s best known for being the frontman of Lucky Boys Confusion, he’s a songwriter that’s been perfecting his craft for over 20 years, while building up a rock ‘n’ roll resume that can’t be confined to a single band or genre. We met up at Five Star Bar in Chicago, IL to talk music and beer, and in the process, share Stubhy’s story, from the formation of Lucky Boys Confusion to the...


Ep. 34A | DC Beer Edition, Pt. 1 | Live from 3 Stars Brewing in Washington, D.C.

The Pubcast heads east! It’s about time we give a nod to the U.S.’ East Coast, and there’s no better place to start than the nation’s capital: Washington, D.C. While “DC” might not immediately bring to mind thoughts of hazy IPAs, German-influenced lagers, or any style of beer for that matter, it’s home to a young, agile beer scene that’s full of personality. In this first half of our “DC Beer Edition” of the Pubcast, Dave Coleman – Co-Founder of 3 Stars Brewing – and Phil Runco – a...


Ep. 33 | Zane Lamprey | Host of “Three Sheets” & Founder of ADV3NTURE | Live from Los Angeles, CA

Zane Lamprey is a cult hero in the drinking & travel entertainment space. The fan base he built up in the late 2000’s with his show “Three Sheets” – his first TV show where he explored drinking culture around the world – has followed him for more than a decade, and Zane has not taken his foot off the gas pedal since. If you’re just now getting to know Zane, this guy pulls triple-duty as a world traveler, comedian, and entrepreneur (and a “drink aficionado” if you want to add a fourth...


Ep. 32 | Nick Loper | Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation | Live from Shadow Puppet Brewing in Livermore, CA

Hey Thirsty Listeners, you’ve been asking a lot of questions about side hustles (like a Pubcast or otherwise), connecting with cool people, and building some additional revenue into your life, so, this episode was made just for you! Nick Loper is the “Chief Side Hustler” at Side Hustle Nation and the host of The Side Hustle Show podcast. His mission is to help part-time entrepreneurs achieve more financial freedom by building additional streams of income into their lives. His podcast...


Ep. 31 | Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly | Entrepreneur, Adventurer, & Creator of the 1st TEDx | Live from Marina del Rey, CA

Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly seems to have done it all when it comes to tech, manufacturing, and adventuring. Though she goes by many titles – innovator, engineer, advisor, podcast host – her experiences and ability to help others utilize their “undiscovered talent” to make an impact are what really set her apart. While Z’s accomplishments include creating the first TEDx events, founding innovation centers at both MIT and USC, and working with multiple successful tech startups (and that’s just...


Ep. 30 | “Flight School” with Scout Beer | Live from Portland, OR

We’ve been traveling all over the world recently to find a good beverage, but it’s time to take things stateside again for another edition of “Flight School.” Portland, Oregon – in addition to being weird – is regarded as one of the best beer markets in the U.S. Today, we finally get to dive into the beer scene in The City of Roses with Joe St. Martin, co-founder of Portland’s Scout Beer. While most West Coast breweries are regarded as havens for hoppy IPAs, Scout is taking a different...


Ep. 29 | Jan Macuch | Czech Beer & Food Tour Guide at Eating Europe | Live from Bonvivant’s in Prague, Czech Republic

We’re wrapping up our first international series with an episode in Prague, Czech Republic, a picturesque Central European city with a reputation for world-class nightlife, and beer that costs less than water! But while you’re undoubtedly familiar with Pilsner Urquell and other Czech lagers and pilsners, there’s a much deeper food & beverage scene that you might not know about… Jan Macuch is a software-designer-turned-tour-guide that gets #PaidToDrinkBeer. He leads Prague’s food & beer...


Ep. 28 | Croatia Craft Beer Edition | Live from Sanctuary Bar in Split, Croatia

Craft beer & cocktails are a relatively new thing for the country of Croatia. Only recently did Croatia start experiencing a craft beverage boom, and U.S. expat & cocktailer Tristan Delahunt is one of the individuals responsible for bringing these drinks to light. Tristan is the co-owner of Caffe Bar Sanctuary, the first craft cocktail bar in Split, Croatia. In this episode, Tristan and I discuss the rise of craft drinking culture in Croatia, and some of the unique beverages that...


Ep. 27 | Andy Ricker | Owner & Chef at Pok Pok | Live from Reel M Inn in Portland, OR

You may have heard of Andy Ricker before. Perhaps it was through his VICE documentary FARANG? Or maybe you’ve seen him featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or cruising around the Chiang Mai, Thailand with Bourdain on Parts Unknown. Or maybe – more simply – you just know him has “that white guy that makes awesome Thai food” and sits at the helm of the Pok Pok empire. From his traveling the world to falling in love with Northern Thai cuisine, Andy takes us through his journey to starting...


Ep. 26 | “Flight School” with Standard Deviant Brewing | Live from San Francisco, CA

If you like beer and sh*t-talking, this episode is for you! We’re back with another edition of “Flight School,” this time with the gang at Standard Deviant Brewing in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Mark DeVito and Paul Duatschek – 2 of the brewery’s 3 proprietors – join us for this episode, and we basically spend as much time ripping on one another as we do talking about beer. As a brewery, Standard Deviant is veering away a bit from the trends that are characteristics of most West Coast...


Ep. 25 | The Yacht Week | Live from the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia

I’M ON A BOAT! That’s right, this episode DOES NOT take place in a bar or brewery, but rather aboard a sailing yacht in the middle of the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia. This special edition of Pubcast Worldwide is all about The Yacht Week, and the crazy skippers, hostesses, and international party animals that make this week-long sailing event one of the biggest ragers on the planet! On my recent holiday in Europe, I was lucky enough to have Brad Dupen as the skipper for our boat....


Ep. 24 | Niket Desai | Internet Entrepreneur & Jester | Live from Church Key in San Francisco, CA

“Mischief-Maker.” “Jester.” These are the type of words Niket Desai uses to describe himself. Yeah, a more appropriate title would be “Internet Entrepreneur” or “Investor,” but it’s all about his “don’t take yourself too seriously” outlook… Niket has had a lot of fun in his life and career. From founding and selling the loyalty app startup Punchd to Google, to traveling and living around the world (including spots like Singapore and Israel) this episode is full of serendipity and the...


Ep. 23 | U.K. Beer Edition with Brew By Numbers | Live from London, England

That’s right, thirsty listeners! Pubcast Worldwide is now officially “Worldwide!” We travel to London, England for this episode for an impromptu afternoon at Brew By Numbers, a small-batch brewery right in the heart of London’s “Bermondsey Beer Mile,” where some of the city’s heaviest-hitters in England’s relatively new craft beer scene are located. Brewer Tobias “Toby” Gash joins the conversation to help us compare the respective beer scenes in the U.S. and his home in the U.K., where...


Ep. 22 | Chad Fish | Owner of the upscale “Hostel Fish” hostel | Live from Denver, CO

Do you have a hostel named after yourself? Didn’t think so. But Chad Fish does! And that’s why he’s on the show! Chad is the owner of Hostel Fish, a place described as “a classy joint for travelers in downtown Denver.” Built in a former brothel that’s walking distance from some of Denver’s best nightlife, Hostel Fish not only has a ton of character, but it’s changing the game for hostels in the U.S. I met up with Chad the day after they threw their 2-year anniversary party, resulting in...


Ep. 21 | “Flight School” with Broken Bat Brewery | Live from Milwaukee, WI

When most people think of Milwaukee, they think of beer. This is accurate. But don’t let your visions be clouded by thoughts of Miller, Schlitz, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Broken Bat Brewery is a newcomer to the scene, and their baseball-themed brewery is already a home run within Milwaukee’s exploding craft beer scene. In this edition of “Flight School,” Broken Bat Co-Founder Tim Pauly joins the Pubcast to take us through a flight of 4 summertime brews, while giving us a rundown of the...