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Beer is a Conversation: Tom Delmont

This week on Beer is a Conversation we have a chat with one of the great characters of the Australian brewing industry, Tom Delmont. We have had Tom on the show before about how he became brand ambassador for Mountain Goat, introduced the man who would become The Crafty Pint to Australian beer and founded Fixation Brewing. We recorded this episode the day before Fixation’s Melbourne home, The Incubator, opened it’s doors and we speak to Tom this time about why his brewery needed a home,...


Beer is a Conversation: Simon Walkenhorst

This week's Beer is a Conversation is with Hargreaves Hill’s Simon Walkenhorst. We last chatted with Simon when Pete caught up with him to discuss the new look for the brewery, and this time we chat about a whole new branding line they have released, Beatnik Beer. Today, Matt was interested to try and understand why a successful and respected brewery would look to create a whole new brand for the release of its new beer. The discussion covers how much the industry has changed since 2004...


Brews News Week Episode 187

There was really only one story to discuss in a rough week for Australian craft beer and we were very fortunate to be joined by marketing consultant and Pink Boots Australia Vice President, Zoe Ottaway, for her very thoughtful analysis on the Black Hops beer issue, the brewery's response, Pink Boots Society's reaction and what it means for the beer community. The last few days have been rapidly evolving and this episode was recorded Friday morning (14 September) before Black Hops' second...


Breaking News: 2018 Australian Craft Beer Survey Results

This breaking news episode features a chat with Richard Kelsey from Beer Cartel in which we take a deeper dive into the 2018 Australian Craft Beer Survey that was released today. In an industry that is starved of information about itself and it’s consumers, the Beer Cartel survey has become one of the most highly referenced information sources amongst the industry and in the media. Given its relevance, we wanted to dive deeper into some of the results, how they were obtained and what they...


Beer is a Conversation: Portland Tourism

This week on Beer is a Conversation we discuss beer tourism. Tap rooms have become an important part of small brewery business plans as tourism increasingly becomes a major draw card. The first part of the conversation is with Chris Holen, Head Chef at Baked Alaska restaurant in Astoria Oregon. Chris tells the story of how food and beer have been instrumental in changing the fortunes of the small town that is now home to 5 breweries, a distillery, a cidery and a host of good...


Brews News Week Episode 186

This week on Brews News Week, Matt & Pete discuss the beer stories of the week including: Cryer Malt launches Border Malt Sydney Beer Week 2018 program announced Fixation opens Melbourne taproomour Facebookthis article Hawker's takes out international honours, again


Beer is a Conversation: Michael Bannenberg

This week on Beer is a Conversation, Pete and Matt are joined by Michael Bannenberg. Banners, as he’s better known, spent 28 years working with advertising agency George Patterson developing campaigns for many well known Carlton United Brewery brands during that time. He’s also a bit of a collector of brewery memorabilia and has compiled over 160 unique beer posters in his new book Australia’s Beer Posters. In today’s chat Banners discusses how advertising has changed over the years,...


Brews News Week Episode 185

This week on Brews News Week Matt flies solo but discusses the news of the week with the people making news. First up, he chats with Anton Szpitalak from Tribe Brewing about Tribe’s announcement this week that it has signed an agreement to brew Pabst Blue Ribbon. Anton and his family formed Brewpack in 2012 when they acquired the assets of collapsed contractor Australian Independent Brewers. Later the business added its proprietary brand Stockade and this year changed its name to Tribe...


Beer is a Conversation: Larry Meagher

This week on Beer is a Conversation, Matt chats to Larry Meagher, Regional Sales Manager for food flavouring business, Amoretti. One of the promises that craft beer hold out is more flavour than the beers Australians have traditionally consumed and brewers have been in an arms race to push the boundaries of what malt, water, hops and yeast can lend to their beers. We have also seen a variety of adjuncts being used to generate even more flavour in beer. Amoretti has entered the market with a...


Good Brews Week Episode 184

This Good Brews Week Pete and Matt are joined by Pia Poynton, beer writer and Business Development Manager at Nowhereman Brewing Co. They discuss the news of the week, including: Barrow Boys Falls while West City Rises Us versus Them Is Canarchy a Duck


Beer is a Conversation: Bill Savage

This week on Beer is a Conversation we meet Bill Savage from Goose Island. Bill came to brewing having taught himself to make mead while studying classical language and literature at college. He went on to make wine and mead professionally, before joining Goose Island in 2013. He is now Lead Brewer in the Goose Island Barrel Aging Program. This conversation coincides with the launch of Goose Island’s Sour Sisters range in Australia and we speak with Bill about Goose Island’s barrel...


Good Brews Week Episode 183

This week on Good Brews Week, Matt and Pete chow down on a few Dagwood dogs while discussing the news of the week from the Ekka in Brisbane. This weeks top stories are: Stone and Wood settle trademark dispute case and announce plans for Brisbane venue Mornington Peninsula Brewery joins Tribe Great Northern Brewing raises $1 million for farmers


Beer is a Conversation: Diarmaid O’Mordha

This week on Beer is a Conversation Matt is joined by Diarmaid O’Mordha, Quality & Sustainability Manager at Endeavour Drinks Group, the business that runs Dan Murphy’s and BWS. These retailers hold an interesting place in the Australian drinks world. On the one hand they are held up as giants shading out small independent bottleshops and skewing the shape of the drinks landscape. On the other, they are outlets where more Australians buy alcohol than any other, and they are increasingly...


Good Brews Week Episode 182

This week Matt and Pete are in Brisbane for the Ekka. They discuss what the vibe is like at Queensland's royal show and news of the week including: Gage Roads kicks goal in nib Stadium Newstead Brewing Co partners with Surf Life Saving Qld


Beer is a Conversation: Chris Sidwa

This week for Beer is a Conversation, we are joined by Chris Sidwa. Chris is probably best known as co-founder of Sydney’s Batch Brewing. We caught up with Chris and his partner Andrew Fineran late last year during our swing through the breweries of Sydney’s inner west. This time we chat with Chris about his new book, Brew a Batch: A beginner’s guide to home-brewed beer. As a beginners guide to getting into homebrew, Brew a Batch is a recommended read. But where the book really comes into...


Good Brews Week Episode 181

This week on Good Brews Week Matt and Pete discuss the news of the week, including: AB InBev buys online retailer BoozeBud Lion buys NZ’s Harrington’s What’s the true cost of a keg of beer?


Brews News Live: Jason Perrault

In the third and final Brews News Live, from BrewCon 2018, our special guest is Jason Perrault, CEO and head breeder at the Select Botanicals Group, part of Yakima Chief Hopunion. This week we do something a little different and turn the microphones over to Balter Brewing's Scott Hargraves and Van Dieman Brewing's Will Tatchell to host the conversation they wanted to listen to. It’s riveting listening as a couple of great brewers chat with a very passionate hop breeder. Enjoy the...


Beer is a Conversation: Lachy Crothers

This weeks Beer is a Conversation is with Lachy Crothers, head brewer at Brisbane’s Ballistic Brewing. Regular listeners will know that freshness has been recurring topic on the podcast channel and so when Ballistic released a beer with a ‘Dead by’ date, our interest was immediately piqued. The Sleep When You’re Dead range, is a series of one-off hop-driven limited releases which are launched with a two month best before date that the brewery calls a ‘Dead By’ date because after that date...


Good Brews Week Episode 180

This week on Good Brews Week we welcome Pete back from the US and get his take on what's happening in the home of craft beer. We also discuss the news of the week including: Beer features big at Regional Flavours Trade mark squatters could cost brewers Coopers Pale Ale in cans Lagunitas drops ABV of IPA in UK


Brews News Live: Dick Cantwell

In the second episode of Brews News Live, from BrewCon 2018, Matt speaks with Dick Cantwell. Dick co-founded Elysian Brewing Company in 1996, where he served as head brewer until its sale to Anheuser-Busch in 2015. During his tenure, Elysian was named Large Brewpub of the Year three times at the Great American Beer Festival® (1999, 2003 and 2004), and in 2004, he received the BA's Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing. Dick was at the conference to present about the history and...