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Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.

Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.


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Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.




How to Prevent Heart Disease

As one of the top killers in our country, it is important to know how to prevent heart disease so that you can live a long healthy life. While heart disease can run in families, it is still a highly preventable disease. There are so many lifestyle practices you can follow to help you stay away from this deadly disease. Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN, has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for 25 years, specializing in heart disease, diabetes, sports nutrition and women's health. For...


Travel and Food (Can You Stay Plant-Based on Vacation?)

Thinking about travel and food you'll be eating can be stressful especially if you eat a plant-based diet. We've got tips to help! Going on vacation takes a lot of planning, and meals can be a big part of that. Our guests today are experts in all things plant-based and travel so are here to help! Adam and Shoshana Chaim are the co-hosts of the popular Plant Trainers Podcast, helping you improve your quality of life through nutrition and fitness. They are both also public speakers and authors...


Realistic Long Term Fitness Goals

While it's important to move your body, it's more important to have realistic long term fitness goals so you don't end up burning out! The problem is that many people don't know how to set these sustainable goals. Our guest today is an expert at keeping things real for ultimate success! Karina Inkster is your go-to, no-B.S. vegan fitness coach, author, and podcast host. Vegan since 2003 and vegetarian since 1998, she provides a friendly kick in the butt that inspires and motivates you to...


Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

It's important to know the best foods for hypothyroidism so that you can keep it under control! Learn all you need to know from our guest RD. Diet plays an important role for all the medical issues we deal with, often more than we know. Specialist Lisha Knicely helps us with the ins and outs of diet and hypothyroidism! Lisha Knicely is a Registered Dietitian and Integrative & Functional Practitioner specializing in hypothyroid conditions. Being a Thyroid Warrior herself, Lisha understands...


Supplements for Immunity

Eating whole foods is great, but sometimes supplements for immunity can be very helpful. Learn more about creating a wiser immune system! This post was sponsored by For the Biome but the content and opinions expressed are fully my own. Our guest today is from the brand For The Biome and is an expert in creating a healthy immune environment. Paul Schulick is a master herbalist, author and the founder of both New Chapter, and his latest venture, For The Biome. For The Biome’s mission is to...


Plant-Based Protein Foods

Plant-based protein foods are sometimes hard for people to find. My guest today dishes out all the options and how the help you! Protein is a subject we are obsessed with in this country. But when trying to eat a mostly plan-based diet, getting what you need is always in question by others. Today we are clearing that up! Dr. Sunana Sohi is a Harvard educated board-certified gastroenterologist with a focus on wellness, plant-based health. She has all the knowledge about how to get what you...


How to Throw a Party For All Eaters

Learn how to throw a party for all eaters with less stress and more fun! Get everything you need from planning to when your guests arrive! I love a good party, but throwing a bash that everyone will enjoy can be stressful! Alli is a party master and she's dishing out all she knows! Alli Ward is the head Maker behind Made with Happy. She is a color obsessed creative mom sharing easy crafts, Home DIY Projects, Entertaining Ideas and Travel that the whole family will love! We at Made with HAPPY...


Eating Seasonal Produce

Eating seasonal produce versus buying things that are not in season can have many benefits. Listen in to learn more about what they are! Depending on where you live and shop, you may not even realize what produce is in season when. This episode can help you learn the what, how and why of it all! Benefits of Eating Seasonal Produce Eating seasonal produce has many benefits. It can help the environment, our own health and wellness, and benefit the community as a whole. Here are some key...


Can You Change Your Story?

Is it possible to change your story? Can we erase all the experiences, especially the trauma, that have shaped who we are? Listen in and see! How we think about food and our health starts with the experiences we had growing up. But some of those no longer serve us and who we are today. Emily Marquis talks about how we can make a change and use it to better our wellness. Emily is a Clinical Health and Wellness Coach, board certified NBC-HWC. She is an RYT200 Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness...


Food Hacks For Kids

These food hacks for kids are all you need to turn meals from something you dread to something you look forward to! Getting veggies into your kids can be a nightmare. But there is hope! I'm here to share my best meal hacks to get more plants in without the added stress! Feeding Kids Meal times can be, well stressful. Between kids who won't eat anything, to those who only eat one thing depending on the day, having a meal that pleases everyone is tough. Every kid can be a picky eater, and so...


How to Be Vegan in a Non Vegan Household

Learning how to be vegan in a non vegan household takes time, patience and compromising. But according to our guest expert it can be done! It isn't easy being the only one to eat a certain way in your house. I learned this when I began my gluten-free journey. But it is possible! Stephanie Dreyer is a meal planning expert and the founder of Batch Cooking Club™, a weekly plant-based meal prep membership. She helps busy parents make dinner easier by providing weekly plans and recipes without...


Constantly Moving Along the Wellness Continuum

The wellness continuum is a sliding scale with no end. The goal is to move towards wellness, but each moment can take us in any direction. Wellness isn't simply the absence of disease. It's a multidimensional continuum that encompasses both sides of health. The goal is to move towards optimal wellness, but the reality is we move up and back with every situation. What is Wellness? The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as "an active process through which people become aware of, and...


The Benefits of Food Diversity

While some may love to eat their favorite food over and over, we need to recognize the great benefits that food diversity has for our health. This post was sponsored by Cool Beans but the content and opinions expressed are fully my own. I too am a creature of habit. I love to get into a routine of eating the same thing for breakfast, and even lunch, as it makes my day easier. But varying those meals is so important for many reasons. Tyler Mayoras is giving a glow-up to the world’s most under...


Unpopular Opinions About Food and Food Trends

These unpopular opinions about food may not be what you want to hear! There are so many trends in the food space, and we're weighing in. There are SO many opinions in the online food world! Listen in as we tackle many of them and chat about where we stand. Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN is a New York-based registered dietitian, cookbook author, creative recipe developer, food blogger & photographer, and owner of Chelsey Amer Nutrition. When she's not playing in the kitchen, dreaming up delicious...


Is Gluten Free Healthy?

Is gluten free healthy or is it just a smoke screen? Listen in to hear the hard truth and how to make sure you aren't falling for tricks! Marketing on food packages leads you to believe that if something is gluten-free then it's healthy. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, and you can in fact be hurting yourself if you don't actually need to avoid gluten! Ale Zozos is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the founder of the Mediterranean Nutrition School - virtual nutrition coaching...


Exercise Habits for Life Success

Exercise habits are important in general, but the other areas of life that they can positively contribute to make them even more critical! Just because you were a college athlete, it doesn't mean that having exercise as part of your regular routine will be a lifelong simple thing to do. If you lose incorporating movement into your daily life, it is possible to get it back! Having healthy exercise habits isn't a use it or lose it kind of thing. Life happens, and our wellness goes up and down....


Mindfulness Principles and Pillars

Learn more about the mindfulness principles, the pillars behind them and how you can start incorporating mindfulness into your daily life! Mindfulness incorporates a variety of principles specific to attitude. Each of these principles can help you find ways to live a more mindful life. History of Mindfulness Mindfulness is a concept that goes back to the Buddhist influence of alertness, attention and awareness. It was the monks and nuns who practiced meditation and mindfulness, the broader...


Is Weight Loss Without Dieting Possible?

If you're looking for weight loss without the stress of dieting, counting calories or tracking what you eat, then this guest is what you need! Does anyone really like to track all they eat, count their calories and cut out foods they love? I doubt most people do, but many feel they have to to lose the weight they want. Listen in as our guest today tells us otherwise! Claudia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition (CSSD) and a Strength and...


Small Habits Make Big Changes

While goals are great, small habits are even better. Working in tiny incremental steps will get you big goal success that is sustainable! We are told to have big goals in life. Reach for the stars! But the reality is that trying to meet those big goals is overwhelming, and when a task feels to big to tackle we give up So how do we achieve those big goals? It is possible with the right strategy! My education years getting my regular and special education teaching credentials and my masters...


Why Willpower Will Fail You

Find out what willpower is and why you actually don't want to rely on it to meet your health and wellness needs! We've heard a lot about how willpower can help you meet your goals, but what if we addressed it from another angle? Do you know how it can actually hurt you? Jenn Trepeck is described as a “force of nature" in the wellness space. She is an Optimal Health Coach, Podcaster and Business Consultant. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Jenn founded...