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Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.

Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.


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Plant-based and vegan diet topics, and all things related to the controversial online food world.




Using Life Experiences to Build a Business

Life experiences can drag us down, or guide us to make a mark on the world. Listen to hear how this mom turned a problem into business! We all face issues and we go through life, some with solutions and some that leave us feeling empty handed. It's those problems we need to solve that drive us to create solutions of our own! KidsLuv: A Business Built through Life Experiences Ashi Jelinek is a Los Angeles-based mother of three who found the market lacked innovative, health conscious...


The Mindful Eating Game Changer

Mindful eating is a start in the path to overall well being. The simple practice of being present with food builds our inner confidence. When we ignore our body's natural cues, we are essentially telling ourselves we aren't trustworthy and placing control into outside sources. Being present with food helps start that positive confidence cycle. Ashley Kitchens is a plant-based registered dietitian and nutrition coach, who works with clients all over the world. She reversed all of her chronic...


Why Mindfulness is More Than Just a Moment

Mindfulness is more than just a passing moment. It's a practice that takes time to see results. With work, it can do wonders for your life! My guest today chats with us about the process of setting up a mindfulness practice, the positive effect it can have in our life, and how it can be woven into our everyday being. Lisa Druxman is a mom on a mission. She is the founder of FIT4MOM, the country's largest fitness program for moms, a noted speaker, author, podcaster and powerhouse of energy. A...


How to Avoid Marketing Traps and Read Food Labels

Learning how to read food labels is so important for avoiding the marketing traps brands like to put on their products! It's so easy to fall victim to all the fancy marketing on the front of products. Brands know how to draw you in and get you to think a product is filled with wholesome ingredients when that's not the whole story. Food Marketing My husband is the first person to fall for the claims on the front of food labels. I love his desire to bring home amazing wholesome foods, but...


Teen Mental Health and Body Image Issues

The need to support teen mental health is on the rise, especially when it comes to body image issues. Listen in for some great tips! The behavior we model as adults, carries on to our children. The problem with body image, is that many of us adults struggle as well. So where does that leave our kids? Today I am talking to Julie Pullman from Rise Wellness Coaching, a wellness coaching program that focuses on teens. As a trained professional with a degree in Child Development and a minor in...


Why Diets Don’t Work

Listen to find out why diets don't work for losing weight and for an overall happy relationship with food, while learning tips of what does! It seems like everywhere you turn, there's a new diet being sold promising results with little effort and in record time. But the truth is, it's all in the name of making money. My guest today, Randa Derkson from Randa Nutrition, is a mother of two littles and loves all things food. She's a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutrition...


Why Should You Drink Water When There’s Wine?

So what's the hype on drinking water anyway? Listen to find out not only why it's so important we do it, but tips for us who struggle. It's amazing how something so simple like drinking water can be such a challenge for so many of us. However it is one of the most simple ways to help with so many body issues! My guest today, Meg Carber, is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Nourished & Strong Nutrition Counseling in Huntersville NC and online. Her and her team use a non-diet approach to...


Can You Force Your Kids to Eat Vegan?

Having a healthy food relationship is number one in my book. But this can sometimes impact the diet you choose to follow. While I love the idea of guiding kids towards foods that help them grow and nourish their body, I also cringe when I see people talk about food a certain way. Different Diets There are so many kids of diets out there. I can't even keep track anymore! From no meat, to no fat to no carbs. We pretty much have it covered. As adults, we can choose what we prefer to eat, and...


Picky Eaters and Why Our Kids Are Trying to Kill Us

Have you been blessed by picky eaters? Do you often wonder if it's revenge? Listen in as we tackle all things kids, food and mealtime! Kids are fun because they are so easy to feed...said no one ever. At some point in your parenthood, you will tackle struggles with food. Even with the best eaters, and here's why! Melanie is a stay at home twin mom to 4 kids. She is no stranger to chaos and overwhelm. Her meal planning system and ability to recognize that everyone meal plans differently helps...


My Anxiety Explosion and How Meditation Saved Me

I didn't want to believe anxiety and meditation had a close relationship. Sitting still was not my thing, but desperation changes you. I used to laugh when people told me I should try meditating. It seemed like such a hippy thing to do, definitely not for someone that thrived on cardio and boot camps and was always on the move. But as I piled on all the things in life, and kept turning to more hard core movement to "help" the building anxiety, I started to realize that I needed something...


I Can Run on Fumes So Why Is Sleep So Important?

While many of us live each day without much of it, sleep is important for our everyday functioning and our overall health. It does so much! I am talking with Karen Shopoff Rooff, a certified women's health coach with more than a decade of experience empowering professional women to build a realistic healthy lifestyle, about all things sleep! Karen's blog, Well Balanced Women, and health & wellness ecourses combine easy-to-understand science with realistic tips to educate body-wise women,...


What Does Healthy Really Mean?

So, what does healthy actually mean? The issue is that healthy has so many facets: physical, mental and even social all play a part. The word healthy has been hijacked by so many things. It's been overused in marketing, media and the diet world to the point where the true meaning has been lost. Today we are getting into what I believe is the core of health. Healthy is not a one thing and done kind of word. It encompasses a wide range of areas. And overall, it's a lot of work. It fluctuates...


Healing with Food

Healing your body with food is one strategy when dealing with disease. Often times, we want more than just a pill to bring us to full health. While traditional medicine can give us many answers and help with many tings, sometimes we need more. This is where food can come in, looking at all areas of life can help bring information on the bigger picture. Juli Novotny is a mom to three beautiful kids living in Southern California. She runs the website Pure Kitchen and spends her time cooking...


Living a Strict Vegan Lifestyle

Is a strict vegan lifestyle possible when navigating life today? Listen to find out how it can be done successfully and with a healthy outlook. We are all different, and when it comes to our life choices, we should each be doing what is best for us. But choosing to live a vegan lifestyle can work if it's something you want to do! Brandi Doming is the creator of the vegan blog The Vegan 8 and cookbook author of The Vegan 8 Cookbook. She went vegan to help control her husband's debilitating...


Healthy Lifestyle Habits, Not Diets

Forming healthy lifestyle habits leads to longterm success, while fad diets can actually hurt your progress to overall health. While it can be easy to fall into the trap of a fast fix when it comes to our health, we can only reach true health with patience and time working on forming habits to last a lifetime. My guest Mareya Ibrahim, also known as The Fit Foodie, is an award-winning entrepreneur, holistic nutrition coach, and podcast host helping people make shift happen for good. As the...


Component Cooking to Feed All Eaters

Component cooking is a great strategy for feeding a table of varying dietary needs and preferences. It is possible to make only one meal! I am not a restaurant, is a mantra I tell myself daily. With three kids who each have opinions (I mean, how dare they LOL) it's hard to please everyone. And then throw in a variety of diet needs, the stress is high! Different Diets at One Table Now days it's quite common to see an eclectic group at your dinner table. Whether it's young kids you have picky...


Food Allergy Anxiety

Food allergy anxiety can result from a fear of eating something you aren't able to, or simply the extreme of not being able to eat it at all. When I found out I had to avoid gluten, the thought of having to take out a certain food group 100% of the time, sent me into an anxious tail spin. My Gluten Intolerance My entire business and brand is based around living in the fluidity and balance of wholesome eating, and not falling victim of the perceived extremes the food world has created. But...


Tips For Eating Out and Enjoying It

These tips for eating out will help you enjoy the experience. Whether it helps you let go a bit or find ways to eat within your needs! While eating nutritious food is important overall, it's also important to enjoy the moment especially when you are out with family or friends. Sometimes it's okay to let go, and not worry about every little thing. The Benefits of Eating Out Throughout history people have shared food with others. Breaking bread with friends and family has been a long tradition...


The Problems with Clean Eating

The problem with clean eating is real. While eating healthy can be good overall, using certain language as related to food can cause harm. It's hard to keep emotion out of eating with all we are surrounded with, especially online. But it's really important for our overall health, and if you are raising kids, even more so. April with Foxy Over Forty April is badass mom from the site Foxy Over 40 (site coming soon)! She is a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian interested in helping people embrace...


How Adults Guide a Kids Body Image

A kids body image is developed through the example of the adults in their life. When we have a healthy body image, they can too! Kids see everything. They take our word in as the rules to live by. So making sure what we are putting out there is healthy for their mindset and will help foster their development is so important. Julie Relevant: Health Journalist Julie is the founder of, where she teaches parents how to raise healthy kids who crave healthy foods. Julie has...