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Follow host Brian McCann as he interviews people whose wine experiences dramatically changed their lives. You'll learn how better understanding of wine can make an impact in your own life.

Follow host Brian McCann as he interviews people whose wine experiences dramatically changed their lives. You'll learn how better understanding of wine can make an impact in your own life.


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Follow host Brian McCann as he interviews people whose wine experiences dramatically changed their lives. You'll learn how better understanding of wine can make an impact in your own life.




Rich Frank - Founder of Frank Family Vineyards

We're back. Season 3 kicks off with Rich Frank, founder of Frank Family Vineyards. We talk about the challenges of making wine when you're starting out, facing fires and dealing with a pandemic.


The Wine World Has a Sexual Harassment Problem

Warning: This Episode May Be Sensitive for Some Listeners. It is my reaction to the recent New York Times Article: The Wine World’s Most Elite Circle Has a Sexual Harassment Problem


James Cluer - On What It Means To Be A Wine Expert and Starting a Wine Business

I revisit my interview with James Cluer MW, founder of Fine Vintage. We discuss starting a wine education business, becoming an MW and what it means to be a "wine expert."


Napa and Sonoma: Travel Tips for Your First Wine Trip

Travel tips for your first trip to Napa or Sonoma. Support California winemakers and consider donating to those affected by wildfires.


Cal Fussman - Revisited - The Unedited Original Interview

To kick off Season 2, we return to one of my all-time favorite interviews. It's Cal Fussman again with never-heard audio from the original interview.


Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir - Yes Way Rosé

Hear the origin story of Yes Way Rosé, the lifestyle brand that started as a fun inside joke between friends and co-founders Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir.


Steve De Long - De Long Wine - Wine Maps and Wine Grape Varietal Table

Steve De Long is the creator of the Wine Grape Varietal Table, which is a lot like the Periodic Table for wine. He also makes some of the best wine maps in the industry today. To learn how he got started with an idea in a bar, listen to our chat.


Randy Smith - The Wine Writer - Covering Central Coast Wineries and Winemakers

Randy Smith is behind the amazing wine blog The Wine Write. He profiles people throughout the wine industry with a focus on producers in California's Central Coast region.


George Taber - The Judgement of Paris

George Taber was the only reporter on the scene for the 1976 Paris Tasting. His coverage and original 3 paragraph article in TIME would spread the news of the surprising result of the event.


Richard Hemming - Master of Wine - Writer, Consultant and Educator

Richard Hemming is a Master of Wine, talented wine writer and arguably one of YouTube's best wine musicians. Learn about his wine journey and how he got his start writing for Jancis Robinson.


Thomas Monroe - Division Winemaking Company - @winestache

Thomas Monroe went from the land of cubes to Portland. Learn how he transformed from working in the finance world to the wine world with a trip to France that would serve as inspiration for Division Winemaking Company, based in Portland, Oregon.


Richard Betts - Scratch and Sniff Guides - Sombra, Astral, An Approach to Relaxation, My Essential Wine - @yobetts

Richard Betts is an author, a winemaker, a spirits maker and all-around righteous dude. He also passed the MS Exam on his first attempt (like I said, righteous). Hear his story and how he keeps up with his hectic schedule.


Elliott Clark - Apartment Bartender - @apartment_bartender on Instagram

Elliot Clark, aka @apartmentbartender on Instagram, left a 9-to-5 while pursuing his passion for cocktails. He's turned his Instagram feed into a full-time job and offers tips and advice for others looking to do the same.


Ray Fister - Life Between The Vines

Ray Fister found a way to combine his love for wine with his talents of audio engineering. He created the podcast and video content of Life Between The Vines which showcases many of the talented winemakers in our industry.


Elizabeth Schneider - Wine for Normal People

Elizabeth Schneider, host of Wine for Normal People, joins me to talk about her journey into wine. One class would lead to the podcast that has influenced so many in the wine community.


Wanda Mann - The Black Dress Traveler

Wanda Mann, aka The Black Dress Traveler, joins me on this episode of the Road To Wine Expert. With over ten years of experience in wine writing, Wanda talks about finding her voice and her own journey towards becoming a wine expert.


James Cluer - Master of Wine and Founder of Fine Vintage Ltd.

James Cluer is the founder of Fine Vintage Ltd., the Approved Program Provider for my WSET Level 1 course. Thanks to James and his amazing team, I've continued my journey on wine eduction. We sat down to chat about how he created Fine Vintage and his thoughts on becoming a wine expert.


Wine Education - 6 Different Wine Experts Share Their Opinions and Journeys

For this installment of the Road to Wine Expert, we talk wine education with Elizabeth Schneider, Richard Hemming, Wanda Mann, James Cluer, Hillary Zio and Richard Betts. We gather diverse opinions to talk about their personal experience with wine certifications and educational organizations including WSET, Court of Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine and Certified Specialist of Wine.


Brian McCann - Time to Flip the Script

Talia Goodman, Podcast Manager, flips the script and puts me in the hot seat. Hit play to hear the early parts of my personal journey to wine expertise including WSET, Intro Somm and my first wine job at Vin Chicago.


Bianca Bosker - Author of Cork Dork

Bianca Bosker sits down to discuss the journey that would become her acclaimed book Cork Dork, New York Times bestseller and Winner of 2018 M.F.K. Fisher Award for Excellence in Culinary Writing. We unpack how she worked her way through the wine world and became a wine expert.