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Linda Huang: The Hummingbird's Kitchen

Today is all about Chinese food. I’m joined by Linda Huang of The Hummingbird’s Kitchen, where she teaches folks in Bozeman how to cook authentic Chinese food and hosts pop-up dinners. Today, Linda and I talk all things Chinese cuisine - from how she got her start in Bozeman, to the regional differences of the cuisine, to stories from Linda’s childhood of how her family ate in the days before refrigeration, and the best breakfast she ever had. Download Episode Links: Check out Linda's...


The Noodle Project: Lasagna

Enjoy as Merrill Warren, dedicated lasagna lover, and I talk about her history with lasagna, learn together how to make lasagna noodles from scratch, and test out a new twist on the lasagna making method. Welcome to the third episode of the Noodle Project. Today I’m with my friend Merrill, and we’re venturing back to Italy to learn how to make lasagna noodles. I asked Merrill to give me five words that reminded her of lasagna, and she said: home, mom, burnt edges, and family. I think a lot...


A Spicy Quest: Nithin Coca and His Chili Pepper Journey

Download Episode A few weeks ago on Simmer we talked about where the chili pepper comes from and how it spread around the world. If you haven’t listened to the chili pepper episode, I’d recommend heading over there for a listen before continuing - it’s pretty short and sweet. When I was doing my chili pepper research, I came upon a website called A Spicy Quest. The website’s creator, Nithin Coca, was just as shocked as I was to learn that chilies came from South America rather than Asia,...


Tammy Czapp: Stella Goods

Today I have Tammy Czapp on the show, owner of Stella Goods in Bozeman, MT. With the dream of someday opening a bed-and-breakfast, she taught herself how to make jam and started Stella Jams - a small jam operation that she sells in local farmers markets around the area. Tammy arrived at a career in food a rather roundabout way, and her jam business is only the start. Stella Goods Music: Recorded on Rob Weisberg's show 9/6/2008, Licensed...


The Noodle Project: Thenthuk

Welcome back to The Noodle Project! Last time, Adam and I used a pasta roller to make very precise tagliatelle noodles with a thickness of 3/8th of an inch. Today I’m with my friend Heidi Rogers, and we’re going back to the basics and the opposite side of the spectrum with a hand pulled Tibetan noodle dish called Thenthuk. Thenthuk is a noodle soup that comes from high up on the Tibetan plateau enjoyed by nomads and other Tibetan communities to keep warm during the long winters. The word...


The Spice of the People - A Chili Pepper Story

Download Episode Today we’re diving into the story of one of the most versatile fruits that has made its mark on countless cuisines around the world - the chili pepper. And yes, I said fruit. I’m not sure how the chili pepper escaped the heated fruit or vegetable debate that tomatoes are so famous for causing, but like the tomato, chilies may be treated like vegetables but are indeed the fruits of flowering plants. So where did chilies get their start, and how and when did they spread to...


The Noodle Project: Tagliatelle - E3

Download Episode Let’s talk about noodles. With the winning combination of flour and liquid at the core of every noodle, they show up in countless cuisines around the world. From the dozens of pasta varieties in Italy to rice noodles of Vietnam, to the soba and ramen noodles of Japan, it’s a wonder how something with such humble ingredients could take so many different forms! I recently read the book “On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta” in which author Jen...


Steve Kuntz: Feast Raw Bar & Bistro - E2

Download Episode Welcome back to Simmer - Stories to chew on! I'm your host, Allison Howe. Each episode of Simmer will highlight a different story or theme centered around food, because food connects us all and everyone has a story. Today we'll hear from Bozeman restauranteur Steve Kuntz about his journey in the restaurant world and why he loves what he does. From bringing oysters and other quality seafood to Bozeman, Montana, to the endless quest for creating the perfect ceviche, Steve...


Welcome to Simmer - E1

Download Episode Hi everyone, welcome to Simmer - stories to chew on. I'm your host, Allison Howe. In this podcast, we'll showcase different stories about food every episode, because food connects us all and everyone has a story. Thank you for joining me on this first episode of Simmer. I'm so excited to be starting this podcast! When I first came up with the idea to start a podcast, I knew I wanted to create a space to talk about what I love: food! I love cooking, eating, and the...