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SCS 055 | Advanced Artisan Bread Loafs & Sourdough Baking with Nicole Muvundamina

In this episode we discuss advanced artisan bread baking with bread baker and instructor Nicole Muvundamina. Follow Nicole on Instagram: @nmuvu


SCS 054 | Large Party Entertaining, Creative Flavor Structures, & Learning Food Science - Your Cooking Questions Answered

You can call the show and leave a voicemail: 775-204-8389 In this episode, more listener questions and voicemails answered. Some sample questions include: Crispy Skin question from Philip "OK, it’s time to squash this once and for all one way or the other. The question is: ‘Does salt draw out moisture from a protein product’? I always hear people saying to rub salt on the skin of a protein product to draw out moisture in order to crisp up the skin. The most recent example was yesterday...


SCS 053 | Your Cooking Questions Answered - Community Q&A

I'm back with two in-depth questions regarding the F-STEP Curriculum to answer. The first one from Dave: "I’ve been through your book, and I love the idea that I might be able to learn to cook without using recipes, something I hate doing and something that stresses me out in the kitchen. I had already decided that recipes don’t work for me, and I realized I am still missing steps, but I had only added the prep stage to my process, not the F-STEP steps, so your book has expanded my...


SCS 052 | Ancient Grains & Fresh Milled Flours with Jade Koyle

In this episode I discuss ancient grains, fresh milled flour, and sourdough bread baking with the President of Grand Teton Farm & Mill, Jade Koyle. Jade also owns and operates & A few of the topics we touch on include: Question or Comment? Send them to, or leave us a voicemail at 775-204-8389. You can also join the discussion over on the Stella Culinary forum, or the the SCFB Group. Interested in Getting Your Own Grain Mill? For a...


SCS 051 | Pan Gallego, Sourdough Modifications, & Dough Salt Ratios - Listener Bread Questions Answered

Have a question you'd like me to answer on an upcoming episode? Leave a voicemail, call the Stella Culinary Hotline at 775-204-8389, or e-mail me, You can also post your questions, comments, success and failures, to the Stella Culinary Forum, or our Facebook Group. In this episode, listener bread questions are answered! For more bread...


SCS 050 | T is for Technique

In part three of our culinary boot camp series, we cover the science and best practices behind various cooking techniques including braising, steaming, pressure cooking and a deep dive into sous vide. If you have any questions or comments on this episode, you can send me a voice mail or call our hotline, 775-204-8389, post it to our friendly forum or Facebook group, or shoot me an e-mail, The accompanying video lecture for this episode can be found on the show...


SCS 049 | Taste Vs. Flavor, Black Pepper Corn Sauce, & Hipster Bone Broth - Your Questions Answered!

In this episode, listener questions covering flavor structure and sauce making are answered. If you want to have your question answered on an upcoming episode of the show, you can leave me a voicemail thru this page here, call the hotline (775-204-8389), or e-mail me, Don't forget to download your copy of my Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP Curriculum. You can also join the conversation over on the Stella Culinary Forum, or SC Facebook group! In This Episode ... We...


SCS 048 | Culinary Boot Camp Day Two - S is for Sauce Part 2

Questions or comments? E-mail me,, call 775-204-8389 to leave a voicemail, or post on our Friendly Forum or Facebook Group. In episode 47 of the SCS Podcast, I introduced the concept of the three modern mother sauces, a technique based approach to sauce making. In this episode, we continue our discussion, with a deep dive into emulsifications and purees. Related Podcasts & Videos SCS 002 | Culinary Stocks Part One - Veal Stock SCS 003 | Culinary Stocks Part Two -...


SCS 047 | Culinary Boot Camp Day Two - S is for Sauce Part 1

Questions or comments? E-mail me,, call 775-204-8389 to leave a voicemail, or post on our Friendly Forum or Facebook Group. In part one of our S is for Sauce lecture, I discuss the concept of the Three Modern Mother Sauces, which is a technical approach to sauce making. We dive deep into the reduction technique. In our next episode, we will cover the other two modern mother sauces, purees and emulsions. Related Podcasts & Videos SCS 002 | Culinary Stocks Part One...


SCS 046 | Death of Bourdain, Home Kitchen Appliances & Beer Brewing | Community Questions & Comments

Question or comments? E-mail me,, call me, 775-204-8389, or post to our friendly forum or Facebook Group. We start this episode on a somber note, acknowledging the passing of Anthony Bourdain and all he contributed to the culinary world. I then answer listener voicemails and questions ranging from the replacement of home kitchen appliances, cooking healthy summer meats and proteins, an upcoming beer brewing episode, as well as general shenanigans and...


SCS 045 | Flavor Structure Part Two - Culinary Boot Camp Day One

Question or comments on this episode? E-mail me,, call me, 775-204-8389, or post to our friendly forum or Facebook Group. In this episode, we continue part two of our flavor structure lecture, discussing the "Story of Umami," how to mastor savory flavors, Flavor X Factor, the Flavor Punch, and much more. You can watch the full lecture video on YouTube (please like, share and subscribe while you're there). Purchase and download the written Culinary Boot Camp and...


SCS 044 | Flavor Structure Part One - Culinary Boot Camp Day One

The first step to becoming a truly proficient cook that can stop following recipes and start creating, is to understand flavor structure. Flavor structure is the foundation upon which a recipe, dish, or menu is built. Without a basic understanding of how to balance flavors, no amount of fancy technique will be able to save a dish. Important Links Episode show notes,Leave Chef Jacob a Voice MailSend Chef Jacob an Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP CurriculumStella...


SCS 043 | Flavor Structure, Brining, Sourdough Ideas & More | Listener Questions Answered

In this episode, I answer listener questions, and talk about the upcoming release of my FREE Culinary Boot Camp lecture videos (for a limited time only). If you're interested in buying the written Culinary Boot Camp Curriculum, you can do so here. Have a question or comment for the show? You can leave a voice mail by calling 775-204-8389, or contact us here. You can also join the conversation over on the Stella Culinary Forum, or Facebook Fan Group. If you haven't already, check out our...


SCS 042 | Max Good - Understanding BBQ Grills, Smokers & Outdoor Cookers

Director of Equipment Reviews of, Max Good, discusses BBQ Grills, Smokers, and Outdoor Cookers, along with what to look for in a grill, how to identify features that will best fit your needs, and tips and tricks for creating your own BBQ sauces at home. Links for Max Good Amazing Ribs Product Review SectionCheck out Max's line of BBQ Sauce, Black Swan Links For Chef Jacob Leave us a reviewCheck out our Cooking Video Index SCS 041| Malcom Reed of How to BBQ Right & The...


SCS 041 | Malcom Reed of How to BBQ Right & The Killer Hogs Competition Team

Special guest Malcom Reed of How to BBQ Right and the Killer Hogs Competition Team joins Jacob to discuss: Question or comment? Shoot to us via our contact page! This episode's show notes can be found at Links For Malcom Reed & How to BBQ Right YouTubePodcastHowToBBQRight.comKillerHogs.comInstagramTwitterFacebook Links for Chef Jacob & The Stella Culinary School Podcast Apple Podcast Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP CurriculumStella Culinary Facebook...


SCS 040 | Meathead of Drops Some Serious BBQ Knowledge

In this episode of the Stella Culinary School Podcast, I welcome Meathead, creator of the biggest BBQ Website in the world, Meathead and his team at Amazing Ribs provide in-depth technical and how-to knowledge for the backyard cooking and live fire enthusiast, including BBQ, Grilling, & Smoking. There no-nonsense, science based approach to grilling and smoking has gained them a massive and loyal following. Amazing Ribs review archive is second to none, with indepth...


SCS 039 | Chef Clint Jolly Live from Chile!

In this episode I welcome back my friend, Chef Clint Jolly, who is spending a year traveling abroad. In this episode, he calls in live from Chile to discuss the cuisine, culture, and what he's been up to. Links for Chef Clint http://clintjolly.com Links for This Episode previous appearance on the show200+ educational cooking videos Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP Curriculum.Join the Stella Culinary FaceBook Fan Group Follow Chef...


SCS 038 | Greg Rempe of the BBQ Central Show

Greg Rempe of the BBQ Central Show is interviewed! We talk American Regional BBQ Cuisine, how Greg got his start in podcasting, the Steak Cooking Association & Guidelines, Competition BBQ, Greg's Fleet of BBQ Grills & Smokers and much more. You can find Greg at The BBQ Central Show dot com, download his podcast through iTunes, or listen live every Tuesday, 9-11pm Eastern. Follow Greg on social media, and please make sure to send him a message, thanking him for being on the...


SCS 037 | ACJ - Listener Questions Answered Live

In this live episode of the Stella Culinary School Podcast, I answer listener questions! If you want to be a part of the next live show, join our Stella Culinary Facebook Group at In this episode, listener questions answered including the best approach for sea food risotto, issues with sourdough bread baking, and sous vide chicken wings. Episode Links contact page Culinary Bootcamp & F-STEP Curriculum review on iTunes!Reverse Seared Tri Tip...


SCS 036 | Sous Vide Cooking at Home with Jason Logsdon

In episode 35 of the Stella Culinary School Podcast, we took a deep dive into the science and technique of sous vide cooking, dicussing common pitfalls, best practices, and some tips and tricks. In this episode, I welcome Jason Logsdon of to give us some sous vide cooking tips and tricks for in home cooking and execution. Supporting Links AmazingFoodMadeEasy.comExploring Sous Vide FaceBook GroupEpisode 35 Show Notes Other Supporting Links contact form chef Jacob's...