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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.

Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.
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Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton Talk Coffee and host live talks from people in the coffee community.




No. 94

History is full of the winning combination of comedy duos – Abbott and Costello, Lucy and Desi, French and Saunders – but 2017’s final episode of the Tamper Tantrum Podcast features the irreverent comedy of everyone’s favourite muppet hecklers. No, not Statler and Waldorf – although they do a decent impression – No. 94 features the return of our own, in-house comedy duo: Colin and Steve! No. 94 is also home to the third annual Tampies, incidentally disguised this year as a 2017 recap and...


No. 93

This week, newly crowned World Barista Champion Dale Harris and long-time coach, friend, and all-around troublemaker Pete Williams take the lead on No. 93 to share stories about the lead up to this year’s WBC and the somewhat unexpected result. This one is definitely longer than usual, but for good reason – there’s lots to cover, despite the relatively short amount of time they had to prepare between the UK and WBCs. Together, they chat through ideas left behind, their (dys-)functional...


No. 92

It's all go here at TT HQ as we prepare for the upcoming weekend festivities in Manchester whilst simultaneously preparing for the WBC in Seoul (Jenn) and getting ready to embark on a five country book launch tour (Steve) - with long days and lots of travel over the past few weeks for both Steve & Jenn, we thought it was time for a good old-fashioned skype catch up before getting on the show officially back on the road! No. 92 is a catch all for upcoming fun - our second year of the...


No. 91

We’re back this week with No. 91 and, goodness, we have quite a bit packed into this episode: we’ve got guests aplenty! We kick off with an update from the field with Ale Martinez of Finca Argentina, where they’re working hard to squeeze in as much planting and preparation as possible before the harvest starts whilst also managing the impact of the recent spate of hurricanes. Ale himself is joined by a guest – Chris Lee of Café Demitasse in LA – who is spending a month on Finca Argentia to...


No. 89

This week, we’re joined by Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research to see how things have progressed since she last joined us on the podcast all the way back in No. 47, recorded shortly after the release of the sensory lexicon and accompanying flavour wheel from SCA(A). Before jumping into the nitty gritty of research progress, we take a side-trip along the left coast of the US – partially as, at the time of recording, Hanna would shortly be joining us there for our San Francisco event,...


No. 88

This week, we hope you'll forgive us: we've recorded under the heavy influence of jetlag from our temporary home in San Francisco, where we'll very excitingly be hosting our first-ever West Coast day of tantrums tomorrow (exciting! also: yikes!). Featuring lots of things we wish we hadn't recorded and then some, No. 88 is a short but sweet look at what we've been up to in our short time here with a few detours by Steve as he takes advantage of the weakened filter that comes along with...


No. 87

It’s Fridaaaay, so we have another podcast for your weekend enjoyment ready to roll! This week, we’re joined by Dr. Bridgeen Barbour of Established Coffee in Belfast to talk about the nitty gritty of shops, service, and relationships. Now open four years, Established has overcome a number of hurdles – political, financial, cultural, personal – to become a comfortable, approachable, and beautiful community hub in Belfast’s blossoming specialty coffee scene. Bridgeen’s known to be open &...


No. 86

This week, Steve is joined by none-other-than Darrin Daniel of Stumptown, A Film about Coffee, and – now –Alliance for Coffee Excellence fame. Recorded onsite at this year’s Cup of Excellence in Burundi, they use Darrin’s career story to talk through the pros and cons of working with large coffee corporations, share Duane Sorenson stories, and ponder the importance of communication. They also talk about the tumultuous changes to ACE and the COE program which spurred quite a lot of intense...


No. 85

Ok, folks. We know there is lots and lots of quality content happening in the world of coffee right now – and that’s an exciting thing! – but we really think you should make some space on your favourite listening device and find some time to coffee & chill with this week’s podcast guest, the one and only Liz Chai. A graphic designer and illustrator by trade, Liz found her first specialty coffee home with none-other than the home of Tamper Tantrum’s birthplace (Octane) before carving out an...


No. 84

And we’re back to something more closely resembling our regularly scheduled programming this week with the release of No. 84: Steve explains where he’s been all month, Jenn offers some sneak-peaks of what’s up-and-coming from TTHQ for the rest of 2017 (hint: exciting things!!), Ale shares another episode of Field Notes from Finca Argentina in El Salvador. Also: the return of the name-drop klaxon (from the old-old-old days), facepalms a-plenty, yellow pacamaras, YET ANOTHER coffee book,...


No. 83

“If you stop shaking, then get out of the game.” So says this week’s special podcast guest on the subject of barista competitions and, if you’re a fan of little gems of wisdom like this delivered in an amicable Irish lilt, No. 83 – now forever known as “Petesycast” – is definitely for you. We’ve managed to corner the technologically-reclusive Pete Williams to talk about all of the different roles he’s held over the course of his career – chef, barista, builder, plumber, painter, key clamp...


No. 82

When Ale sent us this month’s “Field Notes” from Finca Argentina, we felt it would be best to share with you as a stand-alone piece: despite its brevity, Ale’s update packs quite a punch to those unfamiliar with day-to-day life in El Salvador – or any coffee producing country, for that matter. www.nuovasimonelli.it/en


No. 81

As the specialty coffee industry grows and matures, there’s been an influx of people writing and talking about coffee and, in a very meta way, conversations about how content is produced, curated, and presented are eerily relevant to how we brew, sell, and present coffee to our customers. This week, Steve sits down with Standart’s Michal Molcan following the successful completion of this year’s Standart Festival in Bratislava to chat about content curation, aesthetics, creativity, and value...


The Barista League: Gothenburg - Sideline | Cracking Certifications, Part 2

This week sees the second and final installment of our time in Gothenburg “Cracking Certifications” with the Barista League: equipped with a shared foundation and understanding of certifications and their role in the coffee industry from our first installment, we turned our attention to baristas in the second half of “Cracking Certifications” as Steven Moloney (The Barista League) and Rubens Gardelli (Gardelli Specialty Coffees) joined Marcus Scahefer (Rainforest Alliance) and Joanna Alm...


The Barista League: Gothenburg - Sideline | Cracking Certifications, Producer Video Submissions

Coffee Producer Video Submissions from "Cracking Certifications" at The Barista League: Sideline in Gothenburg, featuring (in order): Alejandro Martinezhttp://www.fincaargentina.com/Carlos Ureña,https://www.pernordby.com/Marta Daltonhttp://www.coffee-bird.com/Written translation of Carlos Ureña below provided by Roukiat Delrue (IG: @roukiat): My name is Carlos Ureña and we are in Santa Maria de Dota, in Costa Rica; we are located 1,700 MASL. This farm is named La Pira de Dota. La Pira...


No. 80

Welcome to this week’s mini-milestone, otherwise known as No. 80. We couldn’t let such an auspicious moment pass without featuring a special guest, and we couldn’t be happier that we were able to borrow Vuna Consulting’s own Sara Morrocchi for an hour to chat with Steve in this week’s podcast. For those of you who follow along with the live-event aspect of what we do, we’re sure you’re well familiar with Sara and her work – she joined us for discussions on certifications and green buying...


The Barista League: Gothenburg - Sideline | Cracking Certifications, Part 1

On March 26 from 12:00 to 14:30, in the midst of a collective hangover from The Barista League the night before, we ran and recorded a special educational panel discussion hosted by local Kafferostare Per Nordby titled “Cracking Certifications” as a part of The Barista League: Gothenburg’s Sideline event series. Starting with the question, “why is talking about certifications so difficult?”, we brought together the voices of producers, certifying bodies, and green buyers to build a fuller...


No. 79

Ohhh dear, this time Steve and Colin ramble like they have never rambled before. The 'Published author" Colin talks about his book sales, his bok contentns and nothing but his book. Steve and Colin touch on selling books at London coffee festival, selling books on line, selling books abroad and selling book. In an effort for ballance, Steve talks about London coffee festival and other festivals, running a trade stand and brewers cup competition. A ramble of magnicient magnitude.


No. 78

As the specialty coffee industry grows and matures, we’re seeing more and more career paths open up, but none so much as that of “event organiser.” This week, Steve chats with one of our favourite event organisers - one half of Manchester’s Cup North dream-team duo, Hannah Davies – about the recently completed London Coffee Festival, building of a community beyond the industry, and the labour of love that is running specialty coffee events. Along the way, Steve digs himself into a pretty big...


No. 77

How is it April already?! We’ve kicked off this week with another update from the field with Ale Martinez from Finca Argentina - where they’re making bokashi whilst the sun shines in preparation for the approaching rainy season - before diving right into an interview with this week’s guest: 2017 Swedish Barista Champ and The Barista League’s own mastermind, Steve Moloney. A former event organiser and production manager in Australia, Steve has come full circle after moving to Sweden and...