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The Express-News team of Chuck Blount, Paul Stephen, Mike Sutter & Emily Spicer share what’s new in San Antonio food.

The Express-News team of Chuck Blount, Paul Stephen, Mike Sutter & Emily Spicer share what’s new in San Antonio food.


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The Express-News team of Chuck Blount, Paul Stephen, Mike Sutter & Emily Spicer share what’s new in San Antonio food.








The 3 best rotisserie chickens from San Antonio grocery stores

In this latest TasteCast episode, we go clucking crazy for grocery store rotisserie chicken. Read more: https://www.expressnews.com/food/article/Podcast-The-3-best-rotisserie-chickens-from-San-14464214.php


San Antonio’s best burgers (so far)

In this latest episode of TasteCast, Chuck Blount and Mike Sutter name their seven favorite San Antonio-area burger joints from the first nine months of their 52 Weeks of Burgers series. You’d be surprised what magic people can conjure from just beef, buns and the things they throw on top.


Our favorite small-menu restaurants in San Antonio

We dive deep into our favorite restaurants that have a small, limited menu of one or two things that they do really well.


In BBQ, selling out is good

In the perverse world of Texas’ best barbecue, you lack some street cred if you’re not selling out. Read more: TasteCast on ExpressNews.com


The chicken sandwich war of 2019

Whose is better: Popeyes’ or Chick-fil-A’s? The sandwich from a local San Antonio spot, and we give you our faves. Read more:


San Antonio’s best frozen treats, margaritas

The Taste Team talks heat and gives you tips for staying cool through food: the city’s best frozen treats from restaurants, the best frozen treats from the freezer aisle of the grocery store, and the 10 best San Antonio margaritas. Read all about it: https://www.expressnews.com/podcasts/tastecast/


Politics and BBQ. Why food boycotts don’t work

Chuck Blount opines on the calls for a boycott of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q after Castro’s Trump Tweet. Background reading: https://www.expressnews.com/food/article/Podcast-Politics-and-BBQ-Why-food-boycotts-14300962.php


The role of the restaurant critic in San Antonio

In the wake of three recent zero-star reviews, the Express-News Taste team explains why they still visit local restaurant institutions. Read more at ExpressNews.com: https://www.expressnews.com/podcasts/tastecast/


All avocados all the time

Avogeddon? Maybe not, but the ups and downs of the avocado supply are the stuff of nightmares for San Antonians. Plus the best things we ate this week.


Beyond Meat is beyond good. Really

In this TasteCast episode, we talk about Beyond Meat, the veggie burger and sausage brand that is all over social media with folks sharing pics of their grilling exploits. Chuck Blount tried these for his Chuck’s Food Shack column and came away pretty impressed — which, for a hard-core carnivore and cookout expert like him is high praise indeed.


Hot links, sharp knives and cowboy steaks

We grill and taste our way through those sausages in the grocery case and deliver some pro tips about the knives you should have in your kitchen right now. We’ll get all cowboy and talk about Tejas Steakhouse & Saloon, and we’ll cool off with the Big Swig flavored sparkling water that’s popping up all over the place. 52 Weeks of Burgers explores Frontier Burger, and we celebrate peach season with a clever Italian twist on peach cobbler. For more details on this episode:...


Spice salvation, super salads and slurping ramen

The Express-News Taste team helps you step up your spice rack game with some of the spices that don’t get the love they deserve. We shine fresh light on five salads you shouldn’t miss at San Antonio restaurants. Discover Japanese ramen and other pleasant surprises from Kuriya @ Cherrity Bar on the city’s near East Side, then into burger and beer mode at Blue Star Brewing Co. Open up some canned white wine from Texas with us, and we’ll tell you about a cool Korean spot in an unassuming office...


Hamburger Independence Day

This week on TasteCast, we’re gearing up for July Fourth with burgers and dogs cooked low and slow on a smoker instead of the grill. And for fans of the noble grape, we explore ways to incorporate it into your cooking plans. We’ll also hear what restaurant critic Mike Sutter has to say about CoCo Bongo Cocina & Bar — and it’s a doozy, folks — as well as the latest burger report from Charlie Brown’s. We’ll head into the kitchen with a fun new vegetable cookbook, and whip up a frosty cocktail...


Oysters, Fish & Vampire Mosquitoes

We talk about how to cook with floral syrups - not just drink them - and we give you the list of the top 5 dishes we ate this month. Also, why Silo Terrace Oyster Bar is the best seafood restaurant in San Antonio, and all the good to be found at Big’z Burger Joint. We tell you about the Friday fried chicken special we’re obsessed with, how to boost your potato salad game, and we get all ranty about vampires, aka - mosquitoes on restaurant patios.


What Is the Role of a Food Critic?

Today we talk about what to get dad for Father’s day and San Antonio’s Tiger Woods of brisket trimming. We talk about the zero-star review for the Grey Moss Inn Restaurant, taste test some crunchy veggie snacks Paul picked I suspect as torture and well tell you about all the good that awaits you at Filé’s Burgers on the West Side. We also tell you about a new line of cheeses meant to go on your grill, how to bring some global favors to you potato salad this summer and we get all ranty about...


Grrr. Meat. Grrr. Food trucks.

Today we talk about how to bring the fragrant taste of lavender into your cooking and Chuck talks some tomahawks steaks. Then we talk about the 1 ½-star review of Savor in the Pearl and the sad state of affairs at San Antonio Burger Co. We taste test some wee protein bites, tell you about the beignets we’re obsessed with, tell you step-by-step how to make a peach margarita and we get all ranty about food trucks that don’t let you know where you can find them.


Bacon, Wrapped in Bacon, With Bacon

This week we tell you how to use the summer to teach your kids some cooking skills. We also tell you about the joys of grilled, bacon-wrapped appetizers and the 2-star review of San Antonio’s newest French restaurant, Bistr09. We taste test some chicken and waffles cereal (yes, you heard that right) and we tell you about the dismal experience Mike had at Luther’s Cafe. We’ll also tell you about the tomato sauce you will crave for the rest of your life, how to update and chef-up your pasta...


Recipe Fails, Big Ribs & Seafood for Days

We talk about how great corn and seafood are together, and we give you a great recipe to prove it. We also tell you the 5 best dishes we ate in May, and we talk about the 1-star review of Tong’s Thai Restaurant on Austin Highway. We Talk about what’s going on at downtown diner Candy’s Old Fashion, we give you recipes for two delish honeydew cocktails, tell you about the Instagram account you need to be following now, and we get all ranty about recipe fails -- and trust me, we encounter a lot...


Hogwash, Sweet Tea & Chicken

We talk about about how to cook with sweet tea and how to make northern Mexico-style pollo asados at home. We talk about the 1 ½-star review of SoLuna mexican restaurant, we taste test some San Antonio-made chile pequin jam, we tell you what’s happening over at Armadillo’s Burgers and we get all ranty about a documentary that claims Texas is only about the beef for its barbecue. We say that’s hogwash.


Diners as Hostages & All the Meats

We spice up your life and your mayonnaise five different ways, all with the flavors of Mexico. We introduce you to five of San Antonio best meat markets, and we tell you what there is to love about Julian’s Italian Pizzeria & Kitchen. We’ll also taste test some low-calorie meringues, tell you all the good stuff happening at Kicaster Country Store and Grill in Adkins, and we get all ranty about restaurants who keep their diners hostage for hours.