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Holiday Cookies, Holiday Ham, Holiday Memories

We talk about christmas cookies, how to make your own holiday ham, and the 2 ½-star review of Meadow Neighborhood Eatery + Bar. We also check in with the barbecue at The Granary, we sample some Austin Eastciders flavors, and we tell you what we’re excited about at the S.A. Cocktail Conference in January. We tell you how to make crispy Parmesan cups that you can fill with a variety of flavors and instead of getting ranty, we wax nostalgic about the odd holiday treats we enjoyed as kids and...


Just Say No to Fruitcake

We talk about some Mexican soups and stews with a modern twist, all the things you should be getting the foodie on your gift list and the 1-star review of Liberty Bar. We’ll also talk about the new barbecue book we’re obsessed with, we give you an easy recipe for Mexican hot chocolate and we get all ranty about the fruitcake haters out there.


Hanukkah, Sammies & Movie Theater Snacks

We talk about modern Jewish cuisine, the five breakfast sandwiches to eat in San Antonio right now and the zero-star review of Hon Machi Japanese & Korean BBQ in Stone Oak. We also taste a Texas newcomer into the crowded mineral water scene, we’ll tell you what to do with all that leftover wine after a party and we get all ranty about sneaking food into movie theaters.


Turkey Day Dishes & Bossypants Restaurants

We talk about Thanksgiving: 8 dishes to bring some creative oomf to your table and 13 GOOD holiday wines all under $15. We also taste test some Texas sotol and pineapple tequila and fawn over Snoop Dogg’s surprisingly good (and seriously funny) new cookbook. We also tell you how to DIY your own marinated snackies and we get all ranty about bossypants restaurants that find the need to scold customers into obedience.


Casseroles, Barrel Cookers & Fabuloso Funk

We'll help you update those classic casseroles, including a killer recipe for King Ranch Chicken. Plus we'll explore the meat and mystery of working with a Pit Barrel cooker, our 1.5 star review of Las Sabrosas de Guanajuato and the closing of 50-year Tex-Mex favorite El Mirador. Our 52 Weeks of BBQ series hits Bob's Smokehouse, and we get on our soapbox about soap. You love it, we hate it: Fabuloso.


Brunch, Beans & the Slammin Salmon

We tell you how to make a great, low-stress brunch at home this holiday season. We rate the 9 best canned baked beans from your grocery store and we talk about the 1-star review for the once-great La Canarias at the Omni La Mansion del Rio. We’ll tell you what you need to know when you head out to Wurstfest in New Braunfels and the awesomeness that is 2M Smokehouse. We also give you two fall mimosa recipes and we get all ranty about the politics behind fast-food.


Bad Karma, Bad BBQ & Good Jerky

We talk about how to make good pizza and beef jerky at home. We also talk about the 2-star review of old-school favorite Josephine Street Cafe, we taste test from French red wine, we talk about our disastrous visit to Smoke BBQ Brew Venue in St. Paul Square and we get all ranty about bad restaurant karma. Seriously. It’s a thing.


Sandwiches, Spice and When Tipping's Not Nice

This week we tackle the classic bowl of Texas red, serve up five notable sandwiches and sip a recent winner at the Great American Beer Festival. We'll also hear a 2-star review of the new Playland and dish on the meats over at Snoga's Bar-B-Q. For dessert we've got a Halloween party punch with a side order of rant about leaving a tip on those iPad payment systems.


Piggies, Pizzas & Pequín Peppers

We tell you how to make a quick pan sauce to finish your meat and give you the 12 frozen pizzas we actually recommend you keep in your freezer, and. We also talk about the 2 1/2 -star review of The Esquire Tavern and our obsession with chiles pequín and what to do with the spicy little suckers. We give you a grown-up pigs in a blanket recipe and we get all ranty about people who insist on customizing everything they order.


Exploding Pumpkins, Good Wurst & Too-Safe Diners

What’s available at area farmers markets and Chuck’s new wurst love affair. We talk about the 2-star review of Madurai Mes, taste test some of Becker Vineyards’ double-gold winners and let you know about the peanut hummus that will be your new obsession. We also give you the recipe for the perfect fall transition cocktail with tequila and cherry juice and we get all ranty about diners who want to try a new place and then order the same old thing.


Poor Manners, Good Fats & Pellet Smokers

Everything you need to know about all the cooking fats, how pellet grills and smokers are going mainstream and the 2-star review of downtown ramen restaurant Kimura. We also taste test some pork jerky, talk about the new sauce we’re obsessed with, how to make 2 spanish tapas hors d'oeuvres - on a stick. And we get all ranty about the horror of rude tablemates in restaurants.


Oktoberfest, Tailgating & Coffee Squatters

We are cooking with beer in honor of Oktoberfest and drinking beer while cooking in honor of tailgate season. We also talk about the new barbecue restaurant to earn a high rating on a dining review, taste test some hemp food products, talk about the new book of worldly pancake recipes that we’re obsessed with, and how to update the classic gin and tonic for fall. And then we rant away about those obnoxious coffee shop squatters hooked on free WiFi and caffeine.


Put That in Your Pit & Smoke It

The cooking crew makes the most of extra space on the smoker, plus we get greasy with a half dozen recipes for oven-baked chicken wings to feed that football crowd. Also, we test a new line of pimiento cheese snack packs and see what's happening at one of San Antonio's most popular pizzerias.


Spicer's Gone, But The Show Must Go On

While Emily Spicer is away, the boys will play on today's episode of the TasteCast Podcast. Topics include edible plants native to Texas, five sandwiches we're loving right now, a "Cheetos" taste test, and discussion of when a restaurant should close, and when it should stay open. Read more at https://www.expressnews.com/food/.


Peanuts, Yes. Autumn, No.

Simple holiday weekend recipes, what’s new in the world of ovens and what are the features you really need. We also talk about Boudro’s 1.5-star review, some big barbecue news, the new spice blend we’re obsessed with, a great peanuty snack to pair with cocktails, and we rant and lament that no, in fact, fall is not just around the corner for us here in San Antonio.


Steak Sauce, Sandwiches & Jazz

We talk about how to elevate your steak game with creative sauces. We also tell you the 5 sandwiches in downtown SA that you should be eating now and why Hot Joy was knocked down to 1 star in a re-review. We taste test some Thindulgent cookies, talk about the espresso we’re obsessed with, give you the recipe for Smoked Salmon Bites with Lemon-Dill Creme Fraiche and we get all ranty about bad music at restaurants.


Hatch, Jerks & Food Holidays

We talk about all things Hatch chile and why you should be grilling your breakfast. We also talk about the two-star review for the Jerk Shack, the new mom-and-pop liquor store in Alamo Heights we’ve fallen in love with, tell you how to add tea to 2 summery cocktails and we get all ranty about the absolute insanity of national food holidays. Read more at https://www.expressnews.com/food/.


Primo Picks, Pollos & Plans

Get your summer melons out the fruit salad and onto your dinner plate. We’ll also give you the top 5 pollos spots in San Antonio, we taste test the products from the 4 S.A. finalists in HEB’s annual state contest, we share the burger we’re obsessed with right now, the marinated olives we can’t get enough of and we get all ranty about men who can’t plan for dinner.


Steamer Meals, Watermelon Drinks & Gen-Xer Eateries

The Taste Team discusses easy, steamed one-pot meals with big flavors that get dinner on the table with little heat and little fuss. Then we go big with beef ribs, we talk about the 1-star review of Koi Kawa, the vanilla salt we are craving right now, 2 watermelon cocktails to brighten up your summer and we get ranty about long waits at restaurants.