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Sondra Bernstein, owner of “the girl & the fig” restaurant in Sonoma, hosts this weekly podcast along with her friend Brian Casey, veteran of the Hospitality industry for over 30 years. They discuss all aspects of the food world, from seeds and beans to fries and foie gras. “If you can eat it, we want to talk about it”. Guests include famous chefs, food critics, local farmers, cheese makers and mushroom foragers. No subject is “off the table”. Sometimes controversial but always delicious.


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Sondra Bernstein, owner of “the girl & the fig” restaurant in Sonoma, hosts this weekly podcast along with her friend Brian Casey, veteran of the Hospitality industry for over 30 years. They discuss all aspects of the food world, from seeds and beans to fries and foie gras. “If you can eat it, we want to talk about it”. Guests include famous chefs, food critics, local farmers, cheese makers and mushroom foragers. No subject is “off the table”. Sometimes controversial but always delicious.



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The Bite Goes On – Put A Bow On It

Sondra + Brian Welcome to The Bite Goes On wrap-up show and get ready for a long one. Before we go on a hiatus of an unyet determined amount of time, Brian and I wanted to revisit and share some of the episodes and the highlights of the past two years. Though we don't get to talk about every single one (lucky for you), it was joyful to go back and reminisce about the incredible guests that we have met during this time. We have learned so much and have gratefully had the chance to listen to many passionate, inspiring stories from these guests. This past year, Covid has added another dimension to the show and that was sometimes just a check in or a deep dive into the perseverance and strategies of guests moving forward to get to the other side of the pandemic. As we arrive in 2021 we anticipate life changing in so many different areas and as we watch the world mend itself, we have decided to take a break. One thing we know for sure, the conversations are endless. Food is central to all of our lives one way or another and that will never change. The Bite Goes On has been a passion project for both Brian and I and we appreciate all of our listeners so much. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know if we should keep going and if so what were your favorite episodes.[EP115] Also: listen to Brian's other podcast The WineMakers at and follow him on Instagram at @winemakerspod and @sonomawinelover and follow Sondra's personal Instagram @figchronicles.


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The Bite Goes On – Amy Reiley, Eat Something Sexy

It's not often that you get to have a conversation with someone who has a Masters in Gastronomy with a focus on aphrodisiacs. Amy Reiley is exactly that. I first met Amy years ago when her first book, fork me, spoon me was released. As a book about aphrodisiac foods, she of course had a chapter on figs that we were happy to contribute our fig scone recipe to - that she lovingly renamed "morning after fig scones with fresh cream". Catching up over ten years later in the midst of covid it's not as easy to be thinking about all of the foods that seduce you. Even so, her blog turned website, Eat Something Sexy has been going on for years. It is full of recipes, anecdotes and a full on dictionary of aphrodisiac foods which we all need to know where to find. Her other books include, Eat Cake Naked and Romancing the Stove. Her latest endeavor, something she is particularly proud of and rightly so, is her work with Rock & Wrap It. This is a non profit that calls itself an anti-poverty think tank and most importantly is finding potential donors that have renewable assets to share, especially food. In their 20th year, they have continued to recover food from TV and FIlm production sets. They work with the big corporations including Sony, Disney, Netflix, ABC ... to recover prepared but not served excess food from entertainment catering companies and forward it on to people in need. They are also working with legislators pushing education and the Bill Emerson Samaritan Act keeping donors safe from liability. Their food initiatives go much further than just the entertainment sector and have moved into hospitals, schools, sports and more. [EP114]


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The Wine Makers – Sound & Fury

The guys gather this week on the day after… No not New Years Day, the day after what can only be described unbelievable. We touched on a number of subjects, everything from what’s going on in the vineyard to vineyard designated gummies. We are looking forward to 2021 and already Read more... The post The Wine Makers – Sound & Fury appeared first on Radio Misfits.


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The Bite Goes On – Jonathan Beard

It is always curious how some of our guests end up in the culinary world when their academia was meant to take them elsewhere. This is how our conversation with Chef Jonathan Beard started and continued about his journey from being a successful restaurateur/chef in Sonoma County, to eventually trading it in for a more realistic schedule that would allow him to be around for his family with young kids. His first position took him to the Sonoma Juvenile Detention program teaching cooking and life skills to the girls living there and then to landing his 'dream' job as the Culinary Director/Instructor at the Sonoma Valley High School. Prior to opening his first restaurant, he worked for some reputable Bay area spots including Acme Bakery, Bay Wolf and Kermit Lynch. We reminisced about our own home economic classes in our earlier middle school years and compared to what it would be like today. With Covid, the high school has also made their pivot to online learning which couldn't be less practical than with trying to teach cooking. Jonathan continues to adapt with his students and is waiting until they can all be in his newly designed kitchens at the high school. [EP113]


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The Bite Goes On – Manon Servouse

Manon Servouse is the Marketing Director for Laura Chenel, Marin French Cheese, St Benoit Creamery and Rians. She is the right person for the job as her passion for her company's products is impressive not only in her personal praise, but in the depth of her knowledge. Originally from france she has always known that she wanted to be in marketing and she started with United Biscuits. Wanting to branch out to something with more flavor (pun intended) she started working for Rians the parent company of Laura Chenel. After 2 years working in the France offices, she was willingly transferred to California It was great catching up with Manon to hear about the start of the company with the actual Laura Chenel forty years ago. We talked about the love of goats and goat milk, their state of the art creamery in Sonoma - (the first leed gold certification in the USA), how they are dealing with covid and of course cheese!!! the girl & the fig has used the Laura Chenel Chevre in their signature salad since 1997 and appreciates the consistency of the product and the care that goes into making it. To learn more, visit the website at @laurachenel on Instagram & Facebook


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The Bite Goes On – Otto Szilagyi, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

With New Years right around the corner, it is only appropriate to talk about caviar. Otto Szilagyi, caviar ambassador extraordinaire for Tsar Nicoulai has the details we need to know. Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to taste a few of his products and this conversation definitely put some things in perspective. Most impressionable about Tsar Nicoulai is their approach to their vision which is to provide the cleanest and best caviar and seafood products while inspiring the continued growth of their farm’s environmental and sustainable stewardship. Since their beginning in 1984 in California, they have been committed to environmental practices.Their innovative production practices are rooted in California ethos and keep them on the forefront of technological advances for sustainable farming. It was fascinating to talk about all things sturgeon with Otto. We dance about the topics of their practices, how they determine the grade, the history of caviar's luxurious beginnings and so much more. If you are listening today, you can purchase their products online. [EP111]


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The Bite Goes On – Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman is a Longtime award-winning blogger, and food writer that has written for just about every food publication worth reading and other puclications. she is very highly regarding in the food world and pretty much knows everyone. In addition to her blog; cooking with Amy, Her current chapter is as the Editor in Chief of the relatively new 'The Cheese Professor' and the very recently introduced 'The Alcohol Professor.' She learned to cook and bake from her parents and grew up eating eggs from her family’s backyard chickens, salmon her father caught, and fruit and vegetables from her mother’s organic garden. While just a teenager, Amy developed an even deeper appreciation for sharing stories about food while working in a gourmet retail shop. She learned about cheese during a year abroad, living and studying in Italy, and on trips to France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden (ask her about coffee cheese!), as well as Wisconsin and Northern California. She has been a speaker at many professional culinary, writing and blogging conferences, is a past board member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society and is currently on the board of Bay Area Travel Writers. [EP110] @cookingwithamy


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The Bite Goes On – Kyle Kuklewski

Some of my best memories with Kyle have been sitting around the holiday table with our friends and eating a delicious meal that he has created most of. Well, even though I am not sitting around a table with friends, I am grateful that I can still savor in Chef Kyle's cooking. Since the pandemic, Kyle has been offering a meal for which he sources, prepares and personally delivers to your house. He also includes a pay it forward proposition in providing another family a meal at a discounted rate. This week's menu included a tasty chicken and chickpea tagine with cauliflower, saffron couscous, Moroccan spiced sweet potatoes and beetroot salad. I especially enjoyed our conversation, listening to his story about his childhood growing up around the family business, a livestock auction house and a strong sensibility for food, fresh ingredients. He started with culinary arts in high school, studied corporate finance in college and realized he missed cooking. He has moved up the ranks quickly and I am always in awe of his determination and skill at such a young age. From his new website; "Chef Kyle Kuklewski has over a decade of culinary experience with a portion of his career having worked in fine dining restaurants within top luxury brand hotels. Working under Michelin rated chefs, Chef Kyle honed his culinary skills while developing a strong attention to detail, an appreciation for using only the finest quality ingredients and a drive for creativity." Check out Chef Kyle's website at or on Instagram at @akylek


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The Bite Goes On – Daybreak Seaweed Co

I don't think we have spoken about or even said the word seaweed in the two years we have recording The Bite Goes On. So we needed to talk to the ladies of Daybreak Seaweed Co and find out what seaweed is all about. I don't imagine there is anyone better than Catherine and Avery to learn from. Though they are a relatively young company, their passion is inspiring. Not only are they working with a food that is not quite mainstream but they are dealing with the laws of sustainability every step of the way. I was fascinated to hear about the different varieties, the waters it grows in, farmed and wild, and all of the healthy aspects found in seaweed. I was so curious, that I actually placed an order and to their credit - their products are definitely elevating my cooking. [EP108] insta@


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The Bite Goes On – Chef Michael Mina

Chef Mina’s culinary and business vision led to the founding of his company, MINA Group in 2002. Under the auspices of MINA Group, he has opened over 45 operations around the world, including the Michelin-starred MICHAEL MINA, Chef Mina’s flagship restaurant in the heart of San Francisco, which represents the culmination of his core culinary philosophies, Middle Eastern heritage, lauded chronicles as a chef and restaurateur, and personal character. We caught up with him while he was in Las Vegas and had a great conversation with this very busy Chef. With a brand new restaurant in Sonoma, Wit & Wisdom, it was fun to finally meet him (even over zoom) and hear his story. I have always been so curious about how restaurants grow into a large company with more than a few properties, so he was the perfect guest to ask my growth questions. We talk about his company culture with his executive team and how the pandemic has given them a chance to rework and rethink some of their processes. [EP107] Wit & Wisdom - located 1325 Broadway At Leveroni & Napa Roads, Sonoma, CA


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The Bite Goes On – The Local Butcher Shop

Monica & Aaron Rocchino, veterans in the Bay Area food world for many years with stints at Chez Panisse, Olivetos and Paula Le Duc catering company as well as Monica's international event business. When they finally decided that working opposite schedules wasn't working, they decided they would create a business that would combine both their interests and expertise and most importantly an opportunity to work together. Finding that it was difficult to find the quality meat that they could get at the kitchens that they previously worked in - they found that a high quality butcher store with ethically raised and slaughtered animals would fill a much needed hole in the community. With a focus on offering products that come from 150 miles radius of the shop, The Local Butcher Shop found its footing with both selling wholesale to restaurants and retail to individuals. Since the opening of the shop they have only brought in whole animal carcasses and find a place for every part of the animal to be used. We asked questions regarding cuts of meat, ageing, grass fed and finished or ... This is definitely a shop I would go to on a regular basis and I can totally see why they are so popular. Since Covid the concentration of sales have shifted more to individual consumers than their wholesale clients. [EP106] 1600 Shattuck Ave. Ste 120, Berkeley, CA


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The Bite Goes On – Rachel and Andy Berliner, Amy’s Kitchen

This was truly an honor to be able to talk to the founders of Amy's Kitchen , a company born (1987) in our backyards and possibly the largest employer in Sonoma County. Both Brian and I are huge fans of the pioneers in the organic and vegetarian frozen foods market, and we stayed on our best behavior. Waving my Amy's vegetable lasagna box, as a symbol of my loyalty, we talked about everything from how they met, how they started, how they have grown to a $500 million company and what their daughter Amy thinks about the company being named after her. It was extremely interesting (but not surprising) to learn about their commitment to their company's culture and how they have had many offers to sell but are determined to keep the company private. Believing in business rituals, it was fun to hear how they have kept some of their practices exactly the same as they did when they started including continuing to taste every new item developed on the very same table that they started with. We jam packed this show with so much information and could have gone on for hours. Their story is truly fascinating. You can find them just about everywhere in the freezer section of your grocery store. Their newest part of the business, their drive thru can be found in Rohnert Park, Corte Madera and the SF Airport. [EP105]


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The Bite Goes On – Sarah Weiner, Good Food Foundation

It was great catching up with Sarah Weiner, Executive Director of the Good Food Foundation. She is a perfect example of someone that followed their passion for food and seems to have created her dream career sharing sustainable food and promoting artisan producers. "Sarah has worked side by side with the sustainable food movement’s founders and visionaries across the globe. As the Director of Communication for the Slow Food International Office in Italy, she was immersed in the roots of the food movement before heading to California to become Alice Waters’ “Girl Friday” (in Alice’s words) for two years. Next she spearheaded the development of Slow Food Nation as its Content Director, produced the 20,000 person Organic Food Festival in Bristol, England for the Soil Association, developed the Art.Food.Hope fund-raising campaign on the eve of Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, and co-founded Seedling Projects.She is the founder of the Good Food Foundation and for over a decade she has grown the Foundation." We talked about some of the ways the Foundation needed to reformulate the judging of the Good Food Awards during the pandemic, what this year's festivities will look like and how quality, small batch food products continue to grow. Since the Good Food Awards began they have had over 6000 entries from across the country. The five key programs under the Good Food Foundation are spreading the word, one producer at a time, all with sustainability, connection, and concentration on reforming the American food culture.


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The Bite Goes On – Emily Martin The Jetsetting Fashionista

Emily Martin Events With a true love of food and wine and a commitment to pursuing mastery, Emily has a distinctive voice and palate that sets her apart. Since 2009, she has curated the Lifestyle blog, The JetSetting Fashionista, where she writes about restaurants and wineries in the Bay Area and around the world, and interviews some of the industry’s most talented chefs and winemakers. Fueled by curiosity and a passion for learning, Emily’s hunger to explore the ever-expanding food, wine, and hospitality industry never wanes and shares these passions through her social streams and her blog. In 2014 Emily decided to pursue her passion for food, wine, events and hospitality—pivoting from the corporate world to start Emily Martin Communications & Events. Sondra and Brian met Emily years ago at a wine event and Sondra recently did an Insta live with Emily. It was fun to catch up and hear what Emily has been doing prior and during Covid as well as her philosophy about marketing and how she works with her clients. We briefly talk about how social media is shifting and the importance of marketing her clients during Covid. [EP103] Follow Emily on @jsfashionista on instagram BLOG: Emily Martin Events:


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The Bite Goes On – Martin Gobbée, Taub Family Outpost

Taub Family Outpost opened in the midst of the pandemic - instead of a big sonoma splash opening party, they are doing it in a grassroots effort - one guest at a time. We can't wait to be able to drink & dine in one of the dining rooms and/or the hidden speakeasy. Taub Family is deep in the wine business, both as an importer as well as having their own label. As the company grew, they thought it would be advantageous to find a location where they can not only sell their imports but to share their love of wine country with guests from all over the world. They have wine, spirits, grab and go, full service dining, retail and a bar. Just recently they took over the space next door and are working on their patio to allow them to serve more patrons. Originally from Argentina, Martin moved from NYC with his wife to take the General Manager job at Taub Family and this conversation takes us on his journey. Through this conversation, we find out that Martin and Sondra share a mutual friend in the restaurant business and once again ponder on how small the world is. It was great to meet Martin over zoom and dive into his life in Sonoma. [EP102] Visit Martin at Taub Family Outpost where you can shop in the store for retail or outside dining and take-way. Corner of W. Napa St. & 1st St. W. Open 8am-8pm Tuesday - Sunday.


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The Bite Goes On – Brian + Sondra

The Restaurant Act + More On this episode Brian and Sondra talk about the state of economic affairs in the restaurant business during Covid. Sparked from Sondra's recent appearance as a witness on a Congressional hearing with the Ways and Means Committee regarding the need for continued assistance to the restaurant business before they all go out of business. [EP101]


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The Bite Goes On – Valley Bar & Bottle

We were lucky to get 3 of the 4 owners of Valley Bar & Bottle on our 100th episode! It takes a lot of guts to open a restaurant - even more so in the midst of a pandemic. The openings were always such an adrenaline rush for me, and have always been my favorite part - the newness, the feeling of accomplishment, the constant creative process and mostly seeing the dream realized. I can't imagine doing it during the stressful times we are having during the time of Covid-19. However, they did it and though I am still sheltered in place, I have been drooling over their instagram feeds and have been super excited for them through the friends who have been and loved it.This is a fun episode with conversation about the process and how they are doing things in Covid as well talking about their food and wine approach. I look forward to the day when I can be a guest!! [EP100] Visit them at OR if you are in Sonoma, head over to 487 1st Street West Instagram: Facebook


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The Bite Goes On – Lydia Kindheart

Lydia's Food We had such a wonderful conversation with Lydia and loved hearing about her upbringing, her food and her philosophy. We caught up with her in Petaluma between trips to Hawaii where she is spending much of her time pruning trees and managing her Petaluma company via the internet and phone. Sounds ideal! Through her brands of food, festival and private catering, restaurants, and community work, Lydia became a forerunner in the Organic, Vegan, and Raw food industries. In continuing to fulfill her vision of creating community gathering space to share food, knowledge and creativity. Lydia opened the Sunflower Center, a restaurant and community center in Petaluma, California in December 2011. Included in her organic food products include her sprouted bars, cereals, crackers, herbs and spices and more. She ships her pantry items across the country and she definitely has some hard to find ingredients. Lydia is successfully living her dreams of offering conscious food as a powerful and personal medium for reconnecting people and the planet. [EP99] Visit Lydia's website at to learn more about her business and/or to order. On Instagram at @lydiasfoods If you find yourself in Petaluma, visit her store for fresh food at 1390 N McDowell Blvd, Suite E in the Orchard Plaza


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The Bite Goes On – Harveys Donuts

It's all about donuts in this week's episode with Harvey Cohen, mastermind behind the cutest mini donuts you have ever seen and yes they are quite delicious. We talk about his process, his very unique machines, his recently reopened cafe and his new project just off the Sonoma Plaza. We spend some time talking about his corporate business as well as how things are going during the pandemic. [EP98] on Instagram at @harveysdonuts


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The Bite Goes On – Maggie Cameron

The Hatch About 6 years ago I was introduced to Maggie through a good friend. She was working on her business plan for a restaurant and was looking for advice. Fast forward, as a successful restaurateur, she could now give me some good advice!! Brian and I have both been to her restaurant in Paso Robles a few times and loved it and revisiting her website, I was drooling over the menu. It is always so wonderful to see a friend succeed in this very challenging business. It was great to catch up and revisit how her story started (she is one lucky lady -the stars were aligned) how things are going during Covid, how her protocols have changed, how it works to work with her husband and what she sees for the future. [EP97] Next time you are in Paso Robles visit the Hatch at 835 13th Street, visit the website at and on Instagram at @thehatchrotisserie