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Exploring and promoting local food culture. Interviews with chefs, farmers and producers. Hosted by chef Jonathan Frazier , food entrepreneur and writer Darren Howlett and William Stringer the producer.




Exploring and promoting local food culture. Interviews with chefs, farmers and producers. Hosted by chef Jonathan Frazier , food entrepreneur and writer Darren Howlett and William Stringer the producer.






Episode 221” Cooking tips with Jonathan and William”

In this wisdom packed episode Jon and William use the world famous spinning wheel to impart simple tips that you can use right now, to up your cooking game and bring flavours to your food!


Episode 220 ”Talking about a Culinary Club”

This episode is about 2 things, LOVE and HEROS. This week we welcome back Lesley from the North Vancouver Island Chefs Association to catch up with Culinary Club all star Tammy Williamson. Little does she know Lesley has a little surprise for her!


Episode 219”Good Earth Farm, learning about seeds”

This week we go to the very origins of farming in the Comox Valley, we talk about seeds! Good Earth Farms Seeds based out of Black Creek take things back to basics with a non-nonsense approach to farming and growing a truly local product. Join us, as we explore our Edible Valley!


Episode 218 “North Vancouver Island Culinary Association”

Lesley Stav is the President of an organisation that provides leadership, education and certification on North Vancouver Island. Their work runs through every aspect of the Comox Valley‘s food scene, often behind the scenes and and unsung , this week we shine a light on the North Vancouver Island Chefs Association.


Episode 217 ” Niji”

Niji is one to watch, with two sold out restaurant takeovers so far and a permanent location on the way, Niji is a Comox Valley institution in the making. In this episode we meet the owners and discover their journey so far, and where they are headed!.


Episode 216 ”Taking the right path, Where to cook?”

LOVE to cook but don't know then right career path to take? In part 1 of this 2 part episode we discuss the miriad of job opportunities for a cook or chef in the hospitality sector. *spoiler alert* there are a lot!! Join us as we explore our Edible Valley.


Episode 215 ”The Next Chapter”

We are back! In this ‘3-3-1’ episode, your ‘3’ presenters Jonathan, Darren and William are back together! We also have 3 great guests, and 1 HUGE suprise! Join us for one episode of the Edible Valley Podcast you cant afford to miss! Locals at the Old House stays Local When Chef Ronald and Tricia St Pierre started Locals 13 years ago, they set out to create a restaurant that highlighted the range and depth of amazing foods grown and produced in the Comox Valley, sourcing as many local ingredients as possible. Within a scant few years, the restaurant was so successful, that they needed to find a larger location. Serendipity stepped in, as the very restaurant that Chef Ronald established his esteemed reputation in, ‘The Old House’, had come available. Since then, the restaurant has been cemented as the Heart of Vancouver Island. Chef Jonathan, Darren, Sean and Erin all grew up in this community, and the North Island, and all have strong backgrounds in food and hospitality. Aside from being a celebrated Chef of the Comox Valley for over 20 years, Jonathan started the Edible Valley podcast 10 years ago to get to the heart of the food he was featuring in all of his dishes, and the people behind that food. Darren quickly joined with his perspective as a hospitality-centered entrepreneur. Between the two of them, they have run, operated, and owned many key Comox Valley hospitality and food based establishments. Sean made his mark in Vancouver Island hospitality by running the largest dining and entertainment venue in Victoria, and other successful restaurants for nearly a decade. His wife and partner is a Marketing, branding, and design professional, with experience in both in the public and private sectors – including hospitality. All 4 are eager to ply their trades and talents to further Locals’ reach. With a love of the menu, the atmosphere, and the culture, the new owners have no intent of changing anything, except to present the best and most polished version of Locals that it can be. A touch of modernization, a little experimentation, the introduction of a Market Sheet – featuring new items that highlight the best of what is available a la minute, Local’s will be the same but better. They wish Ronald and Tricia all the best in their retirement – although they won’t be straying too far, as they are making themselves available to mentor the crew where required. They invite you down to the restaurant to meet them yourself – or make a reservation today at 250-338-6493


Episode 214 ” History of Restaurants”

Restaurants are the places that we spend some greatest moments of our lives, birthdays, graduations, or our weekly get together with friends. They have seemingly always been there to ensure the important moments in our lives are celebrated and enjoyed without having to do the dishes! In this show Jon, Darren and William discuss how restaurants came to be and where they are headed. Join us for another episode of the Edible Valley Podcast!


Episode 213 ” Wedding Planing and Hiring a Caterer”

Williams getting married! The perfect time to talk about the unbelievably large list of food related tasks that need to get done; from questions to ask the caterer, to steps you can take to minimise things going wrong. Its time to put your dancing shoes on as we jive into the world of wedding food!


Episode 212 ”Fish & Chips”

This week we celebrate a British classic, fish and chips! This seemingly simple dish has a deceptively long and complicated past and has spread its influence across the world. From its Southern European roots hundreds of years ago to the commonwealth classic of today; we break down fish and chips from the batter and type of fish to the potato and fry style to bring you the perfect fish and chips every time.


Episode 210 ”Mac& Cheese”

From its humble beginnings in Italy, Mac and Cheese has long taken over North American kitchens; but far from being just a ‘Kraft dinner’ staple, the humble Mac and Cheese has now taken on a new life and reaches every further into the gourmet aisle. This week John, Darren and William explore what it really takes to make a good Mac and Cheese, as ever stripping it back to the basics that you need to know to make this Canadian staple part of your regular cooking repertoire.


Episode 209 ”BURGER ”

Our listeners asked for it, and now we are doing it, this show is about BURGERS. Everybody likes burgers right? But are all burgers equal? In this episode of the Edible Valley Podcast we break down to the minutest detail everything that makes a good burger, from the protein, the best cut of meat, the bread, sauces and even toppings. This episode will you the key to making the burger this is guarantee to satisfy even the fussiest palate.


Episode 208 ”Organic Farming with Gerry Pattison” Farmer interview

Welcome to this second episode of The Edible Valley Podcast with Gerry Pattison of Pattison farm. In this episode we talk about organic farming , the rewards and challenges of this farming practice. Some may have said in the beginning this would be a fad, but we are lucky to learn some of the tricks of the trade that have help this farm long running farm become such an icon in the Comox Valley.


Episode 207 ”Sticker Shock, what’s up with high food prices”

After a trip to the local grocery store, Darren asks the question “What’s up with climbing food prices?” Jonathan, Darren and William dive into this one and on this episode we spend time talking about some of the effects that are driving up prices. We discuss from pandemics to wars and all the things in between. We try and answer what is happening in the market and we may even have a few things that can help you save a little money at the end of the day.


Episode 206 ” Hanging at Pattison Farm” Farmer Interview

Chef Jonathan and Darren are on location at Pattison Farms for today's episode. Gerry (the owner) takes us through the wonderful history of the farm, and the various trials and tribulations traversed to get to where the farm is today - one of the valley's most cherished and venerated farms!


Episode 205 ” What’s trending in food?”

In this weeks episode Chef Jonathan, Darren and William explore the latest food trends that are set to take 2022 by storm, from Micro-greens to the latest immune boosting ingredients backed by science, even reinventing classic dishes - this weeks show is peppered by insight, tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the trends!


Episode 204 ”Certifications in Cooking” Chef Series #2

On this episode of The Edible Valley Podcast, chef Jonathan Frazier sits down with third year apprentice Miguel Varela to discuss the levels and training in the cooking profession. They discuss the current three year cooks apprenticeship program to become a red seal as well as certified chef and master chef programs. Join us as we learn more about Miguels journey and what is needed to be learned to become a chef.


Episode 203 “A Step in the Right Direction. pt1”

I’ve had a plan to get back in shape for quite some time. For the last five years or so I’ve slowly added a few pounds every trip around the sun, and now it’s noticeably impeding my enjoyment of life. As I set about to take this seriously, Covid hit. Talk about bad timing. I was instantly in survival mode, and brushed my big plan aside. As everything relaxes into a new normal, this is my opportunity to get back in shape, starting with eating healthy and getting out for some fresh air and exercise in our beautiful Valley.


Episode 202 Interview ” Backyard Kitchen with Cheffanie”

We had such an enjoyable time today with esteemed Chef Stephanie (or 'Chefanie', as her friends and colleagues call her). Listen in to how this Montreal native fell in love with food, coastal living, and B.C. - and how the pursuit of those loves impacted and informed her unorthodox, amazing, and enviable career in food! Cheffanie thrives on reconnecting diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us; the farmer’s bounty, the artisan’s craftsmanship, the fisherman’s catch. Backyard table elevates the farm-to-table experience & offers only the best and freshest of what is seasonally available, encouraging consumers to slow down and savour every bite – a practice we can implement daily. With ideals rooted in providing outstanding local and sustainable ingredients, we treat our food with love and respect. Cheffanie backyard Kitchen 604-813-5136


Episode 201 ”So you want to be a Chef ?” Chef series #1

On this episode, Chef Jonathan ask the question what does it take to be a chef? It’s one thing to cook it’s another thing to be the one in charge. If this interest you then join with us as we explore the world of culinary arts and the rewarding career that comes along with it. I guess it’s time to tattoo up and show off those cuts and burns we are about to start learning what it takes to become a chef.