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Exploring and promoting local food culture. Interviews with chefs, farmers and producers. Hosted by chef Jonathan Frazier , food entrepreneur and writer Darren Howlett and William Stringer the producer.

Exploring and promoting local food culture. Interviews with chefs, farmers and producers. Hosted by chef Jonathan Frazier , food entrepreneur and writer Darren Howlett and William Stringer the producer.




Exploring and promoting local food culture. Interviews with chefs, farmers and producers. Hosted by chef Jonathan Frazier , food entrepreneur and writer Darren Howlett and William Stringer the producer.






Episode 209 ”BURGER ”

Our listeners asked for it, and now we are doing it, this show is about BURGERS. Everybody likes burgers right? But are all burgers equal? In this episode of the Edible Valley Podcast we break down to the minutest detail everything that makes a good burger, from the protein, the best cut of meat, the bread, sauces and even toppings. This episode will you the key to making the burger this is guarantee to satisfy even the fussiest palate.


Episode 208 ”Organic Farming with Gerry Pattison” Farmer interview

Welcome to this second episode of The Edible Valley Podcast with Gerry Pattison of Pattison farm. In this episode we talk about organic farming , the rewards and challenges of this farming practice. Some may have said in the beginning this would be a fad, but we are lucky to learn some of the tricks of the trade that have help this farm long running farm become such an icon in the Comox Valley.


Episode 207 ”Sticker Shock, what’s up with high food prices”

After a trip to the local grocery store, Darren asks the question “What’s up with climbing food prices?” Jonathan, Darren and William dive into this one and on this episode we spend time talking about some of the effects that are driving up prices. We discuss from pandemics to wars and all the things in between. We try and answer what is happening in the market and we may even have a few things that can help you save a little money at the end of the day.


Episode 206 ” Hanging at Pattison Farm” Farmer Interview

Chef Jonathan and Darren are on location at Pattison Farms for today's episode. Gerry (the owner) takes us through the wonderful history of the farm, and the various trials and tribulations traversed to get to where the farm is today - one of the valley's most cherished and venerated farms!


Episode 205 ” What’s trending in food?”

In this weeks episode Chef Jonathan, Darren and William explore the latest food trends that are set to take 2022 by storm, from Micro-greens to the latest immune boosting ingredients backed by science, even reinventing classic dishes - this weeks show is peppered by insight, tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the trends!


Episode 204 ”Certifications in Cooking” Chef Series #2

On this episode of The Edible Valley Podcast, chef Jonathan Frazier sits down with third year apprentice Miguel Varela to discuss the levels and training in the cooking profession. They discuss the current three year cooks apprenticeship program to become a red seal as well as certified chef and master chef programs. Join us as we learn more about Miguels journey and what is needed to be learned to become a chef.


Episode 203 “A Step in the Right Direction. pt1”

I’ve had a plan to get back in shape for quite some time. For the last five years or so I’ve slowly added a few pounds every trip around the sun, and now it’s noticeably impeding my enjoyment of life. As I set about to take this seriously, Covid hit. Talk about bad timing. I was instantly in survival mode, and brushed my big plan aside. As everything relaxes into a new normal, this is my opportunity to get back in shape, starting with eating healthy and getting out for some fresh air and...


Episode 202 Interview ” Backyard Kitchen with Cheffanie”

We had such an enjoyable time today with esteemed Chef Stephanie (or 'Chefanie', as her friends and colleagues call her). Listen in to how this Montreal native fell in love with food, coastal living, and B.C. - and how the pursuit of those loves impacted and informed her unorthodox, amazing, and enviable career in food! Cheffanie thrives on reconnecting diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us; the farmer’s bounty, the artisan’s craftsmanship, the...


Episode 201 ”So you want to be a Chef ?” Chef series #1

On this episode, Chef Jonathan ask the question what does it take to be a chef? It’s one thing to cook it’s another thing to be the one in charge. If this interest you then join with us as we explore the world of culinary arts and the rewarding career that comes along with it. I guess it’s time to tattoo up and show off those cuts and burns we are about to start learning what it takes to become a chef.


Episode 200 ”#200”

Its finally here, the 200th episode of the Edible Valley Podcast. With the 10th anniversary on the horizon, Jon, Darren and William discuss some of the standout highlights from the last 10 years, covering the most memorable guests and lessons learnt. With some spoilers about the next 10 years, this is a podcast not to be missed. Join us, as we explore your, Edible Valley.


Episode 199 ”Tis the day of Christmas. What could go wrong?”

In this tip-packed episode, Jonathan, Darren and William will guide you though the biggest pitfalls of Christmas meals. From when to begin preparation, to surprisingly simple hacks that can take your turkey to the next level, if you are hosting a big festive meal or just a small gathering, this is a must listen!


Episode 198 ”Panic buying, do you really need all that stuff.”

Hoarding! or is it Panic buying? or stocking up? Whats the difference and should you do it? In this episode Jonathan, Darren and William delve into the effects of panic buying, how you can stock up sustainably, what to buy, when, and how to store it. Food shortages can occur anywhere, for many reasons, this episide will ensure that whereever you are, you are well prepared.


Episode197 L.I.V.E ” Who wants Locally Inspired Vegetarian Eats?”Chef Interview

The exuberant and lovely Maya Varela sits in today to tell us all about her amazing vegetarian meal service, L.I.V.E. As a Red Seal Chef, she’s delivering high end cuisine to your doorstep - which has been incredibly well-received. Listen in as we walk through her first year+ of starting a new business during such adverse times. Facebook : Locally Inspired Vegetarian Eat


Episode 196” How To Preserve With An Old Friend.”

It's that time of year again where food preservation is on everyone's mind. We're gathering and harvesting the last of our summer bounty to store through the winter. Today's episode touches on the pros and cons of all of the major food preservation techniques - and a special guest weighs in with some great tips!


Episode 195 ”What to snack on?”

We talk about some good eats and what we should and maybe shouldn't be eating.


Episode 194” What Darren ATE” Interview

Even though we discuss our local food scene quite often here on the Edible Valley Podcast, we rarely specify our places in it. Today we examine one aspects of Darren's involvement in our Valleys food culture, with his hot lunch program for the district schools, and


Episode193 "The Bacon Battle"

In this episode we debate bacon.


Episode 192 "Nutrition, Health and Working Out"

In this episode whilst Jonathan enjoys a summer holiday away Darren and William meet with nutritionist and fitness coach Adi Bird who helps them get to the root of physical fitness and the role local food has to play in fitness performance.


Episode 191 Interview ”Tasting Seaweed”

Hey Everyone! In this episode ,we were both rapt with attention as Logan had so much incredible information to share. The episode is packed with tidbits and insights about where we are headed as a community in seaweed farming, harvesting, and consuming. I genuinely cannot wait to have back on the show next year to check in with all of the developments in this exciting new field!


Episode 190 "BBQ 101 The Do's and Don'ts"

Jonathan, Darren and William explore the world of grilling in this informative episode! From choosing the right item to grill, to preparing your barbecue for action, to common mistakes that can easily be avoided, this quick step by step ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ guide will set you up for success on your grill this summer.