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The FoodTalk Show is back broadcasting weekly from 24 October. Each week Sue Nelson and Jane Peyton interview the best producers and experts in the UK, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.

The FoodTalk Show is back broadcasting weekly from 24 October. Each week Sue Nelson and Jane Peyton interview the best producers and experts in the UK, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.


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The FoodTalk Show is back broadcasting weekly from 24 October. Each week Sue Nelson and Jane Peyton interview the best producers and experts in the UK, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.




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The story of Asma Kahn and Darjeeling Express

Have a listen again to our podcast from 2019 and marvel at how things have changed!! Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling Express, joins us to discuss her story and foodie trends of 2019. Chocolate? Expiring Turkey trimmings? Cheese? Crisps? What’s filling up the bins outside your property as we head into a brand new year with bleary eyes and a sincere fear of going to work? Don’t worry, we know that January is a horrible month and we want to make things a bit easier for you. Alas, we have...


The low down on Saturday Kitchen

What does 2020 have in store for our two exciting guests? Well none of us would have ever guessed it would have panned out quite how it did! Listen again to our podcast from January this year when life was much simpler. It’s a brand new year and we’d like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2020. To kick off the year, Ollie and Sue have invited two brilliant guests who are both at exciting stages in their food careers. Marianne Lumb is a chef who reached the final of BBC’s...


Are these the UK's best cookbooks?

Listen again to our podcast from September 2019. Food writing is the topic for this show – which book will be our flavour of the month? Ollie is absent from the studio this week – off on one of his “hippy jaunts”, as Sue so delicately puts it – but the delightful Holly Shackleton is here and ready to talk all things food. As an added bonus, the pair are joined by an absolutely fabulous guest presenter and friend of the show, Kumud Gandhi. Not only is Kumud the founder of The Cooking...


Paul A. Young, the UK's very own Willy Wonka

Listen again to our podcast from June 2019. This week Sue and Ollie have got guests from both ends of the flavour spectrum: sweet chocolate and savoury noodles. The one thing they have in common is that both producers love to experiment with exotic flavours. Master chocolatier Paul A Young makes a very welcome return to the show and he’s brought more of his incredible treats for Sue and Ollie to try. Although he’s seriously famous and renowned in the foodie world now, Paul has not been...


Robin Moxon on fish and Adam Byatt of Celebrity MasterChef

We’re talking meat and fish with two of the best in the food industry. Listen again to our podcast of August last year. Robin Moxon of Moxon’s Fishmongers knows pretty much all there is to know about fish and the buying habits of the Great British public. Surprisingly, it seems that Brits are more adventurous with fishy flavours than Sue had realised – you’ll never guess the subject of Great British Chefs’ most popular Instagram post! This kicks off a conversation about whether it’s...


Calum Franklin and eating pies at the Holborn Dining Room

Listen again to our podcast of April 2019 to cheer us up in 2021. Who ate all the pies? Not Sue, Holly or Ollie, because Calum forgot to bring any with him. The extraordinarily talented pie maestro, who is the Executive Chef at the Holborn Dining Room, breezed into the radio studios to talk all things pastry covered. The star of the short film The Geometry of Pie has opened the Pie Room at Holborn with a new menu dedicated to perfectly crafted pies. Sue just cannot contain her enthusiasm...


Why English sparkling is so good with Gusbourne Estates

Listen again to our Boxing Day podcast from last year. Only Sue and Ollie have managed to struggle into the studio today, with straining stomachs after the usual Christmas excess. However, they’re never too full to enjoy some fresh flavours, so they’re delighted to extend a festive welcome to three fascinating guests. Charlie Holland from Gusbourne Estate in Kent has brought in some of their fantastic sparkling wine to keep the party going, which sparks a conversation about the quality of...


David Walker explains how you start a snail farm

Prepare for an education about the secret life of snails…by listening again to our podcast of December last year. This week’s show is a very special edition because we’re meeting not one, not two, but three categories winners at the Future Food Awards. Dorset Snails took the Farm to Fork crown when the judges were wowed by the incredible taste and texture of their produce. The company’s entire farming process also impressed the panel, so Sue, Ollie and Holly want to know more about this...


Sam Bilton and the fascinating food history of the UK

Listen again to our podcast from February. Food history and writing are both under the spotlight this week, as two culinary wordsmiths share their very different outlets for gourmet expression. Sam Bilton is a freelance food historian, writer and cook who also runs a supper club, Repast, where she showcases her modern interpretations of historical food. If you fancy a blast from the past, you need to get a seat at Sam’s table, but what is her own favourite gastronomic era? Her answer might...


An Infinite Session for the designated driver

Non-alcoholic drinks innovation means you can enjoy the party without the hangover. Listen again to our podcast of December last year. It’s just two weeks to go until Christmas and Sue, Ollie and Holly are getting into the festive spirit. There’s talk of turkey versus chicken, the best Christmas breakfast and – most controversially – how early is too early to break out the alcohol? Well, with the UK non-alcoholic drinks market on the rise, you might decide not to risk a Boxing Day headache...


Sam Moro, restauranteur since 1997

Re-listen to our podcast of 20 March 2020 - just before COVID-19 struck. This show begins with some fond reminiscing as Sue recalls the best meals she’s ever had at London’s Moro restaurant. Luckily, among today’s guests is Sam Clark, who founded Moro with his wife in 1997 to celebrate the food of the southern Mediterranean. Both Sue and Ollie are huge fans, so they’re delighted to welcome a true food hero to the studio. They’re joined by another chef with a very different style – Nick...


Dr Sarah Jarvis and the best food programme ever made

Listen to the repeat of our podcast from January 2020. What is the greatest food TV programme ever? It’s a family affair in the studio today, as the team are joined by Ollie’s sister, Antonia – who just happens to be a BAFTA award-winning producer who has worked on many of the UK’s top food and drink programmes. She gives us some behind the scenes glimpses of life in foodie television, such as MasterChef: The Professionals and The Great British Menu. Plus, we hear from two other guests who...


CBD - what's the deal?

Listen again to our podcast on CBD from January 2020. Three experts bust some myths about controversial cannabidiol. Ever since CBD, or cannabidiol, products started to hit the UK market following law changes a few years ago, the media has been full of conflicting stories about its safety and efficacy. Is it a dangerous way of supplying cannabis to an unsuspecting public, or a harmless yet effective alternative to traditional medicines? There are strict legal guidelines in the UK around...


Sheila Dillon, legend of the airwaves

Renowned food journalist Sheila Dillon joins Sue for a very special show. Listen again to the interview from 19 December 2019. Our host Sue Nelson is beyond excited for this very special, festive edition of The FoodTalk Show. She’s joined by legendary food journalist, Sheila Dillon, who has been presenting BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme for over 20 years. Once they’ve finished sampling some tasty treats from Sheila’s native Lancashire, the pair get talking about Sheila’s remarkable life...


Crazy about Kent

The team go gonzo for the Garden of England in this very special episode. We're playing this podcast again from September last year in support of all Kent food and drink businesses hit by COVID-19. Sue’s adopted home of Kent is the focus of this week’s show, with two great guests who share her passion for the south east county. First up is Amanda Cottrell who, alongside many other prestigious titles, is patron of both Visit Kent and Produced in Kent. After 50 years living in the Garden of...


Scottish gin upholding Victorian tradition

Today we’re talking about gin… and nothing but. Listen again to our podcast of October last year. There’s a serious challenge in store for Sue and Ollie this week, as the FoodTalk studio becomes a full-blown gin palace. Will they stay sober until the end of the show? The dynamic duo is made of pretty stern stuff so, fingers crossed! Not one, but two gin experts have paid FoodTalk a visit, bringing with them tantalising tipples to test anyone’s temperance. Sue has some fun gin facts to...


Colette Twomey and the Clonakilty secret recipe for black pudding

Listen again to our podcast from June last year. It’s Hari’s last week as guest presenter on the show, so she’s making the most of the goodies our guests are offering up. Black pudding and milkshake make a bit of an odd combination… But hey, why not? The first mention of black pudding can be found way back in Homer’s Odyssey. The family business of our first guest, Colette Twomey, doesn’t go back quite that far, but Clonakilty Blackpudding Company certainly has an impressive...


Neal's Yard Dairy and a cheesy romance

Listen again to our podcast from August last year. Neal’s Yard Dairy has been a Covent Garden fixture and cheese champion for four decades, so it’s very exciting for Sue, Ollie and Holly to welcome Jason Hinds to the studio. He quite naturally knows a thing or two about cheese. The consuming public’s love affair with British farmhouse cheeses has been flourishing for some years now, so the team are delighted to see that Jason has brought a selection of the company’s UK and Irish-produced...


Peverel Manners of Belvoir with Jamie Crummie

Listen again to our podcast from July last year. Ollie is wearing a noticeably flowery shirt to the studio this week, which may draw some amused comments from Sue but is also remarkably apt. One of this week’s brilliant guests is the gloriously named Peverel Manners, from Belvoir Fruit Farms. Their refreshing fruit cordials and presses are supermarket staples today, but it all started in 1984 with the humble elderflower. Pev tell us how to make the perfect cordial – which is pretty tricky...


Cookery schools and how to use salt

Listen again to our podcast from March this year. The lost arts of home cooking and proper use of salt Sue has finally returned from her exotic adventures in South Africa, with lots of stories to tell. You’ll need to tune in, if only to hear about the bath on the train… Our first guest, Rosalind Rathouse, hails from South Africa originally but her mission is not an exotic one. As the founder of Cookery School at Little Portland Street, Rosalind wants to encourage more people to get into...