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The FoodTalk Show is back. Each week Sue Nelson and Jane Peyton interview the best producers and experts in the UK, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.


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The FoodTalk Show is back. Each week Sue Nelson and Jane Peyton interview the best producers and experts in the UK, finding out how to source the perfect ingredients and make amazing food for family and friends.




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Ben Davies - Founder of VYPR on research that works

Ben Davies is the founder of VYPR, a consumer research business that is designed to metaphorically put the consumer on the shoulder of brand leaders as they optimise their mix or launch new products. Ben is a serial entrepreneur and an ex-supermarket buyer who passionately believes that most innovation processes are designed to produce sub-optimal products (and this is backed up data, as 85% of product launches fail after 12 months across Europe). He believes too many run processes that are rigid, take too much time and cost too much money. His platform encourages brand owners to ask lots of little questions, evolve their hypotheses over time and truly understand via A/B testing what is really working. Put another way he wants people to adopt a more agile way of developing products. He shares with Ollie Lloyd a whole host of examples of categories where most brands are getting things wrong and argues that a new approach can deliver a genuinely more interesting and successful outcome. The truth is that too often brands add too many reasons to believe on their packs, are more focused on what other brands are talking about than what consumers actually need and want. Decisions are made quickly and so brands need to get their messaging at shelf right or products fail. VYPR is a great example of a business that is trying to help brands get things right from the start. Edited by Stella Gent


Elin Roberts - making nature better with Tempeh

Elin Roberts is the CMO and one of the Co-Founders of Better Nature, a tempeh company. She is leading the charge to inspire more people to embrace the world of tempeh and eat a little bit more sustainably. Tempeh is a weirdly neglected Indonesian product that is made from fermented soybeans. Whilst it is a stable of Indonesian cuisine it hasn't been embraced around the world even though it has a higher content of protein, fibre and vitamins than tofu. Already stocked in a broad range of retailers, from Tesco to Lidl, they have strong momentum and are focused on helping people understand that meat free products don't have to be highly processed.


Charlie Bighams - creating a beacon food brand

Charlie Bigham, the founder of Bigham's, is one of the emerging giants of the food world. He is passionate about creating a food business that demonstrates the real benefits of long term thinking, a thing he believes we are sorely lacking in the UK at present. To understand his philosophy, all you need to do is look at the award-winning architect designed production facility (aka kitchen), in Somerset, that cooks over 50% of their food. During his chat with Ollie Lloyd on The Food Talk Show he explained how he is focused on improving their core products rather than getting obsessed by the excitement of innovation. He champions the idea of EFD (Existing Food Development) rather than NPD or NFD (New Food Development) as he calls it. He loves to climb into the metaphorical weeds of his supply chain to find the best possible ingredients. He hates fake meats and believes they are doing immeasurable harm, something it is hard to challenge. His approach is different but it is having a major impact and is winning with customers and retailers. A business that more should be looking to emulate. Edited by Stella Gent


Veganuary -aiming for a kinder, greener planet

Toni Vernelli, the head of communications at Veganuary, chats with Ollie Lloyd about the organisation's mission and how it came into being. They discuss what the best of vegan food looks like and how their mission is far from the militant view of veganism that some parts of the press would like you to associate with it. They understand that change is hard and are trying to encourage people to take a step towards more sustainable eating.


Dr Morgaine Gaye - Food Futurologist

Dr Morgaine Gaye, a food futurologist joins Ollie Lloyd on The Food Talk Show to discuss the evolving food landscape and how brands can tap into consumers changing attitudes. With discussions ranging from the adoption of new food traditions to hyper local consumption and the challenges around plant-based food. Edited by Stella Gent


Pete Russell, from Ooooby, on shaking up local farming

Pete Russell joins Ollie Lloyd on The FoodTalk Show to tell him about his mission to connect small scale farmers with their local consumers. As the founder of Ooooby, an online platform that provides the tools for farmers to manage fruit and veg boxes, he is passionate about finding a way to put customised technology into the hands of farms. Already working with 70 farms and food hubs across the UK, his business is helping growers connect with local communities. He believes passionately that this model has the potential to create new employment opportunities on farms, help people get closer to the food they eat and also provide a new revenue stream for small scale growers. Episode edited by Stella Gent


Rupert Pick - Co-Founder of Hot Pickle, a leading experiential marketing agency

Rupert Pick, Co-Founder and CEO of Hot Pickle, shares his lessons from 14 years at the cutting edge of experiential marketing. His career started at Unilever, included time as an Inventor at !What If?, and an MBA from Cambridge, all of which explains his strategic approach. He talks about the need to create content platforms far beyond events that engage consumers in a dialogue they care about. He warns brands to avoid being narcissistic and focus on the human element of experiences. But ultimately he convincingly argues that experiential marketing can be both a profit centre and a way of delivering growth if done right. So listen in to learn from one of the masters of this space.


Graze - a wonderful teenager that is maturing rapidly

Joanna Allen, the CEO of Graze, comes to our virtual studio to tell Ollie Lloyd all about how she is helping a teenager become a leading voice in the B Corp community. Graze recently turned 15 and is on a mission to help people make small changes that can have big impacts, from both a sustainability and health perspective. Graze was one of the early innovators in D2C, dropping boxes full of healthy snacks through consumer’s letterboxes. Nowadays D2C only makes up 20% of its business and it plays a more nuanced role. The team use it as a way of collecting data, for media targeting, product testing and selection and as a recruitment vehicle for a cohort of fans that can spread the word on social media. The story Joanna tells, reminds us that the brands trying to do the right thing from a sustainability and health perspective are choosing the harder road. It just comes down to consumers to back these choices, which isn't always easy during a cost of living crisis.


Marcus Wareing and Tales from a Kitchen Garden

Marcus Wareing comes into the FoodTalk studio to talk about his work with Angela Hartnett, Gordon Ramsay and Michel Roux among others. How potatoes have shaped his life, Masterchef ("it was like being asked to be in The Beatles") and his new BBC 2 series Tales From A Kitchen Garden. Fascinating stuff with Susie Warran-Smith and Ollie Lloyd.



Listen again. Susie is overjoyed that this week's programme is about porter and stout - her favourite type of beer. AJ prefers the hoppy taste of IPAs but as always is open to trying anything. Luckily Clare Pope the beer writer is in the studio to take them through the tastings of the black stuff in an orderly fashion. In the end they all agree that the best is an extraordinary stout that is a mind-blowing 11% ABV.


The Dessert Show

Join hosts Susie Warran-Smith and AJ Sharp for an exciting episode of the Food Talk Show. In this episode, they are joined by guest experts Joe Moruzzi from Pleese, the pioneers of frozen cheesecake, and Andrew Chelley from Pots & Co, the innovators behind delectable desserts. AJ is as excited as ever to taste sweet treats, but Susie takes a little more convincing.


The Potato Show

Join hosts Susie Warran-Smith and AJ Sharp who are joined this week by two guest experts. John Chater from Dug Drinks, the mastermind behind an incredibly authentic and delicious plant-based milk alternative. And Nat Cooper from Simply Roasted Crisps, whose revolutionary technology has given birth to the crispiest, healthiest and tastiest crisps in town. Nat sheds light on the cutting-edge techniques employed to achieve such a delectable crunch. Can you guess what crisps and plant-based milk has in common?


Fruity Heritage

This week, Susie Warren-Smith is back in the studio with AJ Sharp and they’re talking about heritage this week. Our experts are Scott Goodfellow from Tiptree and Neil Franklin from Brogdale, home of the National Fruit Collection Heritage Orchards. We learn why heritage is really important for topfruit farmers. And although it’s one of her favourite condiment producers, Susie is keen to quiz Scott on why Tiptree is also called Wilkin and Sons.


Feeling Saucy

This week, AJ is joined again by the lovely Suzy Pelta who is a food presenter, demo chef, food judge, recipe writer, brand consultant and condiment enthusiast! This week AJ and Suzy are very excited to meet Lian White from Dr Will’s and Roddy Perkins from Barries, as they deep dive into the world of condiments, from vegan mayos to perfectly balanced ketchups. And Suzy is really excited and interested to hear about the new developments happening around Sriracha!


Freshly Squeezed

Our co-host and Taste Expert AJ Sharp is back in the hosting hot-seat, and she is joined again by guest presenter Suzy Pelta, who is a food presenter, demo chef, food judge, recipe writer, brand consultant. They are joined in the studio this week by Ed Rigg from Eager Drinks, and the team taste their way through the entire bar range and talk about the developments in drinks. And whether or not sugar really is as bad as they say it is!


Have a Snoop at Knoops

Our co-host and Taste Expert AJ Sharp is back in the hosting hot-seat, and she is joined again by guest presenter Suzy Pelta, who AJ describes as an all-round foodie legend! Together they get very excited about what might be described as the World’s best hot chocolate, as Jen Knoop from Knoops joins them in the studio. From 72% to 54%, who knew how multifarious the world of hot chocolate could be?! Are you a chocolate orange lover? Or is it a tiny pinch of sea salt which really floats your boat? There’s something incredibly comforting about Knoops hot chocolate.


Sweet Moments

This week, AJ is joined by guest Presenter Suzy Pelta. Suzy is no stranger to TV and radio as she first burst on to our screens a few years ago after winning a baking competition on ITV’s Lorraine; she’s also a demo chef, food judge, recipe writer and brand consultant. Our experts are Joe Woolf from Tasty Mates, whose range of sweets have unique flavours relating to personality traits found in many a friendship group. Maya Simler joins us from Playin Choc, which is an organic chocolate and game designed to inspire creative and educational play. We discover that Suzy has a special connection with one of the guests on the show today. And how important it is for us all to play a little more!


The Dough Show

This week, AJ is joined again by Taste Kent Magazine editor, Clare Pope and together they explore the fascinating world of snacking dough! Cookie dough is an un-cooked blend of cookie ingredients, however our experts this week have taken this dough to a whole new level! In the hot seats this week we have Kathryn Bricken from Doughlicious and Erin Moroney from Nibble Simply. AJ gets every excited, as usual, about tasting all the different flavours, while Clare wants to know about the functional benefits.


Drinks with a Difference

This week, AJ is joined by drinks writer Clare Pope who is intrigued by this week’s theme, drinks with a difference. The experts joining them in the studio are Eoin Keenan from Goodrays and Zak Tozer the founder of Zak’s Zombucha. Clare and AJ are really interested to understand the functional elements of different drinks and are especially fascinated by CBD infused drinks. Are they safe? What do they actually do? And is it legal?


Plants but not as you Know Them

This week, it’s AJ Sharp back in the hosting hot-seat and she is joined again by guest presenter Elles Hale, a professional chef and flexitarian for a show about plant-based meat and cheese alternatives. They learn how plants can disguise themselves as cheese and meat, and why it’s really important to look at the composition of products before eating them. The experts on the show this week are Charlotte Stevens, the cheesemonger who famously received death threats in the post after setting up her plant based “cheeze” shop. And Steve Swindon from Love Seitan, who explains that gluten (as long as you aren’t allergic to it) really isn’t so bad after all.