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The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates. Through the journey, the artists open up to Minnick about life tribulations, what it's like on the road and their favorite foods. Really, it's just two people tasting and talking.

The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates. Through the journey, the artists open up to Minnick about life tribulations, what it's like on the road and their favorite foods. Really, it's just two people tasting and talking.


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The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates. Through the journey, the artists open up to Minnick about life tribulations, what it's like on the road and their favorite foods. Really, it's just two people tasting and talking.








Model Holly Stocks | Wearing Hats and Cowboy Boots | Michter's Toasted 2018

Influencer and model Holly Stocks joins the show to get educated on bourbon. Along the way, she talks about what it was like to leave photography, being a single mom and collaborating with fashion designers. Here is the tasting lineup: Glass A) Sweetens Cove Glass B) Four Roses 2014 Single Barrel Glass C) Michter's Toasted 2018


LIVE Bourbon Reviews

From a YouTube Livestream, Fred tastes some new bourbons, three of which are super good. Here's the lineup: Barrell Batch 33, K. Luke Blended Bourbon Whiskey Cask Strength, Garrison Guadalupe 2022 & Broken Barrel Cask Strength


GWAR Returns | Catoctin Creek Tasting

When @GWAR launched their whiskey collaboration last year, Fred feared for his life, as he tasted their whiskey. If he didn't like it, they may have eaten him and sent his corpse to Antarctica. But he was spared. Their second batch with Catoctin Creek is out now, and he reviews it before the mighty BERSERKER BLÓTHAR, BÄLSÄC THE JAWS 'O DEATH and JIZMAK DA GUSHA. Will he survive this round? Merch, including official The Fred Minnick Show Glencairn:...

Private Jets, Movie Sets and Treats | Inside the World of a Celebrity Dog Trainer | Proof & Wood 18 Year Whiskey

Celebrity dog trainer Ali Hemyari of Nashville K9 sips some bourbon and talks about what it's like handling famous dogs, training them for the movies and how he manages a company that has a private plane just for the pups. He also answers: What is the best breed for a family? Along with many training tidbits for you dog lovers at home. On the tasting menu: Glass A) Penelope 4 Grain; Glass B) Chicken Cock 20 Year Canadian Rye; and Glass C) Proof & Wood 18 year. Merch, including official The...


Who Makes the Best Barbecue? Austin Meade Discusses Time on the Road + Blind Whiskey Tasting

Alternative rocker Austin Meade joins the show to discuss his musical genre, learns how to taste whiskey and opines on his favorite barbecue spot in Texas. The blind tasting: Glass A) Proof & Wood American Blend. Glass B) McBrayer; and Glass C) 21 year Chicken Cock Canadian Rye Subscribe to Fred Minnick's Channel: Merch, including official The Fred Minnick Show Glencairn:...


Breaking News: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport Puts His Phone Down for Bourbon

How is bourbon treated in the NFL? Joining The Fred Minnick Show , NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport shares how America's spirit is shared and treated in the world's greatest league over sipping a few bourbons. Rapoport opens up about what it's like covering the country's most popular sport and his wife shows off her tasting skills. Rapoport is a reporter for NFL Network, covering league business, player news and more. He is best known for breaking stories about the NFL world. He...


Is That Body Spray You Taste In Bourbon? Guest: Comedian Natalie Cuomo

Have you ever tasted Axe Body Spray in a whiskey? Well, that's the subject great debate in this week's episode. This week’s guest is stand-up comedian Natalie Cuomo who, in addition to doing stand-up, is also host of the podcast “Help! With Natalie Cuomo.” Formally trained as an actor, she currently hosts a weekly comedy show at The Stand Comedy Club in New York. A tattoo enthusiast, she also is a regular contributor to Inked Magazine. She joins the Fred Minnick Show this week to blind...


5 Available American Whiskeys Worth The Hunt

As seen on YouTube , here are 5 whiskeys that won Double Platinum at my ASCOT Awards , are under $60 and available. You may have to hunt in a couple stores, but you can find these. You'll be happy you did.


We Came As Romans' Dave Stephens

This week on The Fred Minnick Show, Dave Stephens sips Journeyman Corsetts Whips and Whiskey, which won Best in Show at this year's ASCOT Awards. Stephens is lead vocalist for the heavy metal band We Came As Romans, based in Detroit, Michigan. The band, which formed in 2005, has five albums to its credit, with another album, Darkbloom, set for release in the fall. While the band has undergone numerous personnel changes over the years, it has held strong and is set to embark on yet another...


Possible Whiskey Critic Kidnapping | Glenn Howerton | 15 Years of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton joins The Fred Minnick Show and discusses the Gang's new project--Four Walls Whiskey. One of which is a blend of American and Irish whiskeys, and the other, which Fred tastes on the show, is a 15-year Irish Whiskey at cask strength. In addition, they discuss what it's been like for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to be the longest running live-action sitcom. Fred recalls an episode in which the Gang kidnaps a restaurant critic. Could the...


B-Real Pairs Weed to Bourbon | That One Time Bruce Willis Toked | Barrell Seagrass Rerelease

Hiphop icon BReal of Cypress Hill does something nobody has before on The Fred Minnick Show: He lights up and pairs rare bourbon to cannabis. Over an hour, they tasted 291 Colorado whiskey, Michter's 10 Year, 1970s Jim Beam Beam White Label, Barrell Seagrass and Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series. They talked about BReal's career, his new video game and celebrities who smoke as well as break down the rich pairing notes of weed and whiskey. Subscribe to Fred Minnick's Channel:...


Peyton Manning Sips 100-Year-Old Bourbon, Talks NFL Hall of Fame, Coaching Career and More Rerelease

On the latest episode of The Fred Minnick Show, Fred is joined by former NFL star quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning, considered one of the best to ever play the game, won two Super Bowls while playing 18 years with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos and will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2021 class. He also had a successful collegiate career at the University of Tennessee before being drafted first overall in the 1998 NFL draft. On the episode, joined by...


Slipknot's Clown: 'I Drink Bourbon Out of' of Grammy Award, Reveals 'True' Feelings About Band's Music Rerelease

In a rare, full-on tell all, the legendary Clown (real name: M. Shawn Crahan) explains the meaning of the mask, what he thinks about the Grammys and reveals candidly what Slipknot's music means to him. And, of course, he and Fred sip the band's signature Cedar Ridge whiskey, No. 9 Reserve. Clown lets it all loose in this interview. FOLLOW FRED Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: SPONSORS...


Southern Rapper Jelly Roll: 'Jesus Would Drive A Harley' Rerelease

In this episode, Fred talks Jesus, drugs and political idiots with Southern Rapper Jelly Roll, who freely admits he wanted to kiss Fred on the air. In this deep-and-comedic interview, Jelly Roll talks a lot of common sense on his path to Fred selecting a bourbon perfect for his palate. The fact Jelly Roll liked all the flavors he suggested made it easier to pick a great bourbon. If you're not following Jelly Roll, you're missing out on one of the hip hop scene's most unique individuals. He...


Should I Invest in Crypto? | Madison Malloy | St. Lucia Chairman's Reserve 1931

In the past few years, everybody's been talking about Crypto Currency. This week's guest talks about that and cancel culture in the comedy world over rum. Madison Malloy is a TV producer, comedian and podcaster with a new book in the works. We taste rums from Haiti, Colorado and St. Lucia. Her favorite shouldn't surprise you.


The History of Private Barrel Selections | 1972 Old Fitzgerald | Joe Wilson

Fred sits down with Joe Wilson, curator of the Whisky Auctioneer site, and discusses the hist ory of private barrel selections and the state of American whiskey in auctions. In past auctions, Michter's and WhistlePig releases have been going head-to-head with Pappy Van Winkle, the most sought after bourbon in the contemporary sense. They also taste a couple rare gems distilled at Stitzel-Weller in the 1950s and 1960s. Read more about this auction and the history of private barrel picks in...


Tequila and Mezcal Tasting | Metal Lords | Sirius XM's Jose Mangin

Sirius XM's Jose Mangin joins The Fred Minnick Show for a tequila and mezcal tasting. A huge heavy metal fan, Fred chats with Jose carrying the metal community on his shoulders and about his tequila passion. Jose flexes his tequila knowledge and the duo begin a blind tasting that mixes both tequila and mezcal. The lineup: Glass A) Los Siete Misterios Mezcal; B) Dos Primos Tquila Reposado; C) El Tesoro Reposado Single Barrel Tequila; and D) Ilegal Mezcal Anejo. Here's the lineup: Who wins?


Ian Somerhalder | The Best Celebrity Palate | 1942 Old Timbrook 5-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Over the years, Fred Minnick has tasted with hundreds of celebrities and notable humans. And while he's discovered many fine tasters, in this week's interview on The Fred Minnick Show, Ian Somerhalder jumps to the top spot on the list of Fred's "Best Celebrity Tasters." Ian breaks down whiskey like a pro, because, well, he is one. The Vampire Diaries and LOST star talks about his latest project--Brother's Bond--and blind tastes a pair of stunning vintage bourbons. 1943 Glencoe Kentucky...


Discovering Mezcal & Vegan Menus | Gilbert Marquez | Vintage Eagle Rare

In a lively discussion, Ilegal Mezcal's Gilbert Marquez discusses the differences between mezcal and tequila, while eloquently discussing his passion for punk rock and the rise of vegan menus in Mexico. Gilbert tastes Fred through a flight of Ilegal mezcal. And like all episodes, Gilbert jumps into a blind bourbon tasting, all of which were vintage: Eagle Rare, Jim Beam and Old Schenley. Which one wins?


The Aromatic Note of 'Dirty Feet' | Candace Devine

Singer of Ponderosa Grove and producer of the upcoming Pure Imagination Festival in her hometown of Prescott, Arizona, Candace Devine loves whiskey and today, she brings her palate to the dance of tasting on the podcast. She broke down the lineup, bringing forth notes reanging from "fig and raison" to "oak and sour." She talks about her current tour with Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Fred somehow tells a story about the time he passed out next to homeless people in New Orleans. Get to know...