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Welcome to the Huntavore Podcast. Where we discuss catching cutting and cooking from the wild. No egos, no status, just the pursuit of organic protein and a love for wild, natural creation.

Welcome to the Huntavore Podcast. Where we discuss catching cutting and cooking from the wild. No egos, no status, just the pursuit of organic protein and a love for wild, natural creation.
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Welcome to the Huntavore Podcast. Where we discuss catching cutting and cooking from the wild. No egos, no status, just the pursuit of organic protein and a love for wild, natural creation.






From Salad Snacker to Joint Breaker

Nick chats with Founder of Western Daughters Butcher Shop, Kate Kavanaugh. Recently, she was featured in the New York Times for her very interesting story of becoming a strict vegetarian in her youth to owning and operating a whole animal butcher shop in Colorado. This episode takes a few tangents into views on agriculture and domestic meats, some historical reasons why regenerative ag is a good idea. Kate also lays out some tips for hunters and hits us with some incredible meal...


Add A Little More Musketpowder

Nick sits down with generalist hunter and kitchen wizz, Ward Danger. Ward has traveled all over pursuing many types of game, including some time Africa. He has spent time as a guide, worked in the oil fields, and has put together his very own seasoning blend called Musketpowder. This guy is a walking talking story book of awesome adventures. Show Notes: Ward takes on his journey of chasing after critter all over the country and even the globe. His story of culling an aging giraffe in South...


Cast Iron Cooking

I sit down with Steve Brewer of @castironsteve, where he shows off a nice collection of cast iron cooking vessels. We talk basics of cast iron care, bringing a relic back to life, and how cast iron is still the best in 2019. Show Notes Cast Iron cookware is a bombproof cooling medium that holds heat incredibly well for searing, yet distributes heat evenly to prevent scorching. It can bake, sear, braise, and boil making it super utilitarian. Cast Iron is porous which is here seasoning comes...


Tinfoil, Tripods, and a Woody

Nick breaks down some of his favorite dinner meal dishes to make while camping. Along with some old school equipment that has gotten a modern twist. Foil Dinners are a favorite of the Huntavore Family. Either burger or diced roasts, diced potatoes, diced onions, baby carrots, corn, haven't tried halved Brussels sprouts but I bet those are good. Salt, pepper, and several tablespoons of butter (oil works, but I find not as well). Pro Tip: double foil, alternate seam sides, as close to coals...


Nostalgic Dishes and Flintlocks

Nick sits down with Kory Slye, an editor and writer from Pennsylvania. Kory has a rich history in the outdoors growing up and is passing that experience onto his young family. We talk about nostalgic dishes, social media, and hunting with Flintlock rifles.


One Whole Year

Dustin and Nick sit down and celebrate one year of Huntavore. They go over what they have learned, and what they have enjoyed most. Nick talks about his upcoming family camping trip and how he’s going to cook for a family of 5 via a “Chuck Box”. Dustin reveals details of his latest fishing boat project, and much more. Show Notes: Survey Giveaway!!:


Full Swing In To Summer

Nick is running solo on this one, Summer has just begun and he hit the ground running. He recaps the Total Archery Challenge in Boyne, MI, an awesome wild game cook-out with the Bowhunter Chronicles crew, and a quick run through of his camp cooking set up that has some application for any DIY backcountry hunter or angler.


Hunting & Trapping With Kids w/ John Smith

Nick and Dustin are joined by their good friends John Smith. John is an avid woodsman whose skill set goes beyond any normal guy understanding. The guys break down the last bit turkey action, morels and false morels, and the ins and outs of trapping here in Michigan. A very insightful episode. Show Notes Talking turkeys. Hunting with the girls Talking kids and family Talking morels Nick finds one lone half free. Good year. 400+. Weather played out well this year Mushroom...


Building Adult Arrows with the Ranch Fairy

Troy hails from Texas, where the hogs grow huge. Lightweight archery tackle doesn't work on these critters and he had to get creative. Now he putting together arrows, double and even triple the grain weight of most whitetail setups. Actions of a mad man? I’ll let you decide, as we explore High weight, High FOC, Meat Missiles with attitude. Troy the Ranch Fairy Instagram: @ranchfary Facebook: Ranch Fairy YouTube: Who is Dr Ed...


When It Rains, It Pours

Nick and Dustin are joined by hunting buddy, Brock on a rainy evening. They go over their steelhead weekend, and their start to their turkey season. The guys also catch up on previous show topics like the Bluegill Pepsi Challenge, Dustin has in his freezer. Brock AKA “Public Land Warrior”: Brock’s Hunting history – getting started in grandpa’s gravel pit at about 8 years old. As a common Michigander started hunting bows at 14 off and college back at it hard moving to the west-side of...


From Field to Plate with Jeremiah Doughty

The guys chat with wild game chef and hunting advocate, Jeremiah Doughty. Jeremiah created From Field to Plate, a collection of recipes, processing techniques, and content on how to handle your harvest. A true passionate sportsmen, whose connection to hunting is so personal, it has improved the quality of his health. Special Items include; Calling out Midwesterners for eating bland food, challenging Nick to keep taking more from the gut pile, don’t mask flavors, instead compliment them,...


Chewing the Fat: Trout, Turkeys, and Morel Mushrooms

Nick and Dustin put the close on ice fishing and small game. Their attention now turns to spring time activities of trout, turkeys, and the hopes of morel mushrooms. Special items include: Listener challenge to cook fish not in a fryer, Nick’s attempt at a mouth calling with vocals only, and Dustin’s “seen a few, got one” streak continues. ShowNotes Questions/Comments Huntavore Podcast: Instagram: @huntavore Facebook: The Huntavore Chewing...


Cure for the Winter Blues with Travis Hall

We sit down with writer, Travis Hall of Pursuit to Plate. His blog is devoted to the hunt, the harvest, and the preparation of all things wild. We cover curing basics, sausage making, and how the outdoor, wild game community is a positive group that loves sharing their creations.


Hello Again

Today Dustin and Nick reintroduce themselves to the new Sportsmen's Nation audience. The guys check on the vision, mission, and goals for the Huntavore podcast. Also they get into some current events and whats coming down the pipeline from Huntavore. Show Notes TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH HUNTAVORE Subscribe to The Huntavore Podcast on Itunes or ​Be sure to check out the Hutavore Recipes on their blog on the Sportsmen's Nation


Grillin and Chillin with Adam Golias

The polar vortex has smacked Michigan with record lows. What better time to think summer and talk grilling. Adam Golias from Golias Grills joins us to talk all things grilling: History, Setups, techniques, and a recipe that would help any grill meister. Instagram: Goliasgrills Website: Grilling Renaissance in America Southern BBQ open pits, whole hogs, wood fuel 1897 the briquette is invented (Ellesworth B. A. Zwoyer) Kingsford (Henry Ford) created to use wood scrap...


Chewing the Fat 6

Dustin has a great day on the ice and the guys set up for a comparison of vac seal vs froze in water. Recent dishes are talked about and Nick makes 2 flavors of jerky to try. All that and more in todays episode.


Pleasant Pheasant

Nick was invited along on a michigan pheasant hunt. He lays out the details of the hunt with his friends Judd and Ben. Later, he recounts the hunt and some of the steps necessary to prepare the birds for a fully flavorful meal. Where is dustin you ask? probably checking the ice, still to thin around here for any kind of ice fishing yet. Field Care and Prep of Pheasant Hanging birds feathered and guts in. All a matter of taste: fresh=mild aged=uniqueness Hank recommends a week for...


Chewing the Fat 4

Nick and Dustin close down their 2018 deer season by talking muzzleloading and late archery season sits, the guys also dive into some venison dishes, their take-aways from the recent interviews, Buzzardry 101, salvage tags, and dustin breaks down his ice fishing setup. A very relaxed episode, so enjoy. Deer Season 2018 closure Last Sits Muzzleloader Veni cooking shanks smoked venison Stock Touch on previous interviews Salvage Tags Buzzard 101 Ice fishing


Ep.13 Hunter Angler Gather Cook: A Chat with Hank Shaw

Hank is an author, chef, and true wild edibles visionary. His take on wild game has elevated it to 5 star status, yet can be prepared on any night of the week. Nick sits down with Hank and merely scratch the surface of preparations and techniques for cooking wild game. Hanks Website: (you can find his books here) Instagram: @huntgathercook Facebook Forum: Hunt Gather Gook (closed group, just tell em that Huntavore sent ya)


Rock and Roll Butchery with Scott Rea

Nick sits across the block from a master at the butchery craft, Scott Rea. Award winning GameButcher and GameHero in the UK, he talks the ins and outs of cutting up your query and taking your butchery to the next level. Scott Rea Project - You Tube, Facebook, Instagram