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Episode 285: Yo! Sushi!

On this special edition of The Main Course, host Phil Gilmour welcomes Chef Mike Lewis of YO! Sushi into the studio to tease the restaurant's New York opening, complete with a mini sushi conveyor belt!


Episode 283: Hawaii Mike, Agent for Higher

On the season premiere of The Main Course, Alexes, Phil and Tido are joined in the studio by "Hawaii" Mike Salman, a brand consulting guru who co-founded Agency For Higher, a strategic branding company specializing in the emerging cannabis industry. Tune in to hear them discuss the art and science of cannabis infusions in food.


Episode 277: Director Shan Nicholson

This week on The Main Course, Alexes, Phil and Tido are joined by Shan Nicholson, director of the 2015 documentary film Rubble Kings, which depicts gang violence in The Bronx in the 1970s, specifically the events leading up to and following the Hoe Avenue peace meeting. Tune in to hear them discuss growing up in Long Island City, hip hop culture, filmmaking, the brutality of Kickstarter, and more!


Episode 272: Paint the Town (RED)

This week on The Main Course, Alexes and Phil take a trip down memory lane to earlier this summer, when they attended the (RED) Supper, which raises money and awareness for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Tune is to hear Alexes and Phil interview chefs in attendance at this event from around the country, including Nancy Silverton, Tom Douglas, Kristen Kish, and more!


Episode 271: L is for Wicked Good Lobstah!

This week on The Main Course, hosts Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Matt Jacobson, executive director of The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC), and Chef Kwame Onwuachi, executive chef/owner of The Shaw Bijou, which will open in Washington, D.C. this year. Also crawling around in the studio today: a live new shell Maine lobster!


Episode 270: Taste the World with Jermaine Stone and Julia Gilbert

This week on The Main Course, hosts Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Jermaine Stone and Julia Gilbert of the new podcast Taste the World, which premieres on August 1st. TASTE THE WORLD podcast is here to celebrate the new generation of wine drinkers. Each episode pairs stars of the fine wine industry with popular culture figures to experience and discuss wine and spirits in a language we can all understand. Along the way, they find commonalities between people from all walks of...


Episode 269: Belkin for Brooklyn

This week on The Main Course, host Phil Gilmour is joined in the studio by Kenneth Belkin, an attorney based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Belkin is also running for a Democratic New York State Assembly seat this September. Tune in to hear them discuss his punk rock roots, his legal career, and his progressive platform for the fall election.


Episode 268: Belcampo's Anya Fernald

This week on The Main Course, hosts Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Anya Fernald, a sustainable food expert and the co-founder and CEO of Belcampo. She has appeared as a judge on the Food Network's Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef. Her new book, Home Cooked: Essential Recipes for a New Way to Cook, is available now.


Episode 267: Govinda Angulo of The Wolfpack

This week on The Main Course, Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Govinda Angulo, one of the subjects of the 2015 documentary film The Wolfpack. The film is about a family who homeschooled and raised their seven children in the confinement of their apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City. Locked away for fourteen years, the Angulo family's seven children—six brothers named Mukunda, Narayana, Govinda, Bhagavan, Krisna (Glenn), and Jagadesh (Eddie), and their sister...


Episode 266: Live at the Phillmour East

This week on The Main Course, friend of the show Kamrooz Aram sits in as guest host alongside Alexes McLaughlin to interview...Phillip Gilmour! Tune in for a fascinating glimpse inside the mind of one of Bushwick's most gregarious residents and businessmen.


Episode 263: Leighton Edmondson

On this weeks episode of The Main Course, Alexes and Phil are joined in the studio by Leighton Edmondson, a locavore chef, micro gardener, forager, and original Brooklyn person. They chat about his involvement with the Bushwick food co-op, his work in film as a lighting director and gaffer, looking your turkey in the eye, and how all whiskey starts as beer. I couldnt be a farmer. I kill everything. [37:00] – Alexes McLaughlin andnbsp;


Episode 260: Etsy’s Eatsy with Katie Rose Crosswhite and Ariana Anthony

Tune in for a great episode of The Main Course as solo host Alexes McLaughlin is in studio with Katie Rose Crosswhite and Ariana Anthony of Etsy. As the Brooklyn Food and Beverage Programs Coordinator and PR Specialist, respectively, Katie Rose and Ariana share the evolution of Etsys food program and why lunch and learns are a big deal, plus more! Ever wondered what its like to be on the inside at everyones favorite online marketplace? This is the show for you! Its a curated lunch that is...


Episode 258: Swig + Swallow with April Wachtel

The Main Course is new this week with host Alexes McLaughlin in studio with April Wachtel. April Wachtel is a 20 year veteran in the beverage and hospitality industry. She is an entrepreneur, an experienced mixologist, a cocktail and spirits instructor, and owner of Swig + Swallow cocktail batching + delivery service. April worked in every role from busser to bartender to beverage director to brand ambassador to beverage consultant. She has developed recipes for the likes of Lincoln Center...


Episode 257: The Gorilla From The Giraffes

From 1996 to 2015, the Brooklyn-based Giraffes have shredded, burned, and leveled every audience from their hometown of NYC to the Sunset Strip, and back again, and now guitar wizard Damien Paris and artist Tim Kent join Phillip Gilmour in studio for the first episode of The Main Course of 2016! Talking all things rock and roll, art, New York pizza, and their crazy stories thus far, this is the explicit, hide your kids, episode youve been waiting for.


Episode 256: Donner, Party of 50!

WARNING! This episode contains content which may upset some listeners, please be advised. If you mention the Donner Party to most Americans, you’ll probably be met with a wrinkled nose, uncomfortable fidgeting or a look of vague revulsion. This week on The Main Course, Alexes McLaughlin and Phillip Gilmour welcome playwright Adam Scott Mazer and actor Joe Peterson to the studio talking about this crazy page in history as well as their production, The Tower: The Psychedelic Tragedy of the...


Episode 255: Cravings with Celia & Cynthia Cheng

Cravings introduces the concept of gastronomic cravings and guides you in how to satisfy them. A review of New York City foods and wines based on specific cravings, the site judges specific items rather than the restaurant or purveyor as a whole. The Cheng Sisters, Celia and Cynthia, are your guides to Cravings and are Alexes and Phillips guests this week on The Main Course. There are so many restaurants in New York City; where do you begin to choose one? Talking their culinary travels,...


Episode 254: Alan Rosen of Junior’s Cheesecake

Hail a taxicab anywhere in New York City and tell the driver, Take me to the best cheesecake in New York. Odds are you will end up at the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues in Brooklyn, at Juniors. Founded by Harry Rosen in 1950, Juniors landmark restaurant is known as the home of New Yorks best cheesecake, and today, Alexes McLaughlin and Phillip Gilmour welcome current owner Alan Rosen to The Main Course. Talking the longstanding history of Alans family business and the importance of...


Episode 253: Rainn Wilson

Check out this weeks edition of The Main Course as hosts Alexes McLaughlin and Phillip Gilmour welcome Rainn Wilson! Hot off the release of his memoir, The Bassoon King: My Life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy, the book fondly recounts his days on set at The Office days as it examines his journey – from his early childhood in Nicaragua to teen band nerd to cult TV stardom. Whats next for the talented actor? Tune in to find out!


Episode 252: The Laws of Cooking

Tune in as The Main Course gets rebellious as solo host Phillip Gilmour welcomes Chef Justin Warner to the studio. Phill gets down to business asking Justin his stance on aliens as well as his thoughts on opening the first restaurant on the moon before delving into a crazy story concerning liquid nitrogen. With his new book, The Laws of Cooking, out now, Justin highlights his food memories coming up through the industry (sans culinary school) and his path to owning the progressive Do or Dine...


Episode 251: Portrait of an Artist as a Young Persian

Happy Sunday! This week on The Main Course, hosts Alexes McLaughlin and Phillip Gilmour welcome artist Kamrooz Aram to the studio. Kamrooz Aram’s diverse practice often engages the complicated relationship between traditional non-Western art and Western Modernism. Through a variety of forms including painting, collage, drawing and installation, Aram has found the potential for image-making to function critically in its use as a tool for a certain renegotiation of history. Aram’s paintings...


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