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A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.

A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.
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A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.




Elmer T. Lee at Barrel Strength + 2017 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

First, Will and the Greeze talk about endless shrimp coming in the next few months. Then Greeze brings over some alleged Elmer T. Lee at Barrel Strength, but it was in a mason jar and Will doesn't necessarily believe him. Then they try a blind sample from Brandon Rice, and Will sort of guesses it. Then, after the 15, Will and the Greeze drink some 2017 Birthday Bourbon for in honor of his daughter's birthday. Cheers! Last chance to get tickets to Aug. 25, 2018 SOUTHERN WHISKEY SOCIETY --...


BARN NIGHT: Cocktails and the Trial of the Century

This edition of Barn Night we decided to do a cocktail competition, with each cocktail needing an element of creativity added. But before we get to that, we hold a kangaroo court to serve justice on Greeze. He betrayed Joe Bourbon's trust by opening the beaver bourbon at the studio without Joe B. being present. After sentencing, the cocktail competition beings. Below are the recipes if you would like to make them at home. Joe's: Muddled mint, 4 oz Whiskey of your choice (Joe used...


A Tale of Two Owls + Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

First, Will and the Greeze get in a passionate discussion about Kentucky Owl Batches 1 & 2... and drink both on a fresh crack. That takes up the entire first half the show. Then, after the 15, they drink Russell's Reserve Single Barrel. The rest is in the details. Buy us a drink at Come hang out with us at the Southern Whiskey Society event on August 25, 2018 -- tickets at


The Beaver has Landed + Lot 40 Cask Strength 12 Year

First, Will and the Greeze talk about how Greeze got food poisoning. Then they try some random whiskey from New Hampshire (wink, wink). Then, after the 15, they try Lot 40 Cask Strength 12 Year Old Rye. Then Will opens a Rhetoric 24 and they finish the show with it. Buy us a drink at


Sail Away + Greeze Goes to the Store Round 1

First, Will and the Greeze talk about a listener who is doing something incredible, about pirate habits, and about how Greeze would like to attempt to sail across the ocean. Then for the 15, we try something new. Greeze stopped at the liquor store to pick up something we have never tried before and brought it over for us to drink. Will had no idea he was doing this, nor of what quality he was picking. This is a new reoccurring segment we will be calling: Greeze Goes to the Store. To help...


Barn Night: Under 100 Proof

Will and the Greeze trek out to the MADE SOUTH barn to drink some whiskey, and have a little friendly competition. In this edition, Joe Bourbon set the rules: all whiskey must be under 100 proof. See how it all turns out, in this edition of barn night. Also: make sure to get your tickets to Southern Whiskey Society. August 25, 2018 in Franklin, TN. Some big reveals about this year's event happen during the show.


Remote Show + EH Taylor Single Barrel

Will and Greeze realized, the night before Greeze was leaving for vacation, that they didn't have an episode for the week. So they did a remote show (Will at his own house and Greeze at his), and they let the PodCaskers watch them record it live! They talked about how people's tastes change (like Greeze's new love of Eagle Rare), the perfect bar to try our whiskies ranked "bar," and then Greeze tells the future of what happened to him on the 4th of July (disclaimer: this was recorded...


7 Delicious Bourbons + Not Your Father's Bourbon

First, Greeze thinks he can stump Will by blinding him with George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, and Lincoln Road's Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select. He was wrong, for obvious reasons. Then we have some delightful samples from our buddy Jon (@j5bourbons on Instagram). It includes JPS 25, Dusty 8yr 101 Wild Turkey, Old Rip Van Winkle from the 70s, and some Eagle Rare. Then, after the 15, we try "Not Your Father's Bourbon" that was sent by our listener Matt. It receives the buy, bar, pass...


We'll Drink it + Tin Cup

Will and Greeze try a line up sent by our friend and patron Aaron Cave. Four Roses OBSQ, Lincoln Road Barrell Bourbon, 15 year old Knob Creen from Cork n Bottle, Old Baldy Batch 1, and Jack Daniels Single Barrel picked by Lincoln Road. Then Will talks about whoopee cushions. Then they try Tin Cup American Whiskey.


Greeze's Musk + Jos. A. Magnus Straight Bourbon

Greeze starts off mellow with a simple "hey, guys," but don't let that deceive you. He quickly launches into a vitriolic diatribe against some less than popular candy varieties. Will is then reminded, due to the Greeze's passion, of a new whiskey product out of New Hampshire and decides now is the best time to let his counterpart know about it. It couldn't have gone better if Will had planned it from the start. Then they try Jos. A. Magnus Straight Bourbon from the private barrel selected...


Greezy Decanter + EH Taylor Cured Oak

First, Will presents a decanter to Greeze which was gifted to him in honor of all his greezy-ness by our friend Ty. To see a few pictures of the decanter, go join our Facebook group "the PodCaskers." Then, they try a sample also sent by Ty of Breckenridge 105 Bourbon. Then, after the 15, they revisit EH Taylor Cured Oak, which was not enjoyed at Beaumont Night. Enjoy! To "buy us a drink," go support us on Patreon. We are halfway to our goal of 100 patrons, which will guarantee we produce...


It Was a Dark and Stormy Barn Night

Will and the Greeze head out to the barn on a rainy, stormy Wednesday to drink with Chris from Made South and Joe Bourbon. Normal antics ensue. Get tickets to Southern Whiskey Society at Buy us a drink at


A Not So Blind Tasting + Jim Beam Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat

Will kicks this episode off with a bit of intrigue, as it looks like his mail may have been tampered with. Then they do a blind tasting provided by their buddy Vinh (@whiskeynimrod on IG) with Belle Meade Honey finished, Old Fitzgerald 11 year Bottled-in-Bond, and Woodford Reserve Batch Strength. However, it ends up not being so blind, as they figure out that they know the order of the whiskey. Then they go to the 15, and have Jim Beam Signature Craft Soft Red Wheat. It is an 11 year old,...


Blanton's Vertical + Old Rip Van Winkle... Tequila?

Pretty straight forward episode, folks. First, Will and the Greeze do a vertical of Blanton's Special Reserve (Green), Standard (Tan), Gold, and Straight from the Barrel sent to them by listener Chuck. And then on the 15, we try Corazon Anejo Tequila aged in Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels... because we can! And as a bonus, Will makes Greeze try another rum: Papa's Pilar.


Red Wax Tops + Kentucky Vintage

Will and the Greeze run the gauntlet in this episode. First, they realize they planned nothing for this episode and start drinking a side by side of Maker's Private Select and Cask Strength. Then, Will remembers that their friend Brandon sent them four blind samples (which had red dipped wax tops) so they get into that. Greeze revisits Longbranch somewhere in there. Then they go to the 15, and try Kentucky Vintage. Enjoy. To support the PodCask and ensure future episodes keep on rolling...


Straight Podcast + Jim Beam Distiller's Cut

Will and the Greeze, still recovering from last week's show, start off by recapping a little about the day before they got to the Brown Bag Beaumont Night. Then they discuss it being their 2 year anniversary of the PodCask. Then they talk about their new Patreon campaign to, "buy us a drink." You can now fulfill the ask of "sending us $5 in the mail." Then they go to the 15, and drink Jim Beam Distiller's cut. Enjoy. If you want to support the show, and get some exclusive content:...


Brown Bag Beaumont Night

After picking a barrel of Weller Antique earlier in the day, Will, the Greeze, Chris from MADE SOUTH, Joe Bourbon, along with Chris Veal, Phil Sokic and "Toad", are hosted by Dixon Dedman at the famed Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY for a brown bag taste off. There are 7 bourbons, plus some surprises along the way. Easily one of the best PodCask nights ever.


BINGO + Wild Turkey Longbranch

In this episode, Will and the Greeze start out by drinking a high proof rye. Greeze hadn't eaten solid food on this day, and he allegedly ran a 5k during the lunch hour (when he should have been eating solid foods) so the gets Greezy real quick. Then they go over some news of the week. Then they try a blind flight sent to them from their friend Brandon. After the 15, they try Longbranch from Wild Turkey. Try and keep up. This one is a doozy.


Greeze Starts a Cult + Old Overtholt Bonded

In this episode, Will and the Greeze try a sample of the J. Henry single barrel selected by the Speakeasy Wisconsin. Then, we find out that Greeze doesn't remember anyone that he has ever interacted with. Then he discusses starting a cult. Then, after the 15, they drink Old Overholt Bonded.


Brown Bag Barn Night: Spring Edition

Will and the Greeze join Chris from MADE SOUTH and Joe Bourbon from @BourbonFindoftheDay at the barn for another brown bag action. Also, Greeze broke the chair he was sitting in.