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A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.

A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.
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A podcast about bourbon, whiskey, and sometimes scotch. Will and the Greeze learn about the culture, history, and enjoyment of various whiskies.




A Couple of Georges + Jack Daniel's Tennessee Tasters' Selection

First, Will and the Greeze give a big announcement regarding Whiskey Weekend Batch 1. Then they drink George T. Stagg from 2018, that Greeze won the right to purchase in a local drawing. Then, Will reads a short anecdote about Former President George HW Bush and whiskey. Then, after the 15, they drink Jack Daniel's Tennessee Taster's Selection, High Angel's Share Barrels. It is a new release from Jack Daniel's and clocks in at 107 proof.


A James Old Fashioned + Lot 40 Cask Strength Rye Second Release

Will had to go over to Greeze's house for the episode. First, Will catches Greeze up on some stories that he missed out on in the last week. Then, on the 15, they try Lot 40 Cask Strength Rye, Second Edition. This whiskey is 11 years old, 116.8 proof, and 100% rye grain. Thanks to Eagle Rare and Eagle Rare Life for sponsoring this episode. Make sure to vote before December 5, 2018 for your favorite stories on


An Afternoon at H. Clark Distillery + H. Clark Bottled in Bond

Will and the Greeze make an afternoon trip to H. Clark Distillery, which is not far from where they live. They have a great time with Heath, learning about his background and his whiskey. This episode is brought to you by Eagle Rare. Go vote for the Eagle Rare Life award at


BONUS: Episode 150

Happy Thanksgiving! This is our 150th Episode. We have an announcement at the end. That is all.


A Special Guest + High West A Midwinter Night's Dram

First, the guys talk about a bizarre whiskey glass that Will is using today. Then, they decide to see if a special guest will join them on the show... so you'll have to listen to find out how that goes! Then, after the 15, they drink A Midwinter Night's Dram from High West. We want to thank Eagle Rare for making this show possible. Go vote for your favorite story on You have until December 5 to vote!


The Liver Abides. The Appendix has Died. + Blaum Bros. OldFangled Knotter Bourbon

A bit of a unique episode, as Will and the Greeze have to record remotely. Greeze had some health scares pop up around his home, which he elaborates on. Then Will talks about his wife's new found taste for bourbon cocktails. Then, after the 15, they try a store pick of Blaum Bros. OldFangled Knotter Bourbon. Enjoy. Thanks to Eagle Rare for supporting the show. Make sure to go vote for the Eagle Rare Life award at Finally, if you want a Christmas card from Will and the...


Really Old Bourbon + Joseph Magnus Bourbon

First, Will brings up an article he read in the New York Times about some ultra aging going on at Buffalo Trace, and to his surprise, Greeze read it! You can read that article here. Then they start taking some listener questions, which were submitted on the Podcaskers facebook group. Then, after the 15, they try Joseph Magnus straight bourbon whiskey, triple-cask finished. Thanks to our sponsor Eagle Rare Bourbon, presenting the Eagle Rare Life Award. Go vote before December 5th at...


5 Best Experiences + High West Double Rye, Rum Barrel Finished

Because a lot of our PodCaskers have been digging into the archive of the show, Will and the Greeze thought they would give a top 5 list of the best experiences they have had since starting the show. These experiences are whiskey focused, but a common theme emerges from them. It's a wonder that Greeze doesn't cry in this episode. Then, after the 15, the two drink High West Double Rye which was finished in rum barrels. This was a store pick from our buddy Don at Fairview Liquors and Fine...


BARN NIGHT: Shock & Awe

In this very special Barn Night, Will, Greeze, Joe Bourbon, and Chris are joined by our friends Chase and Joshua for a night of competitive blind tasting, and mind-blowing whiskey. The theme for the competition was 100 proof whiskey. Sit back, pour a drink, prepare for greatness.


May the Bourbon Be With You + Old Scout American Whiskey

Yeah, we know it isn't a Star Wars bourbon. Yes, it's a bad joke in the title. Deal with it! First, the guys try James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey that their buddy Logan brings over. Then, they go off on some rabbit trails. Then, they talk about the professional wrestling show that they produced: Dojo Pro. Then, they try Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey Single Barrel Select from Elixir in Spring Hill, TN. The pick is called "Ounce of Responsibility." Finally, Logan makes a...


Mystery Show + Warrior Whiskey + Old Ezra Barrel Strength

Will and the Greeze tackle some samples sent by listener Alex over a year ago. They are labeled Mystery 1, Mystery 2, and Mystery 3. They will remain a mystery, because it has been so long that Alex lost the list of what he sent us. We think one was a rum. Another may be Knob Creek. Who's to say? Then, after the 15, we drink Warrior Whiskey from Steamboat Whiskey Company. Then, we decided to do another 15, because we were late getting this show out... so why not have a little fun? We drink...


A Day Late, A Greeze Short + Aged Ham

A delayed episode, due to Greeze returning from vacation. He's super excited to recount his experience at Disney, that Will just lets him ramble about it for a while. Fortunately, he did have some good bourbon drinks while in Florida. Then, after the 15, they try the Weller 107 "Aged Ham" pick from Southern Whiskey Society.


BARN NIGHT: 101-110 Proof Bourbon

Will and the Greeze head out to the MADE SOUTH barn for another barn night with Joe Bourbon and Chris. The rules for this round are as follows: 1) all whiskey must be bourbon; 2) proof must be in the range of 101-110; 3) NO GREEZY BLENDS! Also, this is Will's first show back drinking, so what a time to be alive!


What Has Will Learned + Backbone Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey

First, Will talks about month without bourbon, as it comes to a close. Then, they talk about the stats of the upcoming BTAC release. Which leads to a rant from Will about small business and secondary market and price models... Then, after the 15, Greeze tries Backbone Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Enjoy.


Greeze Goes to the Store Again + Slow & Low Rock and Rye

Greeze goes to the store for him to buy himself some drinks, since Will is still not drinking. He cracks open a canned Chardonnay, so that sets the Greezy mood just right. Then, Will blinds him. Then, after the not-so-15, Greeze tries Slow & Low Rock and Rye. Enjoy.


Dry Month + Hunter's Select Barrel Tennessee Bourbon

Will takes a month off of drinking whiskey for Bourbon Heritage Month, and it dominates the beginning of the show. Greeze gets deep, folks! Then, they talk to Andy Chapman from Eat Y'all about an event at Leiper's Fork Distillery on Sept. 25. You can find out more about that at Then, they talk about Hunter's Select Barrel Tennessee Bourbon from Leiper's Fork Distillery. Greeze tastes it, while Will only noses it.


Southern Whiskey Society Batch 2, Part 2

This episode is the remainder of the Souther Whiskey Society event, and we cram quite a lot in. We recorded with Jimmy Sharp from the John Emerald Distilling Company in Opelika, AL, Perry Ritter from This is My Bourbon Podcast, Eric Roundtree from Tree House Macarons, and Dixon Dedman. Lots to unpack and we were several hours deep, so just try and take it all in!


Southern Whiskey Society Batch 2, Part 1

This is the first of multiple episodes coming out of Southern Whiskey Society Batch 2. Joining us on this episode are Chris Thomas, Suzie Q from Buffalo Trace, and our buddy Tim Gunderman. More shows to come, but this is a great taste of early in the evening.


Elmer T. Lee at Barrel Strength + 2017 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

First, Will and the Greeze talk about endless shrimp coming in the next few months. Then Greeze brings over some alleged Elmer T. Lee at Barrel Strength, but it was in a mason jar and Will doesn't necessarily believe him. Then they try a blind sample from Brandon Rice, and Will sort of guesses it. Then, after the 15, Will and the Greeze drink some 2017 Birthday Bourbon for in honor of his daughter's birthday. Cheers! Last chance to get tickets to Aug. 25, 2018 SOUTHERN WHISKEY SOCIETY --...


BARN NIGHT: Cocktails and the Trial of the Century

This edition of Barn Night we decided to do a cocktail competition, with each cocktail needing an element of creativity added. But before we get to that, we hold a kangaroo court to serve justice on Greeze. He betrayed Joe Bourbon's trust by opening the beaver bourbon at the studio without Joe B. being present. After sentencing, the cocktail competition beings. Below are the recipes if you would like to make them at home. Joe's: Muddled mint, 4 oz Whiskey of your choice (Joe used...