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Real Kombucha is changing the way people drink. On our journey, we get to meet loads of passionate and wonderful people from the worlds of food and drink, wellness, art and inspiration. Occasionally we chat to them and upload our conversations here. Won't you join us?

Real Kombucha is changing the way people drink. On our journey, we get to meet loads of passionate and wonderful people from the worlds of food and drink, wellness, art and inspiration. Occasionally we chat to them and upload our conversations here. Won't you join us?


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Real Kombucha is changing the way people drink. On our journey, we get to meet loads of passionate and wonderful people from the worlds of food and drink, wellness, art and inspiration. Occasionally we chat to them and upload our conversations here. Won't you join us?




Why Do I Like What I Like? A Foodie Podcast with Flavour Expert, Rachel Edwards-Stuart

Why do we like the food, drinks and flavours that we like? How much does colour, sound and even upbringing have on your enjoyment of a meal? And is Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper scientifically possible? This month’s episode of The REAL Podcast answers all of these questions and many more, as we chat with food scientist and flavour expert, Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart. Her contributions and insights at the cutting edge of gastronomy have been extraordinary, having studied and worked with...


Turning Drinking Traditions Upside Down - A non-alcoholic podcast with Henry Chevallier Guild and REAL Kombucha

This month's REAL Podcast is with Henry Chevallier Guild, chatting about how a natural-born cider maker, an 8th generation heir to the Aspall estate, former chairman of the National Association of Cider Makers, now makes non-alcoholic drinks. Nonsuch Shrubs, to be precise. It's a story that takes in a huge amount of history, truckloads of apples (and a quick sidestep into the history of the apple), plenty of tradition with a side order of local ritual. Ideal, then, for the merry month of...


Talking flavour journeys with the Belazu Ingredient Company

As we continue our journey at REAL Kombucha, we love meeting and working with people that really seem to be on the same wavelength. Take this week’s guests, for example. The folks at the Belazu Ingredient Company specialise in foodie items that can turn a good dish into something truly exceptional. They talk regularly about living life in full flavour, and about how life is too short for bland food. Living life in full flavour is something we can all aspire, so for this episode, we were...


Celebrating the Tea Harvest: The REAL Podcast with Jane Pettigrew

In episode 26 of the REAL Podcast, we discuss the tea harvest and the rituals and traditions associated with tea growing in the Longjing and Darjeeling regions. We do so with Jane Pettigrew, Director of the UK Tea Academy.


The Science of Flavour: a Podcast with Christine Parkinson

Welcome to episode 25 of the REAL podcast, brought to you as always by REAL - purveyors of award-winning non-alcoholic alternatives to sparkling wines. Have you heard that we’re available now in Waitrose? If you haven’t, you’ll want to add a beautiful bottle of Royal Flush to your basket or online trolley next time you’re doing the weekly shop. Ever wondered what’s going on in your mouth when you taste a great drink? How about the technique behind formulating a winning food pairing? It’s...


The Mother Root Interview: From Prohibition Drinks to Non-Alcoholic Wines

Welcome to episode 24 of The REAL Podcast, brought to you, as ever, by REAL Kombucha. Grab your earphones and a glass of crystal clear Royal Flush. What a time to be supping award-winning non-alcoholic wine-like tipples. What a time to be alive! Speaking of which, this week’s guest used to work in the world of wine. Bethan Higson travelled the globe as an ambassador for a major wine brand, getting involved in harvests, learning all about yeasts, really getting her head inside what makes a...


Koji Alchemy - A podcast interview with Jeremy Umansky and Rich Shih

In this week’s REAL Podcast, episode 23 brought to you as always by REAL, purveyors of award-winning non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives, we’re looking at a mind-blowing new book called Koji Alchemy – a gorgeous chunk of coffee-table loveliness, perfect for curling yourself up next to an autumn fireplace with, and devouring over a chilled glass of REAL Kombucha. We’ll be chatting with the co-authors, Rich Shih – an explorer of miso and koji, as well as being an in-demand food...


The James Golding Interview: Foraging from Farm-To-Table at The Pig Hotel

James Golding takes The REAL Podcast on a tour of the ancient walled gardens at The Pig Hotel, Brockenhurst, and explains how farm-to-table philosophy fuels the kitchens he creates his magic in. A wonderful podcast for foodies, history buffs, foragers and gardeners alike.


The Everleaf Interview: Founding a Drinks Brand at a Kitchen Table

In this episode, we chat to Paul Mathew, the founder of Everleaf, about the world of non-alcoholic cocktails, the emergence of the non-alcoholic drinks world as a serious hospitality concern, and the journey that someone goes through to launch a new drinks brand from their kitchen table. And, if you stick around until the end, you’ll hear Paul knock together a delicious new kombucha sour using Everleaf and our very own Dry Dragon. We've posted the recipe here, so you can make it for yourself...


Founding REAL and the growth of non-alcoholic drinks - the David Begg Interview

Ever wondered how a business starts, how an entrepreneur spots an idea and builds the right team to knock it into reality? In the 20th episode of The REAL Podcast, David Begg – founder of REAL – talks to co-founder, Jon Wilks, about the journey that has brought us to the new branding and the incredible new cork-and-cage, 750ml bottles. It's a watershed moment for non-alcoholic drinkers. In this episode, David discusses his own background as a successful entrepreneur and how a series of...


Healthy eating while stuck indoors – a podcast with our favourite nutritionist

For the 19th episode of The Real Podcast, we thought we'd delve further into healthy eating. At REAL we're very much about eating and drinking well, but in these unusual times that becomes a little more challenging. So, we spread our net far and wide, really going to our network to see if we could find someone, anyone, to come on the podcast and talk to us about ways to fill our plates with colour and goodness. We were looking for hints, tips, ideas, habits to form... anything that might...


Everything you wanted to know about tea but never found the time to ask

Undoubtedly, the best thing about producing the Real Podcast is that it offers the chance to meet and natter with absolute experts in a variety of subjects. In this new episode, we chat to Real’s tea partner, a chap called Will Battle who quite literally wrote the book on tea. You can check that out yourself – go and look for The World Tea Encyclopaedia in any good bookshop and you’ll find his name right there under the title. Excitingly, Will thinks that 2020 is really tea’s time. The...


Music, Creativity and the Power of Sobriety

In the first Real Podcast of 2020, we're chatting about creativity and the idea that you don’t need something mind-altering, be that alcohol or anything else, in order to produce something beautiful and interesting. Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater are two touring musicians who work in improvisational music. Two years ago they made the professional decision to go on “dry tours”. They realised that they needed to be alert and in the moment in order to perform at their best, and that the...


“Can we lose the booze but keep the craic?”

Here are a few interesting head-scratchers for you. Is it possible to drown your sorrows in a bottle of non-alcoholic gin? How do you approach the ritual of after-work drinks without a pint in front of you? Is it possible to meet a non-alcoholic binge drinker? How does Tinder Night work in an alcohol-free bar? Welcome to this week’s Real Podcast – episode 16, no less. A couple of weeks ago, we headed off to The Understudy, a bar on London’s Southbank that really knows its non-alcoholic...


Sandor Katz: The REAL Interview

Welcome to episode 15 of The Real Podcast, brought to you by Real Kombucha, creators of Royal Flush, the sophisticated non-alcoholic fizz (order yours online now in time for the coming festivities). This is something of a symbolic episode for us. Our guest is none other than Sandor Katz, often called the Godfather of Fermentation. It’s an odd nickname, given that the godfather of fermentation would have to predate the fermentation process itself – and if that’s the case, Sandor’s looking...


Too Good to Go - how a young tech company is tackling food waste

Welcome to episode 14 of The Real Podcast, brought to you by Real Kombucha, brewers of the non-alcoholic alternative to a fine wine or champagne, now served in some of the UK’s best bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels, not to mention right here online. Our podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts… all the usual places, so make sure you subscribe. Last Thursday we headed into East London to chat to Jamie Crummie, a former human rights and refugee lawyer who has turned his...


12 non-alcoholic drinks put to the test – a podcast with Club Soda's Laura Willoughby

Taste testing non-alcoholic drinks... something we'd not have had much fun with until fairly recently. The rise of the adult-oriented non-alcoholic drink here in Britain has been swift. Laura Willoughby, the founder of Club Soda Guide and the Mindful Drinking Festival, says their website now lists 1,000 non-alcoholic options from 600 producers, many of which are operating here in the UK. There's undoubtedly an irony to the fact that Britain, once the international poster boy for bad...


Getting to know the Sober Girl Society - an interview with Millie Gooch

The statistics seem to be on a constant upward trend: young Millennials are turning away from alcohol in vast numbers. To an older generation, it sounds almost impossible. How can you not drink in your twenties? Isn't that what your twenties are for? These ingrained ways of thinking, of course, are what fascinate us here on The Real Podcast. So this week, for our 12th episode, we sent Shani Higgs, one of the Real Kombucha team who recently gave up drinking for three months (you may have...


Tim Etherington-Judge: from Zero to Hero

For this episode of the Real Podcast, we sat down with Tim Etherington-Judge, a man who needs no introduction if you’re in the world of spirits and cocktails. A former brand ambassador for a well-known whiskey label, Tim’s life was the stuff of dreams for many people. It was literally his job to fly around the world, go to bars and drink whiskey. Some kind of Instagram heaven, right? Apparently not. As you might imagine, that kind of lifestyle is going to take its toll. As Tim explains with...


Lucy Rocca on the success of Soberistas and the need for change

As we’re now well into Sober October, and with Dry January already on the horizon, this month's Real Podcast is bound to be focused on not drinking. Not that we're against alcohol, of course. Alcohol is not the problem. What fascinates us, and what we’re really keen to investigate over the coming episodes, is the way in which our society tends to dive neck first into what can only be described as an unthinking drinking culture. As usual, we’ve been out to chat to people who we’ve met on the...