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From the backyard to competition cooking, The Rub is a show about barbecue - grilling, recipes and more. Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, produced by The Commercial Appeal.

From the backyard to competition cooking, The Rub is a show about barbecue - grilling, recipes and more. Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, produced by The Commercial Appeal.
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From the backyard to competition cooking, The Rub is a show about barbecue - grilling, recipes and more. Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, produced by The Commercial Appeal.




Chef Anthony Serrano prepares for the World Food Championships

Chef Anthony Serrano has won his golden ticket and will participate in the World Food Championships in November. Brett Galloway teases big money coming up in the SCA.


Meathead: Get to know your butcher!

After a hiatus due to health, The Rub returns this week with Meathead Goldwyn of He explains what a food stylist is, plus has advice on becoming friendly with your butcher. Mike McCloud from the World Food Championship explains how this year's event will be the biggest and best one yet.


How proposed Fairgrounds changes might affect tailgating on Tiger Lane

Paul Young, the Memphis director of Housing and Community Development, discusses plans for the Fairgrounds and how it might affect football tailgaters on Tiger Lane. Jennifer Biggs has a new gig with the Daily Memphian. She weighs in on the popularity of hot chicken in town.


Documentary to tell story behind Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous

On this episode, hear from the director of "The Vous," a documentary telling the story behind Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous. Australian bush cooker Saffron Hodges has a new job with the National BBQ Association. And the cooking comedian Vic Clevenger explains how he cooked a steak on a charcoal chimney at a recent SCA event.


Exclusive: KCBS president Randall Bowman

On this edition of the show, KCBS president Randall Bowman joins us for three segments to discuss the state of the organization, the future and any changes that might come. Plus, the question-of-the-week and the recipe-of-the-week.


The fastest-growing cooking competition: steak!

The Steak Cookoff Association has seen tremendous growth over the last year and Brett Galloway says big things are still to come. Chuck Averwater with Smackers BBQ has advice for those that want to get into the sauce and rub business. Also, why is Michael McDearman referred to as the busiest man in barbecue?


The secret behind Compart Duroc pigs and why BBQ teams love them

It's hard to argue against the success cooking teams have using Compart Duroc pork. Jim Compart explains why their hogs are different. The world of BBQ benefits from social media and Will Hampton with Memphis BBQ Supply explains how. And Tim Van Horn from 600WREC & 92.1FM drops by because he has questions about his new charcoal grill.


How to grill the perfect burger for Independence Day

Burgers lead the way for grilling on the Fourth. Seth Agranov has advice for grilling a perfect one. Dan Arnold from Sucklebusters discusses his rubs, including Hoochie Mama. Plus, what's cooking for the holiday?


Meathead dispels grilling myths, Myron Mixon shares grilling tips

Meathead from tackles many of the myths when it comes to grilling or smoking. Myron Mixon has advice for the backyard cook, when trying perfect his or her technique. And Michael Dellaporta introduces us to the Friday Night Steak Club.


Will proposed changes to Tom Lee Park help or hurt Memphis in May?

On this edition, Jimmy and Forrest talk to George Abbott with the Memphis River Parks Partnership explains proposed changes and how they might affect the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.


How Chad Ward turned a passion for grilling into a career

Pitmaster Chad Ward discusses his his trip to Memphis last month and his Whiskey Bent BBQ team fared, plus what he's currently doing with Traeger Grills. Shawna Roppolo is tough competing on the SCA circuit and now owns a coveted Rhinestone Cowboy Crown from the NBBQA. And Sterling Smith discusses grilling in Arizona.


A history lesson on Memphis BBQ

Memphis author Craig Meeks tells us about the history of Memphis barbecue, including why we eat slaw on our BBQ sandwiches and why tamales are a popular menu item. Chef Michael Dellaporta discusses his first trip to Memphis to cook rabbit porchetta in the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.


Brad Orrison discusses how The Shed won again in Memphis

Brad Orrison and The Shed picked up their second grand champion title at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. However, his team overcame obstacles to win it, including nearly forgetting to enter the event, then having a new location at Tom Lee Park.


What's going on at The World Championship BBQ Contest?

The Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest is well underway. "The Cooking Comedian" Vic Clevenger is in town to gather material for his stand-up routine. Before awards are handed Saturday, we have a winner in the BBQ sauce wrestling match. And you'll hear from one of the rookies in this year's contest and how amazed he is by the event.


Here's what you need to know before the World Championship BBQ Contest

On this episode, Jimmy and Forrest discuss with Memphis in May's Robert Griffin how technology will improve your visit to the World Championship BBQ Contest. Sarah Vintiera explains why she chose a Nashville restaurant for the best BBQ in Tennessee. And Eric Gephart recalls outdoor cooking in seven countries in seven days.


World Championship BBQ Contest pumps millions into local economy

On this episode, Kevin Kane of the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau discusses the economic impact barbecue has on the city and how it helps drive tourism. Mark Lambert of Sweet Swine O' Mine tells us what the team will do different later this month in an attempt to get back to the winner's circle. Plus, you'll hear a preview of the big backyard BBQ competition at the Esparanda Bonanza.


Myron Mixon seeks his fifth Memphis championship

On this episode of The Rub with Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, barbecue legend Myron Mixon discusses his quest for his fifth title at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest next month. Max Good with tells us what goes into compiling his best grill list. And Lisa Gwatney joins the show to celebrate her Wold Food Championship victory.


Meet the couple behind the judging at the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest

On this episode, meet the couple that takes charge of the judges in this year's World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. Plus, we get the story behind Grill Grates and hear from our charcoal expert. And as always, the show wraps with our recipe-of-the-week: gumbo!


It's getting closer: The World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest

On this week's show, Jimmy and Forrest talk to Robert Griffin with Memphis in May about the upcoming World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. Tommy Shive of LBOE is on two competitors from Memphis making finals in the World Food Championship. And Kendall Adair shares part of his secret-to-success in the Steak Cookoff Association.


It's the season premiere of the award-winning podcast, now on radio, too!

Season 2 of The Rub is here and now the show is not just a podcast, but can also be heard Saturdays at 3 p.m. on 600WREC & 92.1FM. On this show, Mike McCloud tells us about two Memphians competing in the World Food Championship. The makers of the Netflix documentary "Barbecue" explain their mission. Also, Brad Orrison from The Shed let's us know if he'll be in town next month for the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. Plus, Jimmy shares his recipe for ribs.