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The biggest spirit brands in the world have been coming in to our bars to teach whiskey, rum, tequila and mescal enthusiasts about the drinks that they love. Now, we're happy to bring that same level of knowledge and fun to you! Each week in The Spirit Guide Society, Pedro Shanahan will be joined, in front of a live audience, by the people who know these alcohol brands the best, the people who make it!

The biggest spirit brands in the world have been coming in to our bars to teach whiskey, rum, tequila and mescal enthusiasts about the drinks that they love. Now, we're happy to bring that same level of knowledge and fun to you! Each week in The Spirit Guide Society, Pedro Shanahan will be joined, in front of a live audience, by the people who know these alcohol brands the best, the people who make it!
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The biggest spirit brands in the world have been coming in to our bars to teach whiskey, rum, tequila and mescal enthusiasts about the drinks that they love. Now, we're happy to bring that same level of knowledge and fun to you! Each week in The Spirit Guide Society, Pedro Shanahan will be joined, in front of a live audience, by the people who know these alcohol brands the best, the people who make it!




28: Powers Irish Whiskey with Michael Carr

If you haven't heard of Powers Irish Whiskey, perhaps you should spend some more time Ireland; it is the best selling whiskey in the entire country! Michael Carr, Powers' Global Brand Ambassador, and the man who helped found the Irish whiskey museum, joins us to tell the story of this centuries old brand. Be sure to stick around til the end of the podcast for one of the most unique Irish toasts your ears will ever hear. -- What we drank: Powers Gold Label Powers Three Swallows Powers...


27: Convite Mezcal with Arturo & Julio Palencia

Convite, which is brought to us this week by The Brothers Palencia, might require a bit of searching to add to your home bar, but it is truly worth it for the taste! This Oaxacan mezcal, whose name translates to "celebration," is made in the traditional, ancestral style of mezcal production, which leads to small yields and BIG, delicious flavors. Arturo and Julio import spirits with the goal of bringing heritage recipes from Mexico to the rest of the world. They have truly found a gem in...


26: Tomatin with Scott Fraser

Tomatin (pronounced Toh-Mah-Tin) may not be the best known brand in the world, but don't you dare ignore this fantastic whisky from the Highland! The brand, which has been distilling since 1897, offers some amazing blends and finishes that anyone would be lucky to have in their home bar. We think they're great! (And not just because they brought us a 36 year old whisky to try for this podcast! -- What we drank: Tomatin Dualkis Tomatin 12 Year Tomatin 14 Year Tomatin 15...


25: Plantation Rum

Plantation Rum hails from the regions around Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, but has a truly French feel. Its founders were originally cognac makers and their goal is to bring that same level of finishing and care to the rum world. In addition to hearing the process of making this great spirit, Pedro also goes into great length about the time that he and Erbin tried to make rum (Spoiler Alert: It did not go well!) -- What We Drank: Plantation Three Stars Plantation Barbados 5...


24: Sonoma County Distilling with Adam Spiegel

Adam Spiegel has come a long way since he started selling whiskey out of the trunk of his car (where Pedro definitely bought a bottle.) Today, he joins us to share his immense love for making whiskey and tell the story of his California Distillery that produces some of the most delicious and different bourbons outside of Kentucky. -- What We Drank: Sonoma County Bourbon Sonoma County Rye Sonoma County Cherrywood Bourbon Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye -- Follow...


23: Aberlour with Callum O'Donnell

Callum O'Donnell, the West Coast brand ambassador for Aberlour, joins us this week to take us through what makes the brand a favorite of so many scotch lovers. He shares an amazing history of how the brand came to be the powerhouse that it is today and and shares the inner working of their water source, casks and finishing. -- What we drank: Aberlour 12 Aberlour 16 Aberlour 18 Aberlour A'bunadh Aberlour Casg Annamh -- Follow...


22: Hotaling's Old Patrero with Master Distiller Bruce Joseph

As we've said on many occasions, you never know where great whiskey is going to find its roots. Old Potrero, which was one of the original pioneers of the American craft whiskey distilling scene, was founded by Fritz Maytag. Fritz is a member of the washing machine Maytags and while we don't know much about home appliances, we do know really good whiskey when we taste it! Master Distiller Bruce Joseph joins us this week to share the history and the secrets of this delicious, San Francisco...


21: Teeling's Irish Whiksey with Eanna Ryan

When Teelings Irish Whiskey opened it's doors in 2015, it was the first new Whiksey Distillery to put down roots in Dublin in nearly 125 years. It was founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, whose father, John, founded the great Cooley Distillery. However, while Teeling's is rooted in a rich lineage of whiskey royalty, it's much more important to know that they make some delicious Irish Whiskey! This award winning line is sure to please the palate and our guest, Eanna Ryan, pairs this with the...


20: Whistle Pig with Matt Bostick

In an unfortunate series of events, Dave Pickerell, Founder of Whistle Pig and former Master Distiller of Maker's Mark passed away on November 2nd. Our Whistle Pig episode was scheduled to be released that day. In his honor, we are posting the podcast, unedited, so that we can help continue his passion and work toward sharing great rye whiskies with the world. -- What We Drank: Whistle Pig 10 Whistle Pig 12 Whistle Pig 15 Farmstock Rye #2 -- Follow...


19: Whiskey Del Bac with Dale Riggins

It's not everyday that a spirits company starts as a furniture manufacturer, but that's exactly what Hamilton Distillers did! (Isn't craft distillation amazing?) This Arizona, mesquite flavored whiskey line (that smokes and malts all its own barley) is the treat you didn't know you needed in your home bar. Self-proclaimed whiskey nerd Dale Riggins joins us to tell us the story of the wonderful whiskey. -- What We Drank Del Bac Classic Unsmoked Whiskey Del Bac Dorado Whiskey Del Bac Cask...


18: Woodford Reserve with Luke Ford

Woodford Reserve is an American Instiution and Luke Ford, one of their fantastic brand representatives, loves to talk about it. This former bartender takes us through the line, sharing his dreams of being reincarnated as a yeast strain at the distillery. (It'll make sense when you listen in context!) -- What We Drank: Woodford Reserve Woodford Reserve Rye Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Malt -- Follow...


17: Few Spirits with Paul Hletko

Paul Hletko is a very smart fellow when it comes whiskey. When he decided to make a craft spirit in Evanston, Illinois, he realized that there's no point in doing the exact same things that the big box whiskey sellers are doing. His company, Few Spirits, specializes in unique whiskey that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a craft distillery and features his own special flair (including the breakfast whiskey that we all deserve!) -- What we drank: Few Bourbon Few Single...


16: 1792 with Josh Hollifield

1792 out of the Very Old Barton's Distillery has not only earned its place as one of America's favorite whiskies, but it's also home to some darn good whiskey! Josh Hollifield flew in from Kentucky to walk us through the history of 1792, Very Old Barton's and Sazerac over six delicious drams. -- What We Drank: 1792 Classic 1792 Sweet Wheat 1792 Single Barrel 1792 Bottled in Bond 1792 Rye 1792 Full Proof -- Follow...


15: Wemyss with Diana Novak

It isn't normal for a scotch brand to be able to trace its roots back to actual Celtic nobility, but Wemyss is no ordinary whiskey! Diana Novak joins us in the whiskey society and takes us through the most delicious history lesson that anyone could ever hope to drink! Each of these blended scotches boast their own unique, bold scents and flavors. Be prepared to run the spectrum from delicious fruity notes to beautifully spicy peated ones! -- What We Drank: Hive Spice King Peat...


14: Tequila Partida with Robin Chopra

If you're a lover of tequila, you've probably already heard of Partida, but if not, this blue agave spirit is one of the next purchases you should be making for your home bar. Robin Chopra joins us (with a delicious tray of food pairings in tow) to tell us all about this fantastic line that is sure to becoming one of your new favorites. And for all the whiskey lovers, this is a great entry for the whiskey drinker who wants to step into the world of tequila. -- What We Drank: Tequila...


13: Town Branch with James Webber

Town Branch is a Kentucky craft distillery traces its roots all the way back to Ireland (where they now have second location) and cut its teeth making beer before turning that mash build into the delicious spirit you're about to discover. They were even nice enough to bring some their barrel aged ale with them to give you a full picture of what this distillery is made of! -- What We Drank: Town Branch Bourbon Town Branch Single Malt Town Branch Rye Town Branch Kentucky Ale -- Follow...


12: Bourbon: Buffalo Trace with Mark Fania

Mark Fania of Buffalo Trace joins us to share the history of one of the largest Bourbon producers in American History. He walked us through each of the distillery's mash builds, spoke about their barrel program and, most importantly, share some delicious bourbon! -- What We Drank: Buffalo Trace Seven Grand Single Barrel Blanton's Seven Grand Single Barrel Weller Antique 107 Seven Grand Single Barrel Thomas H. Handy Rye -- Follow...


11: Mezcal: La Locura/Malbien with Ben Scott

Our first Agave based podcast! If you spend enough time hanging around Mexico, you're likely to end up at the home of Eduardo "Lalo" Ángeles, Master Distiller of La Locura and Malbien Mezcal. This fourth generation mezcal producer has been making the spirit with a family clay pot still recipe that is over 100 years old. His spirits were first released commercially in 2014 and has been described as "Step Above" other mezcals. We hope that this podcast is a step above too! What We Drank: La...


10: Highland Park with Brian Summers

The incredibly colorful Brian Summers joined us this week to share the whiskey that many peat lovers count as their favorite, Highland Park! In addition to tasting us through HP's line of whiskey, he shared the amazing (and hilarious) viking origins of the distillery and gave us the funniest lesson on the fermentation of yeast that anyone could ever ask for! -- What We Drank: Highland Park 12 Highland Park Valkyrie Highland Park 18 Highland Park Full Volume Highland Park...


9: Douglas Laing's Old Partiuclar with Jan Beckers

For some, the craft of whisk(e)y begins with the discovery of an exciting mash build that can be distilled and aged to perfection. Douglas Laing, however, expresses their passion by purchasing some of the finest and most rare barrels of single malt and single grain scotches to bottle and sell to consumers. Jan Beckers joined us to share the Old Particular line, which according to their website "is a particularly unique series of individually hand-selected aged Single Cask Malts' and Single...