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Tired of cooking the same old things? Same! So, let's get inspired for our next cooking adventure! Whether you enjoy cooking or just like good food, join us every Tuesday as we share recipes and ideas for making food we love in our own home kitchens.

Tired of cooking the same old things? Same! So, let's get inspired for our next cooking adventure! Whether you enjoy cooking or just like good food, join us every Tuesday as we share recipes and ideas for making food we love in our own home kitchens.




Tired of cooking the same old things? Same! So, let's get inspired for our next cooking adventure! Whether you enjoy cooking or just like good food, join us every Tuesday as we share recipes and ideas for making food we love in our own home kitchens.




Fried Chicken & Bacon Jam: A Love Story

Join us for a love story this week on Three Kitchens Podcast. Bacon jam is like a fun little meet cute of crispy bacon and caramelized onions. Add a dash of bourbon and it's a full-on crush. Now, put this dark, smoky bacon jam on a beautifully crisp twice-fried chicken sandwich and it's true love forever. A marriage made in heaven - or, in this case, in your kitchen! Heather takes us through her adventure in frying chicken using the Korean method. It is first brined overnight and then...


In The Kitchen With The YYC Fire Department

In this Three Kitchens Podcast episode, guests from the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) give us all some valuable kitchen fire safety tips and allow us a glimpse into what it's like to cook and eat at the fire station. Carol Henke, Information Officer for the CFD, is a wealth of knowledge about all things fire safety. Kitchen grease fires are more common than you might think. Do you know how to handle one in your kitchen? Carol walks us through it, provides other safety tips, and her own...


Yamgate: The Purple Truth

We've been seeing beautiful baked goods made with ube - a purple yam - popping up in our Three Kitchens Podcast Instagram feed. These purple-hued goodies inspired Erin to try making the ube halaya (the purple jam used as the base for ube baking), and using it to make muffins and cookies. As you might imagine, this sparked a lively discussion, more research, and plenty of confusion. Is what we find in our grocery stores really ube? Or is it a purple yam, or maybe a sweet potato? What we know...


Mo Momos

By now our listeners know Sarah loves making dumplings. And the whole Three Kitchens Podcast gang - kids included - love to eat them, so when she says she's making Nepalese Momos, we are here for it. Momos are savoury dumplings, steamed and usually served with a sauce or in a soup. Sarah made hers with a flavourful chicken filling and a sauce of tomatoes, szechuan peppers, onions and turmeric. And because she likes to get creative, she coloured her wrappers for a show stopping and delicious...


First Anniversary

It's our first anniversary! A whole year has passed since we started recording our conversations about food and home cooking. It has been so much fun, and we're taking a minute to remember some hilarious moments and favourite episodes. Join us as we listen to and laugh along with clips from past episodes. We also have a few recipe updates for you - Erin has an improved version of the one pan chicken dinner from episode 1.10; a few additional tips from Sarah for the Ondeh Ondeh Cake...


Pass the Paska: Ukrainian Easter Bread

It is almost Easter and Heather has upped her baking game for Three Kitchens Podcast with a recipe for Paska Ukrainian Easter Bread, with a side of dried apricot jam. She did her best to bake all the love, positive thoughts and good wishes she could muster, while working with this beautiful, but time-consuming, bread recipe. The end result was certainly worth the effort. It's a slightly sweet, soft and fluffy egg bread that goes perfectly with the apricot jam and a cup of tea. Maybe you'll...


A New Way to Rosé

In this episode of Three Kitchens, we try a beef tenderloin that Erin roasted to melt-in-your-mouth perfection and served with a rosé sauce and quick pickled onion. This simple dish was a true winner, one that we can't wait to replicate. Sarah said it was like something she would order at an amazing restaurant. Heather is already making plans to serve it on a bed of greens with a big chilled glass of rosé. Summer 2022, meet your signature salad. Episode Links ~~~~ ~ Salvador Dali...


Where's the beef? Not in this burger!

Episode 2.27: Where's the beef? Not in this burger! Sarah, the self-declared carnivore, told us she was making a sauce and then surprised us with not only a sauce, but a plant based burger to to serve it on! It was delicious and we absolutely did not miss the meat in this one. Sarah clued us in to a key ingredient for maximum flavour - tempeh! Join us to learn how to trick even the pickiest meat lovers in your life. And as a little bonus, we have the sweetest review of a cookie mix from...


Ghana Get Me Some Peanut Stew

We've got a Ghanaian peanut stew on Three Kitchens Podcast this week. This West African dish is full of veggies, chicken and spices. And don't forget the peanut butter! This recipe from can be adapted to suit your tastes or the ingredients you're able to find at your local market. It makes a huge pot, so get ready to share peanut stew with all your friends and neighbours! We're pretty sure they will thank you. Episode Links ~~~~ ~ Biosphere 2 Experiment ~ Three...


Pub Night at Home with Special Guests Avery & Lena from Mess Hall Podcast

Fellow foodies Avery and Lena Cochrane, hosts of Mess Hall Podcast, join this episode of Three Kitchens to make our take on pub food. We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day from the comfort of our homes. Thank you, Mess Hall, for hanging with us! It was all delicious and we had a lot of fun! Pub night menu: ☘️ Erin's Marsala Chicken Tenders ☘️ Sarah's Bulgogi Beef Sliders ☘️ Heather's Veggie Pakora with Mango Chutney ☘️ Avery and Lena's Guinness Chocolate Cake Pops with Irish Cream...


Pasta Pie

Have you ever thought of baking pasta and meat sauce in a pie crust? This idea is new to us at Three Kitchens, but we're keen to give it a try. Erin found this unusual pie recipe in the cook book, A Chef's Tour of Italy (Joe Famularo): The Resident Cook's Penne Pasta in Timbale, Lucca Style. We gave the various components mixed reviews, but does it all come together in the end? Listen and judge for yourself. And once you've got the dish and the reviews from us, take your favourite parts...


Three Kitchens Interview with Shirley's Greenhouse

We're happy to welcome special guest Dawn Buschert, Owner/Operator of Shirley's Greenhouse, Olds Uptowne Market, Symon's Valley Ranch Market Store and Westside Farmers Market in Calgary. We talk about knowing where your food comes from and the importance of supporting local growers and producers. Once you've got those fresh veggies home, Heather has a recipe for you to try: Spicy Roasted Carrot Salad with Tahini and Lentils. The salad dressing alone is worth a listen. Episode...


Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Inspired by the dessert she had at a restaurant called the Malayan Council during her last trip to Singapore, Sarah enlists the help of her friend Irene, from the Bits of Joy Cake Company, to create their version of the vibrant green Ondeh Ondeh Cake. They introduce Three Kitchens Podcast to two new ingredients, Gula Melaka and Pandan, which give this cake it's distinctive colour and sweetness. Join us to learn all about this beautiful dessert! And, if you haven't already, go check out...


Holy Cannoli

This Italian, cream-filled pastry looks finicky to make, but is actually not that difficult. Heather says, if she can do it so can you! She made Three Kitchens Podcast crispy cannoli pastries filled with lemon coconut cream, and dipped in pistachios and mini chocolate chips. They look impressive and taste good, too! Tune in for a few tips and suggestions for making this recipe from CucinaByElena. Episode Links ~~~~ ~ Broken Bread ~ Cannoli Recipe ~ Coconut Whipped Cream Recipe ~ S2....


Three Kitchens Interview with Chef Dennis Littley

We are excited to introduce our listeners to Chef Dennis Littley! Dennis is a retired chef and culinary instructor who discovered a passion for food blogging. Through his popular recipe blog, Ask Chef Dennis, he is helping home cooks create restaurant quality meals at home. He joins us to chat about his blog, answer some of our cooking questions, and give us tips and ideas for future kitchen adventures. For this episode, Sarah, Heather and Erin cooked Chef Dennis' Chicken Marsala recipe....


Flaky Phyllo Spanakopita

We all know you can buy frozen phyllo pastry at the grocery store. It works, it's good. Right? Well, this week on Three Kitchens Podcast, Erin takes on the job of making phyllo pastry from scratch and baking us some delightfully good Greek Spanakopita! She's proven making phyllo from scratch isn't as intimidating as it seems. Listen in to hear Erin's tips and tricks before you head to the kitchen to make it yourself. Now if we could just convince Erin to make us some baklava with that yummy...


Dumplings to Die For

Three Kitchens Podcast is ready for Chinese New Year! We're making open-faced steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken and crab, and they're ridiculously easy and delicious! While she talks us through making dumplings, Sarah also tells us a creepy true crime story featuring dumplings and murder. Check it out! Then make your own dumplings, just in time to say Gong Xi Fa Cai! Episode Links ~~~~ ~ Shumai Dumpling Recipe ~ Omnivores Cookbook Recipes ~ The Modern Adventurer Podcast ~~~


Pide - A Turkish Pizza-ish

This Spiced Aubergine Pide from Rebel Recipes is a new Three Kitchens Podcast favourite. Eggplant, onions, tomatoes and spices on an easy to whip up Turkish flatbread. Yes, this recipe is vegan, but you can change up your pide toppings to whatever you like. Cheese, ground lamb, smoked meat, spinach and feta... the only limit is your imagination! Have a listen to this episode for Heather's tips and suggestions for making it at home. Enjoy! Episode Links ~~~~ ~ Spiced Aubergine Pide...


Silky Squash Ravioli

There's just something special about home grown veggies. And fresh made pasta - don't get us started! Erin marries the two this week on Three Kitchens Podcast with her Butternut Squash Ravioli and it knocks our socks off. What a combination! Silky, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth squash seasoned with salt preserved lemons inside simple, perfect, homemade noodles. Topped with browned butter with fresh sage, this dish proves you don't need to get fancy to make something super delicious. So, have...


Our New Year Menu

It's the season for holiday finger foods and fun drinks, even if you enjoy them at home in your PJs. Hey, maybe you'll enjoy them even more that way! We've whipped up three appetizers for Three Kitchens Podcast's New Years Menu - chicken empanadas, hummus and chimichurri on a baguette, and buffalo chicken wonton cups. They're varying degrees of work to prepare, and they're all really delicious. We've also got two cocktails - an Asian Daisy and a Bourbon Sour - that'll kick your party into...