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We take you behind the scenes of trending kitchens and bars. A podcast for kitchen and bar professionals, foodies and wannabe foodies.

We take you behind the scenes of trending kitchens and bars. A podcast for kitchen and bar professionals, foodies and wannabe foodies.
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We take you behind the scenes of trending kitchens and bars. A podcast for kitchen and bar professionals, foodies and wannabe foodies.




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Philip Tessier – When the U.S. Team won Bocuse d’Or for the first time

When we look at the Bocuse d’Or competition from a distance it is chefs and white jackets doing maybe French style cuisine to some degree and a lot of people don't resonate with that especially in today's world where casual food is the craze. But when we went to compete in 2015, the best we'd ever done was sixth place and for years nobody expected anything of the US. In fact we are kind of seen as the burger and hotdog country to a lot of people. And so when we came in and took silver...


Episode 8: Brett Sawyer

You know America being the melting pot that it is, all these cuisines, all these styles of food are everywhere at this point. So to me it's not strange to mash these things up. I mean so many different cuisines use such similar ingredients, especially when it comes to spices and herbs and things of that sort. So putting these things together it just tends to make sense for me. What we covered In this episode Chef Brett Sawyer mentioned his time in Pauillac, France learning how to dry-cure...


Episode 7: Michael Fojtasek

I feel that Southern food is very much representative of American food in general. I think it is to me the most indicative of what American food has been and continues to evolve. Personally I try to keep it much in line with who I am and what my background speaks to. I try not to appropriate cultures that are not mine. I understand that Southern food in general comes from a culture that is not my culture. There are a lot of those influences in the food that I cook, I feel more comfortable...


Episode 6: Ehren Ryan

"Basically I've taken bits and pieces of kitchens that I've worked for and I've created my own kind of process. I think that's the only way you can do it. Each kitchen is different. You're never going to replicate exactly the same kitchen anywhere. I've hopefully created a kitchen and a restaurant that are both consistent and produce high quality food within an atmosphere that people like to work in." What we covered In this episode Restaurant "Common Lot" in Millburn, NJ and its...


Episode 5: Fiore Tedesco

"I don't really need space to work on recipes. Honestly it might sound a little funny but I don't need space or time for ideas. Ideas for creating food come to me in the ether. That is the easy part. That is sort of non-stop and I'm constantly filtering out in my head. It's more of a filtering than finding [approach]" What we covered in this episode His job in 10 words: "Fighting for space to stay inspired", "Constantly Dad" and "Always on!" How Chef Fiore preserves space for himself...


Episode 4: Angel Teta – Ataula

“I have two jobs. I work at Ataula as a bar manager. I provide an exceptional guest experience utilizing the best that Spain has to offer. I also work for Angels Envy. They do a Port finished Bourbon. I've been with them for six years. I have helped build what was once a small urban brand to international recognition.” What we covered in this episode Lead whiskey guardian for Angel's Envy September Angel's Envy initiative #toastthetrees Autaula - Catalan Spanish Restaurant in Portland, OR...


Episode 3: Jonathan Zaragoza

"If you stick to your guns, do it well, do it for the right reasons and have good intentions, as corny as it sounds, a lot of things are possible! Among the topics we cover are a look at the importance of Mexican restaurants in current political landscape, Chef Zaragoza’s engagement in the local community and more" What we covered in this episode Importance of Mexican restaurants in current political landscape. His engagement in the local community. What is Birrieria Zaragoza? One dish...


Episode 2: Rebecca Wilcomb – Herbsaint

'' I am influenced by ingredients, by places, by stories, and by people. So the creative process... I wish I could tell you there was a formula that I use but there isn't. It's all instinct and gut feeling when it comes to food. I think the ingredients are what inspires me." What we covered in this episode 3 main focus areas: company growth, employees happiness and overall guest experience 2 main advises related to company growth Early days at Herbsaint Discover Chef Rebecca's mentors What...


Episode 1: Jesse Vida – BlackTail

"[I consider my job] spiritual because for me this is a career of passion. I really care deeply and I feel it. You know in my heart my soul the way that hospitality affects people and affects myself giving or receiving it definitely spirituality to it that flows through the creative process." What we covered in this episode BlackTail: The American Bar with a Cuban soul. From being a barback to becoming a technical bartender to finally ending up as a bar manager. Cocktail creation: how to...