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Carina Soto Velasquez of Candelaria in Paris | Ep. 155

Running a transatlantic consulting group, while still owning some of the world’s best bars is no easy task, which is why we decided to sit down with this week’s guest, Carina Soto Velasquez of Quixotic Projects (Candelaria, Le Marie Celeste, and many more.) Although, originally from Colombia, Carina has been a leader in the Paris cocktail scene for over 10 years where her award-winning bars are ranked some of the best in the world. Learn More: Quixotic...


Pippa Guy of the Savoy American Bar | Ep. 154

Bartending at one of the top-ranked cocktail bars in the world can be a lot of pressure, particularly when it is is one that has as rich a history as the American Bar at the Savoy. So, to help us get a better understanding of what is like, we met with senior bartender and acclaimed author, Pippa Guy, who while not traveling the world and making drinks took the time to sit down with us and share her love for all things fizzy. Learn More: American Bar at the...


Chat with w Gary Solomon Jr of Tales of the Cocktail | Ep. 153

Every July, bartenders & spirits professionals from all around the world come to New Orleans to celebrate cocktail & bar culture at Tales of the Cocktail, the industry's largest convention. Although, the event is approaching its 18th year, the event is still growing, especially now that it is under new & exciting leadership. Join us this week as we meet with Gary Solomon Jr., the event's co-chair, and listen in as he shares his insight into the event & what goes into making it...


Conversation w Sam Ross of Attaboy NYC | Ep. 152

Join us this week as we sit down with legendary bartender, Sam Ross, for a special one-hour episode. For those of you that don't know, Ross is the inventor many modern-day classics, such as the Paper Plane and the Penicillin, so tune in as he takes us on a tour of his creative process and his philosophic outlook on bars and cocktails. He is wealth of knowledge, so this is definitely not one to miss. Learn...


The 5 Star Dive Bar w/ Moe Aljaff of Two Schmucks | Ep. 151

How do you open an award-winning bar with almost no budget in a country where you don't speak the language, yet still manage to get it onto the World's Best Bar list? His bar, Two Schmucks in Barcelona, seemingly came out of nowhere & has disrupted the mechanics on what a world-class bar is supposed to be. So, tune in and listen as Moe Aljaff shares his secrets to success and lays out his DIY philosophy when it comes to bars. Learn More: Moe...


Chat w Tequila Legend Julio Bermejo | Ep. 150

What better way to celebrate episode 150, then with a special hour-long episode featuring tequila legend, Julio Bermejo, of Tommy’ s Mexican Restaurant. Bermejo and his father are credited throughout the spirits world for popularizing 100% agave tequila in not only the U.S., but around the globe. Decades ago, while everyone else was stuck on sour mix & artificial ingredients, they invented a modern classic:The Tommy's Margarita, which featured fresh lime juice & agave nectar. Tune in to hear...


A Look into the Spirited Awards w Charlotte Voisey | Ep. 149

Each & every year, bartenders and industry professionals from around the world meet up in New Orleans to attend the Spirited Awards during Tales of the Cocktail. The awards have even been nicknamed "the Oscars for the Bar World," which speaks volumes as to how they are viewed in the business. So, join us this week as we sit down with Charlotte Voisey, the head chairperson of the Spirited Awards, and hear the scoop on what goes into putting the awards together. Learn More: Charlotte...


Tiki in Paris w/ Scotty Schuder | Ep. 148

When most of us think of beverage in France, we think of Champagne & wine, yet it is home to one of the most respected tiki bars in the world. Indeed, no tiki bucket list would be complete without Dirty Dick in Paris, and when you experience the beverage, hospitality and atmosphere, you will quickly see why. So, tune in this week & hear the story of how the bar came to be, directly from bartender/proprietor: Scotty Schuder. Learn More: Dirty...


Bar Industry Self-Care w/ Ashtin Berry | Ep. 147

In competitive industry with so many opportunities, it can often be difficult to find time to slowdown and make time for yourself. If you don't, then career burnout can be a real thing & once you lose that passion, it can be hard to rekindle it. Which is why it is more important than ever to be certain you are looking out for your well-being. To help us navigate this issue, we are joined by Imbibe Magazine's Bartender of the Year 2019: Ashtin Berry. Learn More: Ashtin...


Channeling Inspiration w/ Kevin Diedrich of Pacific Cocktail Haven | Ep. 146

Writer’s block can be a real issue for today’s bartender when they are looking to create new recipes and menus, which is why being able to tap into avenues of creativity can be so important. Join us this week as we hang with award-winning bartender Kevin Diedrich, as he reveals where he finds inspiration & how he applies that behind the bar. Learn More: ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick Castro, hangs out...


Mastering the Highball w/ Masahiro Urushido | Ep. 145

The classic highball is such a simple drink, traditionally only made with only two ingredients, yet so often the drink falls flat. This is because what seems so simple in approach, can often be deceptively difficult to master. To help us better understand the highball, we decided to sit down with Masahiro Urishido (of Katana Kitten,) who has spent a great deal of his career considering the many nuances of this incredible drink. So tune in this week, as he shares his insight into the...


Developing Immersive Cocktail Menus w/ Jillian Vose of Dead Rabbit | Ep. 144

Dead Rabbit is one of those bars that is constantly winning awards and receiving accolades on their menu, which is why we decided to sit down with their beverage director, Jillian Vose, for this episode, so that she could share her secrets. Join us as she breaks down the process that she uses to put together each of their expansive cocktail menus. Learn More: Dead Rabbit ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick...


American Brandy & Modern Classics w/ Jeff Bell & Thomas Pastuszak | Ep. 143

Tune in this week as we hang out with the team from Bertoux Brandy, Jeff Bell (PDT) and sommelier Thomas Pastuszak (NoMad Hotel Group.) This week we talk about everything from blending brandy to making the perfect Sidecar, while also getting in depth with cocktail theory and what goes into creating a modern classic. Learn More: Bertoux Brandy ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick Castro, hangs out with some of the...


Baijiu: The Spirit You Probably Know Nothing About | Ep. 142

Considering that it is the world's most popular spirit, it is surprising how little it is known by much of the western world. It is because of this lack of information that we decided to head to Sichuan, China -- the home of this delicious & fascinating spirit -- so, that we could learn about it at its source. Tune and listen as we chat with Derek Sandhaus, a world-renowned author and expert on Baijiu. Learn More: Drink...


Behind the Scenes w/ Gosling's Rum | Ep. 141

For this episode, we actually took a trip down to the island of Bermuda, so we could get a firsthand look behind the scenes of Gosling's Rum with Malcolm Gosling Sr. So, join us this week, as we learn about the history and blending methods of what goes into making an iconic rum. Learn More: Gosling's Rum: ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick Castro, hangs out with some of the top bartenders from around the world...


Unraveling the Secrets of Distillation & Spirits Production | Ep. 140

Education on spirits and the art of distillation can be overwhelming in today’s spirits industry, and it can be tough to navigate through all of the information and option out there. Which is why for this episode, we are joined by distillation & spirits expert, Rob McCaughey. So tune, in as we discuss the ins and outs of what it takes to produce a quality spirit. ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick Castro, hangs out with some of the top...


One of the World's Best Bars: Tjoget in Sweden | Ep. 139

Running one of the world's top ranked cocktail spots is no easy feat. To help us learn a bit more into what goes into such an operation, we decided to sit down with Joel Söderbäck (owner) & Ludvig Grenmo (bar manager,) of Tjoget in Stockholm. So tune in, as these two share their philosophy on operations, hiring and also, touch on what makes the cocktail scene in Sweden so unique. LEARN MORE: Tjoget: Joel...


Becoming a Badass Brand Ambassador w/ Tom Johnson Ep. 138

With many bartenders leaving the bar to make the move to a brand ambassador position, we decided to go over some tips on making the transition a successful one. Joining us for this episode, we have bartender turned ambassador, Tom Johnson, formerly of New York hotspot Extra Fancy, but now of Noble Oak Bourbon. LEARN MORE: Tom Johnson: Noble Oak: ============================== Join us every Monday as...


Making a Brand Ambassador w/ Simon Ford Ep. 137

To help us explore the role of the brand ambassador, we decided to hang out with industry legend, Simon Ford, the man who single-handedly helped define the role & what it means today. So, tune in this week & listen to us as we look into the position & what it holds in store. LEARN MORE: Simon Ford: Ford's Gin: ============================== Join us every Monday as star...


Montreal, Mocktails & Shots w/ Kate Boushel | Ep. 136

With Montreal evolving into such a hotspot for food & drink, w=e decided to head there ourselves and explore the scene there with local bartender, Kate Boushel. Boushel is the Beverage Director of Barroco Group, one of the top hospitality groups in the country, so tune in and learn about what makes the city so unique. LEARN MORE: Barroco Group ============================== Join us every Monday as star bartender, Erick Castro, hangs out with some...