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Episode 9: Mama, Is Your Wellness Plan Really a Diet? (Here's Why It Matters)

With so many wellness plans, detox bootcamps, food challenges and diet “rounds” available now, it can be hard to suss out whether something will really help you improve your health long-term — or is just a crash diet going by a new hashtag. And these plans love to target moms! Amy and Virginia explore whether diets, food restrictions or “lifestyle plans” can ever be compatible with family life. Plus, what to look out for if you’re exploring one of these newer plans—like the inevitable crash...


Episode 10: The Protein Myth: Do We Really Need to Eat As Much As We Think?

These days, "healthy eating" seems to mean "eat all of the protein, with some protein powder sprinkled on top." This can be super stressful for parents who worry their kids aren't big fans of meat or beans (or protein powder!). And it really messes with pregnant ladies' heads, as if eating isn't tricky enough during those months. We cut through the marketing hype and misinformation to share some solid info on how much protein you need...and why this is actually one thing we can relax...


Episode 8: Family Meals with Food Intolerances and Allergies

These days, most of us have a friend or family member who can’t eat a specific food, or who is choosing not to for one reason or another, so today we’re talking about what that can mean for family meals — and our mental health. Amy shares how she figured out that gluten gives her migraines, and the impact it has had on her family, plus how talking about this challenge with her kids has helped her avoid some diet culture pitfalls. And we get into the more serious issues that can arise with...


Episode 7: Back To School Lunch Struggles

Maybe you’re packing your first preschool lunchbox. Or logging on to top up your elementary schooler’s lunch account. Or trying to figure out what your toddler ate at daycare all day… sending your kids out to eat their midday meal in the world can be tricky! We’re talking about how to navigate this new facet of your child’s relationship with food, and what to do about all the new food messages they’ll bring home from school. PS. Don't forget to check out our show notes page with links to...


Episode 6: Eating While Pregnant

Holy pregnancy hunger! Amy is expecting baby number three (and eating all of the pretzels), so this episode is all about how eating changes when you're pregnant because of cravings, aversions and weight anxieties. We look at how diet culture shows up in pregnancy apps and even at your prenatal check-ups, and talk about how to get away from the (unattainable) "perfect" pregnancy paradox and listen to what your body — and your baby! — needs most. PS. Don't forget to check out our show notes...


Episode 5: The Problem With Portion Control

You know how nobody has ever eaten exactly one half cup of ice cream and felt satisfied in their life? Yeah. That. Diet culture and government guidelines are full of rules about the so-called right amount to eat of every food.... but they rarely match up with how much we — and our kids! — actually need to eat. So is portion control ever useful? And if not, what should you do instead? We talk about how to encourage kids to listen to their bodies, and offer tips for how mamas can ditch the...


Episode 4: The Truth About Sugar Highs

A new study on kids and sugar consumption has triggered a flurry of handwringing — and mom shaming. But are American toddlers really living on Snickers' bars alone? And is banning sugar from your kids' diets a good idea (or even possible)? Amy and Virginia look at the data behind the hype in order to bust some common myths about sugar highs and childhood obesity. And we discuss why kids need to eat treats (yes, really!) in order to have a healthy relationship with food — and adults do...


Episode 3: Feed Yourself First

You know how you can be up for hours in the morning, your kids will be on their second breakfast or third snack and somehow, you still haven't had a bite? (And you've had to warm up your coffee 17 times?) Well, in Episode #3 of Comfort Food, we reveal our new Mama Manifesto: #FeedYourselfFirst! We talk about why this seemingly simple thing can be so hard to pull off. (Hint: It's not you, it's sexism). And we brainstorm our best strategies to help moms prioritize their own needs at mealtimes...


Episode 2: How Much Do We Care About Kids and Vegetables?

Little kids are notorious for not wanting to eat things that are green (or often yellow or red...). So in episode 2 of Comfort Food, we ask: How much pressure is too much pressure when it comes to getting kids to eat their veggies? And is it possible to entice them to eat their fill without relying on sneaking veggies into everything they eat? What do you do if you have a picky eater? As you'll hear in the episode, we have slightly different takes on this issue — and whether it's ever okay...


Episode #1: Why Are We All So Obsessed With What We Eat?

Welcome to Comfort Food: The podcast about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves. In Episode 1, we tackle a giant issue: How can we stop obsessing about what we eat? We discuss why diet culture, picky eating kids, and perfection pressure leave most of us overly fixated on every bite our kids eat... and every bite we think we shouldn't be eating. And we offer real-life strategies for relaxing a bit to help reduce mealtime drama and increase enjoyment — like the one...