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A podcast about condiments. Emily Elias and Tom Wiggins ask: If you were trapped on a desert island, which 5 dips would you bring with you?

A podcast about condiments. Emily Elias and Tom Wiggins ask: If you were trapped on a desert island, which 5 dips would you bring with you?
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A podcast about condiments. Emily Elias and Tom Wiggins ask: If you were trapped on a desert island, which 5 dips would you bring with you?




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#25: Houmous

Houmous or Hummus? Who knows. But, we do know it is a magical thing. Tom and Emily talk about the great Houmous Wars. The fact houmous is an aphrodisiac and the time Emily called a guy a "Chubby Paul Rudd" (it was meant as a compliment). And did you know that sweet houmous is a thing? Oh and there is more jibber-jabber that we've come to expect from the best podcast about condiments you've ever heard. AND! we are in the midst of a houmous shortage!


#24: Mint Sauce

Emily comes back from the honeymoon bearing gifts and her 85 year-old Granny makes her podcasting debut. Tom takes us on a journey of mint sauce wonders with a Minthe the Nymph, a Roman Heston Blumenthal-type, and Elizabeth I (who jumpstarts the mint sauce revolution). BONUS: We get to learn all about Tom's childhood French classes. What a confusing time that was.


#23: Maple Syrup

A true battle as Tom Wiggins is a big meanie who does believe that sweet condiments are a thing. Sorry Tom. You are wrong. And this is why you shouldn't trust me (Emily) to write the episode descriptions. Because I'm getting the last word in this passive aggressive way. Also, we talk about a badass woman whose maple syrup biz in the 1700s was endorsed by King Louis XVI and the largest robbery in Canadian history: the Great Maple Syrup Heist.


#22: Sh** the Bed with Renae Bunster

Sh** the Bed is a hot sauce. Yep. That's the name. Creator Renae Bunster joins us to talk about it from Perth. Renae tell us the inspirational story of walking away from journalism to pursue her dreams: making a condiment. She gives us our first exclusive! I know! We're breaking news on this podcast! Plus we talk about stalking celebrity clients (Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsey) and Renae tells us what would be on her desert island.


#21: Horseradish

Horse + radish = condiment. Tom tells us what noise a radish makes. We learn all about the healing properties of horseradish. (Ladies, time to fight UTI's with the power of horseradish!) Emily readies her entry into the Little Miss Horseradish competition. Tom remembers his brief career meeting famous rappers.


#20: Salad Cream

The much awaited Salad Cream episode. Is Salad Cream going to disappear? A controversial name change is pitched for the sauce but will it stick? What else? Oh, Salad Cream, according to Tom, is condiment that even Nazis don’t like. Emily gets a deeper understanding of why her Nanna loves it. Tom stumbles across the 'Salad Cream Challenge' as he fell down a YouTube hole. Emily says 'no' in disgust A LOT.


#19: Ajika

A mystery sauce is delivered to Emily's Russian hotel room and turns out it's a game changer. It's all about Ajika on this episode. And while you probably don't know what it is, buckle up. we've got a story to tell about sheep farmers/shepherds, Doncaster and sanctions! Plus, the World Cup makes a cameo. Kinda.


#18: Ranch

Plumber Steve Henson retired at 35 and then invented a condiment that would turn into a multi-million dollar industry: Ranch dressing. It's a beloved condiment of the U-S-A, U-S-A. But why? Should it be eaten on cereal and with Oreos? Some say yes. Also, Chrissy Teigen has firm stances on the rules surrounding Ranch and is now a dream guest. And then we fall down the rabbit hole of condiments with pizza and a Dallas pizza place that put a $1,000 price tag on a side of Ranch. Tom learns in...


#17: Branston Pickle

Branston Pickle is an outstandingly British condiment that Tom loves. Tom goes into the history of the brown stuff and Crosse & Blackwell while Emily asks him to convert historical currency into today's money off the top of his head. What's the difference between pickle and a chutney? Oh, we discuss that. And there is a thing called a 'Briem Egg' which sounds tasty. Tom plays with his copper pipe. How's that for a tease!


#16: Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce! Did you know an ancient goddess is responsible for handing over this recipe to an emperor? It's way more complicated than that but for the sake of this intro blerb, you should listen to find out more. We hand out the first Desert Island Dips Iconic Bottle Award. Emily talks about the fascinating history of the soy sauce sachet. Tennis star Genie Bourchard dips her pizza in soy sauce. Is she on to something?


#15: American Mustard

Part two in the mustard trilogy: American Mustard. Yep. Trilogy. Tom fanboys over the 1904 St Louis World Fair. Emily finally learns the reason American Mustard is good at staining your clothes. And we debate what is the most kissable condiment.


#14: Tartare Sauce

Is Tartare Sauce named after the Tartars? Emily goes to the British Library and maxes out her library card to look at the history of tartare sauce with limited success. We look at the first fish and chips shop and meet the Cincinnati heroes who finally got 'National Tartare Sauce Day' on the calendar. Then, there is the story of Misty, the woman who is addicted to tartare sauce and the lengths a reality TV show goes to cure her of her addiction. Hint: It involves a 40 gallon drum and a...


#13: Tabasco

Tom Wiggins has lots of facts about tabasco sauce and Avery Island from where it came from. He also has limited facts about the museum associated with it. We also learn about the medical uses of tabasco and risk a lawsuit from 'Big Tabasco'. And Emily can't stop talking about Beyonce. Come on our show Beyonce.


#12: Wasabi

Emily & Tom explore the rich history of Wasabi which quickly turns into talking about a Wasabi Fire Alarm. Tom humble-brags about interviewing Craig David about his unusual invention. Inspired by a TV chef Tom has never heard of, a game of Wasabi Roulette breaks out.


#11: Worcester Sauce

Tom makes the case for Worcester Sauce. We learn four alternative histories to Lee & Perrins and meet "the fattest young man in the British Army." Tom explores the special relationship with worcester sauce and cruise ships. With special guest: Maple Syrup.


#10: Sriracha

SRIRACHA! All Caps. We talk about David Tran, the brain behind the Huy Fong Foods brand. The condiments that made it to the International Space Station. Emily tells a weird story about getting milked poured all over her. (You're welcome Mum & Dad.) And, there is a giving of gifts!


#9: Burger Sauce

Was burger sauce invented a mormon burger chain or a Nobel prize winner? Tom tells the debated history of the flesh coloured condiment. Big Mac sauce makes an appearance. And, you get a chance to enter an anti-climactic contest.


#8: BBQ Sauce

The southern staple BBQ sauce visits the island but will it stay? We learn the sauce's roots in slavery and meet the father of Kansas City BBQ. Emily sends a lot of emails. Tom laughs at her. Plus, there is 'Nugzilla'- a 1.5 kg nugget. But which BBQ sauce pair with it?


#7: Vinegar

Tom introduces another Good Guy in the condiment world to the podcast. Emily gets too excited about regional geography of old vinegar distilleries. And! we discuss dying at work. Plus, we talk about vinegar. A lot.


#6: Guacamole

Tom and Emily debate the status of guacamole as a condiment. We learn about the family that lost out on an avocado fortune. Emily has beef with 'Saved by the Bell' star Tiffani Thiessen. And! There is a woman named Pamela Wang who found the world's largest avocado. Tom can't handle it.