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Fork It Over! Life Coach and Comedian JP Sears

We take a break from the serious side of Fork It Over! to enjoy a good laugh! We have JP Sears, the viral guru sensation, and he talks about the positive benefits of laughter, and why we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously! He preaches sincerity over seriousness, because it allows us to enjoy freedom! He talks about the inspiration behind his guru lifestyle, and how it inspires his comedy! Join us next week to talk to the attorney who beat Monsanto at their own game!


Fork It Over!: Dr. David Friedman, Author of ‘Food Sanity’

We are honored to be interviewing Dr. David Friedman, author of 'Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fad and Fiction' for this episode of Fork It Over! He talks about his inspiration for the book, the content, and defines 'obesegen.' Then, we go through a speed-round of diet topics for Dr. Friedman to cover, We close with some tips from Leslie! Next week, we have comedian JP Sears! See ya then!


Fork It Over!: Alcohol and Your Health

It's our One Year Anniversary! A new global study proved what we knew all along-- alcohol, in any amount or form, is a toxin in your body. When you visit the doctor's office, the doctor usually asks the question, "How often do you drink?" There is a reason for that. In this episode, we break down the study, the Top 5 long-term health impacts of alcohol, and of course, the top tips to get away from alcohol!


Fork It Over!: Monsanto and Roundup

We tell a story about a man and his job, his cancer, and the successful lawsuit that is going to change the world of food production. Glyphosate, a chemical found in many herbicides, has been linked to some severe forms of cancer. We break down the lawsuit, how widespread this product is, and the top three tips to get away from it! Next week is our one year anniversary! See you then!


Fork It Over!: National Geographic Fellow and Author Dan Buettner

We have special guest, author of 'Blue Zones of Happiness' Dan Buettner on today's show! He explains what blue zones are-- the geographic common denominators to living a long, healthy life. He talks about the common diets among the longest living populations in the world and you'll be surprised by his knowledge! While many people believe personal responsibility is the reason for poor food choices, Dan believes something a little different.


Fork It Over!: The High Cost of Eating Out

A McDonald's drive by last week was the inspiration for this episode! Do you think you're saving money and time by eating fast-food? Think again! And worse, the real cost of eating out is your health. Why are so many people against cooking at home? We give you the top reasons why, and of course, some tips to help you fight the fast-food man!


Fork It Over!: Life with Plastics Isn’t So Fantastic

Leslie and Robin read an article this week from the BBC about plastics and their negative impacts on our environment, and subsequently, our health! Plastic is a modern convenience that is becoming inconvenient. Did you know that you probably have plastic in your liver right now? Plastic is everywhere, from the water you drink out of a bottle, to the air you breathe: BPA is a real threat. Of course, we give you the top tips to avoid plastics!


Fork It Over!: The Life-Saving Stroll

After last week's show on sex and our health, Leslie and Robin wanted to spend this episode talking about purposeful exercise. They read some troubling statistics about the lack of exercise Americans aren't getting. Can a 20-minute brisk walk a day change your life? All evidence point to YES! Leslie gives you her top tips for achievable fitness goals! See you next week!


Fork It Over!: Intimacy Authors Leslie and Doug Gustafson

This episode, we are graced by special guests Leslie and Doug Gustafson, authors of 'Amazing Intimacy: A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom.'Your intimate life can impact your overall health! As licensed therapists and sex/marriage coaches, Leslie and Doug give you some tips to spice up your intimate life! See you next week!


Fork It Over!: Dan Brooks Creative Director with Vital Farms

Today is all about eggs and butter. First, if you want to change what’s in your supermarket, vote with your dollars and ask your grocer to stock the foods you want. Next, Dan Brooks Creative Director with Vital Farms discusses how they make their hens happier to create better eggs. Dan also talks about their grass-fed pasture-raised butter, produced by pasture-raised cows. Finally, the reason why you should be eating pasture-raised butter. See y’all next week!


Fork It Over!: JJ Virgin, Author of ‘Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience’

Today is a very special episode because we have esteemed author and health guru JJ Virgin! Leslie and Robin talk to her about her new book 'Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience.' She talks about the traumatic events in the book and how she came out a better person and parent. JJ talks to a caller about the autism spectrum and gives some resources for her and her kids. We close with an important thought: your body is prepared to handle crisis, so take care of your health! See you...


Fork It Over!: Pros and Cons of Low-Carb Diets

Leslie and Robin ruffle some feathers today by talking about a war in the wellness world: low-carb diets! We breakdown what carbohydrates are and why some people choose to avoid them. The keto-genic diet is the latest fad diet that cracks down on carbs, but is it the healthiest option? Next week we have our interview with wellness guru JJ Virgin!


Fork It Over!: The Feeling of Being Full

Come July 7th, Fork it Over! will be interviewing health guru J.J. , so don't miss that episode! Leslie and Robin talk about being satiated, or the feeling of being full from eating. Are the foods we eat tricking our body's natural systems from knowing whether or not we are actually nourished? Processed foods are the problem, and we give the top tricks to maneuver around them and make you feel SATIATED.


Fork It Over!: The Tough Talk

While in vacation in Las Vegas, Leslie and Robin saw a culture difference in health that caught their attention, and they felt the need to talk about it for this episode! We have normalized living an unhealthy lifestyle. They discuss how this takes place in the media, and how other countries manage to be healthy! We take a caller question about getting people away from diet sodas to better substitutes. You can enjoy the fizz without the crap!


Fork It Over!: Is stress the number one killer?

No matter how happy a person may seem, we all suffer from stress in our everyday lives! Leslie and Robin talk about stress today, from the different types to the impacts on the body. Identify the areas of your life that give you the most stress. For some people, it's parenthood! Of course, we give you some tips and tricks to help cope with stress, including getting more oxygen, sleep, and smiling!


Fork It Over!: Take Care of the Skin You’re In!

On this episode, Leslie and Robin will talk about your largest elimination organ: your skin! The beginning of summer is here, and now is the time to make sure your skin is protected! We go over the skin basics like function, types of disease skin is susceptible to, and the types of protection we should be using! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend! See you next week!


Fork It Over!: Sleep and Your Health

According to the CDC 30% of Americans are sleep deprived, and Leslie and Robin are on a mission to help you get the rest your body deserves! On this episode, they give you the 'Four Rs' of sleep and take some caller questions, including a young man that wonders if his bad sleep habits are the norm. Then, they give you some tips and tricks to help you get more sleep!


Fork It Over!: Mother’s Day, Author Nancy Reed

Leslie and Robin celebrate Mother's Day by talking about relationships and how they relate to your health! People that have healthy relationships are more likely to avoid disease! Toxicity is not just about chemicals, but energy and stress. Then, we talk to author Nancy Reed about her book 'Words Left Behind: Tales from a Life Gladly Lived.' It's a collection of memories for her adopted daughter, to teach her more about Nancy and how she came to be the lovable person she is. We close with a...


Fork It Over!: Fun Food Facts Battle

Leslie and Robin set aside the seriousness for a day to have a little fun with Fun Food Facts! They duke it out to answer the question: who has the better food facts? Some of the facts today may surprise you! Who do you think won the battle? The underlying message in this episode is to be mindful of what you're putting in your body!


Fork It Over!: You Are What You Drink!

Leslie and Robin are back in the studio after a busy few weeks! This week's topic: you are what you drink! Sometimes, there may be products in your drink that you're not even aware of. like herbicides in wine! From energy drinks to coffee and sports drinks, there is a real danger to what you're putting in your body! So what should you be drinking? Listen to find out!