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Fork It Over!: The Tough Talk

While in vacation in Las Vegas, Leslie and Robin saw a culture difference in health that caught their attention, and they felt the need to talk about it for this episode! We have normalized living an unhealthy lifestyle. They discuss how this takes place in the media, and how other countries manage to be healthy! We take a caller question about getting people away from diet sodas to better substitutes. You can enjoy the fizz without the crap!


Fork It Over!: Is stress the number one killer?

No matter how happy a person may seem, we all suffer from stress in our everyday lives! Leslie and Robin talk about stress today, from the different types to the impacts on the body. Identify the areas of your life that give you the most stress. For some people, it's parenthood! Of course, we give you some tips and tricks to help cope with stress, including getting more oxygen, sleep, and smiling!


Fork It Over!: Take Care of the Skin You’re In!

On this episode, Leslie and Robin will talk about your largest elimination organ: your skin! The beginning of summer is here, and now is the time to make sure your skin is protected! We go over the skin basics like function, types of disease skin is susceptible to, and the types of protection we should be using! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend! See you next week!


Fork It Over!: Sleep and Your Health

According to the CDC 30% of Americans are sleep deprived, and Leslie and Robin are on a mission to help you get the rest your body deserves! On this episode, they give you the 'Four Rs' of sleep and take some caller questions, including a young man that wonders if his bad sleep habits are the norm. Then, they give you some tips and tricks to help you get more sleep!


Fork It Over!: Mother’s Day, Author Nancy Reed

Leslie and Robin celebrate Mother's Day by talking about relationships and how they relate to your health! People that have healthy relationships are more likely to avoid disease! Toxicity is not just about chemicals, but energy and stress. Then, we talk to author Nancy Reed about her book 'Words Left Behind: Tales from a Life Gladly Lived.' It's a collection of memories for her adopted daughter, to teach her more about Nancy and how she came to be the lovable person she is. We close with...


Fork It Over!: Fun Food Facts Battle

Leslie and Robin set aside the seriousness for a day to have a little fun with Fun Food Facts! They duke it out to answer the question: who has the better food facts? Some of the facts today may surprise you! Who do you think won the battle? The underlying message in this episode is to be mindful of what you're putting in your body!


Fork It Over!: You Are What You Drink!

Leslie and Robin are back in the studio after a busy few weeks! This week's topic: you are what you drink! Sometimes, there may be products in your drink that you're not even aware of. like herbicides in wine! From energy drinks to coffee and sports drinks, there is a real danger to what you're putting in your body! So what should you be drinking? Listen to find out!


Fork It Over!: The first wealth is health!

On this prerecorded episode of Fork It Over!, Leslie and Robin talk about the rising cost of healthcare, and the alternative: preventative care! Can you really prevent disease? Leslie reads some startling statistics about healthcare costs over time that should have everyone concerned. Your immune system is key, as it fights and prevents disease. So the logic-- take care of your immune system and it will take care of you! See you next week!


Fork It Over!: Dr. Robert Goldman and Anti-Aging

In this pre-recorded program, we continue our quest for prolific guests and today Leslie and Robin interview Dr. Robert Goldman. He discusses founding the term 'anti-aging,' becoming the first 'certified personal trainer,' and the struggles he faced in the health industry. He also gives his brutally honest opinion about doctors and money, and talks a little about his personal accomplishments in sports medicine. Don't forget, the Northern Colorado Functional Health and Wellness Summit is...


Fork It Over!: Dr. Mark Hyman, New York Time’s Best Selling Author

On this very special episode of Fork It Over!, we have the honor of talking to Dr. Mark Hyman, author of 'Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?' He talks about how healthy eating is not as costly as being sick. He answers some caller questions about food prices and diets that can make a whole family happy. To close, they preview next week's episode: an interview with Dr. Bob Goldman!


Fork It Over!: Vital Farms, NoCo Functional Health + Wellness Summit

It's a packed show today! First, Leslie and Robin speak with Dan Brooks of Vital Farms to talk about their pasture-raised hens and exceptional butter-- a difference you can taste (we even had a caller tell you so!) Then, they talk to Jennifer Watson and Andrea Ritter of the Northern Colorado Functional Health + Wellness Summit about their event. Fork It Over! Radio will be emceeing the event and you can get your tickets here! Use the code FORKITOVER this weekend for a special discount on...


Fork It Over!: Live from the Fort Collins Farmer’s Market

Leslie and Robin take Fork It Over Radio on the road to Fort Collins. Guests include Anne from Sproutin' Up, Amy from Garden Sweet, and Justin with Donoma Farms.


Fork It Over!: Millennials and Generation Fat

Leslie and Robin discuss an article from the BBC, in which they claim that Generation Z is set to be the fattest generation. They discuss the dangers and pitfalls if Millennials continue of this path of avoiding a healthy lifestyle! This is not about vanity or perfection! Then, Producer Adrian asks Leslie a question about the systemic changes that can make it easier for Generation Z to live a healthier lifestyle. They close with a special solution!


Best of Fork It Over!: War on Memory Loss, prevention through healthy eating

This episode is a rebroadcast of Fork It Over Radio. Leslie and Robin begin by discussing the debate on memory loss, and whether or not you can prevent it! They talk about an article that focuses on Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and while they can't be cured, healthy eating is essential. A caller gives them detail on the extent of how bad Alzheimer's can get. More and more evidence goes to show the connection between diabetes and memory loss diseases.


Fork It Over!: Leslie.. What should I be eating?

After last week's discussion on genetics and health, we received listener questions about what we SHOULD be eating. So Leslie and Robin break down the foods we should be eating to make our bodies inhospitable to cancer and other problems! What all people need more of in their diets: fruits and vegetables! Work on nourishing your body, rather than just getting full! Then, Robin takes a question on whether or not he was dragged into healthy eating because of Leslie's diagnosis, or was the...


Fork It Over!: Your Genetics and Your Health Destiny

Leslie and Robin ask the question, how much of your health is because of your genetic makeup? In 2013, Angelina Jolie removed her breasts after a test revealed he may have a high chance of breast cancer in the future. Was removing her breasts the answer, or could have nutrition and a healthier lifestyle played an important role in preventing cancer? They take a call about reaching out to friends and family after a cancer diagnosis. They leave on this note: illness is not your destiny!


Fork It Over!: The Slowest Form of Poison

Leslie and Robin are the experts today, as they discuss an influential quote from health pioneer Ann Wigmore. "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." Much of what Ann taught are the basic principles of living a healthy lifestyle we teach today! We leave you with this question: can food be the cure?


Fork It Over!: Food insecurity, Paul Donnelly of the Food Bank for Larimer County

Leslie and Robin take the time to draw some attention to a serious crisis facing Americans: food insecurity. To bring some perspective, they have on Communications Manager Paul Donnelly of the Food Bank for Larimer County to talk about the services they provide and their 21st Annual 'Empty Bowls' event! Our sidekick and head researcher Robin found a study about the Top 100 Nutritional Foods, and the FIOR crew go over the Top 10.


Fork It Over!: Vitamin Sea and Vitamin C

Leslie and Robin are getting some 'Vitamin Sea' during their vacation in Hawaii this week. This prerecorded broadcast is all about that very important nutrient known as Vitamin C. There are some truths and myths about what it can do, and Leslie cuts through the rumors and gives you the facts so you live a healthier lifestyle! #cancerhatesit We will be live next Saturday from 9-10AM! Be sure to tune in!


Fork It Over!: Winter Farmers Market, Kaiser Permanente Thrive

Leslie and Robin are live and on-location at the Winter Farmers Market in Fort Collins! They talk to Dr. Michelle Glascow of Kaiser Permanente to talk about their Thrive program, which pushes for a healthier lifestyle, a great way to prevent health issues, thus saving you money on healthcare. Then, they talk to the Fort Collins Pickle Company about their product, and how they got started!