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Fork it Over!: The “digestion doctor,” Dr. Christine Kaczmar

Today's topic is gut health. Leslie and Rob bring on special guest Dr. Christine Kaczmar (A.K.A. "The Digestion Doctor"), author of the book Gut Check. She discusses the broken medical model's fear-based grip on society and how the body knows how to heal itself. Too many people in the medical industry want to treat the symptoms, but don't look at the actual issues. Also, we judge our health by how we feel, but feeling bad doesn't mean you have to pop pills. Long and short of it...a healthy...


January 10, Hr 1 – Trump walks out and the Broncos hire a coach

President Trump walked out of his meeting with Nancy Palosi and Chuck Schumer. The National Western Stock Show starts up today. Also, the Broncos have hired Bears defensive coordinator Vick Fangio.


Fork It Over!: Making commitments and keeping them.

We all make commitments to ourselves but sometimes we don't keep them. If you make the commitment, you have to do the work. If you fail, remember, sometimes failure leads to better success. Keeping your commitments changes you in a positive way. Finally, the top tips for how to commit to your health.


Fork It Over!: Grace Alessi with Balanced Well Being Health

Leslie and Robin Nance welcome special guest Grace Alessi with Balanced Well Being Health. She discusses why she got into functional medicine. Her main goal is to discuss thyroid health. She stresses the importance of vitamin D in thyroid health and how the gut is something we should be focusing on more than we are. Finally, Leslie defers to Grace's expertise in this week's top tips.


Fork It Over!: Being happy and healthy (and hilarious) during the holidays

It's a holiday happiness focused episode of Fork It Over! Radio. Leslie tries to keep the show on the rails as Robin's non-stop quips keep the show extra light-heated. The topic of the day is the 10 tops to be happy and healthy during the holiday season. Merry Christmas (if you are so inclined)!


Fork It Over!: Food allergies are on the rise!

This week's Fork It Over! is all about the food allergy epidemic in western society. With so many people developing allergies and intolerance to foods, Leslie and Rob discuss what an allergy is and the causes of this epidemic. Also, it's the top tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy.


Fork It Over!: John Bossen owner of Dr. Lee’s Tea for Health

It's a green tea special on today's Fork It Over! Special guest John Bossen, owner of Dr. Lee's Tea for Health joins the show to discuss the many health benefits of Green Tea and how Dr. Lee's is a superior green tea. John Bossen shares his story of cancer survival, how he was introduced to Dr. Lee's Tea for Health, and how he was able to save it. Also, Leslie and Robin share their top tips for fitting green tea into your day. To find out more about Dr. Lee's Tea for Health, click here.


Fork It Over!: The body is hard wired to heal

On this episode of Fork It Over!, Leslie and Robin discuss the body's ability to heal itself. First, there is a difference between knowing and believing something, and knowing the body's healing power will strengthen it. The symptoms of injury and illness (i.e. bruising, fever, mucus, sneezing, etc) are signs of the body's self-healing. A cancer diagnosis can be a scary thing but your body fights cancer too. Finally, the top tips for empowering your body to heal.


Fork It Over!: The attitude of gratitude and how it affects your health

This week is all about having a grateful attitude. Thanksgiving is coming up, but we should be humble and thankful everyday. Leslie and Robin prove that politeness and gratefulness and change a persons day through real life experiences. The science of gratitude proves that a grateful attitude can make you healthier. Finally, tips for finding gratitude.


Fork It Over!: Special Guest Catherine Guthrie, Author of Flat: Reclaiming My Body From Breast Cancer

It’s a cancer survivor episode of Fork It Over!. Catherine Guthrie, author of Flat: Reclaiming My Body From Breast Cancer, discusses her riveting story of caner survival and making tough medical decisions. Plus, Leslie's top tips for becoming a cancer boss. Until we meet again, have a great weekend!


Fork It Over!: Aging Well with Ashley Ruffer of the Fort Collins Senior Center

On this episode of Fork It Over!, we talk to special guest Ashley Ruffer of the Fort Collins Senior Center about the services they offer and aging well! Then, we talk about a 23-year study that looked for the answer to the age old question: does exercise make us live longer? Some of the findings may surprise you! Of course, Leslie gives you her top tips for aging well and with grace.Till next time, see ya!


Fork It Over!: The Mindset for Healing

Before we dive into this week's topic, Robin gives an update on the case against Monsanto and Adrian gives a reminder about election season. Often times, people are not in the right mindset to live a healthier lifestyle or heal. Leslie and Robin talk about the body's amazing ability to help itself, but you have to give it the correct tools. We give you the top tips to gain the confidence to take control of your health, cancer diagnosis or not!


Fork It Over!: Candy Season and Flu/Cold Season– Coincidence?

Candy is season is upon us! From Halloween to Valentine's Day, the upcoming holidays come with a plethora of sweet treats. It's no wonder that it's also flu/cold season. The candy you're eating is impacting your immune system, more than you know! We tell you what sugars to eat and which ones to avoid. We end with some useful tips!


Fork It Over!: NoCo Air Quality and Climate Program Manager Lindsay Ex

On this episode of Fork It Over! Radio, we're talking air quality. In for an interview is City of Fort Collin's Climate Program Manager Lindsay Ex. She talks about what's impacting air quality, how we're trying to improve it, and the services they provide to help residents! While much of the focus in on outdoor air quality, we do talk about indoor air quality, which can be 5 times worse than outside! She offers low-cost solutions to help your indoor air quality. Are you mindful about what...


Fork It Over!: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a breast cancer survivor, people often think that Leslie celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's not something she actively celebrates for obvious reasons, but Leslie and Robin talk about the history of the month, the Komen Foundation and their money grab, and the real cure for cancer: taking care of your health so it doesn't happen to you! Next week, we have a special guest to talk about Northern Colorado air quality! See ya then!


Fork It Over!: Live Q&A

Leslie and Robin use this episode to allow our audience to participate by answering listener questions from the hotline and social media! They answer everything from what fruits in veggies are in season in winter, tips to help joint pain, sugar, cancer, trendy diets and more! We hope you learned a thing or two! See ya next week!


Fork It Over!: Special Guest Attorney Brent Wisner and his Monsanto Battle

On this episode, we have one of our most prolific interviews to date. We have Attorney Brent Wisner, who represented Dewayne Lee Johnson in his battle with Monsanto. Mr. Johnson's lawsuit claimed that Monsanto's roundup weed-killer not only gave him a form of terminal cancer, but that Monsanto went out of their way to hide it. He won and was awarded $289 million. Brent talks about the case, why he took on this billion dollar corporation, and how this is going to change the world. We close...


Fork It Over! Life Coach and Comedian JP Sears

We take a break from the serious side of Fork It Over! to enjoy a good laugh! We have JP Sears, the viral guru sensation, and he talks about the positive benefits of laughter, and why we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously! He preaches sincerity over seriousness, because it allows us to enjoy freedom! He talks about the inspiration behind his guru lifestyle, and how it inspires his comedy! Join us next week to talk to the attorney who beat Monsanto at their own game!


Fork It Over!: Dr. David Friedman, Author of ‘Food Sanity’

We are honored to be interviewing Dr. David Friedman, author of 'Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fad and Fiction' for this episode of Fork It Over! He talks about his inspiration for the book, the content, and defines 'obesegen.' Then, we go through a speed-round of diet topics for Dr. Friedman to cover, We close with some tips from Leslie! Next week, we have comedian JP Sears! See ya then!


Fork It Over!: Alcohol and Your Health

It's our One Year Anniversary! A new global study proved what we knew all along-- alcohol, in any amount or form, is a toxin in your body. When you visit the doctor's office, the doctor usually asks the question, "How often do you drink?" There is a reason for that. In this episode, we break down the study, the Top 5 long-term health impacts of alcohol, and of course, the top tips to get away from alcohol!