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GotMead Live features interviews with mead world influencers and lots of discussion about making mead, drinking mead, finding mead and just mead!

GotMead Live features interviews with mead world influencers and lots of discussion about making mead, drinking mead, finding mead and just mead!
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GotMead Live features interviews with mead world influencers and lots of discussion about making mead, drinking mead, finding mead and just mead!






9-3-19 Mateusz Blaszczyk and Krzysztof Jarek, Kings of Mead Competition and European Mead Makers Association Conference

9-3-19 Tonight we're winging our way to Poland to talk with Mateusz Blaszczyk and Krzysztof Jarek with the Kings of Mead. We will not be live tonight, as our friends in Poland cannot do the live time slot. Kings of Mead is three home meadmaking friends, Mateusz, Krzysztof and Rafal Gorecki, who have a website and do a video cast about mead. They're passionate about spreading the word of mead. They do mead reviews on their site and video show, talk about the meads they're making and drinking,...


8-27-19 Sam Slaughter, Author of Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum (and a secret guest)

8-27-19 We're headed out to talk to other folks tonight, finding some folks who love mead, but aren't in the mead industry. Sam Slaughter (@slaughterwrites) is the author of Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum? and Other Cocktails for 90s Kids, which was released this past June. He currently works as the Food & Drink Editor for the men's lifestyle magazine the Manual and lives in Greenville, SC.His work has been featured in Maxim, Bloomberg, The Bitter Southerner, and many other places. Sam is a...


8-20-19 Kent Waldeck – Crafted Artisan Meadery

8-20-19 Tonight at 9PM EST we're talking with Kent Waldeck, owner of Crafted Artisan Meadery in Mogadore, OH. Kent started homebrewing in around 2004, and like many homebrewers, ended up with mead. Kent worked for over a decade in Product Management and Marketing in consumer and B2B industries in North Carolina and Ohio before starting Crafted. Spending as much time as he can with his wife, Kristy, and their three sons traveling, camping and being outdoors is how he enjoys his time when he’s...


8-12-19 Kevin Martin – GoodRoads Cider and Mead

8-13-19 Tonight at 9PM EST we're talking with Kevin Martin, Head of Fermentation, Labs and IT at Goodroads Cider and Mead in Charlotte, NC. Kevin is a long time home brewer, since 1994. His first kit was a 'Slobber Porter', and his second beer was an Imperial stout/Dopple Bock/Barley wine hybrid (he was new). He read about mead in Charlie Papazian's 'New Complete Joy of Home Brewing', went out and bought a commercial example, and decided he wanted to try it out. His first batch was, in his...


8-6-19 Raúl de la Garza – Freya Brewing in Monterrey Mexico

8-6-19 Tonight we’re going to Monterrey, Mexico to talk with Raúl de la Garza, owner of Freya Brewery. Raúl started making mead on the summer of 2008. It all started with questioning what did the vikings drink back in the day (His family has Danish roots and they’re into history and food). After learning about mead and finding out that no one was making/selling mead in northern Mexico (Monterrey) he decided to start making it himself, “if they did it back then, how hard can it be?” He said...


7-30-19 Julie and Rana – Recolte Meads

Tonight at 9PM EST, we're off to Grosse Pointe Park (near Detroit for those who don't know) to visit with Julie and Rana (RJ), owners of Recolte Meads. Recolte Meads has been open for about 2 years, and opened their tasting room on April 23 this year. Julie has been making mead for several years. Back before she started making mead, she had a tenant who couldn’t make rent, and in the course of her story, mentioned that her dad owned an apiary. And Julie had her tenant pay her rent in honey!...


7-23-19 Curt Stock – Valkyries Horn Mead Competition and Talking Mead

7-23-19 We're off to northern Minnesota tonight talk with Curt Stock about the Valkyries Horn, Mead Competition of the Gods. And of course talk shop with Curt about mead! When I asked Curt for some background on himself, he came back with 'overrated meadmaker' (his words). However, we wanted to give y'all a little bit more than that, so here is a bit about Curt. Curt's been homebrewing since 1996. He started making mead after he purchased Ken’s The Complete Meadmaker at the 2003 AHA...


7-16-19 Mike Fagan and DJ Kurtz – Honnibrook Meadery – amazing session meads

7-16-19 Tonight at 9PM Eastern we're headed out to Colorado, to talk with Mike and DJ from Honnibrook Meadery. AJ and I met Mike and DJ at the 2019 MeadCon and MazerCup, and I was *blown away* by their salted mango session mead (and all their other meads). These guys are doing something right, and if you haven't tried it, you need to. Honnibrook Craft Meadery has been open for five months and the guys are really dialling in on serving session meads, refreshing meads below 8% ABV that are...


7-2-19 SPECIAL – ON LOCATION at B. Nektar Meadery with Kerri Dalhofer and Miranda Johnson

7-2-19 Tonight at 7PM EST, we're doing a live, ON LOCATION broadcast of GotMead Live from B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale, MI. Our guests will be Kerri Dalhofer, co-owner, and Miranda Johnson, Marketing Director/Event Magician/Ambassador of Buzz. We're celebrating the release of the first collaboration with GotMead, Cherry Pi (with crust)! This mead is based on Vicky's grandma's cherry pie recipe, her favorite pie as a child, and one made with Michigan cherries that Vicky would pick herself as...


6-4-19 Brian Galbreath – Unpossible Mead – Traditionals to Sessions and Sours

6-4-19 Tonight on GotMead Live at 9PM EST we're talking with Brian Galbreath, owner of Unpossible Meadery in Dwight, IL. Brian started fermenting ciders and then mead in 2013. Since then he has focused on traditionals as a homebrewer on Pete Bakulic's advice. Brian took a Mazer Cup win with his Montmorency Barrel Aged Mead, where he won the 2016 Home Mead Competition in the experimental mead category. At Unpossible Mead, Brian is focusing on session meads, tart and wild fermented meads, and...


5-28-19 Steve Mertz – the Canadian Sasquatch – Mead Methodologies

5-28-19 Tonight we're talking with Steve Mertz, 'the Canadian Sasquatch' (who confusingly lives in Texas). We'll be talking mead methodologies and the things Steve has figured out about them. Steve “The Canadian Sasquatch” started home brewing in Fall of 2012 after a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival. His Beautiful Bride to be, and him had some mead and thought it would be fun to try to make it at home. A quick trip to the local home brew store and one mead kit later, he was hooked....


5-21-19 Michael Poole – Texas MeadWorks – Saving A Mead – From Undrinkable Diesel to Triple 100’s at Mazer

5-21-19 It's time for Texas! Texas Mead Works, that is. Mike Poole, owner and meadmaker of Texas Meadworks, in Seguin, TX, joins us tonight. Mike began making beer, mead, and wine while living in Washington State in the early 1990s. He currently has approximately 26 years experience fermenting. With his wife, he opened Texas Mead Works and Blue Lotus Winery in 2010 in Seguin, Texas. Last year in September, they opened a second tasting room in the Texas Hill Country. Under the Texas Mead...


5-7-19 Greg Heller-LaBelle – AMMA VP, The Colony Meadery – MeadCon East

5-7-19 We are talking with Greg Heller-LaBelle, Vice President of the American Mead Makers Association, and co-owner of The Colony Meadery in Bethlehem, PA. Greg is coming on to tell us all about the debut of MeadCon East, the AMMA conference, that will be held in Pennsylvania, September 5-7, 2019. After 3 years of holding the MeadCon in Broomfield, CO alongside the Mazer Cup International, the AMMA has decided to host a second conference on the other side of the country. This event, being...


4-30-19 Lance Shaner – Omega Yeast and Carvin Wilson – High Temperature Fermentation

4-30-19 Tonight we are joined by Lance Shaner, co-owner of Omega Yeast, and Carvin Wilson, mead aficionado and speaker on fermenting mead at high temperatures. Lance is a long time yeast handler, and has been homebrewing since he was an undergraduate days at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He got to play with many yeasts, since the food science department there had a wide selection of yeasts to choose from. He made duplicates of almost every strain and took them to the...


4-23-19 Gary Gordon – Breaking Brew Meadery – Texas

4-23-19 Tonight we're headed down to Texas, to talk with Gary Gordon, owner of Breaking Brew Meadery in Farmers Branch, Texas. Gary and his family got involved with mead via beer. He gave his son at beer kit on his 21st birthday, and that got the ball rolling. After 5 years of making beers, he got really interested in meads and ciders. They were really interested in how fast mead was taking off, and realized that craft beer drinkers are open minded about trying new things, and the meadery...


4-16-19 – Steve Patik on Braggots

4-16-19 We're bringing Steve Patik back to talk about braggots tonight. Braggots are very popular, and there are many ways to approach them. I've had stout-style braggots, and ale-style braggots, and everything in between, and there are a million ways to make them. Steve is a big fan of braggots, and has made many. We're going to be talking about best practices for braggots, preferred yeasts, fermentation techniques and what potential problems can crop up when making them. Steve Patik lives...


4-2-19 Scot Schaar and Bob Slanzi – Polish Mead (and Polish Passports)

4-2-19 Polish Meads! At the 2019 Mazer Cup International, Scot Schaar and Bob Slanzi were given Polish 'passports', to recognize their prowess in making Polish meads. Both make amazing Polish style meads, and many have had the chance to try them and say 'hell yeah'. Making Polish style mead can be tricky, there are some rules around how the styles are made, and working with these sweeter meads is a bit of work. Making them well is a serious skill. If you're making Polish style, or thinking...


3-26-19 Jon Oppegaard – Oppegaard Meadery – Mead in the PNW (and Taco Mead)

3-26-19 Tonight we're getting together with Jon Oppegaard, owner of Oppegaard Meadery in Tukwila, WA. Jon makes excellent mead, I've tried many of his products. He's even done savoury meads, like his taco mead (yes, I said taco) that he released recently, and which was a huge hit, and sold out pretty quick. Jon has been making mead for over 10 years, and loves it. He made his own because there wasn't much available for him to get in his area when he discovered mead, and what he could find...


2-26-19 Mike Manning – Session Meads, Post Fermentation Flavoring

2-26-19 Tonight we are getting together with Mike Manning, co-owner of The Colony Meadery in Allentown, PA. Mike is speaking at the AMMA MeadCon in two sessions, Session Meads, and Post Fermentation Mead Flavoring. Mike has been brewing since 2001, and did his first mead in 2009, on Mead Day. He's gone on to win a bunch of medals, and won BOS in Valhalla, resulting in a collaboration mead with Moonlight Meadery that is still a core mead with them. When Mike did the collab, he was hooked, and...


2-18-19 Sergio Moutela – Making Beer Style Meads, TOSNA and Mead Made Right

2-18-19 We're back to featuring MeadCon speakers. Tonight is Sergio Moutela, owner of Melovino Meadery in New Jersey. Sergio is an accomplished meadmaker, and will be speaking at the MeadCon on Making Beer Styled Meads. Sergio has been pushing the boundaries of many mead styles, one of my favorites is Peachy Palmer, a lemon-tea session mead that is so refreshing and tasty, you'll find yourself drinking too much of it! Sergio is also the creator of the MeadMadeRight website and the TOSNA...