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Exploring the food culture of America.

Exploring the food culture of America.
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Exploring the food culture of America.




episode 119 :: a meat free diet

Vegetarians had it right all along. Then, vegans came along and spoiled everything by being attention whores. The idea: If it comes from the ground, eat it. If it comes from an animal, don’t. Everyone has their reasons for excluding meat from their diet. Today, I explore the possibilities and the reasons why people make this radical change in their dietary lifestyle.


episode 118 :: elevated roast

My brother Chuck joins the show to discuss all things coffee as he launches his new coffee roasting company Elevated Roast. Like most artisans, his passion for roasting coffee started as a hobby over a decade ago and it didn't take long for that passion to turn into a profession. Chuck knows practically everything there is to know about what makes the difference between an acceptable roast and an exceptional roast. I can tell you with great certainty that his beans are the latter. Visit...


episode 117 :: albert adria

He has lived in the shadow of his brother most of his life, and now he is building an empire of his own. For decades, when people thought of El Bulli, it was synonymous with Ferran Adria. But those who knew the inner workings of that project were well aware that it was Albert who was responsible for its success all along.


episode 116 :: the great mustard war

Outside of the LeBron era, being a sports fan in Cleveland has been as enjoyable as a root canal. Thankfully, there's a great mustard war going on that makes an otherwise dreadful ballpark hot dog relatively gameworthy. Still reeling from Bourdain's death, I discuss some recent revelations that shed light on his possible motives for suicide. My brother will be my guest on the next episode, and we're talking really good coffee. I mean, REALLY GOOD COFFEE.


episode 115 :: eat. race. win.

EAT. RACE. WIN. is a behind-the-scenes adventure into the biggest annual sporting event in the world: The Tour de France. Yes, even bigger than the Super Bowl. The show follows Chef Hannah Grant, who takes us on her race within the race as she sources performance food for Australia's pro cycling team, Orica-Scott. Hannah shows us exactly what it takes to perform at the edge of human endurance for 21 days of racing - the hardest bike race in the world.


episode 114 :: legacy

The recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Jonathon Gold have left a void in the world of food writing and entertainment. Today I pay homage to both, but stress the importance of living in the moments they left behind. While it’s often thought to be unhealthy to live in the past, I wonder if it’s more unhealthy to live in the present, given the current climate.


episode 113 :: beer

It’s been over two years since I turned my back on the craft brew scene. In doing research for the show, I found that the landscape had changed drastically. The numbers are staggeringly high. What made the biggest impression on me, however, was the growth of home brewing. As of last November, there were an estimated 1.2 million people making beer at home. And while I know that a lot of you have dabbled in the craft of brewing beer at home, I think that if you truly love the taste of...


episode 112 :: city of gold

Even for viewers who've never read or heard of food critic Jonathan Gold, City of Gold offers a thoroughly entertaining introduction to a talented writer and brilliant career. In this documentary, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold shows us a Los Angeles where ethnic cooking is a kaleidoscopic portal to the mysteries of an unwieldy city and the soul of America.


episode 111 :: chef

After a controlling owner pushes him too far, chef Carl Casper quits his position at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant. As he tries to figure out what his next step should be, he finds himself in Miami. Carl joins forces with his ex-wife, best friend and son to launch a food-truck business, and the venture provides a chance to reignite his passion for cooking, as well as his zest for life and love.


episode 110 :: nice guy fieri

Through the years, I’ve been more than unkind to Guy Fieri. I’ve come to the realization that I have no reason to be that way. He’s done nothing wrong, is living his dream, staying positive, and making a career out of helping small business owners flourish. In this episode, my public apology. I still don’t understand the hair, the cloths, the catchphrases, and everything else - but that’s not what makes the man.


episode 109 :: mozza

Nancy Silverton was the subject in Season 3 of Chef's Table on Netflix. In this episode, we discuss her impact on the LA food scene and her obsession with creating the perfect pizza.


episode 108 :: rock lobster

Amazon buys Whole Foods, cooking lobster the original way - over the grill, and introducing a new segment 'Cooking With the Devil'.


episode 107 :: eat bacon, don't jog

This week we're discussing the book Eat Bacon, Don't Jog by Grant Petersen. In it, he destroys 30 years of conventional health wisdom and offers a common sense approach to weight loss and fitness. The main point of Eat Bacon, Don't Jog is the real reason we need to drop carbs from our diet and instead embrace fat. On top of that, he sees no real health benefit in jogging. High intensity workouts that hurt like a bitch are what really help. The jogging thing I struggle with, as it was jogging...


episode 106 :: cluni paluni

Life is full of changes, and all we can do is roll with them and ride the trail that life carves out for us. In this episode I talk about the changes happening all around us and the meat company I dreamed of starting, but never did. It was a novel idea that never caught fire, but I learned a lot in the process. There's also talk of the national discussion about an immigrant ban and Jose Andres legal battle with Donald Trump over his restaurant that also never happened inside of the Trump...


episode 105 :: kids and kombucha

When you suddenly become a parent, cooking for children presents a whole new set of challenges. In this episode, I talk about how I have made the transition from cooking strictly adult food to cooking for kids while doing my best to expose them to new things. I also show you how easy it is to brew and ferment your own kombucha at home.


episode 104 :: judy joo

After getting her degree and finding her way to the Wall Street trading floor, she settled into a career in finance. After a few years, her passion for food proved to be too much and she gave up Wall Street to attend culinary school. A decade later, she’s an Iron Chef, an Iron Chef America host, restauranteur, cookbook author, and the host of her own cooking show on Food Network. Meet Judy Joo. She took the path less chosen.


episode 103 :: the nutrition spectrum

More useless food studies | Bobby Flay is making Food Network interesting again | Why prisons should hire Hells Kitchen rejects | Meatless Mondays | The Nutrition Spectrum | The Secret Power of Protein


episode 102 :: sconehenge

We are joined on the show by Debbie Rose of Fine Sconehenge Baking Company. Debbie is dedicated to baking only the finest all-natural and handmade desserts for her customers. Her products are known for their simple flavors. You can taste the nuts, the berries, the oats because the sugar doesn’t overwhelm you. Nothing contains high-fructose corn syrup - they use only the highest quality ingredients, no preservatives, and NO MIXES! Fine Sconehenge Baking Company chooses to make a perishable...


episode 101 :: one more for the road

I felt it was necessary to bring the show back today for two reasons - the first reason being an explanation of why I ended the show when I did in the Fall of 2012. The second reason being to catch you up with the fallout after that day, and how my life, as a foodie, has gotten me through the subsequent days, weeks, and months that followed. Life as a chef, a cook, a foodie, or gourmand holds weight. It grounds us. It neutralizes all of the negative things around us. It makes us whole. For...


episode 100 :: finale

This project has always had an end point, and that end point is here. Since we started this journey together in the early Summer months of 2007, I have set out to learn as much as I could about food, food culture, and the truth behind what we put on our tables every single day. And my goal has always been to share what I've learned with you. Through it all, I hope I've helped make a difference at your dinner table, challenged you to try new things, and entertained you along the way. Don...