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Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto

Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto


Toronto, ON


Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto




Bord du Lac — Amsterdam Brewing Co — S6 E6

Tonight Chris is sipping on an absolute BANGER, Bord du Lac from Amsterdam Brewing Co. Also bigging up the lager tasting with Sawdust City and Brew Culture coming up on May 20.


Kaede — Godspeed Brewery — S6 E5

Woah woah woah, this one is crazy! Kaede from Godspeed is a massive 10% still (not carbonated) beer bursting with big jammy dark dried fruits, and a huge helping of sweet maple syrup. Also, Chris tries the house hot sauce from Godspeed, and it's rock solid too! What a day!


Getting the band back together — S6 E4

In this total blast from the past, Chris is hanging out with Mandie, former co-host of the pod, catching up on all things Left Field Brewery, pandemic beer making, seltzer, and the usual amount of two friends just hanging out.


West Coast Swing — Left Field Brewery — S6 E3

Back to basics with this beauty from Left Field, West Coast Swing IPA. A big assertively hoppy west coast IPA that just does all the things right. Also, I think you should have a zoom-based beer or wine tasting with friends. What is it, 2020?!


Old Muddee — Muddy York Brewing Co. — S6 E2

Flipping the script tonight, with a boi that is neither crispi nor hazi. It's Old Muddee from Muddy York, their version of a classic American Lager. Also the usual covid-based chatter, a new reverse advertisement or whatever it is I'm doing, and a report on our precious little doggy, Ginger.


Ochame IPA — Godspeed Brewery — S6 E1

Just like JC, Chris is back and sipping an absolute classic from Godspeed Brewery, thier Ochame IPA with green tea. Also the (now usual) covid-ranting. And new for season 6: this episode brought you Muddy York Brewing, the first in at least one reverse sponsorships.


Good Monster — Collective Arts Brewing — S5 E30

Chris is briefly joined by the cutest, quietest co-host yet: his new adopted pup Ginger! Then it's time to sip a beauty NEIPA from Collective Arts, rant about Breed-specific (haha0 Legistlation, and sign off till after Easter.


Spy vs Spy — Godspeed Brewery — S5 E29

Chris finally managed to grab a pair of the Godspeed Old-style Pilsner finsihed two ways (steel and wood), so tonight we're comparing them, then having a good old rant about St Patrick's day.


Event Horizon — Storm Stayed Brewing — S5 E28

Chris is sipping a spicy beer, and eating spicy sauce. ALso talking International Woman's Day, and railing against the stupid racism of Silversmith Brewery, and their total non-apology.


Sipping Beers with Storm Stayed Brewing

Tonight Chris is joined by Justin and Paul from Storm Stayed Brewing in London. They talk about a few different brews, the brewery, life in London, and plenty of funny stories and banter.


Fallow Year Ontario Lager — Avling Brewery — S5 E26

Chris is sipping a delightful Fallow Year Ontario Lager from Avling Brewery, and talking home delivery, snofas, babies, and rugby. What more could you want?!


Jelly King (Raspberry and Black berry) — Bellwoods Brewery — S5 E25

Chris is drinking an absolutely delicious Jelly King with Raspberry and Blackberry from Bellwoods brewery, talking about colour names, and also giving some insights into fasting, whether you're a spiritual person, or just somebody looking to learn another language.


Hanging out with Troy and Fabain — Great Lakes Brewery — S5 E24

Long one tonight, in this pre-recorded ep, Chris hangs out with two of his old friends, Troy and Fabian from Great Lakes. They talk about their roles at the company, the new brew pub downtown, the brewery's 34th anniversary, and life and brewing in pandemic times.


Lost in Orbit — Nickel Brook Brewing — S5 E23

Tonight, Chris is sipping a delightful hazy IPA (albeit a low abv one) from Nickel Brook, and talking a little rugby, Black History Month, and generally having a time.


Hanging out with Kevin Freer — Block 3 Brewing — S5 E22

I had an absolute ball hanging out with Kevin Freer, of Block 3 Brewing. Talking lots about his beers, and beers in general, and also music, BBQ, and some other fun stuff. It was a long one, but I could have talked to him for hours!


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants — Red Tape Brewery — S5 E21

Not an ideal night for recording an ep, but sometimes you just need to soldier on. Sipping an absolutely fantastic pale ale from the brand-new Red Tape Brewery, but also talking about losing a beloved friend. Legit content warning: there's talk about depression, mental illness, and suicide.


Besuto — Godspeed Brewery — S5 E20

Chris is really tired, but here and ready to rawk. Tonight it's a can of the new Besuto English Best bitter from Godspeed, which is hella tight. Also, lots of sleepy silliness.


Lineout Lager with Dan Moor — Indie Alehouse — S5 E19

Tonight I'm super honoured to be joined by Dan Moor, former captain of the Toronto Arrows Rugby Club. I'm drinking a Lineout Lager by Indie Alehouse (in partnership with the Arrows), and he's sipping a Lone Wolf IPA from Fernie Brewing Co. We talk a bit about beer then a lot about rugby and generally have a wonderful time. Apologies for the sound quality: Zoom compresses the hell out of their audio.


Vine Song 3 - Blush — The Indie Alehouse — S5 E18

Chris is drinking a delightful little sasion/wine hybrid from Indie Alehouse, and also giving their "Nasty Sauce" hot sauce a spin. Both are available in their bottle shop right now.


Christmas Extravaganza with George Eagleson — S5 E17

Chris sits down with one of the beer industry's most beloved people: George Eagleson from Niagara College Teaching Brewery. They talk a lot about George's long and storied brewing past, what his gig is like as a professor, their own amazing past, and generally have a ball. However you celebrate this holiday season, have a great one filled with lots of love, and a reasonable volume of beer!