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Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto

Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto


Toronto, ON


Talking beer, brewing, the bar scene, and life in general in Toronto




Johnny Simcoe Pale Ale — Great Lakes Brewery — S4 E20

Chris is drinking a delightful Johnny Simcoe pale ale from Great Lakes Brewery and answering your questions!


Citraddiction — Great Lakes Brewery — S4 E19

Chris is drinking a tasty tasty Citraddiction from Great Lakes Brewery, and actually talking about stuff other than what he's drinking!


Oberkassel — Godspeed Brewery — S4 E18

Chris is drinking an absolutely delicious Oberkassel from Godspeed Brewery and he goes on a bit of a rant about people invading his neighbourhood.


Meanwhile Down in Moxee — Great Lakes Brewery — S4 E17

Chris is drinking an absolutely amazing Meanwhile Down in Moxee from Great Lakes, and talking abour beer delivery, both from your local small indpendent, or a delivery service like


Steam Whistle Premium Session Lager — S4 E16

Chris is sipping on the new Steam Whistle Premium Session Lager and ranting about people who don't like light beer and/or Steam Whistle.


You Should Smile More pink guava IPA — Muddy York Brewing Co. — S4 E15

Chris is drinking a delightful You Should Smile More pink guava IPA from Muddy York/@beergirlca and trying hard to have literally anything to discuss in the second half of the pod.


The BYOB Party — Fukami Godspeed Brewery — S4E14

Chris is drinking a delicious Fukami Dunkel from Godspeed and hosting his BYOB party. Not sure if anybody B'ed their OB, because everybody watching live seemed shy, but it was a fun little get together, and if we're honest, Chris mostly likes to hear himself talk anyway. That's why people start podcasts.....


Time Lord American IPA — People's Pint Brewing — S4 E13

Here's to random midday pods, and drinking a classic West Coast IPA from the really lovely people at People's Pint. Also bigging up the upcoming BYOB Party on Monday night, whether you just want to hang out and drink a beer, or you need to hang out and drink a beer, we're here for you.


Imperial Russian Stout — Wellington Brewery — S4 E12

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, Chris is is getting into an absolute classic, Wellington Brewery's Imperial Russian Stout. Also making plans for a little social party online for next Monday. It's BYOB!


The Inevitable Quarantine Ep — Voodoo Haze Mama Great Lakes Brewery — S4 E11

Chris is officially sick with "something" (the virus that must not be named) and in quarantine, but he's actually feeling not too bad and has good friends who give him beer and he's bored so here's a random Sunday afternoon ep because why not? We gets into a can of Voodoo Haze Mama from Great Lakes Brewery, big up artists who are putting out free content in these locked-in times, and shout outs almost everybody (other than toilet lickers).


DAB — Toronto Beer Podcast — S4 E10

Chris slips into that old comfortable sweater that is DAB, the benchmark for Dortmunder lagers, and talks how to be a good person during the global pandemic.


Starke Pils — Amsterdam Brewery — S4 E9

Chris is socially distancing himself from all the COVID-19 worries and sipping on a stone cold classic, Amsterdam Starke Pils. There are no events anywhere, so instead we're talking about taking care of ourselves and each other.


Prospect Strata — Left Field Brewery — S4 E8

Chris is sipping on a sweet sweet Prospect Strata from Left Field Brewery and bigging up the People's Pint 2nd anniversary party.


Tmavy Lezak 12* — Godspeed Brewery — S4 E7

Chris is confused and coming off a rough Monday, but the good news is both him and his computer are back in fine form and sipping on a Godspeed Dark Czech Lager (well, not the computer). Also bigging up the Pink Boots Society brewday this Sunday.


Canuck Pale Ale — Great Lakes Brewing — S4 E6

Chris gets into "the other" flagship of Ontario Craft Beer, Canuck Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewing. The big finale of Flagship February.


Ransack The Universe — Collective Arts S4 E5

Chris gets into one of his current favourites, Ransack The Universe from Collective Arts Brewing. It's a hazy boi (and let's be honest, a chunky boi too), but he loves it so darn much.


Steam Whistle Pilsner — S4 E4

In continuing observation of Flagship February Chris gets into what he thinks of as the Flagship of Ontario craft brewing: Steam Whistle Pilsner. Also there's some talk of some sweet upcoming beer events. Get it in you!


Cornerstone Black Lager — Black Lab Brewing — S4 E3

Chris gets into a bottle of delicious Cornerstone Black Lager from Black Lab Brewing, and chats about a few upcoming events in Toronto. Not brought to you by Meundies, but if you have a hook-up, get at me!


Season 4 Ep 2 — Sawdust City Sweeties and Cuties

Chris gets into some Sweeties and Cuties fruited table stout from his pals at Sawdust City Brewery in Gravenhurst Ontario, then talks about the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival at Roundhouse Park this weekend in Toronto.


Toronto Beer Podcast Season 4 Ep 1 — The Reboot

Chris reboots the Toronto Beer Podcast as a one-man show and drinks a tasty Muddy York Porter and talks about, you know, stuff.