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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.

The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.
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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.




NFL Week 2 Recap + Jets vs. Browns

It seems like there's more fun and whimsy through the first two games of the season than normal, and one of the hosts witnessed some of it live. The guys chat about a busy NFL Week 2, featuring about a thousand points of interest emanating from the Vikings-Packers tie, attended by Jay. There was also a possible changing of the guard in Jacksonville, a possible new league superstar reinforcing his strong debut for the Chiefs, and an old journeyman swaggering and soaking it all in down in...


NFL 2018 Week #2

Week 2 in the NFL usually brings forth Overreaction Sunday, when people try to apply Week 1 results as if teams aren't allowed to be hot or off their game for one week. The boys try to resist the temptation of putting too much value into last week as they make their picks. The slate includes an AFC title rematch as the Pats visit the Jags, the Rodgers Knee Watch as the Vikes try to again put a hurt on the Pack, and an old-school new-school shootout as the Chiefs take on the Steelers. Theme...


NFL Week 1 Recap + Ravens vs. Bengals

Jay and Dre weigh in on the first week of action in the league, which saw no shortage of surprising outcomes and performances. Is it possible for fans of both the Bears and Packers to feel good and bad about what happened Sunday night? Is Joe Flacco balling out the new version of That's So Ravens? And is there immediate hope for any of the 0-7 new coaches? Later, they choose sides in tomorrow's AFC North clash between That's So Ravens and Who Dey? Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll...


NFL 2018 Week #1

It's finally time for the first weekend of real NFL pigskin action, and Jay and Dre bounce back from officially starting off with an L Thursday by picking the rest of Week 1 versus the spread. The AFC champs host a team and QB that pushed them to the limit last year as the Texans visit the Patriots, the sensation at the end of last season gets a tough test as the 49ers travel to Minnesota, and an early AFC West test sees the new-look Chiefs at the Chargers. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by...


2018 Preview: AFC + Falcons vs. Eagles

After a wild show dissecting the NFC, the boys are back for a look at the AFC, home to the premier franchise of the NFL, the Patriots. But do they see another trip to the top for Brady and Belichick, or will there be new blood rising? Jay and Dre give their picks for the Super Bowl as well, then they break down the first real game of the season between the Falcons and the World champion Eagles. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


2018 Preview: NFC

Jay and Dre start the 2018 NFL season with two nights of previews, beginning with their post-Labor Day show looking at the NFC. Both have leaked a couple of spoilers already, with Dre having picked his Super Bowl champ before last season ended, and Jay liking Chicago to make some noise even before the massive Khalil Mack acquisition. But what else do they have in store for this conference, and what do they think of the defending champion Eagles? Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Where Is Football Headed? w/ FFRR's Renard

This NFL preseason has been highlighted by the maddeningly inconsistent rulings by the zebras as they try to call the new helmet rule as they see fit. What will happen to the sport this year and beyond if regular open-field tackles that happen to involve contact with the helmet are at risk of being flagged? Jay and Dre discuss with Renard from Football Fan Rush Radio. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


IMLD's 2018 NFL Hall of Infamy Induction Show

It's back-to-back weekends of inductions into the IMLD Halls of Infamy. This weekend, the NFL gets the spotlight treatment. It's not about Ray Lewis and Randy Moss, but rather people and events the league would rather not acknowledge. Dre holds court and puts five new members in. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


IMLD's 2018 MLB Hall of Infamy Induction Show

Anyone can induct Chipper Jones and Bob Costas in to a baseball Hall of Fame. But here at IMLD, we really have a different definition of "fame." So we induct our 2nd class into our Baseball Hall of Infamy. Join Dre and this year's emcee Jay to find out the latest to be made immortal, for better or worse! Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Strong Tradewinds In The Air

The winds of change are in the air all around baseball, with Manny Machado going to Tinseltown being the largest move. Jay and Dre discuss the second half in MLB, and they also chat about a game-changing deal Jay made in his high-stakes fantasy league. Aftershow: The guys have shopping issues Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Up Close And Personal

The boys take some time after the holiday to catch up on their lives. Camping trips, baseball games, medical visits, out-of-town getaways--it all gets discussed. And as always, Jay and Dre don't mince words when talking about unpleasant experiences. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: The Rise Of The Run/Pass Wager

As the Cavaliers and Warriors play Game 2 of the NBA Finals (and J.R. Smith continues to wonder what the score is), the guys return for another show. With sports gambling poised to become legal in all states, not just Nevada, how big is wagering about to become? Will sports media become dominated by betting advice and tout service ads? And how long before you can take your child's education fund and double it on a Jaguars 2nd-quarter run/pass bet from your cell phone? Theme music credit:...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Kicking Around The Political Football

Jay and Dre catch up on the sports world. The NFL once again sets its sights on putting its laborers in their place, surprising teams and top-notch individual players highlight MLB through its first two months of the season, and in the NBA, Golden State and Cleveland overcome road Game 7s to clash in the Finals for the fourth consecutive year. And all of this can be legally bet anywhere in America, at least it will be someday soon. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 NFL Draft Aftermath Aftermath

The guys try to once again discuss the events of this year's draft, provided the podcast host will allow them to connect. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 NFL Draft Aftermath

The quarterbacks have been taken, the trades have been made, and every team is trying to convince its fan base that they got the guy they wanted, even if they didn't. Jay and Dre recap the happenings of this year's NFL draft adventures from Jerryworld and give their takes on the futures of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and budding gangsta rapper Josh Allen. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Is Anyone Here Selling Blow?

Jay and Dre shoot the bull about Jay's trip to Chicago for the Ad Hac fantasy baseball draft, the craziest March Badness in memory, the different galaxy that is Wrestlemania Week, and whatever else comes up. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Wrestlemania XXXIV Preview

A sense of deja vu will be in the air at this year's Wrestlemania, as WWE attempts once again to force Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar as a feel-good finish. It worked so well the first time, they had to send Seth Rollins out to cash in Money in the Bank (as predicted by Jay) to save the show, and that's not an option this time. What will unfold in Nawlins? A compelling undercard will see the first match in Ronda Rousey's new career, Braun Strowman challenging for tag titles with a surprise...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 Baseball Preview

It's almost baseball season, earlier than ever this year, so join Jay and Dre for their annual IMLD hardball preview show. The Astros are the buzz coming off their first ever World title, but the Indians, Red Sox, and Yankees will pose formidable challenges in the American League. The Dodgers are primed to take the National League again if they can endure contenders like the Nationals, Cardinals, and former champs the Cubs. Who wears the crown in October? No one really knows, but it's fun to...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 March Badness Preview

Opinions fly and allegiances form with dizzying frequency these days, but everyone stops in March to fill out a bracket or two or 17. Jay and Dre share their one bracket each as they vie for the title of IMLD March Badness Pool Winner, and they show off their, ahem, knowledge as they break down each region in their normal maniacal manner that will still be better than what TBS could muster. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 Oscars Preview

The 90th Academy Awards will be handed out Sunday, and maybe this time they'll give the right trophy to the actual winners on the first try! Dre chats with Dave the Movie Expert about this year's ceremonies. In an upset, for the second year in a row Dre saw a movie nominated for Best Picture, and he saw it first run in the theater. In another upset, Mary J. Blige somehow got nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Listen to hear if the guys foresee any other upsets. Theme music credit:...