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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.

The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.
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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.




Kings Of Non Sequitur: The Rise Of The Run/Pass Wager

As the Cavaliers and Warriors play Game 2 of the NBA Finals (and J.R. Smith continues to wonder what the score is), the guys return for another show. With sports gambling poised to become legal in all states, not just Nevada, how big is wagering about to become? Will sports media become dominated by betting advice and tout service ads? And how long before you can take your child's education fund and double it on a Jaguars 2nd-quarter run/pass bet from your cell phone? Theme music credit:...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Kicking Around The Political Football

Jay and Dre catch up on the sports world. The NFL once again sets its sights on putting its laborers in their place, surprising teams and top-notch individual players highlight MLB through its first two months of the season, and in the NBA, Golden State and Cleveland overcome road Game 7s to clash in the Finals for the fourth consecutive year. And all of this can be legally bet anywhere in America, at least it will be someday soon. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 NFL Draft Aftermath Aftermath

The guys try to once again discuss the events of this year's draft, provided the podcast host will allow them to connect. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 NFL Draft Aftermath

The quarterbacks have been taken, the trades have been made, and every team is trying to convince its fan base that they got the guy they wanted, even if they didn't. Jay and Dre recap the happenings of this year's NFL draft adventures from Jerryworld and give their takes on the futures of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and budding gangsta rapper Josh Allen. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Is Anyone Here Selling Blow?

Jay and Dre shoot the bull about Jay's trip to Chicago for the Ad Hac fantasy baseball draft, the craziest March Badness in memory, the different galaxy that is Wrestlemania Week, and whatever else comes up. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Kings Of Non Sequitur: Wrestlemania XXXIV Preview

A sense of deja vu will be in the air at this year's Wrestlemania, as WWE attempts once again to force Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar as a feel-good finish. It worked so well the first time, they had to send Seth Rollins out to cash in Money in the Bank (as predicted by Jay) to save the show, and that's not an option this time. What will unfold in Nawlins? A compelling undercard will see the first match in Ronda Rousey's new career, Braun Strowman challenging for tag titles with a surprise...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 Baseball Preview

It's almost baseball season, earlier than ever this year, so join Jay and Dre for their annual IMLD hardball preview show. The Astros are the buzz coming off their first ever World title, but the Indians, Red Sox, and Yankees will pose formidable challenges in the American League. The Dodgers are primed to take the National League again if they can endure contenders like the Nationals, Cardinals, and former champs the Cubs. Who wears the crown in October? No one really knows, but it's fun...


Kings Of Non Sequitur: 2018 March Badness Preview

Opinions fly and allegiances form with dizzying frequency these days, but everyone stops in March to fill out a bracket or two or 17. Jay and Dre share their one bracket each as they vie for the title of IMLD March Badness Pool Winner, and they show off their, ahem, knowledge as they break down each region in their normal maniacal manner that will still be better than what TBS could muster. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


Super Duper Bowl LII

Jay and Dre break down the Big Game between the Patriots and Eagles for the NFL championship. There are hardly any juicy storylines, there's not much sizzle in the matchup, and one host has already expressed such disinterest that he may not even watch. Plus, Dre has clinched the picks title, so even that's not on the line. It's all about the game. The New Evil Empire in New England or the scrappy underdogs in Philadelphia...WHO YA GOT?!? Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


2017's IMLD Honors & Dishonors

All that phony baloney glad-handing that the NFL does at its Honors show is nauseating. Come join the only show that has the stones to award all of the players and teams that deserve the spotlight for their, ahem, achievements over the past year, for better or worse. Jay and Dre give out the real Honors & Dishonors live. Tune in to remember the moments the league wouldn't dare mention! Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


NFL 2018 Conf. Finals

A brilliant flip-flop by Jay gets him closer to upsetting Dre and pulling off a miraculous comeback in their picks contest. Jay sided with Jacksonville over Pittsburgh at the last minute, and it worked out perfectly. The boys chat about a wild Divisional Round weekend before choosing their Super Bowl teams to emerge from the Conference Finals. Will they pick the brash upstart Jaguars or the veteran favorite Patriots? Will they pick the Minnesota Miracle Vikings or the Nick Foles-led hungry...


NFL 2017 Week 16 Recap + Week #17

Jay and Dre recall their respective Christmases before recalling an active Week 16 in the NFL. The Seahawks sang some Bee Gees while beating the Cowboys to stay alive in the NFC, the Eagles blocked the Vikings from hosting a potential NFC title game, the Chiefs wrapped up a division crown, and the Jags did too (no thanks to Messiah Garoppolo). Then it's on to the coin flip that is the picks for Week 17, and this year, Jay takes over coin-flipping duties. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by...


NFL 2017 Week 15 Recap + Week #16

So many questions float throughout this holiday season, such as: Is Santa Claus real? What is the true meaning of Christmas? What is a catch? Why is the football given to the opponents at the 20 when fumbled through the end zone but returned neatly to the possessing team when fumbled anywhere else? Jay and Dre try to provide answers to some of those questions as they review a wild Week 15 in the NFL, including an excruciating finish in the Patriots-Steelers clash and Jay winning the...


NFL 2017 Week #15

There's still money to be made picking the right sides even among non-contenders, so Jay and Dre sift through all the action and make their picks for Week 15 in the NFL. Certainly, high stakes games abound as well, with New England visiting Pittsburgh in what should be the deciding factor in which squad would have home field advantage in a future AFC title tilt. Seattle can step right back into controlling the NFC West if they sweep the Rams. The Chargers and Chiefs get it on for supremacy...


NFL Week 14 Recap + Broncos vs. Colts

Another eventful Sunday in the NFL will be reviewed by Jay and Dre. Carson Wentz blows out his knee but keeps playing initially, showing his toughness, but now all that matters for the Eagles is, how ready is Nick Foles to recreate the Wentz magic? The Steelers win another wild game in which they were losing, this time clinching their division in the process. What can be made of how Pittsburgh is playing right now? Can Kansas City or Green Bay keep the momentum going and finish the season...


NFL 2017 Week 13 Recap + Week #14

Jay and Dre look back on a memorable Week 13 in the NFL. Jay said that Ben McAdoo has been trying to get fired with his antics involving the New York Giants QBs, and by gum, he finally did it. Dre searched and searched for a Cleveland Browns cover, and he finally found it. And both said Seattle would man up and give Philadelphia its biggest fight, and they did. The boys also cover suffocating road wins by the Patriots and Vikings, the mess that is the AFC West, and yet another...


NFL 2017 Week #13

Somehow, the Cowboys managed to win a game without Ezekiel Elliott or Sean Lee, surprising the IMLD hosts and sending Cowboy Nation into convulsions. Jay and Dre try to rebound from the events of last night and look ahead to the rest of NFL Week 13. Will Minnesota go for eight wins in a row or will Atlanta continue their offensive revival? Will Carolina or New Orleans jump ahead in the NFC South? Will New England effectively clinch the AFC East or does Buffalo still have some fight? And...


NFL Week 12 Recap + Redskins vs. Cowboys

As an unusual NFL season starts to approach the final turn, one thing is clear: Jay is figuring out the soup much quicker than Dre. Dre hasn't won a week ATS since Week 6, and Jay cut a couple more games off his lead. The guys weigh in on which is the best "let it ride" wager the rest of the way--all Eagles, Falcons, Patriots, Rams, Vikings...maybe an off-the-board heat seeker such as the Chargers or Panthers? And who's the best thumbs-down "short the stock" pick--the Browns, Giants, Jets,...


NFL 2017 Week #12

Dre played the role of Thanksgiving turkey with three losses in the Triple Gobble, while Jay continued his hot run by winning two. They chat about the events of Thursday before picking over the rest of NFL Week 11 ATS, which sees the Rams for two straight weeks in the most anticipated matchup, this time hosting the Saints, the Chiefs desperately seeking to regain their mojo as they welcome Tyrod Taylor and the Bills, and the Pats, Eagles, and Steelers all hoping to not let the holiday...


NFL Week 11 Recap + 2017 Triple Gobble

There were good calls and bad from Jay and Dre in Week 11, as is the case every week. But there's a feeling of achievement in both obtaining their first winning week as a duo this season, and maybe that means there's some clarity finally arriving in the NFL. The boys look back on the events of last week, including the victorious Vikings, the somewhat stumbling Saints, the erupting Eagles, and the choking Chiefs. Then it's time for the Triple Gobble--the picks ATS for all three Thanksgiving...