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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.

The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.
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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.




NFL Week 10 Recap + Packers vs. Seahawks

Jay and Dre survive what looked like a very dangerous weekend to pick NFL games vs. the spread. The guys dig into a successful Week 10 which featured a total destruction of Cincy by the Saints, a physical domination of the Pats by the Winnin' Ugly Titans, a Chiefs team so bored with success that they have to commandeer TV cameras after scoring, a backdoor cover for Dre's Lock and a shockingly competent Buffalo QB outing to bust Jay's Lock. Then they take sides in a Thursday night "QB Champs...


NFL 2018 Week #10

Jay and Dre are riding high off 9-4 weeks, and they try to keep it going ATS in their Week 10 picks. On the docket: The Pats try not to lose ugly to the Titans, the Saints try to build from their huge Rams victory as they visit the Bengals, and those Rams try to bounce back in a tough divisional encounter hosting the Seahawks. Aftershow: Full Kings of Non Sequitur Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


NFL Week 9 Recap + Panthers vs. Steelers

The Rams and Saints exemplified football today, and we are all still coming down from the high. The guys are also giddy over Locking in New Orleans to end the LA win streak, but it wasn't easy. Jay and Dre break down another wild weekend in the NFL, which also saw the Chiefs, Panthers and Texans keep rolling, the Steelers get even with the Ravens, and the GOAT knock off A-A-Ron. Then they take a look at a tasty Thursday night brawl between the two most pounded-upon QBs in the modern era as...


NFL 2018 Week #9

There's an extra hour to get hyped for (or avoid the network hype for) Sunday NFL action. But that doesn't take effect until that morning, so Jay and Dre make their picks at their normal time. On the docket: The Steelers go to Baltimore to avenge a Sunday night Ravens beatdown, Fitzmagic is back in the air as Tampa goes to Charlotte to battle the red-hot Panthers, the scoreboard will be on fire as the undefeated Rams trek to the Superdome to take on the Saints, and two QB legends meet in...


NFL Week 8 Recap + Raiders vs. 49ers

Jay may have dropped a couple of games to Dre in Week 8, but he won the Monday night Lock-Off as the Patriots cover the huge number over the Bills. The boys chat about another wild week in the NFL, where the Eagles flew to England and knocked off the reeling Jags, the Rams stayed undefeated holding off the game Pack, the Saints got a little payback in Minneapolis, and the next Browns coach needs to pack a U-Haul the week before the second Steelers loss. Then they choose sides for the...


NFL 2018 Week #8

As the Dolphins and Texans kick off Week 8 in the NFL, Jay and Dre check back on Styles Clash Sunday before digging into the upcoming weekend. On the docket: New Orleans has another Styles Clash game visiting the Minnesota D on Sunday night, Philadelphia and Jacksonville try to get their ish together in England, and Aaron Rodgers is in an unfamiliar role as a big underdog leading Green Bay to the LA Coliseum against the undefeated Rams. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


NFL 2018 Week #7

It's Styles Clash Sunday in the NFL as several matchups feature teams diametrically opposed to each other in terms of how they approach the game of football. On the docket: The Saints (#3 offense in YPG) come off bye to visit the dominant Ravens (#1 defense in YPG), the resurgent Patriots (#14 offense and climbing) travel to Chicago to face the Bears (#10 defense), and early Sunday morning at Wembley Stadium, the stout Titans (#8 defense) try to corral the scorching hot Chargers (#7...


NFL Week 6 Recap + Broncos vs. Cardinals

Great quarterbacks leading thrilling wins headlined Week 6 in the league, as both primetime games had dramatic comebacks, one by Tom Brady and one by Aaron Rodgers. But before that, it was a Sunday full of activity, with another violent Steelers-Bengals battle, a shocking rise from the dead in Miami, an even more shocking shutout in Nashville, and the Rams staying undefeated, winning in a different manner than usual. The guys talk about it all, then give their picks for the Thursday nighter...


NFL 2018 Week #6

The season rolls on with Week 6 in the NFL, and Jay and Dre examine every game and pick vs. the spread. On the docket: Andy Reid takes his undefeated Chiefs to Foxboro for a Sunday night showdown with Bill Belichick's Patriots, the other undefeated team, the Rams, get a Mile High road test at the Broncos, Jameis Winston's first start of the season comes against a depleted Falcons defense, and Baker Mayfield tries to keep the Browns flying high as they host Philip Rivers and the Chargers....


NFL Week 5 Recap + Eagles vs. Giants

An eye-raising Sunday will be discussed by Jay and Dre, a Week 5 that saw the league's best defense get spanked, the defending champions get handled at home, the Titans and all their big-time wins get beat in Buffalo, the Giants after an Odell Beckham interview pulling their punk card play like a different team (and still lose to a 63-yd. FG), and maybe most stunningly, the Cowboys and Zeke Elliott punt on 4th and 1 in OT in Texans territory. Huh?? Then they look at the upcoming Thursday...


NFL 2018 Week #5

Jay and Dre have your picks for Week 5 against the spread, and both are picking at .500 or better on the season, so they try to keep it up. On the docket: A classic monster D vs. high-flying O styles clash sees the Jags go to Arrowhead, a rematch of the NFC title game sees the Vikings go back to Philly, and the Rams try to stay perfect but face their toughest possible division test at Seattle. Aftershow: Talkin' baseball and playoffs Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0


NFL Week 4 Recap + Colts vs. Patriots

Week 4 concludes the first quarter of the NFL season, and Jay and Dre chat about the games and what stands out about 2018 thus far. The predicted sonning of Miami by New England was in effect, the CJ Beathard rise to the occasion for San Fran was unexpected but kept alive the theme of big spreads early in the season being traps, Pat Mahomes and Kansas City can't be stopped, and what the heck got into Mitch Trubisky and Chicago?! Later, the guys pick the Thursday night old vs. new QB duel as...


NFL 2018 Week #4

After the four-hour orgasm that was the Vikings-Rams explosion, Jay and Dre look into the rest of the weekend's games in the NFL, none of which will have the firepower of that Thursday battle. On the docket: Miami seeks to legitimize its 3-0 start by winning at New England, Baltimore and Pittsburgh add to their rivalry on Sunday night as each looks for stability, and Pat Mahomes and Andy Reid take their Chiefs aerial show on the road Monday for a test in Denver. Theme music credit:...


NFL Week 3 Recap + Vikings vs. Rams

Week 3 in the NFL saw a major upset in the Twin Cities and a major QB injury despite the league's best efforts to shield all quarterbacks from any possible damage. Jay and Dre discuss the end of San Francisco's much-hyped season of contention, what the heck got into the Buffalo Bills, the rise of the Steelers, the continued fall of the Patriots, and a bananas battle in Atlanta, where 37 points were scored by the losers. Then they pick the anticipated Thursday night possible playoff preview...


NFL 2018 Week #3

The trick for picking Week 3 this year in the NFL might be that some teams that have fallen flat the first two weeks may just be rounding into form after sitting so many players this preseason. Jay and Dre pick all the games and try to figure who's ready to go and who's still asleep at the wheel. On the docket: The always fun rivalry between the Saints and Falcons kicks off in Atlanta, Pat Mahomes comes home as the Chiefs host Messiah and the Niners, the Bolts and Rams square off in the...


NFL Week 2 Recap + Jets vs. Browns

It seems like there's more fun and whimsy through the first two games of the season than normal, and one of the hosts witnessed some of it live. The guys chat about a busy NFL Week 2, featuring about a thousand points of interest emanating from the Vikings-Packers tie, attended by Jay. There was also a possible changing of the guard in Jacksonville, a possible new league superstar reinforcing his strong debut for the Chiefs, and an old journeyman swaggering and soaking it all in down in...


NFL 2018 Week #2

Week 2 in the NFL usually brings forth Overreaction Sunday, when people try to apply Week 1 results as if teams aren't allowed to be hot or off their game for one week. The boys try to resist the temptation of putting too much value into last week as they make their picks. The slate includes an AFC title rematch as the Pats visit the Jags, the Rodgers Knee Watch as the Vikes try to again put a hurt on the Pack, and an old-school new-school shootout as the Chiefs take on the Steelers. Theme...


NFL Week 1 Recap + Ravens vs. Bengals

Jay and Dre weigh in on the first week of action in the league, which saw no shortage of surprising outcomes and performances. Is it possible for fans of both the Bears and Packers to feel good and bad about what happened Sunday night? Is Joe Flacco balling out the new version of That's So Ravens? And is there immediate hope for any of the 0-7 new coaches? Later, they choose sides in tomorrow's AFC North clash between That's So Ravens and Who Dey? Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll...


NFL 2018 Week #1

It's finally time for the first weekend of real NFL pigskin action, and Jay and Dre bounce back from officially starting off with an L Thursday by picking the rest of Week 1 versus the spread. The AFC champs host a team and QB that pushed them to the limit last year as the Texans visit the Patriots, the sensation at the end of last season gets a tough test as the 49ers travel to Minnesota, and an early AFC West test sees the new-look Chiefs at the Chargers. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by...


2018 Preview: AFC + Falcons vs. Eagles

After a wild show dissecting the NFC, the boys are back for a look at the AFC, home to the premier franchise of the NFL, the Patriots. But do they see another trip to the top for Brady and Belichick, or will there be new blood rising? Jay and Dre give their picks for the Super Bowl as well, then they break down the first real game of the season between the Falcons and the World champion Eagles. Theme music credit: "Anthemic" by Djmarbll CC BY-SA 3.0