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Ep15: Triple Threats, Outback Outrage, and Oscar's Careless Whispers!

Episode 15 finds us returning to the important business of club football so at no point will you hear any toilet stories or lengthy talk of saxophone solos; we promise* *not an actual promise We do cover the emergence of a Premier League top 3 and give you the first rundown of the Miles Offside Predictor League places! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook: Review us on iTunes:...


Ep14: Heavens To Betsy! What A Bulging Sack!

With no Premier League football from the last week to dissect, the boys do what they do best and stray Miles Offside (TM). We take this opportunity to go through some listener questions that we've kept in the tank for just this eventuality! Hear some embarrassing stories and hear Oscar's personal motto, we'll leave you to decide what it is... Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook:...


Ep13: Struggling Strikers, Midtable Madness, and the Christmas Crazies!

Lucky Number 13! In this week's episode, the boys discuss the current state of strikers in the Premier League, what's going on with a few teams that are supposed to be midtable, and check back in on the half and half scarf scandal. Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook: Review us on iTunes:...


Ep12: José's Continuing Meltdown, Liverpool's Sheets Are Clean, and Other Disgusting Innuendos!

We're not sure if you've heard, but José's won three Premier League titles... three. It seems pretty important to him so we discuss whether that even matters anymore, whether Liverpool's great start makes them contenders, and Oscar and Ian see if they can irritate Chuck to the point where he quits the pod! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook: Review us on iTunes:...


Ep11: New Season's Greetings, Sarri Not Sorry, and No Pep in José's Step!

The Premier League is back, and so are the Miles Offside boys! In this episode, we discuss whether Liverpool can challenge City for the title, how Arsenal and Chelsea are adjusting to their new systems, and start the countdown clock on Mourinho's tenure at Manchester United. Also the usual listener questions and match previews for the coming weekend! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook:...


Ep10: FPL and Fantasy Draft Special

We found some unexpected time and decided to talk about the thing that brought us together for our double-digit episode, fantasy football! We go through the differences between the classic FPL game and the draft format with some drafting tactics if some of you are waiting until things have settled down before doing your draft! And Peter Crouch gets an unusual amount of mentions... Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook:...


Ep9: Premier League 18/19 Preview (Part 2)

Oscar and Chuck treat you to a deep dive on their clubs(Chelsea and Palace) like only a jaded fan can! And the rest of the league gets discussed via a predictor game that you can enter, a team draft game among the three amigos, and a listener question that derails us entirely! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook: Review us on iTunes:...


Ep8: Premier League 18/19 Preview (Part 1)

Recorded a few days ago, Oscar and Chuck take you through last season's top six Premier League finishers (excluding Chelsea, so Oscar can take them on in more depth next time!) Hear our dynamic duo's take on the Manchester clubs which seems particularly relevant in light of The Special One's recent comments! And where does Oscar think Tottenham are headed this season? Let us know if you agree! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on...


Ep7: World Cup Roundup, England's future, and dream analysis!

It's over... and we're all pretty upset. So relive the last few matches of the World Cup (except the third place play-off, because... you know) with our transatlantic trio! We look back on our favourite moments and ponder on why lies ahead for the pod... Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook: Review us on iTunes:...


Ep6: Brazil Nuts, Bobby's Belgian Waffles, and England's Raging Semi!

England are in the semi-finals, and episode 6 is here to tell you all about it! This week, the boys take a look at what happened in the quarter-finals, what's going to happen in the semi-finals, and what the different scenarios for an England final could look like. Are England legit contenders? Is Bobby Martinez a tactical genius? Ans what the hell happened to Brazil?! Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on Facebook:...


Ep5: Air Jordan(Pickford), Lithuanian Spirits, and FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME!!

Recorded a few minutes after England's historic(by their standards) penalty shoot-out win against Colombia; hear what happens when the boys discuss the merits of taking the England squad members on holiday, if a member of one of their families invented the Twix, and whether it was a good idea for Chuck to drink half a bottle of Lithuanian spirit while recording the pod...(it wasn't). Follow us on Twitter: @milesoffsidepod Like us on...


Ep4: Russia's Sweet 16, Mannschafted, and the correct attire for animal warfare!

32 teams entered, 16 remain.... As we reach the business end of the World Cup we cast an eye at the upcoming or incipient (yes it's a word!) knockout games. Performance in their groups, routes to the final, England's rotation situation & our candidates for goal of the tournament are just some of the topics we cover. Plus we answer some of your questions, and trust us they're not to be missed. ...oh and we might even make a little time to talk about a certain noteworthy team that...


Ep3: World Cup update, what commentators should be saying about Iceland, and how to cook a steak!

This episode we expand our horizons with chat about the first round of group matches, how our predictions are holding up. And a comprehensive look at how you should be cooking your steak...


Ep2: World Cup Preview Groups E-H

We're back! No one asked, but we are anyway! In this episode we go through groups E-H where we consider how frightening Germany's strength in depth is, have wildly differing opinions on how well England will do, and discuss the potential goal-fest that is group H.


Ep1: World Cup Preview Groups A-D

Our first go at recording a podcast! We go through World Cup groups A-D with the laser-sharp accuracy of throwing a melon in the dark while blindfolded. Audio a bit glitchy in places, we'll do our best to sort it for next time!