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NFL Week 11 Pick 6 Episode - (DFS Show - Draft Kings & Fanduel)

It's time to win some money, and it's an interesting week with 6 teams on bye and a lot of heavy hitters off of the main slate. As always we are picking 6 players at each position and 6 for tournaments followed by a superstar player of the week Tune in


NFL Week 11 Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

Holy Smokes it's week 11 Another fun week of NFL football. We start off with a DFS study from draft kings contests last week. We go through the top 3 lineups from the millionaire maker and review the winning percentages from that contest and a $25 double up. Then we kick off game picking with the Fail Mary Rematch between the Packers and the Seahawks. As always we're choosing winners, overs, unders, and player to talk about.


NFL Week 10 Pick 6 Episode - (DFS Picks - Fanduel & Draft Kings)

We've got a guest star in this episode. Famed NFL Historian Jimmy Hasko is on the podcast....JK it's Mike's little brother, but he claims to be an NFL historian. We're putting the podcast to the test to see if his below average knowledge of the NFL can pick better than we can. We'll find out this week. As always we're picking 6! Tune in now!


NFL Week 10 Matchups (Part 2 of 2)

It's the other half of this week's matchups. We're doing 9 games. It's a jam packed episode and as always we're talking sports betting, we're picking moneyline winners, we're picking overs and unders. Tune in now and figure out who's going to win this week.


NFL Week 10 Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

It's time for week 10! (Double Digit weeks already...this is crazy) It's an interesting week of football with some bets you can exploit. We recap last week, then we go through a little number research and then we pick 5 games to kick off the week. Tune in now to check it out.


NFL Week 9 - Pick 6 Episode - DFS Picks (Fanduel & Draft Kings)

It is the week 9 betting show. We start off with a GOT inspired beverage due to Jermaine Curse (Kearse) Wildfire. Watch out the glass is hot. Then we pick 6 players at each position, 6 players to hit tournament value and a Superstar player of the week Check it Out


NFL Week 9 Match ups (Part 2 of 2)

We're finishing out the games for Week 9. We pick each game straight up and the over/under. We talk about the spread in each game. We go through players you may not be sure whether to start or sit. We've got a blockbuster match up on Sunday night Football this week. It's going to be a great game of football.


HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - Week 9 NFL Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 6 PACK It's time for the Halloween Spooktacular. We just have a few fun halloween sound bytes to throw into the mix. We start this one off with trade talk. Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, Ty Montgomery, and Dante Fowler. We talk a listener trade, Browns HC and OC Change Then we start picking games with the over and the under and against the spread


NFL Week 8 Pick 6 Episode - DFS Picks (Fanduel & Draft King)

We really "Dug Out the Barrel" for this one. Thanas starts the early edition with a Dandy Lion Shot from Kerryon Johnson last week. The we head into the Pick6 episode where we pick 6 players at each position for cash and 6 players overall for tournaments. We finish it out with a superstar player of the week including walk up song. Check it out now.


NFL Week 8 Matchups (Part 2 of 2)

We close up the matchups for Week 8 in this episode. We go through the afternoon slate and the Sunday and Monday night football games to give you our predictions. Tune in


NFL Week 8 Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

We talk results from the week 7 matchups. Who won the battle of Math vs Intuition? Then we get into the week 8 matchups. Lots of divisional games in this episode. Broncos vs Chiefs, Steelers vs Browns, Redskins vs Lions and then some matchups that never happen like Eagles vs Jaguars in London and Seahawks vs Lions (Golden Tate's Revenge) Listen in Now


NFL Week 7 Pick 6 Episode (DFS Picks - Fanduel & Draft Kings)

It's time again for the Pick 6 Episode. The episode where we make our Fanduel and Draft Kings picks for NFL Week 7. It's an interesting week where Fanduel's pricing is very different from Draft King's Pricing. For instance Drew Brees is the second most expensive QB on Fanduel and the 10th on Draft Kings. That means there's values to take advantage of, and we will steer you toward them all on this episode. Check it out now.


NFL Week 7 Matchups (Part 2 of 2)

It's the second half of the matchups for week 7. We go through the afternoon games including 2 divisional matchups between the 49ers and the Rams, and the Cowboys and the Redskins. Then we talk about what might be the game of the week between the Saints and the Ravens. We finish with Sunday and Monday Night Football. We talk all the fantasy relevant players, pick the games and choose the over/unders.


NFL Week 7 Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

It's time for matchups and we're breaking down all the games for week 17. We've having a battle of intuition vs math this week. Mike will be picking all of the games based on a mathematical formula vs Thanas who will be picking based on his intuition. Should be pretty fun. Don't forget to get your Bronco's Drinks in early this week too


NFL Week 6 - Pick 6 Episode - DFS Picks (Fanduel & Draft Kings)

It's time to break down DFS for week 6 of the NFL. We've got a few big point totals from Vegas this week and the rest of the games all come together. We go through our cash plays and our tournament plays to help you win some money. As always we start the episode paying up for our players that lost the week before and finish the episode with our superstar players of the week including walk up song! Let's win some money in Daily Fantasy Sports on Fanduel and Draft Kings together


NFL Week 6 Matchups (Part 2 of 2)

We finish up the last 7 games for week 6 in this episode. We talk about the big one in the Patriots vs the Chiefs. Who will win that game. That's going to be a fun one. We break down all of the fantasy relevant players, pick the games, do some betting and pick the over under. Thank You for Listening


NFL Week 6 Matchups (Part 1 of 2)

It's time for the week 6 Matchups episode. We highlight a sports bet you should take right now in this one. Redskins -1 over the Panthers....Easy Money We go through each matchup and talk fantasy relevant players, Who to start who to sit, Who we think will win and who we think will lose. We also pick over/unders for each game. Tune in Now! And we thank you for listening!


NFL Week 5 Pick 6 Episode - DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports - Fanduel & Draft Kings)

It's that time of week where we help you win some money in DFS and this week in particular is a good week to win some money. There are some great values in the DFS slates this week. We get into a listener question and then as usual we go through 6 players at each position to hit cash value and 6 players overall to hit GPP value and finish up with a superstar player of the week.


NFL Week 5 Matchups (Part 2 of 2)

It's the second half of our matchups show. We continue playing real or no deal and talking about each games. We pick the winner and talk about all your fantasy relevant players. This one is full of divisional matchups like the Chargers vs the Raiders and the 49ers vs the Cardinals. Find out who will win each matchup in this episode.