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NFC West Deep Dive

It's the first of many deep dives to come. We're breaking down the NFC West and were doing it with one of our buddies and league mates. We go into coaching, the draft, free agency. We get into all the nooks and crannies of each of these teams and what you can expect them to look like next year.


The Draft in Review

We're recapping the NFL Draft in this episode. Which picks we liked. Which picks we didn't. We touch on all 32 teams in this one. We go team by team and just for fun we pick our way too early division winners.


Mock NFL Draft 3 of 3 (Picks 22 - 32)

It's the final show in a 3 show series. We're closing out the first round talking about who's going to be picked by each team. It's an exciting close to the first round in our mocks as fantasy football hearts around the world are shattered by some of these picks. It's almost draft day!!!


NFL Mock Draft 2 of 3 (Picks 12 - 21)

We're continuing our mock draft episode. It's pick 12 - 21. It's almost draft day!!!


Mock NFL Draft Episode 1 of 3 (Picks 1 - 11)

It's time for our annual NFL Mock Draft. We're putting on our GM hats and doing the draft right here in the studio. We're doing our best to analyze the need and the position of each team and figure out who they're going to pick. Be sure to head over to Facebook or Twitter and do your own Mock Draft with us!


QB Prospect Breakdown

It's free agency season and we're talking QB Prospects. We'll wait until the dust settles to really break down free agency. But that doesn't stop us from playing "Stop Gap or Nah" We talk free agent QBs then we head into Prospect QBs. We discuss who we have from 5 to 1 as QB prospects. Strengths and Weaknesses and where we think they'll end up. It's good to be back with you 6Pack!


Superbowl Episode !!!

We're closing out the season on this episode. It's the Super Bowl breakdown. First we talk what we've learned this season and what to do different for next year. Then we get into what were working on for the off season and for next season. Then we breakdown the Superbowl in depth looking at each side of the ball and which players we think are the keys to victory. Lastly we say our goodbyes, until NFL draft season comes around. We love you all and we miss you already, but we'll be back...


Championship Weekend Episode

It's the final DFS Pick show of the season as we come to a close in the 2017 Season. It's Championship Weekend. The Eagles take on the Vikings in Philadelphia and the Jaguars travel to Gillette to take on the Patriots. We pick winners and losers, overs and unders, and get into the players we're relying on to bring us home some money in FanDuel and Draft Kings this week. The Fantasy Football Season is coming to a close. Join us for NFL Championship Weekend.


Divisional Week Super Episode

We're smashing it all into one episode. Winners, losers, players, pick 6, DFS, Fanduel, Draft Kings, the whole deal. We talk all of divisional week and lay it all out there for you.


Wildcard Weekend Pick 6 Episode

DFS hasn't gone away and neither have we. We're breaking down the FanDuel and Draft Kings Lineups for Wildcard Weekend. We go through 6 cash plays and 6 tournament plays to get you setup to win some NFL contests this week. Be sure to stay through the first outro for the Player of the Week Mashup! We almost forgot. We love you and good luck during a great week of football!


The Wild Card Weekend Super Breakdown

We touch on last week and how we did, then we review the season long bets once and for all. Then it's time to get into Wild card weekend. We break down each game and carry all the way through the Super Bowl. We review our preseason Super Bowl picks and see how we did and decide to keep em or lose em in. Finally we do a statistical breakdown of what makes a playoff team. It's a good one.


Week 17 - Pick 6 Episode - DFS Advice

It's week 17. Careful with your spending this week. We have a lot of extra variables to deal with in week 17, but players sitting also leads to values at certain positions. We do our best to break down DFS (FanDuel and Draft Kings) for week 17 including players of the week with walk up songs.


Quick Recap & Week 17 Matchups

A quick recap of week 16 picks and championship week, and then a detailed comprehensive dive into week 17, the teams that have something to play for and the teams that don't. Week 17 is tough and being informed is crucial.


**Bonus Episode** - The Game - Week 16 Episode - Producer Sunny

This is "The Game". We've been working on this one for a while, and it's finally time to bring it out. We're playing the game. Who can better rank players. Producer Sunny is introduced. She names a player, we both throw out a rank. Closest wins, loser takes a shot which is one of their 6 lives. First to lose all 6 lives takes all 6 shots at once in a pint glass. Enjoy!!!


NFL Week 16 - "Pick 6" Episode - DFS Picks

It's Pick 6 time. It's a late night DFS Pick episode getting you ready for Christmas weekend. We hope you have a merry Christmas full of GPP wins and Cash Victories and we're here to help on Draft Kings and FanDuel. Join us for a holiday edition of Pick 6 Fantasy Football.


Week 15 Recap and Week 16 Matchups - Champions are Born in Week 16

We're going deep in this one. We're taking the extra time to talk game by game about start and sit decisions. We want you to win this week. If you can't decide send us your questions and we'll get em answered for you. 6Pack Fantasy Football Champions are born this week and we're here for you!!!


NFL Week 15 DFS Episode (Pick 6 Episode)

It's Pick 6 Time Again. We're breaking down the week 15 slate for FanDuel and Draft Kings. We're giving you our cash and GPP Picks for DFS this week. The NFL is crazy and so is Pick 6 Fantasy Football. Buckle up. *Here we go*


Week 14 Recap and Week 15 Matchups

We're doing a big episode! We're recapping a very successful week 14 and diving into the matchups for week 15. NFL week 14 was one of the best NFL weeks we can remember and week 15 looks like another great one. Tune in for this one, it's gonna be a lot of fun!


Week 14 Matchup Episode

A late upload on this one. Sorry everyone, but matchups is an important episode. Give it a listen!!!