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Sea Hawkers Podcast: for Seattle Seahawks fans


Whether you're in Seattle or a displaced fan somewhere else in the world, hosts Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze bring you weekly recaps and Seattle Seahawks news as well as topics around the NFL. They have vowed to never fail to mention who is better at life than Skip Bayless.

Whether you're in Seattle or a displaced fan somewhere else in the world, hosts Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze bring you weekly recaps and Seattle Seahawks news as well as topics around the NFL. They have vowed to never fail to mention who is better at life than Skip Bayless.


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Whether you're in Seattle or a displaced fan somewhere else in the world, hosts Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze bring you weekly recaps and Seattle Seahawks news as well as topics around the NFL. They have vowed to never fail to mention who is better at life than Skip Bayless.




333: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Recap

John Schneider and Pete Carroll went into this year's 2021 NFL Draft with only three draft picks after using their other picks to acquire known talent. Jamal Adams and Carlos Dunlap were acquired in 2020 and are both under contract to remain with the team through 2021. Gabe Jackson was picked up in a trade this offseason with the Las Vegas Raiders to add to the offensive line after the departure of Mike Iupati. However, the Seahawks have never picked fewer than five players in a draft in the...


332: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Preview (Part 2)

Back with part two of our discussion as Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog previews some of the defensive players who could be on Seattle's radar. This show kicks off with a look at what might be the team's biggest need overall. If the Seahawks can add a cornerback who matches the caliber or improves upon Shaquill Griffin's rookie season, that would help fans feel a lot better about the defense going into 2021. If John Schneider and Pete Carroll break form and address cornerback in the...


331: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Preview (Part 1)

We're closing in on the 2021 NFL Draft, coming up April 29th, and barring any major moves between now and then the Seahawks won't be making their first draft pick until the 30th. Joining the show this week to preview where the Seahawks could go on offense in the draft is Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog. The episode kicks off with a look back at how the Seahawks ended up with only three picks ahead of the draft and the circumstances surrounding the decision to make a big trade for Jamal...


330: Brandon Marshall says the Russell Wilson saga is over!

It only took about 10 weeks for the discussion about the Seahawks potentially moving on from Russell Wilson to go full circle. It started with Brandon Marshall in late January saying that Wilson was "beyond frustrated" with Pete Carroll. This week he has reported that the relationship between the two have never been better! Marshall said it came down to a meeting between the two that turned everything around. Tyler Lockett is set to be with the Seahawks for a lot time, signing a 4-year...


329: The offseason plan for the Seahawks is coming into focus

After two weeks of free agency, the plan for the Seahawks offseason is becoming clear. The large contract they traded for on the offensive line by acquiring Gabe Jackson is essentially swapped out with the departure of Jarran Reed and his contract on the defensive line. The return of Carlos Dunlap may be the most important move and the reduction in his salary allows for the addition of defensive end Kerry Hyder and the return of Al Woods to the interior. It's also appears they are...


328: The Seahawks go from not doing much in three days to doing something in free agency

It's once again that time of year where we hope that the Seahawks will go after some big name targets and free agency and come away somewhat disappointed. Coming into Wednesday, Seattle had signed another cornerback castoff from the San Francisco 49ers and signed Poona Ford to stay in Seattle for two more years. Neither the offensive line and defensive line were addressed. Not until the second half of the recording of this latest show. After talking about missed opportunities in free...


327: Does Pete Carroll have a messaging problem?

This week show begins with a two-minute rundown of all the biggest stories that Adam has taken note of from the past week. Notably, Justin Britt signing with the Texans. Then we get into the clip behind one of the biggest stories of the week that was reported incorrectly . . . that the Seahawks are "shopping" Russell Wilson. When, after clarification, they were actually returning phone calls. Dan Patrick, the host behind the interview that kicked off the offseason of drama, joined 950 KJR...


326: The Russell Wilson offseason drama is not going away

It's a single-topic show for this episode of the podcast. Because, on Thursday morning, Michael-Shawn Dugar released an article on The Athletic that detailed the timeline from this year and some of the details from previous years that provide additional context to some of Russell Wilson's recent comments. The point of the article is that, from Wilson's perspective, it's more than just getting offensive linemen - it's about winning a certain way. We hit on some of the main points from the...


325: Nick Wright spawns 'masterpiece' trade to send the Seahawks to the NFC West cellar

As it turns out there's a bit more discussion we can have on Russell Wilson without it being a repeat of last week. We talk about the Josina Anderson tweet updating us all that Russell Wilson isn't getting traded and agree with Joe Fann's assessment that what it really means is that all is perfect in Seattle. Russell Wilson hit 3 on the scale of unhappy offseason Russ last year when he said he wanted stars, and this year he's turned it up to 4. Still a long way to go before we're in Deshaun...


324: Russell Wilson is focused on the right priority (and is not getting traded)

Wasting no time with offseason drama from the Seahawks this offseason, news came out on the day of the Super Bowl that teams were making calls to Seattle about their interest in Russell Wilson. Though the news expressly came along with the disclaimer that the Seahawks, of course, weren't interested. Yet, by Wednesday, there were sports betting sites laying odds as to which team Wilson would be going to next. So where did this come from? We pull the quotes from former Seahawks receiver...


323: New slogan for Seahawks new OC - Hammer the Poona

The Seattle Seahawks have announced their new offensive coordinator and Shane Waldron will come up from Los Angeles to join the Seattle Seahawks. The worst part about this move is that it forces us to say some things that sound like there are some positive components of the Rams offense. But the best part about is may be that it may signal a compliment to Russell Wilson's game that could help the team improve. However, it does come with some risk. Ahead of this episode, we reached out to...


322: Schotty out as OC, Pete Carroll closes out the 2020 season

As the 2020 season closes out for the Seahawks, we recap the news from this past week. The biggest news is that the Seahawks are moving on from Brian Schottenheimer as the team's offensive coordinator. John Schneider apparently isn't going to the Detroit Lions after all. Instead, he signs with the Seahawks through 2027. However, Seattle did lose one name from their front office to the Carolina Panthers. Were there any clues from Pete Carroll's press conference to close out the season that...


321: CATFISH the Rams!

Was this week's loss to the Rams in the playoffs the most disappointing and frustrating performance of the Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson era, or was it the most predictable? Either way it was the first home loss in the playoffs since the 2004 playoffs, which coincidentally was also against the Rams franchise. Russell Wilson, with two healthy thumbs, was outplayed by a quarterback who looked like he could feel his heartbeat in his throwing thumb. Pete Carroll passed over opportunities to go...


320: Seahawks passing defense goes from historic worst to 31st

The regular season has come to a close for the Seahawks following a 26-23 win over the San Francisco 49ers down in Glendale, Arizona. At the midpoint of the season, we were extremely concerned about a Seattle defense that was giving up passing yards at an historic rate. Not only were they worst in the NFL in 2020, they were on pace to be the worst in NFL history. If not for the 3-yard touchdown pass by the 49ers in garbage time, the Seahawks would have finished ahead of the Detroit Lions for...


319: The Seattle Seahawks are NFC West Champions again

The Seattle Seahawks finally had a convincing victory over a Sean McVay coached Los Angeles Rams team. Not only that, but they did it on the back of a defensive unit that had questions surrounding it early this season. Is it time to give Ken Norton some credit for the turnaround? The 20-9 win over the Rams earned Seattle their first NFC West title since 2016, but was it done in a way to improve Adam's mood from the previous week? After all, the structure of the game wasn't much different. We...


318: Time for DK Metcalf to get his revenge

The Seattle Seahawks earned a playoff spot and the Rams were beaten by a previously winless team on the same weekend. Was a 20-15 victory to lock a playoff berth a better feeling than seeing a rival lose in that way? Up 20-3 against the Football Team, it looked like there was potential for a second straight dominant win. Instead, it came down to a final drive by Washington that could have given them a late lead over Seattle. Where did things start to turn? We take a look at the four...


317: An A minus for the 2nd-biggest blowout of the Pete Carroll era

We all remember the biggest blowout of the Pete Carroll era. The 58-0 win over the Arizona Cardinals back in 2012 was one of a string of performances by Seattle leading up to the playoffs in Russell Wilson's rookie season where everything was clicking for the team. Sandwiched between that game and the Super Bowl 48 victory is the latest win over the New York Jets. Should the Seahawks get credit for beating a team they were expected to easily defeat? We recognize some of the biggest...


316: Great. Seahawks fans have to worry about this Jets game now

After watching what was the worst Russell Wilson performance we've seen this season, this show's listeners apparently want to throw us, the hosts of the podcast, under the bus. It's hard to blame them, because a lot about this last game didn't make a lot of sense, so we've got too point fingers at something. While it's difficult to point to the exact issue with Russ, we give it our best attempt from what we've seen looking back at the game. Coming up on Sunday, Seahawks fans now have to...


315: Wilson to Metcalf connection slays the Eagles

The Seattle Seahawks offense looked flat through the fourth quarter and even at other times of the game, but thankfully they had DK Metcalf who appears to have some sort of vendetta against the Eagles. The story of Jim Schwartz coming up to him ahead of the game and comparing him to Calvin Johnson was well documented, but Metcalf's postgame comments about how Philly could have been his home also seems to strike a nerve for the sophomore receiver. Even though we expected to see improvements...


314: The Seahawks somehow fix their defense with a 'powerful' meeting

The Seattle Seahawks are now 7-3 and coming off a 28-21 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. For the second time this season, we watched a Seahawks defense shut out an opponent in the first quarter of a football game. It was their best defensive performance in terms of points allowed in the 2020 season. What did it take to help turn things around for the defense? By accounts from the team in press conferences this week, they simply held a meeting where players talked about what their jobs...