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The K League United Editors' Choice Awards 2018

With our K League United Awards already determined by you, the fans, site editors Ryan Walters, Matthew Binns and Paul Neat sit down to go through the winners and also give their own personal picks as well. There's also a mailbag filled with your award-related questions. All this and more, on this edition, of The K League United Podcast.


Promotion/Relegation Playoff Final 2018 Preview: Busan IPark vs FC Seoul (Live Show)

Well, it happened. K League giants FC Seoul slid into eleventh on the final day of the season and now must face an in-form Busan IPark for the right to play in the K League 1 next season. Whoever loses will be in the second tier for 2019. In what is a massive match with potentially significant repercussions for Korean football, our site editors Ryan Walters and Matthew Binns sat down live on Facebook to preview the match and answer your questions about the final. All this and more, on...


Preview: The FA Cup Final 2018

Ulsan Hyundai line up against Daegu FC in the FA Cup to bring the curtain down on the 2018 season. With Ulsan looking to defend their title, they face first-time finalists Daegu FC who will be looking to bid farewell to their stadium in style. K League United editors Matthew Binns and Paul Neat are joined on the phone by Ulsan and Daegu columnists Dan Croydon and Jung Muyeol, to preview this match in detail. We also go through your cup-related questions in the mailbag. All this and more, on...


K League 2 Promotion Playoffs 2018

With the fate of Asan Mugunghwa decided, the K League 2 playoffs have finally been determined, with Busan IPark, Daejeon Citizen and Gwangju FC battling it out for a spot in the promotion/relegation final for a position in the top flight next year. Our writers Ryan Walters, Paul Neat and Michael Redmond look at the three sides in detail, weigh up their chances against their potential K League 1 opposition in the final, and also read through your questions in the KLU mailbag. All this and...


The Split 2018: Five Things to Look Out For + Connor Chapman Interview

With the K League 1 entering it's last five rounds, and therefore splitting into two halves consisting of the Championship Round and the Relegation Round, K League United editors Paul Neat and Matthew Binns discuss the five key areas of contention and what to look out for over the season's final weeks. We also speak with Pohang Steelers' Connor Chapman and get his thoughts heading into the split. All this and more, on The K League United Podcast


AFC Champions League Semifinal Preview and Elvis Sarić Interview

This time on the K League United Podcast we preview what could be Korea’s final match day in AFC Champions League as Suwon Samsung Bluewings host the second leg of the ACL Semifinal down 3-2 to J.League’s Kashima Antlers. To get perspectives from both sides of the East Sea, our Editor in Chief Ryan Walters spoke with J Talk Podcast’s Ben Maxwell and interviewed Suwon midfielder Elvis Sarić. Their interviews and more in this episode of the K League United Podcast.


EXTRA: An Interview with Seoul E-Land's Ivan Herceg

In this bonus edition of The K League United podcast, our columnist Michael Redmond sits down with Seoul E-Land defender Ivan Herceg to discuss playoffs, the K League 2 and his time so far at the club. The interview was recorded on Tuesday 16th October, 2018


Should the K League be Decided by Playoffs?

This edition of The K League United Podcast sees site editors Ryan Walters, Matthew Binns and Paul Neat sit down to discuss one suggestion to improve attendance and excitement in the division, by looking at the merits and drawbacks of a playoff system to decide the league champions. Would bringing back such a divisive method really see interest return to domestic football? All this and more on the latest K League United Podcast!


K League 1 Power Rankings [Sept '18]

Following on from Football Radar's Alex Lee's K League 1 power rankings over on our site, our writers Ryan Walters, Matthew Binns and Scott Whitelock sat down in the K League United studio to chat live with viewers about their thoughts on each sides' recent form and what it could mean as we enter the season's final rounds. This is an audio version of our regular studio show. To watch the full show, head over to our K League United YouTube channel or Facebook page.


How Chanathip's J.League Success Can Help K League

Thai star Chanathip Songkrasin's move to the J.League in 2017 has changed the landscape of East Asian football. His successes on and off the field are part of a larger plan the Japan Football Association has had in motion for years that the Korean Football Association would do well to emulate. If K League is going to be a league of choice for the rising tide of Southeast Asian talent, now is the time to build those bridges; before their Japanese counterpart takes an insurmountable lead. K...


AFC Champions League Quarter Final Preview: Jeonbuk vs Suwon

K League 1 heavyweights Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Suwon Samsung Bluewings take their bitter rivalry to Asia's biggest stage; the AFC Champions League. With both teams soon to meet in the quarter finals, our Jeonbuk and Suwon columnists Matthew Binns and Scott Whitelock sat down to give a history of the fixture itself before previewing this upcoming match. Our site editor Paul Neat then speaks with Asian Champions League veteran and Suwon Bluewings striker Dejan Damjanović to get his views...


South Korea’s Asian Games Squad

Held every four years, the Asian Games is a multi-sport competition with great importance to the careers of young Korean footballers. Earning the elusive gold medal ensures that a generation of the country’s brightest young talent avoids Korea’s compulsory military service during their peak years, opening up career paths beyond the peninsula. This year’s games are also notable for the inclusion of one man, Son Heung-min. This is the last opportunity for the Tottenham Hotspur star to avoid...


001 Pilot

Welcome to the pilot episode of The K League United Podcast! This podcast from the K League United crew looks to expand on their usual English language coverage of the K League and Korean football in general. In this first episode, site editors Ryan Walters, Matthew Binns and Paul Neat sit down to discuss the the K League 2 as it returns from the World Cup hiatus in an abridged audio version of one of K League United's live shows. Each second tier team, starting from tenth and working up...