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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.


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A weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.






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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 221 :- Royal Mail, Cabinet Office, Bed Bath and Beyond, Vodafone Italia, Data Reform, ECJ, TikTok, New London, Harcourts, Finland, Aveanna, St Lukes Health, Chegg, Russia, Dropbox, Consent, SCC

Coming up in this week's episode: Royal Mail data breach, ICO reduce Cabinet Office fine for breach of GDPR, Bed Bath and Beyond data breach update, Vodafone Italia data breach, Data Reform bill put for further consultation after Rishi Sunak appointment, Some important GDPR-related ECJ judgements expected in next few months, TikTok revises privacy policy for EU users, New London Hospital agrees to class action lawsuit settlement, Harcourts real estate agency data breach, Finnish man sentenced in his absence over Vasjaamo data breach, Aveanna fined $425,000 after data breach, St Lukes Health data breach, Chegg sued by FTC after four data breaches in three years, Russian hacker behind massive data breach freed from prison in USA, Dropbox data breach, ECJ issues ruling regarding withdrawal of user consent, Deadline looms for replacing legacy Standard Contractual Clauses with new EU Standard Contractual Clauses


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 220 :- Interserve, PFS, Bed Bath&Beyond, See Tickets, Bristol Council, Tata Power, Drizly, Small Claims, Ascension, Hoyoverse, Thomson Reuters, Medlab, Laois, Hungarian, Digital Services Act, Microsoft, UK Cybersecurity Charter

Coming up in this week's episode: Interserve fined £4.4 million after breaches of GDPR and deficiencies in GDPR training, PFS data breach, Bed Bath and Beyond data breach, See Tickets data breach, Bristol City Council data breach, Tata Power data breach, MyDeal data breach update, Drizly data breach resolution has an unusual twist, High Court claim for non-material GDPR damages following a data breach referred to the Small Claims track, Ascension St Vincent data breach, Hoyoverse data breach, Medibank data breach update, Thomson Reuters data breach, Medlab data breach, GDPR causes outburst of strong language at Laois Council, Hungarian DPA rules on joint Data Controller liability, EU Digital Services Act coming into force in early 2024, Microsoft and German authorities clash over GDPR, UK Cybersecurity industry edges towards creation of a Chartered Professional Standard for Cybersecurity


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 219 :- Conservative Party, Ticketmaster, NatWest RBS, Clearview AI, Nelnet, UK Cyber Security, Supply Chain, Mediahaus, California Pizza Kitchen, Estate Agents, Optus, MyDeal, De Minimis, Medibank, ICO Binding Corporate Rules

Coming up in this week's episode: Conservative Party leadership election electronic voting fears of rogue state intervention, Ticketmaster data breach, Whistleblower asks NatWest RBS to pay Data Controller registration fee, Clearview AI fined €20 million for GDPR failures, Nelnet data breach, UK Businesses urged to enhance their cyber security, 5 steps to improve your supply chain security, Mediahaus settles several data breach damages claims, California Pizza Kitchen reaches lawsuit settlement after data breaches, Estate Agents could be next target for significant cyber attacks, Victims of Optus data breach find they now can't use their passport details online, MyDeal data breach, UK court establishes further guidance on De Minimis payouts where there has been no material damage to the individual, Medibank data breach, ICO simplifies use of Binding Corporate Rules


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 218 :- Queen Elizabeth II finances, East Renfrewshire, NHS Highland, Mormon Church, T-Mobile, 2K, Dialog, City of Tucson, General Electric, Latin America Cyberattacks, Optus, Zoetop, Shein, Europol, Europrivacy

Coming up in this week's episode: Ministers ordered to release secret files concerning Queen Elizabeth II finances, East Renfrewshire Leisure data breach, Request for mediation after NHS Highland data breaches, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints data breach, T-Mobile data breach compensation website established, 2K data breach, Dialog data breach, City of Tucson data breach, General Electric agree settlement for damages after data breach, Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia cyberattacks, Optus facing investigations from multiple agencies after data breach, Zoetop and Shein fined after data breach, EDPB attempts to restrict Europol data retention, Europrivacy certificate approved by EDPB


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 217 :- Lloyds of London, Meta, Kremlin, TikTok, UK Home Office, Easylife, Virgin Media, EU Attorney General, UK DCMS, Talbert Home, Detroit, Ruger, Toyota, Uber, PETs, RSA, DPC

Coming up in this week's episode: Lloyds of London forced to reset IT systems after cyberattack, Meta warns users that some third party apps collect and misuse user data, Cyberattackers turn their aim on the Kremlin, ICO could impose multi million fine on TikTok for GDPR failures and failure to comply with The Children's Code, ICO issues formal reprimand on UK Home Office, Easylife fined £14.8 million for GDPR and PECR breaches, ICO issues further detail of Virgin Media enforcement action, EU Attorney General issues opinion on GDPR non-material damages claims, UK DCMS puts Data Reform bill on hold for more consultation, Talbert Home data breach, Detroit terminates software supplier contract after data breach, Gun retailer Ruger facing legal action after 2 year data breach, Toyota data breach warning, Former Uber Security Chief found guilty of concealing data breach, ICO issues guidance on use of PETs, RSA says it cannot issue details of road traffic incidents due to GDPR, Johnny Ryan complains to EU Commission re lack of action by Irish DPC against Irish based tech giants.


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 216 :- UK MOD ICO, Optus, Iran, Canadian Border Agency, Seattle Childrens Hospital, Financial survey, Swiss DPA, US UK Data Access

Coming up in this week's episode: UK MOD, Home Office, Virgin Media and four other organisations 'named and shamed' by ICO for failures to respond to Data Subject Access Requests, Optus data breach update, Hacktivists uniting to take action against Iran, Canadian Border Agency data breach, Seattle Childrens Hospital data breach, Financial survey shows over 55s reluctant to disclose data online, Swiss DPA passes final hurdles to becoming law, US UK Data Access agreement to be implemented from 3rd October 2022


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 215 :- American Airlines, Revolut, AEPD Google, Cash Express, Uber, Wymondham High, Optus, PSNI, Empress EMS, FBI, Employee Monitoring, CJEU Title, EDPB budget

Coming up in this week's episode: American Airlines data breach, Revolut data breach, AEPD fines Google €10 million for breaches of GDPR, Cash Express data breach, Man arrested in Oxfordshire in relation to Uber data breach, Wymondham High School data breach, Optus data breach, PSNI officers informed of court date for trial over alleged data breaches, Empress EMS data breach, FBI issues guidance on minimising impact of Malware/Spyware attacks, Employee Monitoring - what to look out for to avoid GDPR issues, CJEU rules that Title is GDPR Special Category data, EDPB asks for increased budget for 2023/24


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 214 :- Uber, FCA DDOS, NATO, Capital One, Cisco, Mid Term Elections, Lastpass, Drones, Uhaul, Cloud, Malaysia, SeeSaw, Brickler and Eckler, Indonesia, Physicians, Keybank, Starbucks, Victoria, Australia

Coming up in this week's episode: Uber data breach, Financial Conduct Authority data reveals surge in DDOS attacks since war in Ukraine, More details emerge of leaked NATO documents in Portugal, Capital One consent order removed, Cisco attribute cyberattack to Lapsus$, Voting machine data breaches raise concerns ahead of Mid-Term Elections, Lastpass data breach update, GDPR and the use of drones, Uhaul data breach, GDPR safe Cloud providers, Calls for investigation into Malaysia mobile phone data breach to be reopened, SeeSaw data breach, Brickler and Eckler settle class action after data breach, Police name one suspect in Indonesian Government data breach, Physicians, Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists data breach, Keybank Mortgages data breach, Starbucks Singapore data breach, Victoria data watchdog calls for mandatory data breach notifications, Australian Universities call for adoption of rules similar to GDPR


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 213 :- Queen Elizabeth II, NHS Advanced, Go Ahead, TikTok, DPC Instagram, IHG, Albania, Portugal NATO, Uber, IAB CJEU, IRS, Air India, GDPR PIPL

Coming up in this week's episode: Our recognition of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, NHS cyberattack on provider Advanced still being felt by NHS 111 after 3 weeks, Go Ahead bus services affected by cyberattack, TikTok denies data breach despite data appearing in online forums, DPC fines Instagram €405 million for GDPR breaches, IHG hotels group data breach, Albania breaks diplomatic ties with Iran after cyber-attack, Portugal data breach potentially exposes sensitive NATO documents, Uber executive facing criminal trial after data breach, IAB appeal against decision of Belgian DPA is heading for the CJEU, IRS data breach exposes details of 120,000 US taxpayers, Air India data breach, A comparison between GDPR and PIPL


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 212 :- Facebook Cambridge Analytica, Authy, NHS Orkney, Samsung, Evil Corp Conti, Mobile Banking, Afni, Xinai Electronics, Vodafone Idea, Student Loans, Start, Semcorp Marine, Fonvile Morisey, Black Knight, San Francisco 49ers

Coming up in this week's episode: Facebook Cambridge Analytica data breach lawsuit reaches 11th hour settlement, Authy users affected by Twilio data breach, NHS Orkney data breach, Samsung data breach, Evil Corp and Conti linked to Cisco data breach, Mobile Banking Apps putting user's digital signatures at risk via use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Lawsuits launched against Afni after data breach, Xinai Electronics data breach reveals details of 800 million chinese people, Vodafone Idea denies it has had a data breach, Student Loans data breach exposes details of 2.5 million students, Russian streaming service Start hit by data breach, Semcorp Marine data breach, Fonvile Morisey data breach, The effect of data breaches on the US Healthcare system, Black Knight data breach, San Francisco 49'ers data breach


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 211 :- Lastpass, Nato, Plex, Doordash, Desfa, Hamilton Water, Robin Hood, CDCR, Indonesia Telekom, Block Square

Coming up in this week's episode: Lastpass data breach, Nato missile systems data breach could impact some systems sent to Ukraine, Plex data breach, Doordash data breach, Greek gas operator Desfa hit by data breach, Hamilton Water data breach, Robin Hood reach $20 Million settlement after data breach, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) data breach, Indonesia Telekom data breach, Block (owners of Square) face class action after data breach


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 210 :- Apple, ABI, SEC Equifax, Capital One, Manx Care, Westjet, Twilio Signal, Airtel, Whatcom County Library, Sferra, CPRA

Coming up in this week's episode: Apple reveal security flaw affecting iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Mac, Association of British Investigators opens consultation on GDPR Code of Conduft for its industry, SEC presses charges for insider trading regarding Equifax data breach, Capital One class action claim period extended, Manx Care face possible £170,000 fine after data breach, Westjet app data breach, Twilio data breach affects almost 2000 Signal customer, 18000 Airtel users found to be using the same password, Whatcom County Library data breach, Sferra data breach, California prepares for CPRA to come into force


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 209 :- Volkswagen, UK Parliament, Burger King, Wendys, Twilio, ICO25, UK USA, DMA DSA, Amazon, Totalenergies, Dixons, Instagram, EU Commission, Cisco, Malaysia Central Bank, Pixsy, Accusoft, Acorn Financial, ADPPA, NOYB

Coming up in this week's episode: Volkswagen fined €1.1 Million over cameras in cars during test drives, UK Parliament closes its TikTok account over links to China, Burger King blank receipts cause data breach false alarm, Wendy's shareholder loses legal challenge to data breach settlement, Twilio data breach, ICO launches its three year strategy ICO25, UK and USA announce Joint Data Access Statement, European Parliament formally adopts the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA), Amazon loses appeal against CNIL €35 Million Penalty for breaches of GDPR, CNIL fines Totalenergies €1 Million for GDPR breaches, Dixons Stores Group sees data breach penalty cut in half following appeal, Judgement expected from DPC investigation into Instagram handling of Childrens' Data by first week in September, German citizen sues EU Commission claiming one of its websites breaches GDPR rules, Cisco data breach after voice phishing (vishing), Malaysia Central Bank investigates possible data breach, Pixsy data breach, Accusoft data breach, Acorn Financial Services data breach, The American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) finally reaches the House of Representatives, NOYB targets what it calls 'hopeless cases' for non-cookie compliance


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 208:- NHS 111, Conservatives, Card Fraud, COE, CJEU, Mayor London, Uni Western Australia, Price Edward Island, Virgin Islands, Avamere, Neopets, Solana Slope, Twitter, First Choice, QuestionPro, Semikron, Gaedke, Slovenia, Criteo

Coming up in this week's episode: NHS 111 service affected by cyber-attack, Conservative Party leadership election process delayed by Cybersecurity concerns, UK found to be Card Fraud capital of Europe, Church of England ISB safeguarding chair steps back after data breaches, CJEU rules releasing names of partners could expose a data subject's sexual orientation, Mayor of London's plan to give Metropolitan Police access to ANPR images faces legal challenge, University of Western Australia data breach, Price Edward Island Arts Centre data breach, Virgin Islands Budget Office requests FBI visit over possible data breach, Avamere data breacg, Users still unable to access their Neopets accounts after data breach, Solana and Slope confirm data breach affecting cryptocurrency wallets, Twitter confirms how data breach occurred, First Choice Healthcare data breach, QuestionPro data breach, Semikron data breach, Gaedke Group data breach, Slovenia criticised by European Commission for its failure to fully implement GDPR, Criteo fined $65 million for GDPR violations following CNIL inquiry


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 207 :- Liverpool City Council, Southern Co-op, Facebook, Bromford, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica 02, Vodafone, Mac, St Lukes Health, BECU, Uber, UK Universities

Coming up in this week's episode of the GDPR Weekly Show: Liverpool City Council face no further action from ICO after data breach, Southern Co-op use of facial recognition to be challenged in legal case, Facebook business accounts targeted by malware, Bromford Housing data breach, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica 02 and Vodafone all due to appear before North Westphalia District courts for GDPR breaches, Mac users warned of malware controlled by cloud storage, St Lukes Health data breach, BECU data breach, Uber and US DOJ reach agreement after data breach cover up, UK Universities told not to use GDPR as reason not to disclose outcome of harrasment investigations


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 206 :- Neopets, UK Ransomware, Zuckerberg, Twitter, ChromeBooks, St Georges, Russia, Methodist Hospitals, Wikileaks, US Justice, Blue Shield, Williams, Child Abuse, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Perth Festival, T-Mobile, Google

Coming up in this week's episode: Neopets data breach, UK NCSC and ICO urge lawyers not to advise their clients to pay ransoms after ransomware attacks, Zuckerberg to appear in Cambridge Analytica court proceedings, Twitter data breach, ChromeBooks ruled non-GDPR compliant by Danish authorities, St George's University Hospital pays £2,500 damages after data breach, Russia tops data breach table for Q2 2022, Methodist Hospitals pays $425,000 after data breach, Former CIA employee convicted after data leak to Wikileaks, US Justice Department faces $8.5 million bill after data breach, Blue Shield data breach, Williams Company sues ex-employee after data breach, Professional Finance Co data breach, UK Cybersecurity Chiefs back idea of automated detection of child abuse images, Oklahoma City Housing Authority data breach, Rhode Island company Tradesource to pay $230,000 after data breach, Perth Festival data breach, T-Mobile to pay $350 million after data breach, Google faces anti-trust probe in Italy over GDPR data portability


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 205 :- ICO UK Government, Tiktok, Clearview AI Greece, Hotel Quarantine Breach, Deakin University, Windsor University, VCU Health, Alibaba Shanghai Police, EDPB Digital Euro, BDPA Medical Records

Coming up in this week's episode: ICO reprimands UK Government over use of Whatsapp and private emails for official communications, Tiktok postpones planned privacy policy change after intervention by the Italian DPA, Clearview AI fined € 20 million by Greek DPA, Hotel Quarantine breach in Victoria, Australia, Deakin University data breach, Windsor University data breach, VCU Health data breach, Alibaba begins investigation after Shanghai Police data breach, EDPB publishes its opinion on Digital Euro, BDPA rules rights to access and correction are not absolute for medical records


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 204 :- Pilton College, NCSC Russia, Ecclesiastical Insurance, Claires Accessories, Marriott Hotels, Chefs Toys,, OPM Peraton, Dutch DPA, BPA, Place, Lending Tree, Welldynerx, Shanghai Police, ECJ Austrian PO

Coming up in this week's episode: Pilton College, De Montfort School and Carmel College involved in data breach, NCSC warns UK organisations to beware of Russian cyberattacks, Ecclesiastical Insurance pays £30,000 after data breach, Claires Accessories pays $350,000 compensation after data breach, Yet another Marriott Hotels data breach, Chefs Toys data breach, data breach affecting more people than originally thought, Office of Personnel Management and Peraton agree to pay $63 million after data breach, Dutch Data Protection Authority warned that it is enforcing some parts of GDPR too strictly, Benefit Plan Administrators data of breach, Place of processing relevance when deciding which State laws apply, Lending Tree data breach, Welldynerx data breach, Shanghai Police data breach potentially releases details of 1 billion Chinese citizens, ECJ tells Austrian Post Office it must inform data subjects who their data has been transferred to


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 203 :- Opensea, ICO, DVLA, Russia, Lihuania, Lakeview, Goverment Audit Office HHS, Flagstar, Wegmans, AMD, Thailand PDPA, Google

Coming up in this week's episode: Opensea NFT Marketplace data breach, ICO says it is going to reduce fines issued to public bodies, DVLA found to have been using incorrect legal basis for processing data, Russia reduces Lihuania's Internet connectivity by 70%, Lakeview data breach now involves an extra 100,000 people, Goverment Audit Office finds need for HHS to improve its responses to data breaches, Flagstar data breach, Wegmans fined $400,000 after data breach, AMD data breach, Thailand introduces PDPA on June 1st, Google facing action from European Consumer Groups who allege that the options Google gives for managing personal data are too complex


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GDPR Weekly Show Episode 202 :- Japan. Russia, Hybrid Working, Tarmac, Data Reform, Childcare, MGM Hotels, Queensland, Pittsburgh, Data Breach, MCG Health, Trident Care, Location Data

Coming up in this week's episode: Japanese man loses USB key with details of all city residents. Russia leads league table for data breaches, Survey confirms trends towards Hybrid Working, Tarmac warned after data breach, A look at changes planned via the UK Data Reform Bill, Childcare apps find to lack data security measures, MGM Hotels and Resorts data appears on Telegram, Queensland proposes changes to data protection legislation, University of Pittsburgh pays compensation after data breach, What additional costs does a data breach bring? MCG Health data breach, Trident Care data breach, Spain and Austria dispute whether location data is personally identifiable data as defined by GDPR