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Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary of The Grow Guide

That's a wrap on Season 1 of The Grow Guide and what a wild ride it's been! For Episode 52, Maggie and Dave take a walk down memory lane. The duo recap their favourite moments of the season. From trendy houseplants to urban beekeeping, chatting native prairie plants and heirloom tomatoes — it's a diverse episode with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Here's the episodes we cover today: Episode 17: The Jungalow with Special Guest Nicole Ryan, Creator of Cree Ryan Episode 22:...


Episode 51: Garlic

With unexpected September snow falling across parts of western Canada it would be easy to say outdoor gardening season is a wrap… but then we would miss out on delicious garlic. The Grow Guide crew get giddy as the garlic chat revs up, but first Dave and Maggie share stories from recent weekend getaways (1:10) and announce details of this week’s garlic give away (4:19), which of course includes a shout-out about the Grow Guide Garden Harvest Party taking place at Sage this Sunday September...


Episode 50: Certified Organic Growing with Stefan Regnier from Blue Lagoon Organics

Fall is in full swing and with only a few more farmer’s markets left, The Grow Guide heads to Winnipeg’s St.Norbert Farmers Market for this week’s “studio.” Maggie starts by sharing her harvest of the week — sungold cherry tomatoes — and Dave chats about the trendy, monstera plant. An interesting listener question about composting is timely for anyone cleaning up their fallen leaves. Then it’s all about organics. Since 2002, Stefan and his family have been certified organic farmers. He...


Episode 49: Moving plants indoors

Episode 49: Moving plants indoors Maggie and Dave are back at Sage this week to find inspiration for houseplant season. But before they can dig into the topic, Maggie shares her appreciation for the fours seasons (1:49) while Dave wonders what it would be like to live in a “uni-season”. As the conversation turns decidedly to fall, several announcements are made including further details on the upcoming Grow Guide Garden Harvest Swap (3:30) and the upcoming 1 year anniversary of The Grow...


Episode 48: Permaculture and Local Food Systems with Members of the Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-operative

With the Harvest Moon right around the corner, Maggie and Dave focus this week’s episode on a GIVEAWAY to the annual Harvest Dinner hosted by the South Osborne Community Co-operative (listen all the way to the end of the episode for your chance to win!). But first, they chat about transitioning into fall and answer a listener’s question and when/what to plant when it comes to bulbs. Then the duo chat all about local food systems and the permaculture-focused approach to gardening that Rod,...


Episode 47: Sowing the Fall Garden

Maggie and Dave continue their garden touring, and set up the podcast studio under a big shade tree in the beautiful English Garden at Assiniboine Park. Summer is starting to shift into fall and your hosts start this week’s episode noticing how much the mood has changed in the garden, even in the last week. This does not stop them from being excited about what’s next, teasing garden party plans (3:05) and sharing their favourite plants (Sugar Baby watermelon at 3:55 & garlic bulbils at...


Episode 46: Seed Saving for the Home Gardener on a Small Scale

Maggie and Dave use the South Osborne Community Gardens as this week’s studio space and are blown away by its beauty and sense of community. They start the episode with a few fun announcements coming up soon — a Garden Club Tour (check out for more info) and an end of season garden party (date TBD!). Then it’s all about their Favourite Varieties, Zephyr summer squash for Maggie (5:30) and the Marimo Moss Ball for Dave (7:24). An awesome listener question about when to plant...


Episode 45: Keeping Plants Happy During a Heat Wave

Are your plants tired of the heat? Maggie and Dave’s certainly are and they’re dedicating this week’s episode to the 2018 Heat Wave! Before they jump into the good stuff, they announce the winner of the cucamelon giveaway and answer a listener’s question about planting crops at this time of year. Turns out, there’s tons of great options for you to sow even in the second week of August. The duo breakdown the heat conversation into four categories: physiological impacts of heat to plants,...


Episode 44: Cannabis Part 2 with Mike Mailman

The Grow Guide is back this week with the second part of our cannabis series. Manitoban grower, Mike Mailman shares his wisdom with us again, but this time the conversation is geared toward growing. Mike discusses how he grows cannabis for his patients and the logistics that come with it. Then he gets into how YOU, home gardeners, can grow productive plants come legalization in October. We apologize for the crickets tune in today’s episode as they were noisy as can be while we were...


Episode 43: Cannabis Part 1 with Mike Mailman

The end of July is bringing us to an awesome 2-parter episode geared toward cannabis — a plant of mystery! Maggie & Dave welcome on fellow Manitoban, Mike Mailman, who shares the successes and struggles that comes with growing marijuana in today’s changing climate. This epic conversation discusses everything from the politics of the plant to its many healing properties to Mike’s personal connection to using cannabis as a medicine. Tune in next week for Part 2 where we dive into growing...


Episode 42: Cucumbers

For the first time ever, Maggie and Dave move their “studio” to a public orchard in the heart of Winnipeg at The Forks. Apple trees, raspberry bushes and hungry squirrels join the duo for this episode all about cucumbers. This week’s favourite varieties (3:10) are Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries and Aussie Sweetie Basil. And an awesome listener question about the differences between partial and full sun (7:20) leads to a conversation about the exact number of hours of sun each description...


Episode 41: Square Foot Gardening with Mick Manfield

Dave and Maggie are back this week in their outdoor “studio space” at Sage Garden Greenhouses. The duo start off the episode with a big THANK-YOU to all you listeners from around the world (0:57). Then it’s into their Favourite Varieties of the Week (2:10). Dave chats about the vanilla bean plant (did you know it’s in the orchid family?!) and Maggie shares one of her recent harvests, the very cool and purple-looking islander pepper (5:40). The Question of the Week focuses on squash (8:13)....


Episode 40: Listener Q & A Volume 3

For The Grow Guide’s 40th episode (how did that happen?!), Maggie and Dave decide to give back to all of YOU who’ve been with us since the beginning. They dedicate this episode to answering a great variety of listener questions. But before they get into all that, they share a bit about what’s going on outside of their gardening lives. Dave fills us in about his weekend road trip to Souris, Manitoba. And Maggie shares about her time at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Then it’s all about the...


Episode 39: 3 Common July Gardening Problems

Happy Canada Day, Grow Guiders! Dave and Maggie spend this hot, long weekend jumping right into the new month and chatting about common problems that happen in the garden during July. They start today off by answering a listener’s question about chlorosis on her roses and how to manage it. From there, it’s all about common gardening problems, including aphids, blossom end rot and powdery mildew. Not to fear, these are all combattable problems that won’t affect your harvest if you’re...


Episode 38: Hardy Trees & Shrubs

Anyone else experiencing gardener burnout? It’s the time of year where we’ve gone go, go, go and finally are feeling the effects. Maggie and Dave start today off with sharing their feelings on the subject and encourage listeners to take on a challenge to break the burnout. The duo answer an awesome listener’s question about perennial flowers — it’s not too late to plant! — and share their favourite varieties — Maggie goes with a mosquito repellent and Dave shares a trendy houseplant. They...


Episode 37: Foraging for Mushrooms & Other Wild Plants

Hey gardeners! We have another awesome episode of The Grow Guide today all about reconnecting to nature and embracing you hunter- gatherer roots. Maggie and Dave are joined by Manitoba’s local fungi expert, Tom Nagy. He gets DEEP and goes into why it’s important for humans to spend time each day in nature. He gets FUNNY and talks about the new trend of foraging for psilocybin (magic mushrooms if you will). And he gets REAL by breaking down for you exactly how you too can both forage and grow...


Episode 36: Succession Planting

Summer feels like it’s officially here and the background noises in today’s episode — birds, bees and frogs — really give off those warm, feel-good vibes. Maggie and Dave announce some exciting events at the start of today’s episode, including a dog-friendly evening at Sage Garden Greenhouses and FREE starter plants for community gardens, not-for-profit groups and schools. They touch on the struggle of purchasing citrus trees and other fruiting shrubs that are treated with neonicotinoids and...


Episode 35 - Sunflowers

It’s The Grow Guide’s first episode outdoors at Sage Garden Greenhouses and it feels GREAT to be chatting about gardening right in the garden. Maggie and Dave update everyone on their gardens/greenhouses and share a favourite houseplant and herb that surprisingly both grow well in northern conditions. Before jumping into this week’s topic, they answer a listener’s question about pruning peppers and removing early flowers from tomato plants. Then the duo gets into sunflowers — the flower of...


Episode 34: Urban Beekeeping with Bee Project’s Chris & Lindsay

Who permanently has dirt under their nails and seeds tucked into their back pocket? It’s the ultimate sign of summer and it certainly feels like it has arrived here in Manitoba. Today’s episode is about the other sign of summer that’s starting to buzz — BEES! The duo from Bee Project — partners, Chris and Lindsay — hang out with The Grow Guide to fill us all in on what it really means to #savethebees. They go in-depth with practical ways you can help bees, the proper and safe practices to...


Episode 33: Keeping Your Garden Safe from Deer with Jennifer Smith from Deer Busters Canada

It’s been a gorgeous Victoria Day long-weekend here in the prairies, and Maggie and Dave have gotten well underway in their gardens & greenhouses. The duo share what they’ve been up to in their own backyards and chat about their favourite plant varieties of the week — Maggie’s choice is great for hot and sunny gardens, and Dave’s is perfect for experimental gardeners. They help out a listener asking about maintaining healthy plants after removing them from grow lights to transition...