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5 Fun Seeds to Save from the Garden this Fall

It's been an unpredictable Fall across Canada, starting with low night time temps, leading into heavy rains and now, hot sunshine-y days. All to say, gardening season isn't over yet! This week Maggie and Dave encourage you to get back into the garden and start thinking about the 2020 season by saving some seeds. They discuss five fun yet unusual seeds you've probably never considered saving, including the Jamaican burr melon and molokhia. - Support the Podcast on Patreon - Join the...


How to Succeed as an Urban Gardener, with Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening

This exciting episode covers a whole array of topics with this week's guest, the wonderful, Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening. Maggie and Dave chat with Kevin about how he was able to grow enough food to survive off of in his 120 square-foot backyard garden, as well as his love for a garden challenge. PLUS, The Grow Guide Patreon page is officially live! Learn how you can show your support for the podcast and help keep it free. Learn more here. Join the community Facebook group. Follow...


How to Plant An Indoor Herb Garden

September is here and it officially feels like Fall in the garden! Maggie and Dave take some time off to enjoy the September long weekend and bring you content from last season that is perfect for this time of year. Get inspired to bring the green indoors with a herb garden. But first, it's all about this week's GIVEAWAY. The Grow Guide has teamed up with Sustainable South Osborne to give one of you 2 tickets to their annual harvest dinner on Sunday September 8, 2019. The meal is developed...


Dave and Maggie's Ten Favourite Plants of 2019...So Far!

Time to review favourite plants from the 2019 season, so far. Hosts Dave and Maggie compare notes on ten awesome plants that have made an impact for them this growing season and it is no surprise that edible and fragrant selections are well represented... but houseplants and flowers make the list too! Dave and Maggie also get caught-up after their trips to the west coast and check in on a listener question about a summer-time classic, sweet corn. Connect with The Grow Guide - Grow Guide FB...


Succession Planting for Short Season Gardens

Love the idea of keeping your garden alive and thriving well into the cool fall? This week Dave and Maggie dive deep into the topic of succession planting, exploring techniques and strategies to help both rookie approved and more advanced gardeners get the most from outdoor gardens... even in zone 3! Dave also shares a favourite, highly unique tomato ad Maggie gushes about the unexpected beauty of her tobacco plants. This week's listener question will get the attention of just about...


Listener Q&A

Happy Mid-August (as Maggie says at the start of this episode)! But it really is that time of year where you can't help but be happy — the garden is filled with tons to harvest. This week The Grow Guide hopes to keep listeners' spirits high by answering all their burning questions. From acclimatizing house plants to your home, to ensuring your tomatoes ripen before the end of summer, to finding the perfect space in a shady yard for a garden — Dave has an answer for every question that will...


Navigating On-line Gardening Communities, with Amanda Douglas

It is mid-summer, a perfect time to compare notes on how Dave and Maggie's gardens are growing. Dave shares his enthusiasm for a unique, very leafy basil and Maggie dishes on her red cabbage then invites listeners to post their favourite things of the week for everyone to see. This week's listener question jumps ahead to fall with a query about how late potted perennials can be transferred to the garden? Then our feature interview takes us behind the scenes of a flourishing FB community -...


Getting to Know the Gardeners, Part 2

Hey Grow Guiders! Last week you learned a little bit more about your co-host, Dave and this week it's all about, Maggie. But first, we have an exciting giveaway for all of you. The Grow Guide is turning its focus to pollinators and encouraging listeners to snap a few photos, post them on Instagram and use the hashtag #growguidepollinators. You could have the chance to win seeds for your fall sowing. Find out more here. Join the Facebook community...


Getting to Know the Gardeners, Part 1

Maggie and Dave’s July gardens are starting to burst and the harvests have begun. Dave chats bay rum— a spicy herb perfect for a summer cocktail. Maggie talks about her mysterious morning glories from an unidentified seed packet that are putting down vines throughout her garden. A listener question about what to do with straw mulch at the end of the season leads Maggie and Dave to go on about why they love this mulch so much. Then, it’s all about Dave! This week, get to know the voice you...


Houseplants with Jane Perrone from On The Ledge

As the heat and humidity start to make the prairies feel tropical Dave and Maggie revel in a tasty heirloom snap pea and inhale the sweet fragrance of an orange twist on the classic gardenia. A listener asks for help with a common problem, the Colorado potato beetle... and good news, there are some solutions! The big theme this week is houseplants with special guest Jane Perrone, the award-winning presenter of On The Ledge podcast. Jane covers everything from life as a gardening-podcaster to...


Keeping Your Cut Flowers Blooming All Season Long

After a quick hiatus for Canada Day (happy belated, Canadians!), Maggie and Dave are back and chatting all about flowers and how to keep yours blooming all season long. Dave kicks this week off by sharing about his new favourite watering tool, The Growoya — a great option for gardeners facing drought-like weather this summer. Maggie gives a recap on how a few of the plants she’s shared as her 'Favourite Thing' are now performing in her garden. A listener’s question on transplanting milkweed...


Revisiting Native Prairie Plants with Kelly Leask

With Canada Day giving us all a little opportunity for R & R, Dave and Maggie are taking the week off from recording and will be back with a brand new episode next Tuesday. That said, we are excited to share one of our most popular episodes as a re-post: this is episode 26, Native Prairie Plants with Kelly Leask, manager of Prairie Originals Nursery. Kelly is so full of insights and inspirations! Although this was recorded in early spring of 2018 the info is completely helpful to anyone...


Top Ten Tips for Rookie Veggie Growers

As we head into the summer months plants can start to show a little neediness, particularly fast growing veggies. Dave and Maggie devote this episode to ten easy tips to help rookie growers (and let's admit it... veteran growers too!) find success and satisfaction in the vegetable garden. But before getting to the tips Dave has a surprising bit of industry-insider info to share, Maggie checks-in about some uneven success stories this growing season and both Maggie and Dave have an edible...


Designing & Maintaining Edible Landscapes with Hilary Dahl from the Encyclopedia Botanica Podcast

With the summer solstice around the corner, Maggie and Dave start today's episode feeling nostalgic for last season as they reminisce on the podcast from one year ago. Tune into last year's summer solstice episode where The Grow Guide chats about square foot gardening! Dave then shares what he loves most about his garden at this time of year while Maggie walks listeners through the behind-the-scenes for her own homestead. From there the duo are joined by this week's guest who is a...


Growing Organic Sweet Potatoes

Every gardener has good days and bad, and Dave and Maggie chat about rolling with the busy season. Along the way they stumble upon a plant "of good cheer" and talk about a cucamelon relative that might just become a new fav. The big discussion today is all about sweet potatoes, with emphasis on how to grow an edible crop organically in northern gardens. Did you know sweet potatoes can grow just about every where in Canada? Or that sweet potato foliage is edible and tasty? Listen-in to learn...


Botanical Infusions & Garden DIYs with Stephanie Rose

It’s June and Maggie and Dave are officially in their garden playgrounds! The duo shares the plants they think are perfect for summer as their favourite things of the week, including a zinnia ideal for bouquets and a plant with unique edible berries. This week Stephanie Rose, from joins the podcast to share botanical infusions from the garden. She covers DIY recipes, must-have plants and her favourite gardening resources. The Ressources Stephanie...


Fertilizing & Feeding Your Plants Organically

Unpredictable spring weather in Zone 3 has Maggie & Dave reminding listeners about the importance of protecting plants when temperatures drop over night. Be mindful, growers! Dave shares a variegated milkweed as his favourite plant of the week while Maggie shares an interesting concept to support local farmers in your community. A listener question around harvesting asparagus sparks a discussion about proper care for the edible perennial too. The topic of this episode then turns to organic...


Smart Gardening With Emma Biggs

This week we have the pleasure of chatting with Emma Biggs, a 14 year old gardening guru who just published her first book with the famous Storey publishing company. Emma brings her kid's-eye-view to help kids and adults better understand each other when it comes to enjoying gardening, but absolutely inspires gardeners of all ages with her extensive urban gardening knowledge (she is Toronto based). We get to chat veggies, bugs, eating weeds and much more. She is so well spoken - you will...


Spring Transplanting & Maintenance for Garden Perennials

Maggie and Dave kick off today's episode by sharing a fun article (read it here!) that ran on the podcast over the weekend. Dave shares about his fav plant of the week, a gorgeous blue perennial flower, and Maggie talks about a tropical-looking variety of tomato for hers. A listeners' question on transplanting leggy kohlrabi brings up some great tips on how to harden off transplants and keep seedlings healthy. The theme of perennial gardening covers chats on preparing roots for transplant,...


At Home with Houseplants, Jessika Doyel - The Sill NYC

As spring arrives slowly but surely, Dave and Maggie each have some plant experiments to share for their favourite gardening item of the week, and this sets the stage for a discussion focused on growing perennials in short season climates. Dave reveals some surprising fruit growing plans, while Maggie goes deeper with her passion for growing medicinal plants. Meanwhile, the simple little marigold serves as a backdrop to a not so clear-cut question from a listener and we may, or may not,...