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When Should I Repot Succulents with Pups?

There's nothing better than when your succulents propagate on their own. But when is the best time to repot succulent pups? Find out in this week's episode.


How to save a succulent with a black stem

Have you ever noticed your succulent dropping leaves or the stem turning black? In this episode, you'll learn what to do if your succulent has a black stem, and the steps you can take to save it.


Watering Succulent Propagation Leaves

When you're propagating succulent leaves watering is a bit different than watering a full plant. In this episode you'll learn the proper way to water succulent leaves and how to tell if they're getting too much or too little water.


When should I transplant succulents?

Find out when to transplant your succulents from indoors to outdoors in this week's episode!


Do Succulents Split at the Stem?

With so many varieties of succulents, it can be difficult to tell if the way your plant is growing is normal for its species or not. Find out if it's typical for succulents to split at the stem in this week's episode.


How to help tender succulents with frostbite

No matter how hard you try to protect your succulents, sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and they still get frost damage. Click here to find out how to help your succulents that have been exposed to the cold.


How do I know when my soil is completely dry?

Knowing when your succulent soil is completely dry doesn't have to be complicated! In this episode I teach you a few of my favorite tips to know when it's time to water again!


What succulents can be planted together?

While most succulents can be planted together without any problems, some will do better together than others. Find out how to choose succulents to combine for your next arrangement in this episode!


What happens to the stalk of a succulent after I behead it?

Beheading succulents is really exciting! But, your first time can be a bit scary or daunting. In this episode I'm sharing what to expect once you chop the head off of your succulent.


Can succulents stay outside all winter?

If you live in a climate with 4 seasons, especially one with harsh winters, there are some succulents that will grow outdoors year round for you! Find out more about cold hardy succulents in this episode.


Should I remove glued on rocks or top dressing?

A top dressing is a decorative rock placed on the top of the soil in an arrangement. Sometimes, retailers will glue the rocks in place to make them easier and cleaner to transport. Find out what you should do about this in today's episode!


How close together should succulents be planted?

Succulents can be planted close together or spread out a little. Find out the pros and cons to each planting method.


Adjusting to growing succulents in warmer and drier climates

Succulents can be grown in just about any climate, but you do need to make some adjustments. Find out how to grow succulents in hot and dry climates!


Water Therapy for Succulents and Planting Succulents in Pumice

Today I'm talking about a somewhat controversial topic in the world of succulents: Water Therapy. This technique is something that is helpful to know about, but has fairly limited applications. Find out what it is and when to use it!


How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves

Learn how to propagate succulents (grow more) from the ones you already own with this easy to follow tutorial on propagating succulents from leaves!


How to get rid of mealy bugs on succulents

Mealybugs are one of the most common pests that infect succulents. Learn a simple way to get rid of them that is safe for the succulents!


What to do with Stretched out Succulents or Succulents Growing Tall

If succulents don't get enough sunlight they begin to grow tall and stretch out. Find out how to prevent stretching and how to "fix" succulents that are already stretched out.


How to Save Dying Succulents from Watering Problems

Wondering how to save a dying succulent? Or are you worried that your succulent may be dying due to over- or under-watering? Find out how to tell for sure in this episode!


How to Water Succulent Plants

Watering Succulents: Wondering how often you should be watering your succulents? Find out all the ins and outs of how to water succulents with the tips in this episode. You’ll be surprised at how much water these drought tolerant plants need!


Tips for Planting Succulents to Ensure They Survive in Their New Home

Before you plant your succulents in a new pot, make sure you know these best practices for planting succulents. These tips will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure your succulent grows happy and healthy in it's new home.