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Once a month, get the latest on up-and-coming bands in Germany.

Once a month, get the latest on up-and-coming bands in Germany.


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DW Germany


Once a month, get the latest on up-and-coming bands in Germany.




German Pop - Wir sind Helden

They're said to have rung in German-language pop of the 21st century. Youthful fans and newspaper critics alike love them. With four albums under their belt, each concert is a surprise.


German Pop - Florian Ostertag

Singer Florian Ostertag writes songs that go straight to the heart. Melancholy and a whole lot of emotion are trademarks of his lyrics, and his love for detail can be heard in every note of his music.

German Pop - Lokomotor

The five musicians from Bavaria make their fans go wild with pretty melodies and their own distinct sound. And the band has a message.

German Pop: Alin Coen Band (live)

DW welcomes the Alin Coen Band back to the podcast series, this time for a live performance from the c/o pop festival, where the full force of lead singer Alin Coen's lyrics was on display.

German Pop - Philipp Poisel

With his mop of messy hair and shy, unassuming manner, Philipp Poisel seems like any other boy next door with a guitar. But his unusual voice and knack for songwriting have sent him to the top of the German charts.

German Pop - Max Prosa

Max Prosa is a story-teller and an ardent poet, and he's convinced that a very special energy is created when playing the guitar - a spark which is infectious.

German Pop - Hans Unstern

Somewhere between poet and singer, Hans Unstern's orchestral indie rock sound is like being along for a mixed-up roadtrip. And the lyrics could almost be the stuff of a seminar on German literature.

German Pop - Alin Coen Band

The Alin Coen Band makes music that's laid-back with a heavy dose of singer-songwriter introspection. Find out just why they're picking up fans all over the place in this edition of Clip.

German Pop - Ja, Panik

The Berlin-meets-Vienna indie rockers Ja, Panik are back with a new album, and we take a look at the music that sent them into the spotlight. This is Ja, Panik in concert at the c/o Pop Festival in 2010.

German Pop - 1000 Robota

1000 Robota, but nope, they're not machines. They're flesh and blood, although not kin to electro-pioneers Kraftwerk. 1000 Robota play punk, post-punk, hardcore - with a cool, original sound and a 'let 'er rip' energy.

German Pop - The Bonny Situation

The members of The Bonny Situation lifted their band name from Quentin Tarantino's cult film "Pulp Fiction." The five musicians from Duisburg try to mix match styles - everything from electronic to melancholy rock.

German Pop - Klee

For great, straight-up pop music from Germany, look no further than Klee. The band is fronted by Suzie Kerstgens, famous for her musicianship and intelligent songwriting - in a style personal, intimate and authentic.

German Pop - Shantel

Stefan Hantel has many professions: DJ, musician, producer, label manager and impresario. But the man from the German state of Hesse is best known for his stage name 'Shantel' - the uncrowned king of Balkan-Pop.

German Pop - Baby Benzin

Guitar, bass, percussion, vocals. That's how simple and straightforward rock music can be. Meet the young Hamburg band Baby Benzin, which translates to Baby Gasoline, or Baby Petrol.

German Pop - Abel & Cain

Abel Cain, having been professionally coached at the Popcamp, are ready to take their cool Britpop Made in Germany to an international audience.

German Pop - Luis und Laserpower

In this podcast titled German Pop, Deutsche Welle introduces you to Luis und Laserpower - a band that can give a one-two punch to German hip-hop.