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A podcast about making light of life on tour, hosted by professional golfers, Maia Schechter & Leslie Cloots. Follow us on Instagram @Birdiecast Support this podcast:

A podcast about making light of life on tour, hosted by professional golfers, Maia Schechter & Leslie Cloots. Follow us on Instagram @Birdiecast Support this podcast:


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A podcast about making light of life on tour, hosted by professional golfers, Maia Schechter & Leslie Cloots. Follow us on Instagram @Birdiecast Support this podcast:




41. Covid Update

It has been a crazy couple of months! With a pandemic and no professional golf being played, we have had a lot of time to practice and even explore some new hobbies! Listen in to hear about how we have been keeping ourselves busy during the era of Covid-19. Hosts: @lesliecloots @maschechter Recorded in Raleigh, NC on June 19, 2020 --- Support this podcast:


40. Dogwood Country Club

This week we chatted with the Co-owner of downtown Raleigh’s Dogwood Country Club. Described as a “classic country club with an urban twist,” Dogwood CC has something for everyone. In our conversation we cover topics ranging from how the business idea came about, to how to handle being a woman in the golf industry. Hosts: @lesliecloots @maschechter Guest: @dogwoodcountryclub Recorded in Raleigh, NC on February 27, 2020 --- Support this podcast:


39. World Long Drive

In this episode Leslie got to chat with Alexis Belton about how she manages playing on the World Long Drive and Symetra Tour. --- Support this podcast:


38. Preseason 2020

We are getting ready for another year on the road! Listen this week as we talk about our off season and how we are approaching this upcoming year. In true Birdiecast spirit, we have some deep chats and some fun laughs. Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: January 23 in Chapel Hill, NC --- Support this podcast:


37. Q Series Recap

The 2019 season is officially over! This week we talked about Q Series: how it works, how it went, and what we learned. Listen in to hear the inside scoop Sponsor: Playoff Dating App ( Recorded: November 4, 2019 in Raleigh, NC Hosts: @lesliecloots @maschechter --- Support this podcast:


36. To Quit Or Not To Quit

This week we brought in an eclectic group to discuss the journey of golf. Why do some people stop playing? How do players navigate the change in direction? It can be a struggle to keep going but we discuss ways in which players rekindle their passion and reach out to others for support in the pursuit of their dreams. Sponsor: Playoff Dating App ( Guests: @guags88 @summarro and Allie White Hosts: @maschechter Recording date: September 19th 2019 in...


35. Michelle Piyapattra

This week we sat down with Michelle Piyapattra to talk about her side hustle endeavors off the course. We learned a lot from this episode, and we hope that you do too. Sponsor: Playoff Dating App ( Guests: @montanee555 Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recording date: August 7th 2019 in Milwaukee, WI --- Support this podcast:


34. Matt Clark, TBA

Enjoy our short conversation with repeat guest, Matt Clark. He has been promoted to Tournament Business Affairs and has an interesting new take on tour operations. Listen in to hear what a tour owned tournament is, or if you just want to whether Matt finally got a car. Guest: @mattclark_ Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recording date: July 24th 2019 in Albany, NY --- Support this podcast:


33. Women's Executive Forum

While in Rochester, NY we had the privilege of attending the local Women's Executive Forum. We tried to soak up as much wisdom as possible from the three incredible speakers. Listen in to hear the keys to success and ways to wake up tomorrow morning with a million dollars in you bank account. Just kidding. But you can learn how culture affects productivity, and how being successful isn't a solo journey. Enjoy! Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: July 17, 2019 in Rochester, NY ---...


32. Tracy Hanson

Do you believe in life after golf (sung to the tune of Believe by Cher). Tracy Hanson played 15 consecutive years on the LPGA, but if you ask her about it, she'll likely tell you that golf is just one step in this journey we call life. Professional golf is a world where your identity can easily get tied to the scores you shoot. Play well and you're on top of the world; miss a few cuts and the self-doubt creeps in. In a society where we are measured, compared and evaluated, we have to learn...


31. How to talk to your non-golfer friends about golf

Everyone in the working world answers the question "what do you do for a living?" But with our unique lifestyles, sometimes it can be difficult to explain what exactly we do. From illustrating that status is like a ladder you climb, to clarifying that "Q school" isn't actually school at all, listen in to hear some tips on how to talk to non-golfers about golf. Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: May 4, 2019 in Chapel Hill, NC --- Support this podcast:...


30. How to survive 8 weeks in a row on tour

We are on week 2 of an 8 week stretch of tournaments! Life on tour can be a grind especially if you're away from home for 2 months straight. But with a few years of experience, we have learned how to take care of ours bodies and minds. Listen in for ways to tackle long drives between tournaments, and for ways to conserve energy so that you feel just as fresh for week 8 as you did for week 1. Happy golfing! Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: May 4, 2019 in Chapel Hill, NC ---...


29. Tour Hacks

Life on tour can get a little pricey, but with a few of these tips maybe you can save yourself some moola. Listen in for some pointers on where to find cheap flights, how to save money on rental cars, and a way to get that Airbnb you're eyeing for less money than they are asking. Enjoy those extra dollar bills in your pocket! Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: May 4, 2019 in Chapel Hill, NC --- Support this podcast:


28. Book Club: Becoming

This week we have our first book club meeting! We all read Becoming by Michelle Obama over the past month and met up to discuss our thoughts about the book. Listen in to hear how professional golfers can learn a thing or two from the former First Lady. Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Guests: @augustk1m Recorded: April 7, 2019 in San Francisco, CA --- Support this podcast:



This week we talk about the LPGA's new branding campaign called #DriveOn and many related thoughts to gender in sports. Hopefully this episode will spark some conversation topics for you and perhaps even questioning how your surroundings came to be. Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded on March 26th 2019 at Beaumont, California. Write us at - we love to hear from you! --- Support this podcast:


26. Skin in the Game

As professional golfers there is a lot on the line. But it's not just our skin in the game, there are a lot of other people in our lives that have a stake in how we do. Listen in to hear about the pressures of playing professional golf and to learn more about how to deal with that pressure. Are you willing to put it all on the line to achieve your goals? Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: March 18, 2019 in Chapel Hill, NC --- Support this podcast:...


25. 2019 Rules Changes

This week we discuss the hot topic in golf right now: the rules changes. Listen in as we chat about how the rules changes have affected our golf and what we think about it all. You may even learn a thing or two! Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: March 11, 2019 in Winter Haven, FL --- Support this podcast:


24. Off Season

Listen in to see what we have been up to for the last couple of months! The off season is a time when we relax, travel, maybe change equipment and get ready for the next season. Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: March 1, 2019 in Raleigh, NC --- Support this podcast:


23. Sponsorships

In this episode Jeff DeCarlo talks about why he decided to become an agent in the world of women's professional golf. We chat about equality in the work place and a few struggles Jeff has faced so far. He also shares some tips for upcoming professionals. Sponsor: Promo code: BIRDIECAST25 Recorded on October 18th 2018 at Lakewood Ranch, Florida. --- Support this podcast:


22. Suzy Whaley, PGA Vice President

Ever wanted to chat with the VP of the PGA of America (soon to be Prez)? Well, here's your chance. Listen in to hear about her career from college golf to LPGA touring pro to teaching professional. She offers useful advice on how to approach both the game of golf and the game of life. Enjoy! Sponsor: Promo code: BIRDIECAST25 Guest: @mammawhales Hosts: @maschechter @lesliecloots Recorded: October 11, 2018 in Chapel Hill, NC --- Support this podcast:...