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TG2: Would you rather have Brooks or DJ's career? 30+ more AMA-style Instagram questions

Brooks Koepka vs. Dustin Johnson? All-time favorite driver? Poker chips as ball markers? Editor Andrew Tursky and Equipment Expert Brian Knudson answer 30+ questions from the @tg2wrx Instagram. They also discuss Joe LaCava (Tiger's caddie) paying off a heckler to go away.


The 19th Hole: Katie Kearney's Insights from Inside the Ropes with Tiger Woods on Sunday

"Tiger made the other players disappear!" Golf correspondent, Instagram star and St. Louis native Katie Kearney describes what it was like to be inside the ropes at Bellerive on this week’s edition of the 19th Hole with Michael Williams. Also featured are Golf Channel Contributor Ron Sirak, and Chris McKinley of V1 Golf.


The Gear Dive: A roundtable with Mike Taylor and the Artisan Golf team

Artisan Golf's Mike Taylor, Dave Richey and John Hatfield speak on what it’s like being at the forefront of the “craftsman” movement, Tommy Fleetwood's Irons, Tiger's Nike wedges, and working with Patrick Reed. 3:30 -- How it all started 12:15 -- Checks and Balances 15:20 -- The Importance of a proper wedge shaft 20:15 -- Taylor on the high-toe trend in wedges 24:00 -- Patrick Reed 27:00 -- Artisan Putters and what makes the different 34:30 -- Dave Richey advice to young club makers 38:00 --...


Unlocking Your Golfing Potential: How to train harder to make golf feel easy

If you want to make playing golf easier, you need to take a look at how you train. Dropping down unlimited golf balls on the range simply isn’t like what we face on the golf course. When you look at other sports, their practice and training is very difficult. They make the training physically exhausting and mentally challenging so that when it’s game time, it seems easy. Listen into this episode so you can learn how to do that for your golf game.


The Gear Dive: David Edel explains the true bounce equation that no one talks about

An honest chat with club maker David Edel on everything from the 3 types of wedge body types, a bounce equation, the misconceptions of bounce, and his in-depth fitting process. 2:45 -- How it started 4:55 -- How his fitting methods came to be 11:40 -- Bounce and the misconceptions around it 13:30 -- The 3 basic types of golfers 16:20 -- The true bounce equation that no one talks about 26:00 -- Finally getting the message out to the masses 29:40 -- Whats next for Edel 32:45 -- The secret...


The 19th Hole: Rees Jones says "The PGA Championship should be played outside the U.S."

In this PGA Championship edition, host Michael Williams goes one-on-one with Rees Jones, who's the son of Bellerive Country Club course designer Robert Trent Jones. Rees talks about his work to update the course in 2005 and how it will play for this week’s championship. Also featured is Bellerive CC Director of Golf Michael Tucker, and legendary former USGA official Dean Knuth, now of "Knuth Golf."


TG2: What's it really like to play in an AJGA event in 2018?

Tursky reports back from a local AJGA event where he observed how the AJGA has changed in the past 10 years since he played. Also, Editor Andrew Tursky and Equipment expert Brian Knudson make their picks for the 2018 PGA Championship, and they investigate the new Fujikura Evolution shafts and Cleveland RTX4 wedges.


The Range Report: Greg shoots guns with Bryson DeChambeau (yes, really)

Live from the PGA Championship on Tuesday, GolfWRX Photographer Greg Moore plays weatherman and describes the poor weather at Bellerive, he talks about the Cleveland RTX4 wedges, and he tells us about his time with Bryson DeChambeau at the gun range. Is Bryson as good at shooting guns as he is at golf? Is he as "mathematical" about shooting? Find out here.


The Range Report: Monday from the 2018 PGA Championship

GolfWRX Photographer Greg Moore reports live from the 2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive in the first episode of this all-new GolfWRX Podcast called "The Range Report." He joins GolfWRX Editor Andrew Tursky and Equipment expert Brian Knudson to talk Bellerive course conditions, green speeds, how the players are preparing, the equipment changes players are making for the week, and more from on the range.


Unlocking Your Golfing Potential: Lower you expectations by knowing the REAL stats

American culture pushes us to be great; to work harder, have high expectations, and in our golf games, always expect to play great golf. We dive into the stats and realities of what it takes to play great golf. Too many of us bring in unrealistically high expectations that we simply can’t meet. Also in this episode, learn the most important stats to understand in this episode. Here's more about coach Will Robins and understand the 3 Scoring Killers


The 19th Hole Episode: One-on-one with Irish horse-racing tycoon J.P. McManus

In this special edition of the 19th Hole recorded live in Ireland, Michael Williams gets an exclusive one-on-one interview with Irish racing tycoon J.P. McManus about his new resort, Adare Manor. Other guests also include Jay Connolly of Waterville Golf Links and Marty Carr of Carr Travel. Courses reviewed include Lahinch, Tralee, Hogs Head, Dooks and Killarney.


The Gear Dive: Tyson Lamb on craftsmanship, taking the leap into the putter business

Putter maker Tyson Lamb speaks on taking the leap into the putter business, the challenges of running a boutique club company and why he thinks now is the time for the smaller companies to have their day in the sun. If you love putters and/or the golf club industry, you don't want to miss this episode.


TG2: Tursky and Knudson answer 60+ questions from Instagram, AMA-style

In this "Ask me Anything" style podcast, Editor Andrew Tursky and Equipment expert Brian Knudson answer questions from the @tg2wrx Instagram page. The questions range from serious to ridiculous, including questions about golf shafts, club building, cargo shorts, bucket hats, music on the course, colored golf balls, and much much more.


Unlocking Your Golfing Potential: How to score better without changing your swing at all

You don’t have a technique problem, but you keep searching for answers based on your technique. When Rory shot 40 on the back 9 at the Masters and lost the tournament, he didn’t lose his technique. His golf swing didn’t suddenly change… So what was it then? Listen in to this episode to find out. Learn more about coach Will Robins and understand the 3 Scoring Killers:


TG2: GolfWRX photographer Greg Moore tells stories from inside the ropes

GolfWRX's legendary photographer Greg Moore, aka pga43, joins the podcast to tell stories from inside the ropes, and how he ended up with the job. What is it like hanging out with Tour players, caddies, Tour reps, and having access everywhere? Also, how has Tiger Woods and his camp changed throughout the years? Don't miss this podcast.


Gear Dive: Fujikura's Marshall Thompson on what "Tour Spec" means, new Atmos shafts

Fujikura Fitter and Tour Rep Marshall Thompson speaks on the storied 20-year history of the company, its state-of-the-art R&D process and the overwhelming response to the Atmos line. 7:20 -- The Speeder hits the tour 11:00 -- Tour Spec creation and philosophy 20:20 -- The function of the shaft 37:55 -- Graphite Iron shafts and the benefits 42:34 -- New Atmos Product 46:30 -- The Goal


Unlocking Your Golfing Potential: How to completely change your belief system for better results

We’ve all heard that golf is a “mental game” and all in the head. But what does that really mean and how do we change it? Coach Will talks about why golf is an emotional game, and how what we BELIEVE creates those emotions, not what we’re thinking. Surely you’ve gotten into all the technicalities on the golf swing and spent years trying to understand it, now take just a few minutes to listen in and change your beliefs and ultimately results. Learn more about coach Will Robins and...


The 19th Hole (Ep 34): Long drive champion Jaacob Bowden on the golf swing

Master Instructor and Long Drive Champion Jacob Bowden shares his insights on the golf swing with Michael Williams on this week’s edition of The 19th Hole. Also featured is Craig Ramsbottom, President of Dynamic Brands, the company that owns BagBoy, Burton, Riksha, Devant and a host of other top brands in golf accessories.


The 19th Hole (Special Edition): Open Championship Day 1 recap with Damon Hack

In this special Open Championship bonus edition of The 19th Hole, Damon Hack, Host of The Morning Drive on The Golf Channel, weighs in on the first day of play to the 147th Open Championship at Carnoustie with host Michael Williams.


TG2: What's this on the back of the new Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal irons?!

Speculation about Mizuno's new JPX 919 irons that recently popped up on the USGA Conforming Clubs list, as well as in-hand photos of new Srixon Z785 and Z585 irons. Also, Editor Andrew Tursky and Equipment expert Brian Knudson talk to a special guest, Steven Bowditch's caddie from the 2018 John Deere Classic (who he found on Twitter).