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The world's largest and best online golf community. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.






Club Junkie: Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max & Triple Diamond Review!

This week I have been hitting the new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke drivers. The new Ai Smoke Max is ultra forgiving while still offering fast ball speed and straight ball flight. The Triple Diamond head is geared for better players but is far more playable. You get decent forgiveness and big ball speed from your mishits.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: Tales from The Mexico Open

Sav and Shawn enjoyed another invite to the Mexico Open Pro-am and Played with Brandon Wu and Doug Ghim. Enjoy the insights!


Club Junkie: TaylorMade Qi-10 Driver Review! All 3 Models!

TaylorMade has three different Qi-10 drivers this year to fit every golfer. The Qi-10 Max is the driver with 10K MOI and brings you the most stable and forgiving head TaylorMade has ever made. The Qi-10 driver is a blend of distance, forgiveness, and launch in the lineup. If you are looking for low spin and long drivers, the Qi-10 LS is there to give control to better players.


Club junkie: LAB Golf DF3 Putter Review!

LAB Golf just released their new DF3 putter with some major changes. Updated and more compact look is easier on the eyes and is a little more angled look. The deeper face milling gives a soft feel and muted sound.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: A Nice Next-Level Analogy and Task

To corroborate our findings in regards to the human kinetic chain. Shawn himself just went another 15 yards carry across the board!


Club Junkie: Ping G430 Max 10K, Blueprint S, & Blueprint T Review

Reviewing Ping's hot new driver, the G430 Max 10k and all of its stable glory. The driver lives up to the hype and is extremely straight and forgiving. The Blueprint S irons feel soft and solid while being forgiving and consistent. Blueprint T irons are for the skilled golfer looking to work the ball around the course.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: Time to Geek Out With LA Golf's, Will Pugh

He is the Head of Sales at LA Golf and a fellow golf nerd like us when it comes to the equipment. Walking the walk and talking the talk!


Club Junkie: Edel Array Putters Review. Milled and Modular!

Edel's new Array putters are aimed at golfers who can't aim their putters. The modular design allows your fitting to dial in the alignment aid, hosel for toe hang, and sole weights for the perfect feel. Milled from 1025 carbon steel and aluminum so the putters look and feel great. A soft feel and muted click at impact.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: PGA Show Part Two!

Recap on the awesome experience and a sneak peak at what's coming for our favourite brands!


Club Junkie: 2024 PGA Show, Demo Day and Day 1 On The Show Floor!

The 2024 PGA Show is here and we are down covering the action. Demo Day was beautiful and the equipment was out in fl force. Loved seeing the Ping Blueprint irons and their new i530. Ben Hogan is back with clubs and balls, Mizuno had the white driver on display as well. The new Foresight GC Quad Max has some great updates as well.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day Findings

And they are exquisite!


New Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges With Aaron Dill and Kevin Tassistro

Aaron Dill and Kevin Tassistro give us a look behind the curtain on the new Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges. From a new CG placement to an updated design, we get the details on how these changes make the SM10 the best Vokey wedges!


Club Junkie: Mizuno Pro 241, 243, & 245 Iron Review

We all have been waiting for a review of the new Mizuno Pro 241, 243, and 245 irons! These irons are built for better players but still offer some forgiveness when needed. The 241 is a modern blade that feels amazing and has a little help in it. Mizuno's 243 is a touch chunkier than the previous model but launches high with great ballspeed. Finally the 245 is a blend of ball speed and forgiveness in a players iron look.


Club Junkie: PXG Black Ops Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid Review!

PXG has just launched the brand new Black Ops woods for 2024. The new driver has a new titanium face for great ball speed and 10K MOI for ultra forgiveness. Black Ops fairway woods launch high, go far, and offer tons of adjustability. The hybrids look great and can be dialed in to the perfect distance or ball flight bias.


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: Chris Kirk Playing Lefty and our Take on the Benefits

And Coach Bryson DeChambeau on Rick Shiels, our take on that lesson!


Club Junkie: New Shafts for 2024 Reviews!

This week we dive into the new shafts that are in for review this year. Some very popular shafts like the Project X Denali, UST Mamiya LINQ Black, and the UST Mamiya Dart V iron shafts.


Club Junkie: BGT Stability ONE Putter Shaft Review and 2024 Golf Goals

The final podcast of 2023! This week I talk about some golf goals I think I should shoot for. Santa brought me a couple of golf related gifts this year, I guess I was on the nice list! I also review the Breakthrough Golf Technologies Stability Tour Spec ONE putter shaft. This all graphite shaft offers stiffness, better accuracy, and added consistency. The ONE also softens the feel of my PXG putter.


Club Junkie: My 2023 WITB & Is Any Of It Safe For 2024?

It is time to go over my final WITB for 2023! What, if any, changes were made to any of the spots. There are a couple of minor changes to some of the clubs, but a lot is tried and true. The big question is will any of these clubs stay in the bag for next year?


Golf's Perfect Imperfections: How the Golfing Experience as the Student of the Game

Getting thrown into the deep end of college golf teaches you incredible useful life lesson and provides tools to overcome the biggest challenges, meet Bonnie Lebonté


Club Junkie: Super Stroke Pantheon Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Super Stroke, yes the grip company, is now offering premium golf bags to us golfers. The Pantheon Hybrid offers the storage of a cart bag with the carry ability of a stand bag. The materials are nice and built extremely well. I like the tons of storage and multiple pockets for storing anything you might bring on the course.