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Borne the Battle recognizes each battle, challenge, and sacrifice our Veterans endure during and after their service, as well as spotlighting important resources, offices, and benefits VA offers our Veterans.

Borne the Battle recognizes each battle, challenge, and sacrifice our Veterans endure during and after their service, as well as spotlighting important resources, offices, and benefits VA offers our Veterans.
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Borne the Battle recognizes each battle, challenge, and sacrifice our Veterans endure during and after their service, as well as spotlighting important resources, offices, and benefits VA offers our Veterans.




#154: Benefits Breakdown – VA Center of Faith and Opportunity Initiative

The VA Center of Faith’s and Opportunity Initiative’s mission is “engage, inform and educate faith-based, nonprofit and community/neighborhood organizations in VA programs to better serve the needs of Veterans, their families, survivors, caregivers and other beneficiaries.” Basically, VA understands that sometimes, faith is the best way to reach a Veteran. Therefore, VA set up a resource for local clergy so they can be the one to tell the Veteran what is available to them. The current...


#153: Perry Firoz - Air Force Veteran, CEO Epic Music LA

Perry Firoz is smart. Not just Air Force smart, but “can I copy off your paper,” smart. Perry degrees include: He was an Analytical Scientist for the Air Force. A lot of this episode is trying to figure out what an analytical scientist does, and I think we have it figured out. His entire job was to figure out how to make the Air Force more efficient. Where another service (ahem, Marine Corps) would contract a solution, the Air Force paid Perry to figure out how to fix logjams in career...


#152: Denise Loring - Army Veteran, Camp Valor Outdoors, World Class Competitive Marksman

There have been many studies that show that nature can be therapeutic for many reasons: In episode 138, Sean Ricks mentioned a nonprofit called Camp Valor Outdoors. It’s a nonprofit that helps ill, injured and wounded active duty, veterans and their family members. They do this by taking them on fishing, hunting, shooting, archery, four-wheeling and camping. They believe that “healing in the great outdoors…and connecting with fellow warriors is therapeutic and essential to healing.”...


#151: WWII Weekend Part II - Walter Stitt and Victor Marulli

This week we’re revisiting Reading, PA’s WWII Weekend. For three days (June 7-9) the MidAtlantic Air Museum brought in WWII Veterans, reenactors and a full air show. READ AND LISTEN TO PART ONE This week we share two more WWII Veteran’s stories that the gentlemen were gracious enough to share over the weekend. Walter Stitt was a part of General Patton’s 3 Armored Division. As an M4 Sherman Tank Gun Loader, he saw time in Normandy, Northern France, the Rhineland Campaigns and he was one...


#150: Benefits Breakdown – VA Home Loan Program

On June 22, VA will celebrate the 75 anniversary of the G.I. Bill. In honor of this historic event, Army Veteran Maxine Henry and Air Force Veteran Mark Connors of the VA’s Loan Guaranty Service team sat down with Borne the Battle to discuss one of the best and most popular Veteran benefits--the VA home loan entitlement. The VA home loan guaranty has several advantages for Veteran borrowers: Additional Links:...


#149: WWII Weekend Part I - Pearl Harbor Survivors Richard Schimmel and William Bonelli

It was WWII Weekend in Reading, PA. For three days, the MidAtlantic Air Museum brings WWII Veterans, reenactors and a full air show to their community. You can step back in time to every major theatre, visit friendly and enemy camps, hear 1940s music, and even see an FDR impersonator. More importantly, WWII Days include an impressive VIP guest list. Over twenty-five WWII Veterans attend every year and recount their experiences. This year included two living survivors of Pearl...


75th Anniversary of D-Day

Quick Bonus episode reflecting on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Features General Dwight D. Eisenhower's speech to the troops of the eve of the operation.


#148: Army Veteran David Lucier, Green Beret Medic, Vietnam Special Forces, Security Contractor, Veteran Advocate

David talks about becoming a Green Beret, being attached to a MIKE Force in Vietnam, being a security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan as a 55-60 year old man, and helping advocate to reform Arizona's university system to work friendlier with the GI Bill and the VA system. Additional Links:


#147: Marine Vetean Brett D’Alessandro and Alexa Modero: Backpacks for Life

One couple, Marine Veteran Brett D’Alessandro and his partner, Alexa Modero, have made it their mission to help those Veterans that find themselves with nothing but a backpack. In fact, with the nonprofit, Backpacks for Life the first thing they are doing is literally improving the backpacks that rest on homeless Veterans shoulders. After deploying to Afghanistan in 2014 and exiting his Marine Reserve contract, Brett started experiencing the same problems many Veterans face after...


#146: Dave Coker: Army Veteran, President of Fisher House Foundation

Fisher houses are a vital part of helping Veterans heal. If there is an open room in a Fisher House next to a VA or military medical facility, a family can join in their Veteran’s recovery at no lodging cost. Today, two new Fisher houses opened at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx, New York City. These two new homes will join the 70+ Fisher Houses currently in operation around the world. By the end of the year, the Fisher House Network will be able to provide for over 1,000...


#145: Jan Ohrstrom: Army Veteran, Professional Wrestler, Documentary Producer, VA Employee

Not only is Army Veteran Jan a wrestler, he’s a producer of the documentary “Valhalla Club.” The feature documents how three wrestlers, including Jan, formed a wrestling stable based on collectively fighting their PTSD through wrestling. Recently, Jan and his stablemates were featured on the first episode Comedy Central’s new show, “Klepper.” Additionally, Jan is a VA employee. We talked about his role in the Office of Business Process Integration. Additional...


#144: Joseph Pennington - Navy Seabee Veteran, AllState Director of Military Affairs

For Borne the Battle, we have a small team of interns that transcribe previous episodes so those with hearing loss can still read our episodes. It is finals week for many universities around the country and we will be soon losing that important cog of our team. So, before our interns left for the year, I wanted to reward them with their own episode. We had our intern, aspiring podcaster Zach Wheeler, go and get another interview. Back in episode 130, Zach interviewed Robert Freedman, his...


#143: Stephen Holley - Navy SEAL Veteran, Naval Academy Quarterback, CEO of Carry The Load

For the next month, the VA’s National Cemetery Administration is partnering with Carry The Load and this week’s guest, Stephen Holley, is the CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit, Carry the Load. In addition, he is a former quarterback at the Naval Academy and a former Navy Seal. In addition to talking about Carry The Load, we dive into his four deployments in five years, his transition and what Memorial Day means to him. Enjoy. Additional Links to This...


#142: Carroll Harris - Marine Veteran, Postal Inspector, Marine Corps Historian

FBI, CIA, AFT…USPIS? It’s not an alphabet agency that is often brought up in conversation around DC Beltway. However, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service was founded almost 100 years prior to the FBI and almost 150 years before the CIA. Their mission is to “support and protect the U.S. Postal Service, its employees, infrastructure, and customers by enforcing the laws that defend the nation's mail system from illegal or dangerous use.” Today’s guest is a current U.S. Postal Inspector and...


#141: BourBiz - Military Veteran/MilSpouse Networking Event

Bonus episode! This episode is an experiment of a sorts. I attended a Veteran/ military spouse networking event called BourBiz. It was held this last Thursday by The Veteran Success Resource Group at the MGM, National Harbor, Maryland. I was told about this event by future guests, Brett D’Allesandro and Alexa Modero the founders of the non profit, Backpacks For Life. They were part of a veteran-owned-business pitch competition that was going to be held at the event. Placing 2nd, they were...


#140: Danny Chung – Marine Veteran, Microsoft Chief of Staff of Military Affairs

Danny Chung is an positive example of a Veteran that found a way to give back to the transitioning active-duty community. Danny’s team is trying to do is fill a gap in the civilian workforce. At any given time, there are over 500,000 open jobs in the computer industry. The current education system is producing only 49,000 computer science majors a year. Danny’s goal is to fill the gap with a portion of the 250,000 service-members that leave active duty every year. One solution is the ...


#139: Jennifer Marshall – Navy Veteran, Actress (Stranger Things, Hawaii Five-O)

Navy Veteran Jennifer Marshall joins us on the show. Since transitioning from active duty, she’s been hustling out in Hollywood. She’s a veteran of some movies and shows you may have seen: “Stranger Things” “Hawaii Five-O” “A Dog’s Way Home” “Timeless” “Game Shakers” Most notably, she’s an actress, but she also hosts red carpets, hosts shows, models and volunteers for various causes in and around the area. Jennifer talks about why she joined the Navy and why she had to exit earlier...


#138: Sean Ricks – Navy Veteran, CEO of Ricks Roasters Coffee Company

There are many veteran entrepreneurs in the coffee industry. Today we focus on a local roaster in the Northern Virginia area that is making waves in the coffee industry. In this episode, Sean talks about his unique military career. Starting out as a merchant marine and as a reservist, Sean explains how he switched between a couple of different occupational specialties before coming onto active duty as a Naval Intelligence Officer. We also break down Sean’s transition from the Navy, and how...


#137: John Buckley II – Army Veteran, Koch Industries, Veteran Advocate, Wichita Kansas

I love finding Veterans who are out there working to bridge the military-civilian divide. This week’s guest is continuing to serve by connecting Veterans to communities as the military relations manager at the second largest private company in the United States. While in the Army, John Buckley, II was an infantry commander for soldiers in combat and peacekeeping operations. In addition, he directed two of the Army’s top schools. Commissioning as a 2nd lt. in the reserves at the age of 19,...


#136: Valroy Williams – Army / Navy Veteran, Queens NY Submariner to NC Farmer

How does a Navy submariner from Hollis, Queens, NY, become a farmer in North Carolina? That is exactly what Valroy Williams did after over 30 years of dedication between the Navy and Army. In this episode we talked about his service, how he learned to farm and the camaraderie of the Veteran farmers in North Carolina. Links For More Info: