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Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.

Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.
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Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.




City Limits - Stony Creek and Cruickshank Park

On the 30th of August 2018, a factory fire on Stony Creek in West Footscray devastated the local waterway, obliterating animal, insect and bird life in in the creek, and affecting people who live nearby and use the park for recreation. In this special episode of City Limits, we spotlight the work of two Community Groups who have been working tirelessly to regenerate the creek for years. Steve Wilson from Friends of Stony Creek, and Michael Worth from Friends of Cruickshank Park join us to...


City Limits - Transport: helmets, privatisation & the Upfield line

Our monthly episode with public transport boffin John McPherson swerves between issues including the Bicycle Network's recent campaign for removing Melbourne helmet laws, privatisation of bus services, "sky rail", public space around train stations & even runaway trains! Tune in for our post-cup-day digest of all things happening in Melbourne's public transport news.


City Limits - Community gardening & off-grid renewable energy

It's the fifth Wednesday of the month so we talk Halloween, activism on the Upfield line and wonder- how much attention does Eugenia actually pay during the show? Our first guest is Peta from Melbourne non-profit Cultivating Community, who talks to us about the important social, economic and health benefits of community gardens in public housing estates. Our second guest is Setu Pelz, an engineer and researcher from the Reiner Lemoine Institut in Berlin. We talk about the immense...


City Limits - nuclear in the media & urbanism in Europe

On today's show Meg is away but Eugenia is back from Europe with some fresh city-related ideas! In the second half of the show we talk to Dave Sweeney, the Australian Conservation Foundation's anti-nuclear campaigner to bebunk new attemps to re-brand nuclear energy as safe and clean in the media. Dave tells us about the embryonic nuclear SMR (Small Modular Reactor) technology, remote communities, and renewable alternatives.


City Limits - Climate Change, Unions and Cooperatives

Kevin and Meg are joined by Colin Long, who will soon be stepping into a role at Trades Hall working on issues relating to climate change, just job transitions and cooperatives. Before that, Howard Marosi updates us about events in defence of public housing. Kevin and Meg start the show with a chat about Amazon, Wetlands, and, for something a little different, capitalism.


City Limits - Transport for Votes

Nobody likes public transport, right? The ad's on TV tell us that. Well this week we break that down - what's good and what's not about Melbourne and Victoria's transport systems, what could be better, and how - with regular transport guru John McPherson joining Kevin and Meg in the studio. At the start of the show we hear about this weeks quality journalism on topics such as Union rallies, the Footy Grand Final, the ABC, and why Jacinda Ardern is considered the antidote to Trump.


City Limits - Casualisation, Energy and Water

This week we are joined by George Maxwell who shares with us the realities of what it's like to work at a University as a sessional or contract worker. We also speak with Prof. Moriarty about waste-burning power and our dwindling water resources. At the top of the show we explore some cheerful headlines from the Herald Sun and other quality news sources.


City Limits - Housing for the Aged

It's April Bragg's last day as Housing For the Aged Action Group staff member - but we are sure it wont be the last time we speak with her as she explains how she will keep campaigning for housing justic for all. At the start of the show Kevin and Meg discuss the latest headlines in sports, politics and alternative energy. Fiona York from the Housing for the Aged Action Group also joins us in the studio and we discuss the proposed Royal commission into Aged Care.


City Limits - Western Suburbs for People and Nature

Our fearless leader Kevin joins us by phone from his sick bed, to confirm the date of the Royal visit to Melbourne and to clarify the difference between Peter Dutton and Donald Trump (among other important news). Meg then speaks with Helen van den Berg about the new Ministerial Advisory Committee on the health of the Western Suburbs creeks and rivers, followed by an interview with Ken Mooney about the history of collective action to protect Western Suburbs communities from toxic industry.


City Limits - Transport Japan vs Melbourne

After a round-up of the latest Herald Sun headlines, we dive right into an analysis of the proposed orbital rail in Melbourne, and a comparison between train systems in Japan and Melbourne.


City Limits - Great Barrier Reef and Peppertree Place

First we hear from our regular transport guru John McPherson with a summary of the plans for a $50b orbital rail link around outer Melbourne. Then we are joined via phone by Peter McCallum from the Mackay Conservation Group, who updates us on the realities of the $444 million Great Barrier Reef donation from the Federal Government. Our final guest in the studio is Claire Hetzel from the vibrant community garden Peppertree Place, who updates us about the important work of Peppertree, the...


City Limits - Public Housing in Melbourne

The decrease in public housing is under scrutiny on todays show, and we really dig deep into the issue in an extended interview with Howard Marosi from Defend and Extend Public Housing. The waiting list for public housing is over 84,000 individuals, yet the State Government is relocating residents from exisiting housing estates in order to demolish current pubolic housing stock. Listen in for all the details.


City Limits - Melbourne Airport Rail

This week we do a round up of the week's most important news, inclusing Russel Crow's beard, Gina Rheinharts family Chirstmas, followed by a discussion of the various possibilities for rail to the Melbourne airport with our resident irregular, John McPherson.


City Limits - Sharing Food and the Competition Blues

We take stock of the headlines this week, which include news from the Northern Territory and the USA, prompting thoughts about how the two countries compare on human rights and treatment of refugees and first nations people. We discuss housing changes in Melbourne and overseas.Our first guest today is Ferne Edwards, a Post-Doc research fellow who worked on the SHARECITY project. We have a lively and fun discussion about community food sharing and sustainable cities!Then we are joined by...


City Limits - RADIOTHON

This week we have a special radiothon edition which is a 'best-of' collection featuring live appeareances from four of our wonderful 'regular irregular' guests. That's referring to their attendence, not their personalities. What great people! Learn more about their efforts over many years to raise awareness and take action on important causes. Also, hear the story of how two 'little old ladies' ended up on the railway line.And there is even time for a few peices of news from the Herald Sun...


City Limits - Melbourne Heritage Action

Today on City Limits Kevin takes a long-overdue break while Meg and Eugenia chat to Tristan Davies from Melbourne Heritage Action. MHA is an activist group raising awareness about threats to significant but undervalued buildings. We talk about Campbell Arcade, space for creative small buisnesses and the importance of valuing cultural (as well as architectural) heritage.


City Limits - Nuclear storage facility & the Royal Wedding

This week on the show we talk to Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation to discuss the government's plan to store nuclear waste in remote SA. Our weekly news update touches on the subject on the Royal Commission into the banking sector alnd also the subject on everyone's minds this week- the Royal Wedding.


City Limits - HAAG talks budget

After this week's news digest we talk to Shane from Housing For The Aged Action Group about the housing implications from the recent budget.


City Limits - Climate Smart Energy: Global to Local.

In this week's show, Kevin and Meg discuss some headlines about workers rights, fair pay and - you guessed it - tax cuts!John Englart from the Climate Action Network Australia gives us a fascinating update about the last climate accord meeting in Bonn.In the last 20 mintues we speak with Pat Moriarty about how we can really reduce our energy usage, and get some facts about alternative energy sources.


City Limits - Transport in the Victorian State Budget

This week in the round up of the news, we are reminded of Kevin's love of everything fashion and royalty! And just for a little change we talk about banks and tax. We only breifly mention Peter Dutton, but please be aware, an Eric Abetz impersonation does appear at one point.Moving on to transport, John McPhearson joins us in the studio and we dissect the Victorian State Budget - investigating it with a fine-tooth comb, searching for transport funding and analysing the opportunities,...