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Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.

Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.


Melbourne, VIC


Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.




City Limits - Natural Gas, Wind Farms & Hydrogen

This week after our weekly news round-up, Meg & Kevin interview Prof. Patrick Moriarty from Monash University on energy efficiency, emissions and extreme weather events. Here we discuss alternative and "transition" energy sources such as natural gas and wind, as well as Tassie's $50 million green hydrogen export plan.


City Limits - Railway Safety and The Future of Trains in Vic

Kevin is joined this week by our resident transport guru John McPherson (and Paddy from Monday Breakfast on the panel!).This week we discuss the issues surrounding the recent signal failure and ensuing railway accident resulting in the deaths of two workers and hospitalisation of 11 passengers on the Wallan line. We also provide listeners with some more info about the airport rail and other suburban lines, including capacity, price, speed, frequency and the need for track upgrades (and...


City Limits - Berlin Rent-Freeze and Universal Basic Income

This week on City Limits, Kevin and Meg speak with Kate Shaw about yesterday's "rent-freeze" laws for social housing in Berlin, and later with Stever McAtee and Catherine Phelps on the whys and wherefores of universal basic income in Australia.


City Limits - Housing

This week on City Limits, Kevin chats with Shane McGrath and Howard Marosi about issues affecting our public housing, as well as news and local events being held in Melbourne this week.


City Limits - Nuclear Energy in Australia and Japan

Nuclear energy is increasingly on the political agenda. What are the risks and realities of this so-called 'carbon neutral' energy source? Kevin and Meg interview Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation about this and related issues such as energy, water use, climate change and social license - both in Australia and around the world. City Limits stands in solidarity with the resisters of the nuclear waste dump in Kimba, South Australia.


City Limits - Transport

Regular transport update with John McPherson, including discussion on the proposed orbital railway line through Sunshine, the Transurban business model and Westgate tunnel, single vs. double lines on the Upfield suburban and western rural V/Lines, and what's going on with our ten-year-old signalling system.


City Limits - Housing

This week on City Limits, Kevin and Meg talk all things housing with Shane McGrath and Howard Marosi. This is the last show for 2019; we will be back on the first week of February 2020 (Wednesday the 5th).


City Limits - Energy

This week Kevin and Meg discuss the NSW fires, and a round-up of the latest news from the Herald Sun and Financial Review. Then we are joined by Prof. Paddy Moriarty from Monash University who explains the science behind Hydrogen Energy and what we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate change.


City Limits - Transport

Regular transport update with John McPherson, including railway infrastructure in Victoria.Interview with Gemma Cafarella from SAVE FOOTSCRAY PARK on the recent win for Footscray residents to save Footscray Park from development.


City Limits

This week Kevin and Meg talk about climate change, urban planning and public housing with Mark Allen and Kate Shaw.


City Limits - Housing

All things housing, with guests Howard Marosi and Shane McGrath.


City Limits - NSW Coal Mines and

This week Kevin and Meg speak with community campaigner Bev Smiles about Coal Mining in the Hunter Valley region, and Matt Ruchel from the Victorian National Parks Association about the Stand Up For Nature rally which is on Nov 28, 12.30 on Parlaiment Steps.


City Limits - Transport

All things transport this week, including airports and buses.


City Limits - Walkability

What makes a walkable city? Why are more highways not the answer to congestions? Do traders really lose money when car parking is reduced? How can YOU make your neighbourhood more walkable? Answers to all these questions in today's show, as Kevin and Meg talk with Ben Rossiter from Walks Victoria and Nancy Atkin from Brunswick Residents Network. And at the top of the show we take a live cross from the IMARC Blockade.


City Limits - Anti-Toxic Waste Alliance

This week after a chat about the news of the day, Kevin and Meg are joined by Sheridan Tate from the Anti-Toxic Waste Alliance.They are holding a community information session this Thursday night at 7.30pm, at RecWest Footscray, Essex St, West Footscray.


City Limits - Fire and Water

This week we replay an interview between Alex Smith from Radio Ecoshock and fire expert Greg Mullins. Then we speak with Helen van den Berg about the Tullamarine Toxic Dump Action Group.


City Limits - Transport

This week we look at train transport in depth with John McPherson - in particular the city loop and orbital loop, as well as getting an update about the Save Footscray Park campaign from Gemma Cafarella.


City Limits

Kevin and Meg are joined by Ben Ramcharan from the community campaign to preserve the Nillumbik Green Wedge, Love Your Green Wedge, and then speak with Juliet Fox about community radio, capitalism and the regenerative voice - from her book Community Radio's Amplification of Communication for Social Change.


City Limits - Housing

What are the differences between "public housing" and "social housing"? Well, actually there are lots, including the policies that tenants live under and the security of tenancy. We look at this and many other issues relating to housing with Howard Marosi and Shane McGrath. By the way, you can read the article about the National Housing Conference that Howard mentions here, and you can find out more about the Housing for the Aged Action Group's show on 3CR here (weblinks...


City Limits - Energy

This week Kevin and Meg speak with Joseph Hwani, energy consultant with the UNHCR about his work on renewable energy in refugee camps, then interview Richie Merzian, climate and energy director at the Australia Institute about the latest Climate of the Nation Report.