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Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.

Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.
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Melbourne, VIC


Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.




City Limits - Melbourne Airport Rail

This week we do a round up of the week's most important news, inclusing Russel Crow's beard, Gina Rheinharts family Chirstmas, followed by a discussion of the various possibilities for rail to the Melbourne airport with our resident irregular, John McPherson.


City Limits - Sharing Food and the Competition Blues

We take stock of the headlines this week, which include news from the Northern Territory and the USA, prompting thoughts about how the two countries compare on human rights and treatment of refugees and first nations people. We discuss housing changes in Melbourne and overseas.Our first guest today is Ferne Edwards, a Post-Doc research fellow who worked on the SHARECITY project. We have a lively and fun discussion about community food sharing and sustainable cities!Then we are joined by...


City Limits - RADIOTHON

This week we have a special radiothon edition which is a 'best-of' collection featuring live appeareances from four of our wonderful 'regular irregular' guests. That's referring to their attendence, not their personalities. What great people! Learn more about their efforts over many years to raise awareness and take action on important causes. Also, hear the story of how two 'little old ladies' ended up on the railway line.And there is even time for a few peices of news from the Herald Sun...


City Limits - Melbourne Heritage Action

Today on City Limits Kevin takes a long-overdue break while Meg and Eugenia chat to Tristan Davies from Melbourne Heritage Action. MHA is an activist group raising awareness about threats to significant but undervalued buildings. We talk about Campbell Arcade, space for creative small buisnesses and the importance of valuing cultural (as well as architectural) heritage.


City Limits - Nuclear storage facility & the Royal Wedding

This week on the show we talk to Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation to discuss the government's plan to store nuclear waste in remote SA. Our weekly news update touches on the subject on the Royal Commission into the banking sector alnd also the subject on everyone's minds this week- the Royal Wedding.


City Limits - HAAG talks budget

After this week's news digest we talk to Shane from Housing For The Aged Action Group about the housing implications from the recent budget.


City Limits - Climate Smart Energy: Global to Local.

In this week's show, Kevin and Meg discuss some headlines about workers rights, fair pay and - you guessed it - tax cuts!John Englar from the Climate Action Network Australia gives us a fascinating update about the last climate accord meeting in Bonn.In the last 20 mintues we speak with Pat Moriarty about how we can really reduce our energy usage, and get some facts about alternative energy sources.


City Limits - Transport in the Victorian State Budget

This week in the round up of the news, we are reminded of Kevin's love of everything fashion and royalty! And just for a little change we talk about banks and tax. We only breifly mention Peter Dutton, but please be aware, an Eric Abetz impersonation does appear at one point.Moving on to transport, John McPhearson joins us in the studio and we dissect the Victorian State Budget - investigating it with a fine-tooth comb, searching for transport funding and analysing the opportunities,...


City Limits - Urban Food Security and Anzac Day

This week we speak with Dr. Nick Rose from Sustain: The Australian Food Network - a fascinating conversation about food security and the challenges and opportunities for food producers and consumers. What solutions have they found for these issues in British Colombia, Canada? Listen to find out! At the end of our show, we chat with Bob Skate about his experiences as a draft resister during the Vietnam War, and reflect on the way war has been talked about in Australia, and what the...


City Limits - Housing Crisis

This week we learn about the effects of cuts to public housing stock. April Bragg from the Housing for the Aged Action Group gives us an update from the frontline.


Transport & Community Activism

On today's transport session of City Limits its Kevin's birthday! We're joined by regular guest John McPherson and special guest Rachel Lynskey to talk about Get on Board- a grassroots initiative mobilising communities to advocate for better public transport around Melbourne. We discuss the contentious Western tunnel project, how to get past Melbourne's car dependency and barriers to change.


City Limits - Tax Cuts

Today Kevin, Meg and Eugenia are joined by John Passant - economist and workers' rights champion, to discuss the recent moves for tax cuts for high income businesses. Where will the money really go? Wages and employment or shareholders and business investments? John mentions the recent Anglicare report The Cost of Privilege - find out more here.


City Limits - Airport Expansion and Housing Reductions

This week we welcome new co-host Eugenia Zoubtchenko and catch up with April Bragg from the Housing for the Aged Action Group. We also speak with Helen Franks, a resident who lives near the Melbourne airport, who tells us about the new master Plan and a Major Development Plant for the proposed third East/West runway and extension of the existing East/west runway.


City Limits - Rivers and Roads

This week, after a debrief of the best news from the Herald Sun, we chat with Rosa McKenna from the Spotswood and South Kingsville Residents Group about the Westagate Tunnel. Then we speak with Friends of Steele Creek Inc activist Helen Vandenberg. For more info about the waterways workshop, check out Environmental Justice Australia.


City Limits - Transport

This week we discuss transport with our regular guest John McPherson. Topics range from government funded airports and train-lines for the Adani mine, Melbourne tunnels affecting waterways, and public land being sold off for private gain.For more informations about the Adani front-line blockade, check out StopAdani


City Limits - How to Stop the Apple Store in Fed Square

In our intial conversations Kevin commends the Herald Sun on their fearless commentary. Then we explore in depth the decision to put an Apple store in Fed Square. James Lesh and Tania Davidge from Citizens for Melbourne join us in studio, and we have a lively discussion about the process, with information about some genuinely optomistic possibilities for stopping the building of the store.


City Limits - saving public housing from privatisation!

In the round-up of the news this week, we take a look at 'business bashing', tax cuts, Woolworths' treatment of cleaning staff, and the effects of mining waste in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Sue Bolton is a Socialist Alliance councillor in Moreland, and gives us some really important insights into the current situation in public housing - up to 11 housing estates to be demolised, with tenents being pushed into agreeing to relocate.Shane McGrath from Housing for the Aged Action group...


City Limits - Optimism v Pragmatism

This week Kevin and Meg are joined by Mark Allen - our absconding co-presenter, who is forced to defend his desertation! We learn about Mark's latest projects and encourage him to visit as a 'regular irregular' guest. In a wide-ranging and rather philosophical conversation this week, we discuss English politics, activist self-care, permaculture population solutions, and why Bob Brown is a fan of 3CR.


Gendered Violence as an OH&S issue

A discussion on Gendered Violence at work, which took place at the Geelong Trades Hall Council (GTHC), as part of the Working Women Get Organised conference (November 2017)Jodi Peskett, Women’s Safety and Rights organiser (We Are Union Women Campaign, Victorian Trades Hall) facilitated the discussed on Gendered violence as an OH&S issue.Thanks to the organisers, The Geelong Women Unionists Network and the We are Union Women Campaign (Victorian Trades Hall) for having us and to all the...


City Limits - Defend and Extend Public Housing

In a broad summary of the recent mainstream news, Kevin and Meg discuss the recent nobel preace prize win by an australian anti-nuclear group, and Eric Abetz's views on Things then turn uncharacterisically frviolous as they discuss the TV show The Block (a show neither has ever watched), and Kevin shares present suggestions for the holiday season and where to find the best affordable fashions in Melbourne. Guests Howard Marosi and Shane McGrath join later for a lively and...