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For DirectEmployers, it’s all about valuable connections and meaningful conversations. The DE Talk Podcast features an honest and open dialogue between powerhouse industry experts. Tune in to hear a variety of conversations on HR topics ranging from OFCCP compliance advice to emerging recruitment marketing trends, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and insightful solutions that help infuse new life into your HR strategies.


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For DirectEmployers, it’s all about valuable connections and meaningful conversations. The DE Talk Podcast features an honest and open dialogue between powerhouse industry experts. Tune in to hear a variety of conversations on HR topics ranging from OFCCP compliance advice to emerging recruitment marketing trends, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and insightful solutions that help infuse new life into your HR strategies.






Excitement, Turbulence & Confusion: The Top 10 Employment Law Issues That Affected Federal Contractors in 2023

Our compliance experts John C. Fox and Candee Chambers are back for their highly-anticipated recap of all things employment law from the past year. As they look back, they'll chat about the top 10 issues affecting federal contractors as directed by government regulatory agencies, and give hints as to what may be to come in 2024.


Embracing Generational Differences at Work

For the first time in history, five generations are working simultaneously in the workplace. As a result, tensions arise as work trends shift in ways older generations have never seen, and fear-based differences create gaps among employees that may seem impossible to close. In this episode, we sit down with certified coach and trained speaker Lindsay Boccardo to discuss the four factors of employee engagement, and how humanizing your workforce and learning to manage emotional labor through self-awareness and regulation are the first steps to bridging the generational gap. In addition, we discuss the value of mentorship in preventing the retirement brain drain and how authenticity may be the key to attracting younger generations.


Navigating the AI Landscape in Recruitment Marketing

With the emergence of artificial intelligence automation like machine learning and ChatGPT, AI is rapidly permeating the human resources/talent acquisition world, in hopes of making work life easier for HR professionals while simultaneously creating faster, more streamlined processes for job seekers.As exciting as it is, the information on this technology can be overwhelming and fraught with some difficulties and unforeseen pitfalls. Join Elliott Obermaier and Ruth Toombs from Recruit Rooster as they discuss what AI in the HR space is, how it works and some current obstacles.


A Focus On Veterans: Supporting Compliance, Recruitment, Candidate Experience & Beyond

With roughly 250,000 servicemembers transitioning to civilian life each year, veteran hiring initiatives have become an essential focus for employers. In honor of National Veterans and Military Families Month, this episode shares how DirectEmployers and its family of brands support employers in attracting and hiring veterans. Hear how VetCentral supports veteran representatives across the country, straight from an Indiana-based disabled veterans outreach program specialist; how the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) guides outreach efforts to organizations serving veterans, transitioning service members and spouses; and finally, insights from United Rentals on how their veteran-focused career site has created a unique candidate experience for veterans.


Registered Apprenticeships: Building Inclusive Programs for the Future

The reality of today's labor market indicates that there aren't enough college graduates and experienced workers to meet market demands. Apprenticeships are working to steady the gap by incorporating hands-on learning with education and life experience. In today's episode, Joshua Johnson from Jobs for the Future (JFF) shares the seven components of Registered Apprenticeships, how to engage with your state apprenticeship system, what apprenticable occupations look like in fields that would surprise you, and the benefit this type of employment offers for employers and apprentices.


From Human "Doing" to Human "Being": Transforming to Own Your 50

Leaders often have a lot on their plate, but their biggest challenge? Workplace drama. In this episode, we sit down with award-winning host of the Conscious Habit podcast, certified meditation coach, and President of Sandler Training Trustpointe, Amy Woodall, to discuss how calming the mind and focusing on the things we can control will help us own our part in the challenges we face, and get to the root of where results begin. She also shares her favorite podcasts and books to start your consciousness journey.


Myths & Barriers: Helping Individuals Who Are Blind Find Their Place in the Workforce

With over 20 million Americans who are blind or visually impaired and a 70% unemployment rate for these individuals, it's clear that much work remains to help them find their rightful place in the workforce. In this episode, we sit down with Jeff Mittman and Brandon Wells of Bosma Enterprise and its Visionary Opportunities Foundation, an Indiana-based organization providing solutions and creating opportunities for those who are blind or visually impaired, to discuss the barriers to employment these individuals face and the common myths and misconceptions that prevent them from being hired. They also share advice for employers to help attract blind or low vision individuals and what they can do to accommodate these employees to help them succeed in the workplace.


Uncovering the Non-Traditional Workforce: Recruiting & Retaining Talent in Addiction Recovery

It's estimated that between 22-28 million Americans live in recovery from substance abuse but these individuals often struggle to maintain employment despite its proven role in successful recovery, placing them within the "anonymous and available" workforce. In this episode we sit down with Mike Thibideau of Invest Hamilton County to discuss how the addiction epidemic is quickly becoming a workforce issue, best practices for developing second chance policies for those who relapse, advice for employers looking to hire, accommodate, and retain employees suffering from substance abuse, as well as how this issue falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Moving Off the DEIB “Treadmill” & Onto Progressive Change

Workplaces are changing to focus on the strengths of more diverse and inclusive hiring. But how do you move past performative and into progressive change to create a space of belonging? Tune in to hear guidance from diversity strategist and activist Torin Ellis from t ellis brands and Errin Braddock, Enterprise’s Chief Diversity Officer, as they share how to move off the DEIB “treadmill” activity that may make you feel good but doesn’t lead to transformation, and shift to actual progress forward. From training and accountability to AI and ChatGPT, these two cover the gamut of topics to discuss what’s impacting the diversity and inclusion landscape today.


Top 5 Actions to Take After You Complete Your Affirmative Action Plan

What comes next after you file your annual affirmative action plan? In this episode of the DE Talk podcast, experts from OutSolve provide practical guidance on the most important actions to take and the importance of compliance as a year-round focus, not just a one-time and done activity. Tune in as they share real-world, actionable advice related to adverse impact analysis, outreach strategies, organizational training, and much more!


The Value of ERGs: Building a Trustworthy Environment for ID&E Conversations

In recognition of Ramadan and Arab American Heritage Month in April, we sat down with Raheef Alturkmani, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) at Dow, to discuss best practices for building employee resource groups (ERGs) that thrive. In addition, he shares details of the organization's Middle East & North Africa (MENA) ERG and how having passionate leaders and planning activities and initiatives around employee interests are key to their success.


Skilled, Vetted & Ready: DEIA at the Heart of Veteran & Military Spouse Hiring

Conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion remain a focus in 2023 – but where do veterans fall into these plans, and how can employers keep them included in these discussions? Tune in as DirectEmployers Kim Lott and Denise Lewis of VetJobs get down to the heart of veteran diversity, and share how these men and women who bravely served our country represent one of the most diverse hiring groups spanning culture, race, gender, disability, sexuality, age, nationality and more.


The Year of Degree Deflation: Transforming Your Workforce through Skills-Based Hiring

Since the start of the pandemic, the role of human resources has been turned on its head, leaving talent leaders to pivot and rethink their well-established best practices in order to attract and retain diverse talent. In this DE Talk minisode, we sit down with Cappfinity’s Global Head of Marketing La Toya Hodge to chat about these changes, whether they’re here to stay, and how skills-based hiring can transform the talent acquisition process to widen the talent pool for the benefit of employers and workers alike.


Your HR-Exclusive Guide to EEO, DEI, and OFCCP Policy Changes in 2023

After months of quiet, government agencies are gearing up for budgetary and policy changes affecting EEO, DEI, and OFCCP efforts. Tune in to this episode as Candee Chambers and employment law expert John C. Fox share their HR guide for 2023, outlining everything federal contractors need to be mindful of in the coming year.


Pro Tips for Celebrating Holidays Inclusively at Work

How your organization celebrates holidays at work impacts your culture and employee experience. When you recognize your employees' backgrounds, you help create a culture of belonging, whereas ignoring your employees' identities may lead to disengagement and increased turnover. Tune in to today's podcast as DirectEmployers' Candee Chambers and Mikey Meagher share practical tips and guidance on how to show employees you value differences and welcome them to bring their whole selves to work – holiday celebrations and all.


Building Foundational Relationships in Native American & Tribal Communities

Many barriers to employment exist for millions of Americans, and one subset remains vastly underserved – Native American veterans and tribal communities. Tune in as Christopher Key from Hesperus shares more insight into cultural differences, as well as how Hesperus is investing in the next generation of Native American and Alaska Native leadership, and creating pathways to education and employment through training, workforce development, and technology.


Fostering Intentional Workplace Inclusion through Vocational Rehabilitation

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have gone from nice-to-have to must-have over the last few years, but creating a diverse workforce involves more than just race, ethnicity, and gender. It also includes individuals with disabilities, the largest minority group in the world. Listen in as DirectEmployers Disability & Community Outreach Specialist Christa Martin chats with CSAVR CEO Steve Wooderson about how employers can foster intentional inclusion through utilization of vocational rehabilitation services to better employ and advance individuals with disabilities in the workplace and beyond.


The Hidden Benefits of Remote Work

Recruit Rooster is back with another DE Talk takeover! While remote work has historically had a bad reputation, the last few years have changed both employer and employee views, making it a shining light in the midst of the pandemic. In this episode, Sales Manager Ruth Toombs and Senior Sales Engineer Steven Apostolidis sit down to chat about the hidden benefits of remote work that are changing workers’ lives for the better, while also leading to positive results for employers. They also share where the U.S. sits currently in terms of remote job availability, reasons why some employers are resistant to remote work, and things to consider when determining if remote work is right for your workforce.


Tips & Tricks for Mastering the "Deep Dredge" Audit

Over the last few years, OFCCP has initiated fewer audits than ever before, but each audit has become alarmingly more complex. So how can you ensure you remain in compliance without letting the agency take advantage of your rights? Listen in as OFCCP compliance experts John Fox and Candee Chambers discuss the latest trends in audits and what OFCCP can and can’t request, how to know when outside counsel is needed, as well as tips and tricks to help ensure a positive outcome from various types of audits you may be required to undergo.


Employment Branding Trends & Tactics in the Midst of a Pandemic

In this special edition episode of the DE Talk podcast, Recruit Rooster’s Ruth Toombs and Rob Cox are taking over! Listen in on this lively conversation as they dive in to current industry trends related to unemployment, labor shortages, remote work and budgeting tactics, and how these ultimately affect your employer brand to make you the employer of choice for candidates. They also share how they’ve helped employers with specific hiring needs during the pandemic to help them fill urgent positions, and how they’ve helped companies use their current employees to find their next great talent.