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A quick 10ish minute news-suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.

A quick 10ish minute news-suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.
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A quick 10ish minute news-suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.




Hard Factor 12/18: New Study Finds Men Love Sex, Inmate Sues Prison to Smoke Pot, and a Judge Sentences Poachers to Watch Bambi

A “groundbreaking” new study from England claims it has evidence that frequent sex is more important to men than women in terms of how how happy it makes them. A ballsy prison inmate in South Carolina is suing the Department of Corrections for not providing him with marijuana. A family in Missouri is ordered to watch Bambi, repetitively, to atone for their deer murdering ways; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Les Moonves, New York nunchuck ban lifted, a Senate report on...


Hard Factor 12/17: Louisiana School Scams the Ivy League, Russia Wants to Control Rap Music, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

A husband and wife duo in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana opened a college prep school in 2005 and has been successfully duping Ivy League schools into accepting their students the entire time with falsified documentation. Vladimir Putin has been giving his thoughts on why the Russian government should be in control of rap music; and a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Rudy Giuliani stirring shit up on TV, Pete Davidson suicide scare, Cardi B and Offset, and multiple arrests at the Reno...


Hard Factor 12/13: Michael Cohen Headed to the Slammer, Hemp Legalization, and a Hard Body Weight Loss Competition Update

Michael Cohen is headed to minimum security prison for three years, and here's the real shocker… he blames it all on Trump. The USA has finally moved industrial hemp (a crop that can't get you high) off the list of Schedule I narcotics so it can finally be farmed again all across the country. We bring in Hard Factor's resident nutritionist Stefani from Root of Wellness to judge us on our weight loss performance so far; and a lightning round of other headlines, including Post Malone's new...


Hard Factor 12/12 - EPISODE #100: Trumpdate on the Border Wall, Elon's World, and the Texas Court System in the Soft Corner

President Trump invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into the Oval Office for a polite yelling match over the “great wall” to divide Mexico and the US. Elon Musk is doing odd interviews, spouting off on Twitter, and announcing new products. The county of McLennan, Texas, Baylor University, and Jacob Walter Anderson, an alleged rapist, are in the Soft Corner for trampling on the rights of the alleged victim… again Baylor University. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including...


Hard Factor 12/11: Maria Butina to Plead Guilty, South Korean Cabbie Lights Himself on Fire, and China Using Cockroaches for Food Waste

Russian spy, supposed gun activist, and cock tease to old NRA members, Maria Butina is set to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy. A taxi driver in South Korea died by setting himself on fire in protest of a new ride-sharing app scheduled to launch soon. The segment “What the Hell, China??” returns to cover cockroaches being used to consume excess food waste; and other headlines, including a Brexit vote delay, Meghan Markle losing more royal staff members, French President Emmanuel...


Hard Factor 12/10: Chief of Staffs are Dropping Like Flies, Pageant Winning Teacher Shows Her "Talents" to Student and Kevin Hart is not a Big Fan of the Gays

On today's episode the Hard Factor boys discuss topics like: Both the President and the Vice President's Chiefs of Staff have left or are leaving. A 28 year old woman who was a Miss America contestant as Miss Kentucky is now a dirty sex scandal teacher at a West Virginia middle school. Kevin Hart won't be this years Oscar host but he also wont be apologizing for blasting the gays back in the day. Also a bunch of other headlines that you'll have to hear to believe.


Hard Factor 12/6: Bear Mace Explosion at Amazon, Japan Giving Away Houses, and the Triumphant Return of the XFL

A robot at an Amazon factory punctured a can of bear mace and sent over 20 workers to the hospital. Japan's population is projected to shrink in the coming years, so they're giving away free houses to families who are willing to settle down in the country. The XFL is making a comeback in eight cities, we give an update on the Hard Body Weight Loss Competition; and other headlines, including George HW Bush's funeral, Wisconsin Republicans pulling a fast one, France cancels the gas tax, and...


Hard Factor 12/5: Roger Stone and Robert Mueller are Headed for a Steel Cage, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mixes Up Her Facts Again, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Roger Stone is adamant that he will be pleading the 5th if called for questioning in the Mueller investigation, while Michael Flynn gets a pass from any jail time for his cooperation. Kate joins the show to discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming that $21 Trillion in accounting errors over 20+ years could have paid for two thirds of universal Medicare. A lightning round of other headlines, including mob arrests in Sicily, Burger King's thirsty ad campaign, Eddie Murphy having his 9th kid,...


Hard Factor 12/4: The Dangerous and Arousing World of Deep Fakes, A Racist Christmas Tree in Minnesota, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Take a trip down the frightening, and potentially arousing, rabbit hole that is Deep Fakes: computer generated videos made to look and sound like recognizable figures. Some cops in Minnesota are in hot water after deciding to decorate their precinct Christmas tree with racist decorations, including malt liquor cans, chip wrappers, Popeyes stuff and Newport cigs. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including serving Pine-Sol to kids, a crazy man's plans to flip Trump's limo with a...


Hard Factor 12/3: Updates from an Action Packed G20 Summit, In Memoriam: George HW Bush, and The Huffington Post in the Soft Corner (again)

President Trump's wild ride at the G20, including a signed trade deal (USMCA), powerful handshakes, climate change denial, and a temporary halt to the US-China trade war. Former US President George HW Bush has passed away, and we take a look at some of his greatest achievements. The Huffington Post lands in the Soft Corner thanks to calling Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer problematic; and other headlines, including the What's App messages that got Khashoggi caught, mute swan murders in...


Hard Factor 11/29: Document Declassification Threats, Hard Body Weight Loss Competition, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

President Trump is ready to play hardball with the new Democratic House in the form of selective document declassification. The Hard Factor guys start a weight loss competition against each other, and get a little guidance from a registered dietician. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including the Senate disagreeing with the White House, Pelosi nominated for Speaker of the House, Elon Musk's tunnel under the 405 in LA gets cancelled, inmates at a South Carolina prison catfished...


Hard Factor 11/28: Khashoggi Update, General Motors vs. President Trump, and Cotton Candy Mistaken for Meth

There is tons of unrest surrounding the Saudi situation, as John Bolton refuses to listen to the audio tapes of the murder and CIA Director Gina Haspel will not be joining the briefing to the US Senate. General Motors is squaring off with President Trump over thousands of planned layoffs. A woman in Georgia got busted for having cotton candy in her car that the cops thought was meth; and other headlines, including a feel good story about a lost wallet, an autistic basketball player, and an...


Hard Factor 11/27: Paul Manafort Back in Hot Water, Mississippi Runoff Election, and the NASA InSight Landing on Mars

Paul Manafort is back in trouble for not being able to change his stripes after cutting a deal with the Mueller investigation. The final midterm election of 2018 will be decided tonight for a US Senate seat in Mississippi, and it's got an interesting backstory. The NASA InSight landed on Mars and a lot of nerdy babies probably got conceived; and other headlines, including President Trump dismissing the White House report on climate change, autism rates on the rise, Apple vs. Apple users in...


Hard Factor 11/26: Tijuana Border Problems, Russia Takes Ukrainian Ships, and Widespread Protests in France

Tension mounts in Tijuana, Mexico, as thousands of migrants are building up and seeking entry into the US. Russia has taken possession of three Ukrainian warships near Crimea. Giant “Yellow Jacket” protests over the price of gas are taking place all over France, and they've gotten violent in Paris; and other headlines, including $7.5M discovered in a storage unit, Elon Musk giving a 70% chance he lives on Mars in his lifetime, NASA promoting asteroid fear, Egypt opens another sarcophagus,...


Hard Factor 11/21: Facebook Problems, Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested, and the Presidential Turkey Pardon

Facebook is having problems because of all the stupid shit they've done in the last year. Tekashi 6ix9ine got arrested on all kinds of charges, and they put him in the general population in jail like a schmo. President Trump performed the annual Presidential Turkey Pardon, cracking some political jokes along the way; and other headlines, including asylum seekers, Ivanka's emails, DON'T EAT ROMAINE LETTUCE, and NASA investigating Elon Musk.


Hard Factor 11/20: More Mass Shootings, Nancy Pelosi's Quest for Speaker, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

Mass shootings in Chicago and Denver bring the total count to 309 mass shootings in America this year. Nancy Pelosi is hell-bent to take back Speaker of the House, but she's getting some push back from her own party. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a Kansas bureaucrat claiming to be a part of the “master race”, Ivanka using her personal email account to conduct government business, a man scared of catching cancer from someone on a plane, a migrant caravan update, the...


Hard Factor 11/19: Midterm Election Updates, Meghan Markle Shakes Up the British Empire, and a Lightning Round of Other Headlines

The governor and senate races are finally over in Florida and Georgia, with republicans winning all three contested races. Meghan Markle is angering “palace staff” and other workers who support the British royal family with her American work ethic. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including gruesome injuries for Alex Smith and Sophia Floersch, Tommy “Vape God” Smokes' incredible weekend, California wildfire updates, and a falsified assault in Texas.


Hard Factor 11/15: Michael Avenatti Arrested, Russia Goes After SpaceX, and China Makes a Fake Sun

Michael Avenatti got arrested for domestic violence after allegedly kicking a screaming woman out of his apartment. Russia says that they will be first nation to make it to Mars in their nuclear rockets, and that Elon Musk uses shitty technology in his SpaceX rockets. What the Hell China: scientists have made an “artificial sun” potentially capable of nuclear fusion, and electronics factories sound like the seventh circle of hell. Other headlines, including Jim Acosta vs. Trump, CIA...


Hard Factor 11/14: Melania Gets Tough, Amazon's New HQ(s), Elon Musk in the Sewer, and Herpes Monkeys in Florida

First Lady Melania Trump takes out West Wing employee Mira Ricardel for fucking with her travel arrangements. Billionaire Boys Club: Jeff Bezos and Amazon announce their new headquarters in Long Island City, NY and Crystal City, VA, and Elon Musk touts the sewer building abilities of his Boring Co. Thousands of herpes infested recess monkeys are terrorizing a park in central Florida; and other headlines, including California wildfires, smart toilets, and an illegal immigration bust.


Hard Factor 11/13: Secret Missile Bases in North Korea, Hillary 2020 Maybe, and a Nazi Themed School Photo

In a shocking turn of events, new evidence is showing several active missile bases in North Korea despite promises to end nuclear weapon production. Hillary Clinton is putting out feelers for another potential presidential run in 2020. A bunch of high school boys in Wisconsin are in hot water for making a nazi themed prom picture; and other headlines, including midterm election updates, RIP Stan Lee, and UFOs spotted in Ireland.